The Sexual Education of Yumi 9: Mummy and Daddy Get Disciplined

by MargaretSexyMum

This is the ninth instalment of the story of this kinky family. Please read the earlier chapters if you want to take in the full story. This chapter features bondage and disciple involving male and female characters, if this is not your kind of thing you may wish to skip this story.

As the last chapter ended Yumi's curiosity about bdsm had been piqued by seeing her Aunty Mieko dressed as a dominatrix and disciplining a young, pretty female submissive in a dvd. When she had admitted to having seen her mother and father spanking each other, Mieko had suggested that perhaps a saucy roleplay may be fun for them all. The story continues ...

Keiko and Sam felt a tingle run down their spine as they saw their innocent daughter nod her head in agreement as Mieko asked her to help discipline her naughty mummy and daddy. When Mieko had suggested a role playing scenario to her sister, she agreed enthusiastically and husband and wife head to the bedroom to change into their outfits for the night. Mieko and Yumi go in the other direction to also prepare for the game. Mieko explains to her 7 year old niece that they are going to play pretend, Aunty is going to be a strict headmistress and her and her mummy and daddy were going to be school kids.

About 15 minutes later Keiko and Sam return to find Mieko standing in the centre of the room, Yumi alongside her. They notice that the video cameras have been set up on tripods in the corenrs of the room to capture all the kinky action.

Mieko's waist length hair is tied into a bun, she is wearing dark rimmed glasses, and is dressed in a white blouse and knee length black skirt. She would look like a demure school mistress except for the fact that her skirt is made of tight black leather, her white blouse is very sheer and showing a black leather bra beneath, and she is perched on six inch stiletto heeled knee-high boots. So rather than projecting an image of a prim school marm, she is a tantalizing dominatrix school mistress. Standing beside Mieko, Yumi is dressed in her favourite Japanese-style school uniform looking every inch the cute, innocent Japanese schoolgirl, her short skirt showing off her long, thin legs.

Yumi is not the only one dressed as a saucy schoolgirl. As her mother and father enter the room they are both dressed identically in matching uniforms, Sam has borrowed one of Keiko's uniforms.

Keiko looks obscene as her lush pregnant body is bursting out of the tiny unifrom. Her thin blouse is tied up under her large breasts, as the buttons wouldn't be able to contain her expanded bustline. Her pregnant belly is bared below the blouse, her short pleated skirt sitting low on her hips showing an expanse of shapely thigh above knee-length white stockings. She isn't wearing a bra and her lactating teats are leaking a few drops of milk through the thin material.

Sam looks more demure and feminine in his schoolgirl outfit compared to the ripe Keiko. His skirt barely covers his bottom and shows off a pair of surprisingly shapely legs in his white knee-high stockings. His shoulder length hair has been pulled back into a tiny ponytail, and from a distance could almost pass as a schoolgirl. He seems to enjoy being feminized and joining in as 'one of the girls'.

Mieko looks sternly at the pair of naughty schoolgirls before her "What have you two been up to? Look at you Keiko flaunting your pregnant body, have no shame? Most girls in your situation would cover their bodies to hide the condition they are in but you flaunt your body like a street whore. And your sister Samantha is no better. That skirt is way too short young lady. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you would be dressed so provocatively with your wanton sister as a role model."

Keiko bows her head submissively "Ma'am, but my tummy is so huge, it doesn't fit into my uniform any more."

Sam chimes in "No excuse Ma'am, I am sorry if my skirt offends you."

"You two girls are as thick as thieves, up to no good I am sure. When are you going to tell me which boy knocked you up Keiko?" shaking her head Mieko continues, "Why couldn't you two be good girls like Yumi here", patting the little girl's bum. "Yumi be a good girl and get Mistress her ropes and paddles, I think these two naughty girls need to be taught a lesson."

"Yes Mistress," Yumi replies as she scurries off to fulfil ther task.

Speaking again to Sam, Mieko says "At least you haven't allowed yourself to get knocked up! Now, Keiko I will ask you one last time, which boy slid his dirty cock inside you and is responsible for putting that baby in your belly?"

"I .. I ... I ... can't headmistress" she protests "I would get in trouble if I told."

"You can just call me Mistress young lady. And you are already in trouble, I can't see what the big secret is?"

When Mieko gets no immediate response she looks to Sam and says "What about you, do you know who knocked up your sister?"

When Mieko realises there is going to be no response she says "Ok you two if you aren't going to say anything perhaps a good paddling will loosen your tongues. Come and stand before me with your legs shoulder width apart."

Keiko and Sam stand in front of Mistress as Yumi returns with her arms filled with ropes and discipline instruments. Mieko moves to Keiko and with a hand lifts the back of her skirt to expose a pair of very tight fitting white cotton bikini panties which seem to be at least one size too small for her ripe bottom. Mieko fondles and squeezes her bum cheeks roughly then reaches down to feel between her legs. She turns to Yumi "I don't believe it Yumi, this slut's underpants are soaked, she must be turned on by the thought of being paddled. I wonder if her sister is the same?"

Mieko walks around Sam looking him up and down. She lifts the back of his skirt and sees an identical pair of white cotton panties. As Mieko grabs his ass she comments on how muscular and firm his cheeks are. Then she reaches between his legs to see if her panties are damp as well. Mieko bristles, "What are you hiding in your underpants slut? Have you hidden a sausage in there? Turn around and let me see."

Mieko lifts the front of Sam's skirt and it is clear there is a large bulge in his knickers.

"What have we got here? Are you hiding something in your knickers Samantha ... perhaps a sex toy? I never would have thought you would have been as dirty as your slutty sister." Mieko runs her hands between Sam's legs over his cock and balls. "Let me see what that large bulge is," she says as she pulls the waistband of the panties out and Sam's erect cock springs out.

"What a surprise", Mieko exclaims dramatically. "I thought you two were sisters. I even had a suspicion, because of how close you are, that you may have been incestuous lesbian lovers. But it seems Samantha here has been keeping a big secret inside her panties. Your parents must be very liberal to let your brother dress as a girl and attend an all girls school. So Samantha is really Keiko's sissy brother not her sister, I never would have guessed. At least it explains why you two have been so coy about who knocked Keiko up. I assume it was your own brother! Do you parents know and approve of this relationship?"

Both Keiko and Samantha bow their heads in shame. Keiko says very softly, "Yes Mistress they know. They don't really approve, but they have come to accept the special love that Samantha and I share. They also accept that he wants more than anything in the world to be a girl. My mummy takes both of us shopping to buy our outfits and undergarments."

"Have you every heard anything like that Yumi? I am sure an innocent angel like you must be shocked at the wanton behavior of these two sluts."

"Yes Mistress they do seem to be very naughty", the little girl giggles, enjoying the roleplay.

"Bring those toys you collected over here Yumi."

Mieko moves over to her sister and unties the knot in her Keiko's blouse releasing her huge milky tits. "We dont need this blouse any more, it had been soaked with your milk and your dark nipples are showing through it anyway. That's what you get for not wearing a bra."

"But none of my bras fit anymore Mistress", Keiko whines theatrically, "ever since I started lactating my boobs have been so full and sore, their leaking is a blessed relief."

Mieko pulls Keiko's blouse open and discards it on the floor glaring at her, "Anyway horny sluts like you should be bare breasted at all times so anyone can look at your tits, particulalry when they are so full of milk. I am sure the other girls at school would be amazed about how fat your nipples are. Just like a cow's udders."

Mieko takes the Japanese bondage rope and binds her sister with it, wrapping it around her large breasts and belly, tying her arms behind her back. Mieko admires her sister, now dressed only in a short plaid pleated skirt, white panties and white knee length stockings, her pregnant tummy and huge tits bared.

Mieko turns to her young assistant, "Yumi, bring those nipple clamps over here please and attach them to this dirty slut's teats." Keiko trembles as her daughter attaches the clamps. Milk flows more freely from her tits. Mieko instructs Yumi to pull the chain which hangs between the clamps and the little girl watches her mummy squirm and bite her bottom lip as the pressure builds on her tender and sensitive nipples.

Mieko bends Keiko forward so that her cheek is resting on the arm of the couch and flips the back of her tiny skirt up over her waist to show off her pantied bottom. She pulls her sister's white cotton panties into the crack of her bum, exposing her pale bum cheeks. Her hand rubs and then lightly spanks her firm arse. She picks up a leather strap and stands back admiring Keiko's bum then brings the strap down with a loud THWACK and Keiko's cheeks immediately pinken. She brings the strap down hard on her sister's bum another three times, the sound reverberating through the room. Mieko admires her handiwork as her sister's bum cheeks are streaked with bright red marks. She places her cool hand on the cheeks and feels the warmth radiating from Keiko's stinging bottom.

Mieko watches amused as her sister wiggles her bottom. "Did that hurt slut?" Mieko asks.

"Yes Mistress, my bottom is very sore" Keiko replies softly and honestly.

"So it should slut" Mieko says firmly "that is the punishment you deserve for fucking your own sissy brother and letting him shoot his seed inside you and knock you up. What sort of example do you set for young, impressionable girls like Yumi here. Only 7 years old and she has already been exposed to such lewd and perverted behavior."

"Yes Mistress I have been a very naughty girl," Keiko replies meekly, "I am sorry to have been such a dirty slut." She continues to wiggle her bum and rub her thighs together. "Please Mistress can I be untied I need to go to the bathroom. Your punshiment and the pressure on my bladder from my babies make my need to go pee pee quite urgent. I don't think I can hold it any longer." The horny 'schoolgirl' squeezes hert thighs together tightly and jiggles up and down as if to emphasize the urgency of her predicament.

"Of course, you can't be released. I have not finished with you yet bitch. If you need to relieve your bladder then piss your panties like the dirty girl you are," Mieko commands.

Keiko doesn't need to be told twice and she sighs as she relaxes her bladder and a yellow stain appears in the crotch of her white panties as her warm urine soaks through the material. It drips down her legs and splashes on the floor forming a puddle between her feet. A sly smile forms on Keiko's face as she enjoys wetting her underpants.

"Look at that Yumi," Mieko exclaims, "this slut has no shame. Pissing herself like a toddler wetting her pants. I don't think there is anything this little whore wouldn't do. I think she would even love licking a pretty baby cunt like I am sure you have hidden inside your panties Yumi. Would you please sit down on the sofa, lift your skirt and spread your legs for me."

The little girl obeys and sits on the arm of the couch, raises her skirt and spreads her legs open, her crotch inches from where Keiko's face rests.

Mieko whispers in Keiko's ear, "Look how tight those cotton panties hug Yumi's lil cunt. Can you see how plump her labia are Keiko? They look tempting and delicious don't they? Can you see the tiny damp spot along that prominent cleft? I think your wanton behaviour is corrupting this innocent lil angel and she has soiled her pristine white panties with excitement. I think my little dominatrix in training deserves some satisfaction now that you have piqued her sexual curiosity. I want you to service her as if she was your Mistress."

"Yes mistress," Keiko replies solemnly as she lashes her tongue up the inside of one of Yumi's legs and then the other, leaving a glistening trail of saliva on the girl's inner thighs. Mieko grabs a handful of Keiko's hair and roughly forces her face into the junction of Yumi's slender thighs, almost smothering her as her nose and lips are pressed into her daughter's pantied crotch.

"Does that smell good bitch? Do you like the smell of a little girl's cunt? I bet you want to taste it don't you?"

Keiko nods her head as she inhales deeply, her nostril's filling with Yumi's heady aroma. Overcome with desire from the naughty roleplay, Keiko fastens her mouth to Yumi's crotch and begins to lick and suck ravenously at her daughter's sex through the thin material of her cotton panties. Yumi mews with pleasure, her thin thighs draped over her mother's shoulders, heels laying on her arms bound behind her back, her tiny hands holding the back of Keiko's head and pulling her in closer to maintain her balance.

"Oh mummy ..." she exclaims, before seeing her aunt shaking her head gently and remembering the game they are playing. Mimicking her Aunt's dominant tone she says firmly but in her natural little girl voice, "suck on my coochie s ... s ... slut."

As Keiko continues to feast on her daughter's immature cunt, Mieko reaches up and pulls Keiko's panties down her thighs and off. Caught up in their own pleasure, the mother and daughter don't notice that Mieko has put on a large step-on dildo. The impressive length and girth of the black shaft stands out from Mieko's thin frame. She moves behind Keiko's raised bum and places the fat head of the massive artificial phallus at the entrance to her vagina. She grabs onto her hips and slowly slides the huge prick into her sister's cunt.

At first Keiko thinks it is Sam who is fucking her but then she feels her sister's hands reach around to grab her tits as she plunges the cock inside her. Mieko begins to fuck her sister harder thrusting the full length of the dildo in and out of her gaping cunt, her face still pressed between Yumi's legs.

Yumi's eyes are wide with surprise and lust as she watches her aunt fuck her mummy. The combination of that lewd display and the feeling of her mother's mouth on her slit causes the young girl's body to tremble. She pulls her panties to the side allowing her mother's mouth free access to her baby slit. She loves the feel of a wet tongue sliding between the smooth lips of her labia and licking against the hard lil nub of her clitoris. Yumi giggles when she feels her mother's tongue trail down and lap at her tight arsehole. Keiko licks the little girl's puckered anus the pushes her tongue into her tight anus. The sensation is too much for Yumi and her thin thighs squeeze around her mother's head as she climaxes. She eventually relaxes her thighs and falls back onto the couch her legs in the air and a wide toothy smile on her pretty face.

After a few moments Yumi recovers from her orgasm and gets up to stand beside her Aunty and watch her fucking her mother more closely. Mieko smiles at her niece "would you like to try this princess? There is another smaller strap-on over there that I think could fit you. Would you like to fuck your mummy .... I mean this dirty slut," she says quickly slipping back into her role.

"Yes please Mistress, I would love to try fucking her."

Mieko pulls out of Keiko's cunt but tells her to stay in the same position. She asks Yumi to remove her skirt and blouse leaving her clad only in white panties and stockings. Theolder woman takes the dildo and adjusts the harness around the little girl's narrow hips and the long thin phallus stands out straight from her pantied mound.

Mieko moves Keiko around the couch so she is now on her knees with her face resting on the couch. Yumi moves behind her mother, kneeling in the warm puddle of her piss and positions herself between Keiko's legs. She presses forward to insert the shaft into her mother's vagina and admires her pale bottom cheeks colored by the red strap marks. Remembering what she had seen her Aunt do, the little girl slaps her mother's bum as she fucks her. Meanwhile Keiko has had already had multiple orgasms from the fucking she is getting from her own 7year old daughter. She finally slumps forward physically spent and Yumi removes the dildo from her mother's cunt, the artificial cock glistening with her juices.

Mieko goes over to where 'Samantha' is on her knees, face pressed into the floor but with her eyes glued to the kinky lesbian action going on across the room. She lifts the sissy's skirt to expose her pantied bum and pulls the back of her panties down to the top of her thighs baring Samantha's ass cheeks. Mieko balls up Keiko's piss soaked undies and stuffs them into Samantha's mouth as a gag. She grabs a cane and proceeds to use it on the sissy schoolgirl's arse. The sound of the cane as it cracks against her bum cheeks makes a distinct thwacking sound.

When she has given him a few strokes of the cane Mieko notices that Yumi eyes are gleaming with excitement as she watches her caning her father's bum. "Would you like to try this princess? I think" she says pointing to Sam, "this naughty girl deserves a good caning and then a hard fucking."

The tiny girl's eyes flare with a wicked gleam and Mieko recognizes that her young niece has a strong kinky streak. Mieko hands her the cane.

Mieko instructs Yumi how to use a cane, showing her how she should flex her wrist as she brings the cane down in an arc onto his bare bottom. Yumi raises her arm and the cane swooshes through air as it strikes her father's bottom with a crack. His body trembles as a stinging pain crosses his cheeks. Mieko encourages her niece as she leaves half a dozen bright pink stripes on her daddy's pale bottom.

The exertion of caning her daddy's bottom leaves the girl panting and her arm is tired. Mieko takes the cane from Yumi and positions the little girl behind Samantha's bare buttocks as the she parts his arse cheeks to expose his puckered bumhole. Meiko grins at her niece, "we don't even need any lubricant sweetie as that dildo is still nice and slick with cunt juices". The older woman guides the little girl closer until the head of the long artificial penis presses against her daddy's twitching anus. The little girl looks to her Aunt who nods in approval and Samantha moans as the prick enters her arsehole slowly until the the phallus is buried deep in her bum. Just as she had done with her mummy moments before, Yumi smacks his bum with her open hand as she slides the huge cock into his arse. With her Aunt's urging Yumi begins to fuck her daddy's bum. It takes only a half dozen thrusts before Sam grunts as he ejaculates filling his pretty white panties with a thick load of cum.

Yumi removes the fake cock from his rectum and moves around to kiss her father on the lips after removing her mother's pissy panties from his mouth. After they French kiss tenderly he smiles at his daughter "Thank you babygirl. What a good girl you are. You fucked daddy's bum so well. Could you remove my ropes so I can clean myself up? Daddy made a big sticky mess in his undies."

Mieko interupts the discussion "Don't remove his bonds yet Yumi, but you can help him remove those soiled panties. My word what a mess. When you take them off can you put them in his mouth. Let the sissy slut taste his own semen." She watches as her niece follows her instructions, removing Sam's feminine knickers and using them to clean up his softening cock which is coated in boy cream. Then she rubs the soiled panties on his lips, watching as he licks his own semen off them. Then she puts them into his mouth as his body relaxes.

Meiko kisses Yumi and pats her on the bottom,"You are such a good girl Yumi. Look at your daddy laying on the floor with a contented smile on his face. You did that for him. Isn't it funny he has been getting very horny thinking of taking your virginity - and you ended up taking his virginity first. Your mummy told me he had never been fucked in the bum before and you will always be his first. You should be very proud. I am sure it won't be the last time you and he have anal sex now that he has a taste for it. And look over at your mummy, she looks spent too after you fucked her. Your parents are lucky to have such a good daughter."

Mieko goes over to her niece and kneels in front of the tired girl. She kisses her softly on the lips and fondles her bum. As the kiss deepens and she slides her tongue into Yumi's mouth she squeezes her soft bottom cheeks and then pulls the girl's underpants down. As they break the kiss Mieko looks at the flimsy white panties and sniffs them and then passes them so Keiko and Sam can sniff them as well. They all comment how damp the knickers are and that Yumi must have found the fucking as sexually stimulating as her parents did.

Yumi smiles at the adults, "that game was fun, can we play it again?".

Mieko removes Keiko's bonds and the mother goes to hug her daughter. "Yes babygirl we can play that and other sex games. I think they are fun too." As Keiko releases the clamps from her distended nipples and massages her throbbing teats, she squeezes her breasts firmly and milk squirt from them and splashes across Yumi's upturned face soaking the little minx.

All four of them dissolve into giggles.

The four incestuous lovers have a group hug with Yumi wedged in the midle of the three adults. They kiss and snuggle intimately. Each reflecting on the kinky play they had just experienced as the enjoy the feeling of skin to skin contact.

With arms around each other they head to the shower to clean up.