Home Alone, Part 1

by LittleLovers

Here I was home alone, the kids gone for the summer and I was horny. I went for a drive downtown and stopped in a small store to pick up some cigarettes. On the way out I noticed a free magazine that said adults only.

When I got home I started flipping through it. There were all kinds of ads for strip clubs and such, but the one that caught my attention was for little lesbian lovers. I called the number. The girl who answered sounded very young and asked me all kinds of personal questions. She said I could come in for an appointment that day.

I hung up and got ready. It took forever to find the place. It was in a very secluded area of town. When I walked in, the girl that I spoke to on the phone earlier was sitting behind the desk. She was about 12 years old.

She handed me a booklet and said, "Read through this. If you are interested in our establishment we can go over the prices for our services."

I couldn't believe what I saw and as I read through the booklet my puusy was soaked—my most forbidden fantasies—sex with toddlers and teens even infants. I told her I was interested and right now, how much, and do I get to pick the girl or girls I want, and for how long.

I was talking so fast she said, "Slow down lady. I will show you our many rooms. Some are occupied but you are able to watch through the glass for a few seconds to see what goes on. We have 20 rooms, 10 on each side of the hallway and they all have glass on the front of them so we can monitor them if needed. So you have no privacy; is that understood?"

"Yes that's fine."

She opened the big door that said clients only. As we stepped through she said, "We have 8 rooms occupied right now; you can view all of them for 30 seconds each."

The first occupied room I looked in, there was a women about 45. She was sitting naked in a chair with her legs spread and her ass was hanging off the chair. In between her legs was a little girl who couldn't have been more than 3 years old. She was sucking the woman and licking her pussy. Her little arm was pumping in and out of the woman's hole.

We moved on the next room. There was a girl who looked about 18. She had a toddler with her. The toddler looked about 4. She was lying naked on her back. The 18 year old was betwwen her legs licking her little pussy. Before we had to move to the next room, I saw the 18 year old take the girl and put her on a table. She spread the little girl's legs and started fucking her with the biggest clit I had ever seen. It looked like a small fat finger.

I couldn't take much more. I needed a room. We went back to the waiting area. I gave her 600.00 dollars for an hour and I went with her to the area where the girls were waiting to be picked. There were so many, I wondered for a second where they got all of these young girls. I was able to pick two for the money I spent. I decided on a little 3-year-old blonde girl and a 9 month old.

We all got to my room and a worker came in. She was about 11. Her name was June. She asked me if I would need any help getting started since it was my first time. Her services were free.

"Well of course. Please stay." I took off my clothes and then I undressed the baby. She was so soft and clean and smelled so sweet. I laid her on the king-size bed.

June was already naked and so was the little three year old. Her name was Jackie. The baby's name was Dina. I picked up Dina and put her to my nipple and she took it right away and started sucking. I told Jackie to come suck on my other nipple and she hurried up the bed and wrapped her lips around my nipple and she started sucking too. I could feel my pussy juices starting to run dowm my leg.

I asked June to help me put the kids on their backs so I could lick their little holes. I started with the baby, licking her pussy and sticking my tongue in her warm hole. She was cooing and giggling. I put my whole mouth on her pussy and sucked her in my mouth. Then I picked her up and I got on my back and laid the baby on my stomach.

I told little Jackie to come and lick the baby's pussy. Jackie got between the infant's legs and I watched her little tongue licking the infant pussy. "Now lick me honey," I said.

Jackie moved down and I could feel her little tongue swirling around my clit and sucking my lips, but I didn't want to cum just yet so I had her stop.

"Come lie next to me and the baby," I told Jackie, "and put your legs up in the air and spread them real far apart," I told her. Once she was in position, I picked up the baby and set her little pussy on Jackie's pussy and watched their little lips mash together.

I couldn't get enough of these two. I wanted to do everything I could before my time was up. I stuck my nipples in ther cunts and licked their little assholes. I got the baby to latch on to Jackie's little clit and watched her nurse from Jackie's pussy for at least 5 minutes while I had June suck on my nipples.

My time was almost up and I was ready to cum. I told June I needed her help with the baby. I sat up on the back of the bed and spread my legs as wide as I could. I pinched my clit and jerked on it so it would stick out as far as it could. I told June to hold the baby and get her to latch on to my clit, and once she did to put her little arm up my fuck hole.

June put the baby's lips to my clit and she immediately latched on and started sucking. June took Dina's arm and shoved it in my hole. I got little Jackie to sit on my face so I could suck on her honey hole. After June got the baby secure, she came over and sucked both of my nipples in her mouth. This was what I had been waiting for. It took everything I had to hold on and not cum too fast.

The baby was sucking my clit and I could feel her little arm moving around inside my pussy. I had Jackie's three-year-old hole bobbing up and down on my tongue. June was holding my tits together sucking and licking my nipples. I couldn't hold out any longer. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, first in my feet and then working its way up my legs, and then it hit my clit. I came so hard I flooded the baby's face and soaked the bed with my cum.

I got cleaned up and before I left I made another appointment. I guess a summer with the kids gone won't be so lonely after all.

Author note: I am obviously new to writing so any input would be appreciated.