Playing with My Little Sister

by LittleDreamer

Rachel 13 long black hair brown eyes

Becky 8 skinny shoulder length dark hair blue eyes

My name is Rachel I am 13-years-old my sister's name is Rebecca or Becky for short she is 8-years-old, since she was 3-years-old she would not were more than panties in the homes. That didn't bother me up till about a year ago when I hit puberty. Now I was getting turned on looking at her in only her panties. Worst yet she loves to cuddle with our mom or me, she acts like she is 5 or 6 years-old most of the time. We share a bedroom and occasionally she will still crawl into bed with me, I'm not complaining I like rubbing her little nipples.

Today mom told me I had to look after Becky for a couple of hours file she went shopping. I didn't mind it was raining out so I had nothing else to do. She is sitting on my lap kind of sidesaddle watching TV. The show ends and there is nothing else on TV. I begin tickling her and get her on her back, and gave her a raspberry on her tummy making her laugh. She wanted me to give her more and I give her more, feeling her up at the same time. I give her one on her nipple and then kiss it. She smiles and telse me to kiss her nipples more, I kiss her nipple and begin sucking on it and it gets hard. I roll her over and pull her panties down then I give her a raspberry on her bum making her squeal. She yelse, do one on my kitty and rolls over. I pull her panties off and she spreads her legs wide for me. I lean in and give her kitty a raspberry, she grabs my hair and I give her another one then I kiss her kitty.

After I get her to let go of my hair I spread her kitty lips wide, she is smiling watching me as I gently rub her kitty lips. She starts moving her hips making me rub faster; I slide my finger up the middle of her kitty and hit a little clit making her squeal. She telse me, rub that spot more that felt good. I begin rubbing the little clit and she starts breathing heavy, I kiss the clit and suck on it and she yelse and begins to quizzer and goes stiff, scaring the crap out of me. I didn't know girls her age could have an orgasm.

I make lunch for the two of us, since she loves macaroni and cheese that is what I made. Becky eats hers lying on the floor nude, wiggling her bum with her legs spread giving me a show. I walk over and give her bum a little pinch, making her yell.

I am washing the dishes and she brings her bowl over to me, and wants a hug. I bend down and give her a hug and she wraps her arms and legs around me and won't let go, I finish the dishes with her clinging to me.

I bring her into the living room and she still won't let go, I give her a pinch on her bum and she finally lets go and rubs her bum. She looks at me and says that hurt kiss it better now, and she bends over. I kiss her bum and tell her to put her panties back on and lay on the couch. She gets her panties on, comes over, lies with me, and falls asleep. I fall asleep with my hand down her panties. Waking up to our mom looking at me shaking her head, she telse me as long as you don't break her hymen I guess you too can fool around a little.

That night I get ready to take a shower and walk into our room naked. I give her a hug, she wraps her legs around me, and I put my hands under her bum and carry her to the bathroom. Kicking the door closed I put her down and pull her panties down telling her we are going to take a shower together. I pick her up and bring her in the shower. Then I tell her I wanted her to suck on my kitty, she gets on her knees and I spread my legs and she starts sucking on my kitty. It feels nice having my 8-year-old little sister eating me out. I rub my clit while she is sucking on my pussy bringing myself to the best orgasm I have ever had.

We get cleaned up and get in bed together naked cuddling like spoons. I start rubbing her bum a little and she moans, I put my arm around her and play with her nipples until we fall asleep.

The next day I wake up with my hand on her back, she is rubbing her kitty. I move my hand down her back and start rubbing and squeezing her bum. She moans and spreads her legs, I run my hand between her legs and begin helping her rub her kitty. Our mom walks in and telse us to get out of bed and stop fooling around; she gives Becky a kiss and squeezes her bum smiling at me.

We get up, put my panties on, and we go downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Mom looks at me shaking her head and said; now you're running around half naked too? I look at Becky and she's naked, I bend down and give her a kiss and pick her up. I sit down with her on my lap rubbing her back. She is playing with my breasts and my nipples making them hard. Mom puts a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me and I start eating and feeding Becky some.

After breakfast, I bring her in the living room and sit on the couch and she begins sucking on my nipple, as I rub her back and her bum. Mom comes in saying, looks like you two want be making me a grandmother if this keeps up, and walks over and gives us each a kiss. I can ask the boy down the street to get me pregnant if you want to be a grandmother I told her. She looked at me and said, don't you dare! I laughed and told her, he wasn't my type anyway. She looks at me said, you like girls, young innocent girls. Have you ever been with a girl, I ask her? She looks at me and telse me, there was one when she was 15, she was a friend of hers and they fooled around for a while one summer but she moved away. I look at her and I realize she is getting teary-eyed; I know she misses her friend and I don't asker her any thing else about her.