Nursing the Baby

by LittleLovers

"Honey I'm here!" I heard my mother calling from downstairs.

"I need help feeding the kids," I yelled. "Hurry up."

My mother walked in my room. I was lying on the bed naked holding my newborn. "What's the problem?" my mother asked.

"She won't nurse and I need to cum."

My mother took the baby and said, "Well sit up and let's put a pillow under your ass."

While all this was going on my 2-year-old daughter was sitting on the floor watching television. My mother called to her to come and help.

"OK Granny," she said and already knew to get undressed before getting on the bed.

My mother told my 2 year old (Kimmy) to start sucking my nipples. "Be a good girl," she said. "We need to help Mommy."

Kimmy came over and put her little mouth around my big nipple and started sucking. I could feel my milk filling her mouth as she sucked. "Yes baby, suck Mommy, that's a good girl." I could feel my pussy start to swell. My other nipple started to leak all over my belly.

My mother said, "Well now, let's get our new little one trained on latching on."

I wanted to cum so bad I was ready to cry. My mother moved between my legs with the baby and laid her between my legs. She took a finger and sunk it deep in my pussy, pulled it out, and wiped my juice all over my throbing clit. I threw my head back panting. She picked up the baby and brought her face close to my pussy. I could hear my mother starting to breath heavy. She loved training the new babies.

"Mother please get her going."

"OK OK calm down," she said. "I need some tit milk. Squeeze some on your pussy. Help Mommy milk her tit Kimmy," my mother instructed my daughter.

My daughter took hold of both of my swollen tits and pointed them at my belly and squeezed. My milk started squirting down my belly and dripped onto my pussy.

"Good girl Kimmy," my mother said. My mother rubbed my milk all around my swollen pussy lips and on the baby's mouth. Then I felt my baby's mouth on my pussy but she wasn't latching on. My mother sqeezed my clit and pulled on it.

"Pull your knees back," she said, "so your clit pushes out."

I pulled my knees back and pushed my pussy out.

"That looks good now," my mother said. "Your clit looks like a big nipple just waiting to be sucked." She put the baby's lips back to my big clit and then I felt her lips moving. She wrapped her lips around my clit and started to suck like she was nursing on my tit.

"Oh God don't let her stop," I said.

"Don't worry I got her," said my mother. "She's going to be a real good nurser."

The baby was latched on and sucking good. At this point my orgasm was building quickly.

"Suck Mommy's nipples Kimmy please hurry baby," I told my little one. She was latched on to my tit and the baby was on my clit. I couldn't take it anymore. I could feel the baby's tongue on the underside of my clit licking and sucking. I looked down and watched her little lips moving and I exploded. I hadn't cum like that for months.

My mother finally pulled her off as I lay there sweating and panting. "Well," my mother said, "as soon as you recover, why don't you and Kimmy help me get off?"