Giving My Kids a Bath

by Loving Mom

Last night I put my kids in the tub while I sat on the toilet and tried to keep from being splashed. My son was in the bathtub pinching and pulling on his thing again, like usual. But this time as I sat on the toilet I started to get aroused. My cunt was tingling so bad that I could not take it any longer. I had to do something in order to relieve myself right then and there.

I stood up and took down my panties, since we hardly wear clothes around the house the most you will find us in is our under clothes. I lifted the toilet lid and sat back down. The toilet is facing the tub so when I spread my legs and pissed my kids could watch. Hearing their mom making noise on the toilet caught their attention and my youngest one even commented on how Mommy made pee—pee in the toilet.

She still wears big kid pull ups and has not gotten the hang of potty training for pee down yet. Thank God she don’t poop her diaper any more. I sat there with legs spread open and reached down between my legs without any toilet paper and began rubbing my piss onto my lips and clit to get it all moist.

I told my son to stand up and to get the liquid soap and to watch his little dickie. Seeing him wash himself was very exciting. I just couldn’t help but to stuff two fingers into my slippery cunt and work on my g-spot.

“Mommy are you washing too?” My oldest one asked and I just nodded and grunted spreading my legs a tad bit wider. I couldn’t help but let my oldest daughter get into the action so I asked her to make sure her pee hole was clean too. She reached under the water and stroked her self with up and down scrubbing motions until I asked her to stand up.

To my pleasant surprise my youngest daughter began touching herself too so when I had my oldest daughter stand up my two-year-old followed suit.

Now all three of my kids were squirting soap into their hands and washing their pee—pees while I sat fingering myself hard making all sorts of noises on the toilet while they watched.

My youngest was trying so hard to wash herself but she soon stumbled out of the bathtub and trotted over to me and asked me to help her wash. Now this is not something new for me to do. I am a good Mommy who makes sure to clean my little girls and boy down there but this was the first time I had thought about washing them in a sexual way.

I directed my two-year-old to turn around facing the tub and spread her legs. I had her bend over slightly so she could use the edge of the tub to hold herself up with. Her tiny and I mean very tiny little ass was beautiful to me as I used my already wet fingers to rub down the crack of her ass from top to her bottom hole. I paused above her tiny anus as my other hand pulled one of her bottom cheeks apart so that I could see better.

I could see the soap suds coating the flesh between her legs and I continued on pressing my finger between her tiny folds of skin peeling them apart to find her soft little pink flesh. I flicked my middle finger back and forth between her lips as the wetness of my finger worked up the lather again. Each time the soap became too dry I had to reach my finger between my own legs again and work my clit and dip my fingers into my pussy.

With my piss and cunt juices on my finger I would continue to work at her little girl box. I’m not sure how clean she really got unless the soap really does kill 99.9% of all germs I made her little hole dirtier than before she asked me to clean it.

Several times I pressed my finger to the first knuckle thinking back to the other night that I couldn’t help myself when I finger fucked my oldest daughter’s puss breaking her little hymen. This time I stopped myself just pressing my finger into her until I met the resistance and twisted my finger and worked it in and out of her fingering her as best I could.

This went on for quite a while, I lost track of time, until my little one told me she was cold and wanted back in the tub.

I reluctantly agreed and watched her step into the tub seeing her cunny press and slide across the tub sent shivers down my spine and I stuffed my soap covered fingers back into my cunt.

By this time both of my other kids had sat back down in the water and were just watching me play with their little sister, or should I say wash their little sister. Of course my son was still pinching and pulling on his private, go figure. If he was able to cum I am sure he would have done so twenty times so far as much as he plays with himself in one day.

I turned my attention to my oldest little girl who looked up at me with rosy red cheeks and dimples. The few freckles she has on her face are just below her eyes but still on her cheek. The small line forms an upside down little U shape. Her large green eyes looked at me as I told her to step out of the tub and that it was her turn.

I think that she hesitated longer than normal only because of what happened on the couch, I couldn’t blame her one bit but I am still her mommy and she needs to mind me the first time I tell her to do something. Without a man in our lives and me being well both the good ‘guy’ and the bad ‘guy’ in the house I try to keep my kids in control and mind. Not like most of the kids that I see who has no respect for their parents.

After one firm look she stood up. The water dripped from her as she stepped over the edge of the tub. I asked my son for the soap and instead of taking the whole pump I had him squirt some in my palm. Her body was wet enough that I just slipped my hand between her legs after she had taken the same position as her younger sister had.

With a lot of soap on my hand her pussy greased up nicely. Each time I passed over her entrance I felt her tense up. I could not have her being afraid every time I touched her down there so this time I decided to play nice and not stuff my finger deep into her tiny four- year-old cunt, even though that’s where I wanted it to go.

I so needed something large in my cunt. It was aching so bad that my fingers were just not doing the trick. I had several dildoes and vibrators that I had collected over the years but I did not feel like getting one so I sat there on the toilet suffering just using two of my fingers and I worked, I mean washed, my daughter’s little cunt.

She too climbed back into the tub. I think that she became more and more relaxed because she tensed up less often as I stroked and paid more attention to the tiny little opening.

Even if I had stroked my son I doubt that I could have done any better of a job than what he was doing. I know more about what my daughter’s might be feeling than for a seven-year-old boy. So I just let him continue his play while I watched my kids go back to playing in the tub while I finished off my orgasm, which by the way made all the kids stop and watch as their mommy moaned and groaned and cussed in front of them.

They were so cute asking me if I was okay. Fuck yea I was okay. I was better than okay. I was cumming.

Once I got finished cumming I climbed into the tub. My oldest daughter’s foot mashed up against my tender lips that still ached for some thing larger than two fingers. I took hold of her tiny ankle and I held her foot against my cunt feeling her wiggle her foot against me.

I had been sitting cross-legged but after getting a new idea I spread my legs along each side of the tub and having the kids sit between my legs. I felt so exposed and so open with them all being that close to their mommy’s privates.

I took hold of her ankle once again and got some soap in my other hand and I rubbed on the bottom of her foot telling her that her foot needed cleaning too. She laughed and giggled as I worked soap between each of her tiny toes. I used the tips of my fingers to tickle the bottom of her foot until she splashed around in the tub trying to get away. Had we been the only two in there I would have continued on tickling no matter how she fought and struggled but once she bumped into her sister making her slip and fall backward under the water and another when she was flopping her arms around that she batted her brother in the eye. Since people were getting hurt I went ahead and stopped tickling her.

Instead I took her foot back under the water and pressed her toes between my lips. Stroking my clit with her tiny toes really sent that extra little thrill that got my juiced flowing once again. I tried stuffing all five of her digits into my cunt but she wiggled her foot way too much claiming that even this tickled her feet.

I closed my eyes and lay back in the tub rubbing her toes against my cunt thinking about how good it would feel to push the tiny foot deep inside me. I worked my clit with the other hand faster than I ever remember doing as her tiny toes wiggled between my lips.

I took hold of my youngest daughter’s foot and I soaped up my hand and lifted her even tinier foot out of the water so high that she had to lay back holding herself up with her elbows so that her head was still out of the water.

I worked her foot up to a lather and wiggled each of her toes to make sure I got soap between each one. She did not wiggle so much and I did not attempt to tickle her like I did her sister. Her foot was too far away from my cunt so I had to pull her toward me. I was not even thinking as I pulled her toward me causing a wave of water to wash up over her splashing her in the face.

I felt horrible as she tried to sit up and lost balance with her elbows cause I was still pulling her toward me and her hole head went under. She broke the surface of the water with a gasp and a cough and I told her I was sorry, cause I really was. I realized once again that my own desires were causing me to think about myself over my kids so instead of using her foot to get me off again I grabbed the towel and dried her eyes and face and let her get a drink from mommy’s nipples.

Tonight I am going to have my youngest daughter sleep in my bed. I have thought about waiting until she goes to sleep and exploring her tiny body a little more with my tongue. I am still not sure if I want to cross that line or have I already?