Luna and Her Niece, Part 7

by LunaZax

The finale to the story between Luna and her young niece. The intensity between the two reaches their full climax.

This is the seventh chapter of the Luna and Her Niece Series.

It is the story of a bisexual Aunt and her (very) young niece. She encounters a situation with her young niece where she gets drawn in, simply by the unintentionally erotic nature of some friendly play with her young niece.

Disclaimer: If stories of underage sex make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy. If you cannot understand the difference between fantasy indulgement and condonement, you should not read the following story. I do not, in any way, condone or agree with sexual activity betwen adults and underage children.

“Do you want me to do that to you?” asked Alison.

I was surprised. I mean here was this little girl who was experiencing her first sexual feelings, and already she wants to participate.

“If you want to sweetie. Just do whatever you like.”

I shyly opened my legs to her, opening my lips, revealing myself to my little niece. She rubbed my thighs feeling the smooth skin. She ran her fingers through my hair. The attention was delicious, but I had gone too far to be satisfied with that.

Then, as I had done, she gave little tiny kisses on my thighs. This little small mouth was licking the tender insides of my inner thighs.

I sighed in pure pleasure, in release.

She moved ever so closer to my opening. She was very unsure what to do. I could feel her breath, surprisingly cold, against my clit.

I moved my fingers to my lips and spread them wide.

“I can see inside you,” she exclaimed.

I nodded my head.

She lowered her face to my now very wet slit, and kissed it once.

“Tastes kindof weird,” she said.

“Yeah. It does. But it makes the other person feel really good.”

She kept licking. Very much all over the place. My pussy loved the attention. I forced myself to just enjoy the sensations of this little girl licking at my pussy. Though my body craved release and my clit ached for sensations.

She started to lick up my lips, and she found my clit with her little tongue, and my thighs contracted and opened quickly.

“Is that the spot?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie, that’s my clitoris. Just keep licking that.”

She started lapping at it. My fingers spreading my lips wide. Her little tongue, dancing on my hot clit. I loved it, loved the attention, and loved the sensations.

“Sweetie,” I cried out.

“Yeah,” said Alison stoping the sensations.

“Lick it, like you were trying to get the last bit of ice cream out of an ice cream cone,” I said as I smiled.

She looked confused, but then realized what I meant, and I saw her sweet face descend between my thighs.

With the instructions, she was a quick study. She extended her tongue and started to circle my clit with her tongue. I was on fire. Back and forth, quickly and slowly. She had no idea what she was doing and the unpredictability made me get hotter and hotter.

My ass started to raise, I tried to keep it down as she wouldn’t be able to keep licking if I did.

My mind started racing, realizing the sexy, crazy situation. My little niece is licking my pussy. Oh my god.

She kept licking, sensing the sensations rising in me, as they had risen in her. She started to tease my pussy with her fingers as well.

“Oh god sweetie. Oh God, Ali! ALI!!! ALLLLIIIIIIIIIIII!” I cried out as the orgasm continued to build within the depths of my pussy.

The spasm hit. I took a large intake of air, and my back arched. My niece’s mouth left my sex altogether. And I raised and lowered my ass to continue the sensations as the orgasm hit me.

I started to juice a little, it ran down my pussy and trickled down my ass onto the bed sheets. I pushed and releases, as the orgasm rushed through me like a wave, and came crashing down on my pussy.


I landed back on the bed, and I pulled my niece into my arms. We lay there kissing each other.

She pulled at my nipples and I gently stroked her smooth front.

“I can taste me on your mouth,” I said. She smiled at this.

We lay there for as long as we could. Stroking each others bodies, and teasing each other. I was very tempted to start with her again, but I knew that her body needed some recovery time. First orgasms need to be processed, and she had had a very intense one.

Before long I told her that we had to get dressed. We started to clean up, and get things done.

“Um, Aunt Luna… I know I can’t tell mommy about this, cause this is adult stuff.”

“Right,” I replied, “And you probably shouldn’t tell your friends about it. It should remain between you and me.”

Alison, pulled on a new pair of green shorts and a white top. She looked very cute in it. I gathered up the rest of my clothes.

“Okay, I’ won’t. Um, can we do this again?” she said, “I really liked it.”

I sat there conflicted. My mind raced with the fantasies that now were presenting themselves to me. I wanted to deny them. I really wanted to push them to the side. I could fall for this little girl. I could be enveloped in the trappings of teaching and playing with her.

“Maybe, Alison. We’ll have to see. Maybe on certain occassions, you and I can have some time and do it again. But, let’s just let it happen. Okay?”

She nodded her head, and started to leave the room as I was putting on the rest of my clothes. She then looked up at me rather innocently, and said

“Cause Aunt Luna, next time, I want you to fuck me,”

My mouth fell open, as she walked out of the room.

– END –

Author’s Note: I hope everyone enjoyed this story as much as I did. A quick indulgence of a fantasy onto paper, turned into a seven part story that took much longer than anticipated. But, it was an enjoyable journey.

This sat on my blog for a while, and I meant to bring it over to leslita, but I've been busy with real life stuff.

The story of Luna and Allison is basically complete. The last line is meant to be a promise of things to come. But, as of this writing, I don’t plan on revisiting them. However, I may need a quick fantasy indulgence in the future, and maybe I can revisit them. We shall see.

Thanks for coming on the ride with me...


Luna Zax