Luna and Her Niece, Part 5

by LunaZax

Author Note: Sorry for the delay in posting this story, the muse left me for a little bit, but it came back recently.

I took Allison by the hand into her bedroom. I sat her down on the edge of her bed. And I started to dry both of us off with the towels. She kept staring at my body, but not wanting to look too much."You can look, sweetie. You even can touch, if you want."

She reached out, very unsure. And tried to touch my breasts. I grabbed her hand and let her touch my breasts.

"Do your boobs hurt?" she asked.

"No... Not like you think. The weight is different. Here feel."

I guided her hand to underneath my breasts. I have decent-sized breasts. I am somewhere between a B and a C cup. She lifted it up and let it fall, giggling.

"And the nipples are sensitive."

"What do you mean."

I smiled, and guided her fingers to my nipples. She traced the nipples with her fingers. It felt nice, but my body craved some wetness on her fingers. My nipples got hard at her touch tho.

"They got bigger," she exclaimed, "like when you get cold."

I nodded, "That feels nice. Here let me show you."

I reached out and rubbed her little nipples with my fingers. They got erect almost immediately. Then I put a finger into my mouth, and started teasing the nipple tips with my wet fingers. Allison's breathing increased.

"Nice?" I asked.

She nodded. I pinched down on the nipple, and her mouth fell open, as if she was going to yell in pain. But she was unsure as to the sensation.

I pulled her in even closer, and started to kiss her on the mouth. I opened her mouth with mine. And I just barely inserted my tongue in her mouth. She pulled back, giggling.

"Aunt Luna!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I maintained back with her, still letting my fingers manipulate her chest.

"You put your tongue in my mouth!"


She didn't have an answer to this, and I pulled her back into me. I kissed her lips more, and then moved my way onto her neck. Giving her little butterfly kisses and licks on her neck. She smelled of little girl perfume. She arched a little when I kissed her neck, before pulling away.

"Tickles," she said shyly.

I laid her back on her bed. And I kissed her lips, then over to her neck, then onto the top of her chest, before kissing one of her nipples. This surprised her, but not as much as other things. I started rolling my tongue all over her nipple. It got a little hard under my tongue.

"Like it?" I asked.

"It's weird, but good," she replied.

I started caressing her legs with my hands, feeling her smooth skin. She had a touch of hair on her legs, but it was soft as down. I looked at her cute girl slit, so innocent, so completely devoid. I kissed down to her stomach, and the pliable skin that was there was magic to the touch. I tasted bath bubbles. I ran fingers up and down her chest, letting her feel all goose bumpy.

Her thighs were shut but not shut tight. I started to part her thighs, and she resisted.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Nothing," she replied, "I just... we're not supposed to.... " she seemed on the verge of tears.

"Not supposed to open our legs, except to doctors, right?"

She nodded.

"Seems silly with both of us being girls, doesn't it?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Do you wanna see mine?" I asked

She looked happy at this, probably because she didn't have to do anything. She propped herself up, so that she was leaning on her pillows against the headboard. I sat across from her. And I opened my thighs to her. I rubbed myself and felt my lips part again, opening myself up to Allison.

"You're sticky," she said.

I nodded.

"Now you." She parted her thighs a little. I said, "Wide, like mine, sweetie."

She opened her legs. Her pussy was so cute. Her slit opened up and just the faintest pink could be seen inside.

"Rub it once, Ali," I said. She looked confused at me, and I rubbed my slit up and down, making my clitty more pronounced at the top of my slit. She rubbed, and the lips started to part a little more. There was residual stickiness, despite the bath. She opened and felt the air on her insides.

"So cute," I murmurred. My hand started to rub her thighs. The small hairs on her legs started to raise up. I rubbed her sensitive inner thighs.

"Starting to feel it?" I asked. Allison nodded her head.

My fingers made their way up to her front. I rubbed her lips. There was some stickiness, closer to mucus than my vaginal liquid. I started rubbing my fingers up and down her lips.

I wish I had some lubrication, but I obviously had not come prepared to seduce my young niece. So, we would have to do it the old fashioned way.

I started kissing her thighs with slow butterfly kisses and small licks of flesh, as my fingers just sloooowly massaged her lips. I pressed her small little clitty against her body with my forefinger, and she arched and took breath in.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Um, I didn't like that," she said.

The sensations of her clitoris probably was throwing things off. Maybe she was too sensitive. I know I had been touching mine for years when someone else touched it for hte first time. And even then, I wasn't sure that I liked it, back then. So I continued to work fingers around her lips and towards the opening of her vagina, as my mouth and tongue moved all over her frame.

I made my way to the corner of where her thigh meets her groin, and started to lick the musty sweat that collects here. But after the bath, her skin tasted so sweet. She started to like this, and maybe relax just a little.

My finger started to circle the opening of her vagina. Allison had a sharp intake of air again, but it sounded different.

"Still good?"

She nodded, but said, "Doesn't it hurt?"

I stopped what I was doing, and pulled her into me, pressing her face against my breast, "Sweetie, it can hurt when something goes inside your vagina, but I'm just going to keep rubbing the parts of your body that feel good. I will not make you hurt intentionally. Doesn't it feel good now?"

She nooded again, and said, "I think my pussy likes your fingers."

"Do you think your pussy would like my tongue?" I asked.

She got a shocked look on her face, but she couldn't help but smile at it, and I kissed her on the mouth before lowering my face towards her legs.

- To Be Continued -


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