Marlita's Story

by Marlita

I am 45 years old and was born and raised in San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic, where the main language is Spanish and the main Religion is Catholic. The climate is always hot and most Dominicans love to dance Merengue and many are baseball fanatics, like my father and brother. My parents were poor but hard workers. My father worked as a farmer and my mother was a homemaker, raising my younger brother and I. We lived in a two room shack, where I shared one room with my brother, who is two years younger than me, and my parents used the other room.

None of my parents had much schooling so they pushed their children very hard to get an education. When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, the man ruled the house. My father always had the final say and my mother had to do whatever he said. My father was a male chauvinist like the rest of the men. The boys played with the boys and the girls played with the girls. Even the schools were segregated, one for the boys and one for the girls. The teachers at the boys school were all Priests with an older Priest as the Principal. The teachers at the girls school were all Nuns. My school's principal was a no-nonsense Nun and her title was La Madre Superior (The Mother Superior). She was very intimidating, very tall, heavy, matronly, in her mid fifties with grey salt pepper short hair and she always had the traditional Nuns habit on.

I was much closer to my mother than my father, but my mother was very conservative and would never undress in front of me. I was a good student and did not get in trouble, but my father would punished me when my brother did something bad because it was my responsibility to look after him. I had to help clean the house and keep an eye on him. My brother was a natural playing baseball so when he turned 7, my father signed him up to play for a team and from then on I no longer had to look after him. My mother started washing the neighbours' clothes for extra money and so I had very little supervision, as my father would work and then go and play baseball with my little brother until it got dark.

When I was nine I was in the 4th grade and spent most of my free time playing with my female cousins, as we had a lot of relatives living close to us. We dressed up the dolls and did their makeup. My cousins would ask me if I had seen a penis and I told them I had seen my little brother's and we would have a big laugh. We talked about the cutest boys in the neighbourhood and my 13 year old cousin told us that she had seen her parents having sex. My mother never talked to me about sex and I didn't even know that pubic hair would start to grow as you got older. My 13 year old cousin asked me if I wanted to see her pubic hair. I was curious and told her yes. She lifted up her dress and showed me. I was very surprised to see that she already had pussy hair. My 10 year old cousin and I both had bald pussies, which we showed to her older sister.

My cousins were very pretty and all the neighbourhood boys were after my 13 year old cousin. She kept telling me to try and catch my parents having sex so I could tell her. She said she spied on her parents all the time. I was determined to catch my parents having sex and waited until my little brother went to sleep and went to my parents room. The doors had no locks and they never closed completely. I went night after night to try and catch them but with no luck. Some mornings I would see my little brother with a hard on and he would cover himself immediately. One time I was going to the bathroom and my parents didn't see me and I saw my mother sucking my father's penis. His penis was bigger than my brother's. I went back to my room without them noticing me. I told my cousin everything that I had seen and she was asking me about my mother's body but I told her that she was fully dressed.

I found myself becoming sexually attracted to my 13 year old cousin, but I already knew that if anyone was found to be homosexual or a lesbian there would be hell to pay. One of my father's co-workers was discovered to be a homosexual and all the men almost beat him to death. He was forced to leave town before he was killed.

My 4th grade teacher was a woman in her mid forties, tall, heavy, she wore very short dresses with high open toed shoes, and she was always having pedicures. I stared at her and her feet all the time. I loved the way that she walked. When I moved up to the 5th grade she was my teacher again. I was now 10 years old and I had the biggest crush on her, but I never told anyone. One day after school, she asked me if I liked her feet. I was incredibly nervous. She told me to tell her the truth because she knew that ever since last year I had been constantly looking at her feet and legs. I told her yes, that I liked her feet. That's how she started seducing me.

She lived within walking distance and I went to visit her at her house. The first time she allowed me to massage her feet I was in another world. I also started massaging her beautiful legs and she asked me if I liked her feet and legs. I told her yes, that I had been wanting to do this to her since last year. She told me she suspected this but she had to be one hundred percent sure that I was not going to tell anyone because she would be killed for being a lesbian and for allowing a 10 year old to be with her. I promised never to tell anyone but to please allow me to continue massaging her beautiful feet and legs.

I was so nervous being with a grown woman for the first time, who was my teacher as well, but I loved it. My heart was beating very fast and I immediately fell in love with her feet and legs. She lifted her foot to my mouth and told me to suck her toes. I was very nervous but excited and I started sucking her big toe. She told me to suck each toe and to take my time. She asked me if I had ever been touched by anyone and I told her no. I told her that I saw my mother sucking my father's penis and that I had seen my cousin's pussies. She told me to suck each toe like my mother sucked my father's cock. I sucked each of her toes for a long time. Her feet smelled wonderful. I also licked her gorgeous legs. All too soon she told me that it was time to go home but that if I kept my promised and didn't tell anyone, we would continue to play these grown up games. I wanted to stay with her and suck her toes forever but she made me go home. It was torture as I didn't get to be alone with her again for a week.

In class she continued wearing her sexy open toe shoes and short dresses. I pictured her toes in my mouth and me running my tongue all over her sexy legs. The next time we got together, she had me do the same thing as last time, but this time she did the same to me. I fucking loved it. She was an expert at sucking my toes and she was able to get my whole foot in her mouth. My little pussy was so excited. She seduced me very slowly until she went one step further and asked me to suck her hairy pussy and asshole. I thought that my cousin had a hairy pussy but she had nothing to compare with how much pussy hair my teacher had. She spread her legs for me and told me to lick her big clit, which I did. This was my very first adult pussy and being 10 years old, it looked very scary to me. Her pussy was so big and the smell was so strong but I was dying to taste it.

Her pussy was so wet and I sucked on her big clit and licked inside her big hole. When she had enough of me sucking her pussy, she got on her stomach and told me to eat her asshole. Her asshole was very smelly and hairy, but the smell didn't bother me and I licked her asshole until she had enough. She did the same to me but I was too young to have an orgasm, but it felt wonderful. After being with her for two months she had turned me into a lesbian foot whore. She had me worship her sexy feet and she did the same to me. I am now a foot lover thanks to her. She asked me if I wanted to do the same thing with other women but I had to promise not to tell anyone. I promised and swore to die.

My teacher shared me with another teacher at my school who was in her early 50s. The other teacher was married with grown children, heavy, tall, with very big tits and ass, a big clit and she also had a huge hairy pussy and asshole. She dressed very conservatively, her skin was tan, her hair grey and she also had beautiful feet. She was into foot sex as well and she loved for me to suck on her tits while I played with her hairy pussy. She called me nasty names and would put my foot in her mouth while fucking me with her hairy pussy. She was very wet all of the time and her pussy and asshole were very stretched out.

We always met at my teacher's house since she lived alone. They fucked each other in front of me and it drove me wild seeing these two grown women fucking each other. They were always kissing me and licking my body from head to toe. I would have to suck their big clits and hairy pussies while telling them that I loved the taste of pussy. I asked them when I would have a clit as big as theirs. They told me that if my mother had a big clit, I would likely be getting one too, but if I didn't, my pussy was still very beautiful. They asked me if I was ready to see the biggest clit in town. I told them that there was no way it could be bigger than theirs. They said it was much bigger and this woman's pussy was even hairier than theirs. Again, they made me promise not to tell anyone because it would destroy the woman's life and I would never get to play anymore grown up games with them. I promised and asked them to please tell me who it was.

My heart was running wild knowing that there was another grown woman who wanted to have sex with me and that her clit was even bigger than my teachers and that her pussy was the hairiest. I continued playing with my cousins but I never told them that I was having sex with the teachers. One day, right before school ended, my teacher told me that La Madre Superior (The Mother Superior) wanted to see me. She told me to take my books as the school day was about to end.

I was very nervous as the Principal was very strict and never smiled. I went to her office and she closed the door. She told me that I was a very pretty girl and a good student. She asked about my family. She was very glad that my family went to Church every Sunday. At that moment, the school day finished. She told me to wait for her as she was going to lock all the doors after everyone left. While waiting for her to come back, I was very nervous. I thought I had done something wrong. When she came back to the office, she told me that it was just me and her. She said she was going to ask me some questions and that I had to be very honest with her. My heart was ready to jump out of my chest, thinking that something bad had happened to my parents or little brother.

La Madre Superior was very intimidating as she was tall, heavy and very matronly. I was sitting on a chair and she stood towering over me. I will never forget what she said to me then. She said, "Chiquita, te gusta chupar mujeres" ("Little one, you like to suck women"). I was dumbfounded and started crying. She came close to me and told me not to cry, because there was nothing wrong with that. My teacher had told her about my sexual preference and she wanted me to know that she was supporting me. She then asked me if I liked sucking toes as much as my teacher had said I did. I was so nervous that I didn't answer. She shocked me by lifting up her habit and showing me the hairiest pussy and the biggest clit in the world. My teachers were telling me the truth.

She stuck two fingers in her pussy and said, "Chupame Chiquita" ("Suck me, little one"). Here I was with the person that I respected the most in the world after my parents. My whole family looked up to her as a Saint and she was asking me to suck her pussy. On shaky legs, I went to her immediately and even with that thick forest of pussy hair, her clit was still peeking out. I started sucking on that huge clit as if it was a cock. Her clit was almost as big as my little brothers dick. She kept telling me "Chupame Chiquita", and I kept sucking on that humongous clit. Her pussy hair was so long and thick, it was a jungle and it was so wiry but it drove me wild. She smelled very strong and she was very wet and she grinded her big hairy pussy on my mouth and face. Again and again she kept telling me, "Chupame, Chupame" until she squirted all over my mouth and face. She was the first women to ever squirt in my mouth. I was in shock because I didn't know that women were able to squirt.

She was insatiable. She bent over and had me lick her hairy asshole while telling me to close my hand and fist fuck her pussy, which I did. Her pussy was very big and had no trouble taking my small fist. I was immediately in love with the Mother Superior, she had me in her hands and I would do anything that she told me to. She told me to stick my fingers in her asshole and then pull them out and lick them clean. I did just like she told me. She took her shoes off and I sucked each of her toes for a long time. Her feet were sweaty but very pretty and I was trying to get her whole foot in my mouth but it wouldn't fit. She stood up and undressed and told me to do the same. She was very matronly and her tits were very big, they were like basketballs with the biggest nipples I've ever seen. They were hanging almost down to her waist.

She held up one of her big nipples and I sucked it like my life depended on it. Everything was huge on this lady. She wasn't beautiful but her body drove me crazy. She inspected my body very thoroughly. I had to spread my legs and she took a long time inspecting my pussy and asshole. She said she was very surprised that my teachers had not taken my virginity, but now she was going to. I became very nervous and asked her if it was going to hurt. She told me that it would hurt at first but after that, it was all pleasure.

She told me I looked delicious and proceeded to suck my pussy, asshole and toes. I was squirming as she was quite an expert at sucking pussy and ass and she was able to take my whole foot in her mouth. I was unbelievably hot and excited and out of nowhere I had my first orgasm with her big tongue buried in my virginal pussy. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world and I almost passed out. She told me to relax. She was going to take my pussy and anal cherries. I willingly gave my cherries to the Mother Superior. She penetrated my pussy first and busted my hymen with her middle finger and then did the same with my ass. She licked her fingers clean of my blood and gave me her fingers so I could taste myself as well. The last thing that she had me do was foot fuck her pussy and then her asshole. I loved that her holes were so big and she was able to take my foot in each hole. She had multiple orgasms and continued to tongue kiss me like I had never been kissed in my life. I was totally in love with her and could not get enough of her big body. I told her that she was my favourite and that I loved her even more than my teachers. She told me that sometime soon she was going to fuck me with a big rubber cock and pee in my mouth. I told her I was hers and she could do with me whatever she wanted as long as I could continue to have her huge clit and hairy pussy. She said it was our secret and I couldn't tell anyone. I promised not to tell a soul. I was now hooked on hairy pussy and wanted to have my face in all the women's crotches every chance I had. I also wanted to suck their toes as if my life depended on it as well.

The next time the Mother Superior and I got together was at the home of my teacher. She told the other two women that she was going to pee in my mouth. She took me into the bathroom. I was scared but extremely excited. All of us were naked and the Mother Superior squatted over my face and shot the biggest stream of pee I had ever seen in my life right into my mouth. She told me to swallow as much as I could. I tried my best but there was too much so the other two teachers joined me. The taste was very bitter and it was hot but I would do whatever she told me to do. The other two teachers were also drinking the Nuns pee while furiously rubbing their clits.

The Mother Superior was always in charge. When I first saw her strap- on a 12 inch rubber cock, I almost fainted. She asked me if I had ever seen a cock before and I told her that I had seen my brother's and father's. She asked me if they were big. I said that her clit was almost as big as my little brother's cock and the rubber cock was twice the size of my fathers. I could not believe the size of it. She always packed a huge strap-on and loved to fuck the teachers with it. She used a smaller one for me.

Whenever I was unable to meet with my teachers I would visit my cousins. Once when I visited them, they weren't expecting me and I walked right into their room, as there were no locks. I was very surprised to find my 11 year old cousin sucking her sister's 14 year old pussy. When they saw me they covered their bodies with their hands. They were very frightened and begged me not to tell their parents as they would get in big trouble. I was just looking at their sexy bodies. I went over to them and started touching them. My older cousin asked me if I wanted to join in. I certainly did.

My 14 year old cousin had a hairy pussy for one so young. We wasted no time and eagerly sucked each others pussies until her mother came home from work. My cousin confided in me that she had always been interested in sex with girls since an older girl had seduced her when she was 11. She would spy on her parents but it was only to see her mothers hairy pussy. She also had a big crush on my mother who was her favourite aunt.

I told my teachers about my cousins and they told me that if my cousins were trustworthy, then I should bring them over. I told my cousins and they couldn't wait to have sex with grown women. My cousins had the same reaction I did when they saw the abnormally huge clit of Mother Superior and the amount of pussy hair she had. Mother superior was able to fuck me and the rest of the women with her humongous clit until she and us orgasmed. She then fucked my cousins and I with her strap-on. The women had me and my cousins have sex with each other. They told us what to do and then we would watch the three women fuck each other and then we would pair up, one girl with one of the women. I was the Nun's favourite so she always picked me. I also loved to see her fuck my two cousins very hard in the pussy and asshole with her big strap-on. She stretched out all of our holes as she started on us with the 6-inch and she gradually worked us up until we could take the 12 inches. It took years of her fucking us hard before we were ready for that.

The Nun squirted so much pussy juice that I had a hard time drinking it all. The teachers also had very leaky pussies but they were unable to squirt. I remember that the women would all be sitting down and my cousins and I would get on our hands and knees and suck the women's toes for hours while they fist fucked each others pussies. They then would do the same to us and we would have to foot fuck their huge hairy pussies and assholes. I was always amazed at how hairy they were but the Mother Superior was always the hairiest and her massive clit always amazed me every time I saw it.

Mother Superior told us that she never wore panties because her clit was so big it would rub against the material and she would always be in a state of orgasm. They The nuns were all heavy women with big tits and asses and they loved to suck on my flat chest. I loved the way that they kissed me. I would have an orgasm by having one of them suck my toes while another one sucked my pussy. They stretched my holes wide so they would be able to foot fuck me, like I did to them. I was able to fit my whole foot up their pussies and assholes. The Nun would spank me and my cousins very hard while calling us her lesbian whores. Every day we would be drinking pee and before we went home, we had to shower in order to get the smell off our bodies. I love pee and still can remember how each women's pee tasted. No one in my family had big tits but big nipples ran in the family. My cousins were just like me and they allowed the older women to do everything to them that they were doing to me.

I learned to love the taste of pussy, asshole and pee. Almost every day from the age of 10 till 21 I was sucking pussy, asshole and drinking pee. At 25 I married and moved to the USA. I continued to seek out women during my marriage behind my husband's back and I also managed to go back to the Dominican Republic and have sex with 14 year old girls, as that is the age of consent in my country. My cousins who still live there connected me with them.

This all took place in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic and the teachers and the Nun fucked me until I was 21 years old. I met my husband while in college and we were married when I was 25. We have three children, two boys ages 17 and 15 and a daughter age 9. My boys tell me that their friends think that I am a sexy hot mom and I love the attention. I always wear high open toe shoes with tight jeans. I don't want to sound conceited but for my age, 45, I am pretty hot. I love my feet and I always have a pedicure and receive compliments on how sexy my feet are.

I am now divorced from my husband. He was a lousy lover who never ate my pussy. I could never get my husband to suck my pussy, lick my ass and suck on my toes. He loved for me to suck his cock and for him to spread my asshole so he could fuck it when I had my period. I always faked orgasms with him and the only way that I reached an orgasm while making love with him was by thinking of the nasty women that had fucked me.

I love to flaunt my body and all of my son's friends are always checking me out. My ex was always getting into arguments with the way I dressed. Little does he know that I am only interested in women and young girls. I am 45 years old but people tell me that I don't look my age. I'm 5 feet 3 inches, 34b with big nipples and I have a very hairy pussy and asshole and a normal size clit. I love to wear sexy under wear, especially thongs and g-strings and very tight revealing clothes.

I have had many affairs. My current lover is 51 years old. Her name is Rosie. She is Hispanic also and she is married with a 15 year old daughter. She is very religious, or claims to be, but now I know better. We met at Church, as I always go to Sunday Mass with my children, and she is always there with her family. We hit it off and she invited my family and I over to her house. We became friendly and as time went on, I had the feeling that she was checking me out. I was trying to get the courage to open up to her but she beat me to the punch. She started complimenting me on my body and how sexy my feet were. She opened up and told me that her husband is a lousy lover. We looked at each others eyes and we just started kissing very passionately. She is just as nasty as me. She's into foot sex as well and adores my feet and loves to lick my pussy and asshole. She surprised me when she asked me to please pee in her mouth. She had been checking me out for a long time at Church and always fantasized about me. We have been together for a year and I fucking love it.

She was very surprised that my pussy and asshole were so stretched out because I am slim, but her holes are just as big but she is much heavier than me, but the same height. She is a closet lesbian just like me and it took a long time for her to admit that she loves to fantasize about fucking her daughter. She gets really hot when I tell her that I still shower with my 9 year old daughter. She tells me she wants to spank the shit out of her daughter and then fuck her with a big strap-on in her pussy and asshole. She is also dying to taste her daughter's pussy and asshole and wants to get into a 69 with her.

Rosie imagines her daughter coming up to her and begging to please suck her mother's big nipples, big pussy and lick her asshole. I tell her that I want my daughter to be my sex toy and to suck on my toes while she is fist-fucking me, first in the pussy and then in my asshole. She shocked me again when she told me that she would love to fuck my 9 year old daughter and that she also fantasizes about her. Her daughter is a beautiful 15 year old conceited little bitch with a beautiful body and ass. Rosie tells me that when she sees her daughter naked she notices that she has a shaved pussy.

Rosie and I use strap-ons and fuck each other in the pussy and ass. My favourite is when we foot fuck each other in both our holes. She loves pee as much as I do. Her pussy and asshole taste delicious. We could kiss for hours and hours and play with each others pussies all day. I love it. She was introduced to lesbian sex when she was 11 years old by a black woman in her 40s who turned her into a pussy whore. She told me everything that this woman did to her. She also had to service the woman's girlfriends.

Rosie daughter's name is Charo. Rosie wants to fuck her daughter as badly as I want to fuck my daughter. I would love so much to spank Charo's big ass and fist fuck her asshole right in front of her mother. I wish that I could just be able to come out and be an open lesbian, but I can't as I have my children.

There is a very beautiful mature nun, in her late 50s, named Dolores, at the Church and Rosie and I both flirt with her. Rosie's daughter goes to the Church's Catholic School and the Nun is always complimenting Rosie on how beautiful Charo is. We both fantasize about seducing the nun and her having sex with our daughters and being pleasantly surprised that the Nun is also a big time lesbian with a taste for young pussy.

Rosie is the one that takes the male role in our relationship as she is more butch and 'dykey'. She loves to spank me very hard while I tell her about my sexual upbringing. She fucking loves to inflict pain on me. She pinches my nipples very hard, bites them and slaps my small titties very hard. She is also into pain and tells me to spank her ass very hard with a ruler. I love doing it. We suck each others toes very slowly and for a very long time. We love to paint each other's toes. We get off sucking each others tits. Her tits are very big at 38DD and she has huge nipples and she treats me like a baby when I suck her nipples and tells me to beg for my milk.

I am very happy with Rosie. We have phone sex in the middle of the night. Her husband has no clue that she is a lesbian and neither does her daughter. We tell each other which women and girls we think are the hottest in the neighbourhood and at Church while we finger fuck each other. But nothing gets us hotter then talking about our own daughters. Who would have believed that I would find a dirty fucking lesbian as nasty as me in Church? The talk in my family and around the whole neighbourhood is that she is a Religious freak, as she and her family go to Church twice a week.

My daughter, Nelly, has a beautiful little body and I've always had take dancing classes. She loves to dance as much as me. We're always dancing at home. She has a nice ass and I always buy her sexy panties, as she is always checking out mine. I still take showers with my daughter and my pussy gets so wet when I see her staring at my hairy pussy and ass. I love looking at her little immature body and washing her.

My pussy and asshole are so stretched out that I have no problem taking any size fist in either hole. However, my favourite is when a women foot fucks me in the pussy and asshole. I have had many wonderful female lovers of various ages. I am a pussy and foot whore and will always be one. I have had some women with huge clits and very hairy pussies and some were able to squirt. But no one has been able to top the Mother Superior.

It wasn't easy growing up a lesbian. Every time my mother or anyone else gave me eye contact for more than a second, the first thing that I thought was 'they know that I am a lesbian'. I was very lucky to have been exposed to pussy so early in life and I think deep down I was always attracted to women. I was never sexually attracted to men growing up, I was always looking at girls or women. Even before I was seduced by my teacher, I would be staring at her big beautiful body all day long and she picked it up right away. Her feet were so sexy. All I did was fantasize about sucking her toes and running my hands all over her beautiful legs. When she would wear a tight skirt, her big ass would be jiggling and my heart would pump so fast. Eventually when she and the other teacher had sex with me, I was able to do what I wanted to do. They never forced me to do anything against my will.

When La Madre Superior fucked me, that was the hottest sex I ever had and what made it hotter was that I would never in a million years have thought that a woman in her position would be a lesbian and interested in a little girl. After I became an adult and started finding little girls sexually attractive, I realized how beautiful and temping a young girl is and how much power sexually they have over an adult, but at that age a little girl doesn't see that.

No one in my family knows what happened to me as a little girl and they don't know that I suck pussy on the side. If they ever find out how bad I want to fuck my 9 year old daughter, they would have me committed. I have never been sexually attracted to my sons. I have seen them naked with hard ons and felt nothing but my daughter and her little friends send my pussy into a frenzy. I was very surprised to find out that Rosie has been having sexual fantasies about her daughter since Charo was very young, and Rosie is so fucking religious!

I know that I am not the only mother that wants to fuck her own daughter. If I was 100 percent sure that my relationship with my daughter wouldn't change and I would not get in trouble, I would seduce my daughter immediately.

I would love to be at Church with Rosie and have Sister Delores tell us to wait and after everyone leaves, she tells us that we need to confess our sins and impure thoughts to her. Then Rosie and I tell her everything and we see Sister Delores lift up her habit and she starts finger fucking her huge hairy cunt and telling us, "Yes, yes, bitches, tell me all of your filthy fucking sins. Look how fucking wet you have my hairy pussy. I also have to tell you my sins. I have been fucking your two darling daughters. They are both pussy lovers and are dying to suck their mothers' hairy pussies." She tells us that she will take us to a back room with a one way window so we can see what our lovely little girls have been doing with the old Nuns and the prim and proper mothers that run an activity program for young girls

You don't know how badly I want to have my daughter suck my toes one at a time while I finger fuck my hairy pussy and then have her beg to suck my big cunt and lick my asshole. I would love to see my daughter making out with Rosie and sucking her big tits while Rosie curses her out and tells her that she is a little lesbian slut just like her mother. Rosie's daughter Charo is so incredibly beautiful and I would love to suck her pussy. Her mother and I are always discussing whether her daughter is still a virgin or not and if she has lesbian desires. Rosie tells me that she would love to see her daughter suck my hairy pussy and then she walks in and fucks her with a huge strap-on. I would love to see my daughter and Charo getting it on with the Nun and then fuck with us.

The older I get, the more I crave young pussy. Two years ago I went shoe shopping and a young big titty 24-year-old beauty named Eileen helped me out. She was short at 5 feet and all I did was stare at her big tits. She helped me with the shoes and massaged my feet before slipping on the shoe. I knew right away that she was into feet. She asked me to wait for her so we could have a drink and I did. We went to a bar and then we went into the bathroom, where she took my shoes off and sucked each toe like it was a cock. I was so hot that we left the bar right away. I told her that I was old enough to be her mother and she said that only made it kinkier. She took me in her car to a secluded spot and we fucked each other for two hours.

Every time I see a young preteen girl, my pussy gushes. But the one that I crave the most, is my 9-year-old daughter.

I would love to hear your views on the story, your own experiences and fantasies. If there are mothers like me, I want to hear from you.