Childhood Memoirs, Part 1

by Little Wet Cunnies

Hi. My name is Alexa. I have blond hair.

When I was in preschool, I already knew then that I liked girls and looking at their bodies. In kindergarten I had a best friend Angie that I thought was especially cute. She was half black, and I loved the creamy mocha color of her skin, her curly dark hair, the shape of her body, and the softness of her personality. Sometimes unbeknown to her mom we used to watch each other pee in the back yard.

One time, I dared her to pee right in her panties which she did. She lifted her baby doll dress up and then squatted down, and I watched the pee gush out from around and through her now soaked panties. When she was done, she took them off and handed them to me. I wrung them out and then wore them home, getting a thrill from the damp feeling in them.

Another time while we were at school, during recess, we thought no one was looking so we took turns smelling each other's pussies. She put her fingers down there, and then brought them to her nose, and then to mine. Then I put my fingers down there, and smelled them, and she smelled them too. We thought the more we rubbed the better the smell would get. So we rubbed and rubbed until we both had orgasms right there on the playground at school. And then put our fingers in our mouths. She thought that was nasty but decided it was fun. I was the one who had first taught her about orgasms.

My mom was a lesbian too, and would sometimes masturbate openly for me. And sometimes she would talk about lesbian loving like that's what she wanted me to be. So when I told her about the pussy game, she told me about a better game to play with Angie. She told me that girls can lick each other down there, and that it tastes and feels so good my mind will be blown. We just have to keep it secret. But I already knew about oral sex because my mom had done it in front of me before. But she still gave me something new to try.

So the next time Angie came over, it was after school, and I asked her if she wanted to play the pussy game naked. She said yes and so we took off all our clothes except our dirty panties and socks. Then I slipped my fingers down there and fingered myself for a minute. I didn't want to stop but I wanted her to smell them so I took them out and slipped them under her nose, and she immediately took them into her mouth. Then I broke out laughing at the face of ecstasy that she made. So then I said, "If you like it that much come and taste it."

So I sat with my legs wide for her, and she knelt down and started to sniff at my crotch. Her eyes rolled back and I knew she liked what she smelled. And I was getting excited all over having her nose breathing so close to my pussy. So finally I said, "Taste it," and she put her mouth over my bald little cunt covered only by a thin layer of cotton. And she started to lick and suck on the material. I let her go on like that for a while but this felt unbelievable so I took my panties off and begged her to keep licking.

I practically forced her head back down where this time her mouth completely enveloped my little 5-year-old cunt, and her thirsty tongue found its way into all its little lovely places. And I just couldn't contain myself with seeing her mouth down there eating up all my scents. So it didn't take me long to cum.

As if that wasn't enough, I wanted to humiliate her some more, so I made her wear my panties on her head with the crotch right at her nose. And then she made me wear her panties on my face too. And then we sat there laughing at each other for looking so ridiculous. Then we both inhaled.

"I like the way your panties smell," she said.

"I like how yours smell even more," I said.

"Oh yeah? Yours smell like pee," she said inhaling again.

"Yours smell like poop," I said, "and I kind of like that."

Then getting on her hands and knees she told me that she wanted me to smell her butt which she spread open for me. And to her surprise I shoved my nose right up between her sexy bum cheeks that were not very clean. She gasped as I licked painstakingly all around her butt until I got all of the dried-up poop off. By now her ass was high in the air and her tasty pussy was just in front of my face. Then I made my way to her pink 5-year-old pussy which I thought was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. And I started to make long licks up from her pussy to her sphincter. As I held her soft butt cheeks open, I licked her just like an ice cream cone like I had remembered my mom saying. Then I witnessed her butt hole open up and the most wonderful smell came wafting out. So I shoved my tongue into the hole that it made until I felt her sphincter close up around it which was the most amazing feeling. Then I returned to licking her bottom to top.

She gasped every time I made contact with her clit so finally I decided to concentrate there. It was my first time giving a girl head but I used my mouth as best as I could to stimulate her to orgasm. And then she started shaking and she turned her head around and we made eye contact just for a moment before her eyes rolled back and she squealed until she was done cumming.

When my mom walked in, we both lay on the floor in a sweaty heap with our panties still on our faces. As if she had read our minds she had brought cool lemonade for both of us to drink. Angie's face was pale as a ghost but then as my mom exited I told her that she was OK with what we did, we just can't tell anyone else and everything will be fine.