Luna and Her Niece, Part 3

by LunaZax

AUTHOR NOTE: Sorry for the long delay in this part of the story. The original location where this story was located crashed, and it was difficult for me to go back and try to recreate a story that, in my mind, I had already given life to. Well, some time passed, and I found a clean copy of Part 4 of the story... so I was able to piece together this chapter. I hope you like it.

I gathered up Allison’s clothes and ran up the stairs chasing after her. She was getting a towel out of the linen closet, still naked except for her Disney Princess panties.

“Ready for your bath, bugaboo?” I asked as I reached the top of the stairs.


I turned on the water, finding a good temperature, and poured some bubble bath soap into the water. Allison giggled as I did this.

“Do you have to pee, before you get in the tub?” I asked her.

She nodded. She pulled down her panties and let them flop on the floor. I got a glimpse of a little vertical line and bare skin where hair existed on my pussy.

I started to turn away as she hopped on the toilet seat.

“Aunt Luna, you don’t have to go,” she said.

I turned back, “I was just giving you some privacy,” but the look on her face told me that she wanted me there.

So I stood there, and my little angel opened her legs on the toilet seat, revealing her whole vagina to me, almost for no reason whatsoever. It was so little and cute. I loved seeing it. Then the pee started pouring out of it, bursting from the tiny orifice, the sounds of the splash hitting the bowl of water. It was so cute and unintentionally sexy.

She stopped peeing, and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe herself.

“Okay, into the tub with you,” I said.

Allison practically jumped into the bathtub. The bubbles went everywhere. I grabbed a washcloth and started helping her wash her back.

“The bubbles tickle,” she said.

I started running the washcloth down her legs. She moved them as I ran the cloth across them. I ran the cloth up her thighs, and she opened them wider.

“Feels weird?” I asked.

“Nooo… it feels nice,” she replied.

I started washing closer and closer to her opening, and the look on her face was very curious. I guessed that she was discovering pleasure centers on her that she could never have found on her own, at least not at this age.

I pulled the cloth out of the water, and received a little playful whimper from Allison. I put extra creamy body wash on the wash cloth, and went back into the water with the cloth. This time I went straight towards her slit, and started rubbing.

Allison almost sighed. I don’t think she knew that she wanted this, but it’s obvious that something in her needed a bit of relief from the tension that was building up. I washed her all over.

Then I abandoned the cloth, and just started rubbing her lips. Just tracing my finger all along them. She giggled and closed her legs on my hand. I didn’t want to do too much in the tub, just tease her with some pleasure.

I then moved my hand underneath and found her tiny butt hole. My fingers were already soapy from the gel. I gently massaged around the opening. Allison clenched and released a few times, unsure as to this feeling completely.

I slowly pulled my hand up, teasing her opening.

“I like it there, Aunt Luna,” she whispered.

I started rubbing my fingers along her lips, and fingers seemed to encounter some slickness that wasn’t coming from the shower gel. I looked into Allison’s eyes, and they were half-shut, enjoying the sensations from my fingers.

After several minutes of this, I thought Allison had enough in the bathtub, and wanted to change things up a bit.

“Okay, its getting cold. I think I’ll join you in the tub.”

She seemed disappointed that I was announcing the end to the current path, but enjoyed the idea of me in the tub with her.

I let my panties fall to the floor, and prepared to get into the tub.

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