Nursing the Baby, Part 2

by LittleLovers

"Thanks for coming over and helping me Mom. I really needed to cum."

"No problem. Your grandmother always helped me out when you kids had problems latching on. I think she is on her way over."

"Oh goody," said Kimmy, "I love Great Granny. She plays with me the best!"

Not even a minute later, my grandmother came walking in my bedroom. "Well what do we have here?" she said. "Am I invited to the party?"

Kimmy jumped up and gave her a big hug. "We were teaching the baby how to nurse," said Kimmy.

"Well said Great Granny. Let me have a look at how good she is doing," I told Great Granny. I was too tired to nurse but I would help the baby feed from her or my mother and help out.

My mother was the first one to want to give it a go. She got up and stripped down, her large breasts hanging below her waist. She had nipples almost as big as her own mother's.

"You get naked too Great Granny," said Kimmy. "I wanna play."

"OK little one," she said and slipped out of her shoes and dress. Just like her daughter, her breasts were large. They hung really low and her nipples were huge.

That wasn't the only huge things on these two women; their clits were each like a little penis, like the size of a newborn's and they got stiff when they were excited. Mine wasn't that big so I had a harder time nursing.

I watched Great Granny take my Kimmy and put her on the bed. She laid her on her back and said, "What do you want Great Granny to do to you my little angel?"

Kimmy giggled and said, "Play with my button Great Granny."

I watched Great Granny with her expert tongue lick the sides of my daughter's lips and then swirl her tongue aroung her waiting little clit. She was so exited, she was humping her little ass off the bed, sounding like she was ready for a cum.

Great Granny stopped and said, "We have more fun things to do Kimmy. Are you ready?"

"OK Granny but I'm getting really excited."

"Lie still little one and spread your legs for me. We will love it and it doesn't hurt at all." Granny came over on top of Kimmy and said, "You need to spread them legs really wide sugar."

"OK," said Kimmy.

Well them legs could do a perfect split. Great Granny was pumpimg at her clit like a man would and it got good and hard, and she was sweating pretty good.

"Time to play, baby."

"I'm ready Great Granny."

Granny got between Kimmy's legs with that big clit and was rubbing it all over her lips and pussy. She placed her engorged clit up to Kimmy's pussy hole. She licked her finger and wet her outer lips. She gave her clit a good pull then she opened Kimmy's lips wide and sunk her huge clit into Kimmy's tight pussy hole.

"You feel OK?" said Granny.

"I feel good all over."

"Then I will keep going. You ready? If it hurts at all, just let me know sweetie."

My Mother and I were watching all this while we were holding my newborn. My grandmother started humping her fat clit in and out of Kimmy's pussy. Kimmy was moaning in delight of this new way to play with Great Granny. I could see her cunny hole full of that big fat clit.

Granny was really pumping away now. She was really starting to sweat, then I heard her say, "Honey I'm going to cum. I want you to see how girls can squirt. Here it comes." My granny pulled out of Kimmy's pussy and splashed her orgasm all over her little belly.

"That was great Granny. It felt so good. I want to try again soon OK?" she said.

"But lick up that first. We are just getting started. We need to find out what Grandma needs. Your mommy is too tired so she is going to watch and help us."

"OK I'm coming," said Kimmy.

"I think Grandma wants her turn to nurse. Get the baby Grandma."

"I already grabbed her from your mom's tit and now she is gonna suck on mine."

"Can we watch?"

"Of course you can, and please join in."

Grandma had that big nipple in the baby's mouth. She was sucking like a pro. Grandma's nipples were so close to her pussy hole she could stick her nipples in there and wipe up her cunt juice with it and then let the baby suck on her juicy nipple.

The baby was catching on real fast. She ran out of juice and she started to cry.

"No need for crying. Plenty of juice to go around." She took her tit and stuck it in her hole and fed that to the baby. That got her quiet for a moment. Grandma said, "I can't take much more of this. Help me to get her to feed."

Grandma lay back legs spread, her big tits lying low on her belly. Great Granny took the infant and placed her between Grandma's legs. "Give her your nipple first since it hangs to your clit. Let her such on that for a moment."

They put the baby on her huge nipple and she sucked. Grandma was playing with the baby's pussy hole while the tit nursing was taking place.

"OK," Grandma said. "Put her to my clit." It was sticking out so far I hoped the baby wouldn't choke on it.

So we put her lips to Granny's clit. She latched on to the enormous clit and started her sucking noises. It was so loud, Granny was shaking all over. "She will be the best nurser we have ever had she can take it all."

Granny was just lying back holding the sucking infant, watching her alternate from her big nipples to her giant clit. It was enough to make me cream down my leg. I was so horny again I had to ask Kimmy to please come and give me a few arm pumps to relieve myself. My mother and her mother were so loud moaning and saying nasty words, I couldn't tell who was getting what. Kimmy had her sweet little arm up my cunt so far I soaked her with my juice. She pumped me about six times and I told her to latch on and she did just like a pro. She wrapped her lips onto my clit and tongue sucked me and sucked my lips.

After I came we were a mess. As for the other mothers, they were sitting facing each other, their cunts practically on top of one another and the baby looked to be nursing them both while they kissed and sucked each other's titties there clits were side by side each taking a turn they didn't look as if they needed any help. I was so damn tired I cleaned up Kimmy and myself and by the time I finished making something to eat the other three were dressed too.

Great Granny said she had a great time and wanted to know if I could pack a bag for the baby. She thought they should spend some time alone together, and it would give me a break.

"OK," I said. "How about you Mother? You going too?"

"Yeah, I have to work in the morning."

"Well Kimmy," I said, "It's just you and me. Want to cuddle with me tonight?"

"Oh yes Mommy, and can I nurse myself to sleep?"

"Of course you can baby."

When everyone was gone, we climbed into bed. I pulled up my nightgown, spread my legs, and while I watched the television my little girl nursed from my clit.

Nice and soft she licked and sucked. By the time she fell asleep, I was drenched in sweat from all the little orgasms she gave me. I would have to wake her up with the same in the morning.