My Sister is my Best Friend (1)

by Little Baby Becky

Sarah ran into the house and flung herself down on the sofa. She was sobbing furiously, and her sister Becky could hear her crying long before she came downstairs to see what was happening. As she came into the living room she saw her younger sister sprawled on her front over the sofa, face bright red and wet with tears as she cried. Becky hated to see her sister upset, and she ran across the room and knelt by her sister, putting her arms around her shoulders.

"Heyyy, Sarah, what's up Sis?" she asked, gently rubbing Sarah's shoulders. Sarah sniffed.

" was school, he..." The young girl struggled to finish her sentence.

"Isn't James the boy you liked?" asked Becky.

"Yeah...well, he was! I thought that because it was my birthday, I could ask him to go see a film with me tomorrow, and I asked him..."


"And he just laughed really loud and shouted in front of the WHOLE class that he'd never ever want to go out with a girl as nerdy as me!" As she re-told her story, Sarah buried her face in the sofa again, crying more than ever. Becky fought back a sob of her own, and she leaned in and hugged her little sister tightly to try and comfort her.

"There, there, Sis," Becky soothed, "he's only a silly boy, it doesn't matter if he doesn't like you. You've got plenty of friends! And you are only 11 after all..." At that, Sarah swung round and glared at her bigger sister.

"So?! YOU'RE only 14, and YOU had a boyfriend when you were my age! Why can't I?!"

"All I'm saying is that it's not the end of the world, sweetie – there are lots of better things in the world than chasing after guys! Look, I'll go grab some ice cream from the freezer, and let's have a proper chat." Becky got up and went into the kitchen, and came back with a large tub of ice cream and two spoons. She smiled at Sarah and sat down next to her, and the two sisters cuddled together.

They talked for a while about nothing in particular, Becky simply trying to be patient with her sister and to help her calm down. Her little sister's face was still red, but her tears had dried up and now all she had to show that she'd been crying was a little sniffle in her nose. They joked together, enjoying each other's company. Sarah looked up at her bigger sister.

"It's been ages since we've sat like this, Sis! I've missed you – why do you have to be so busy?"

"I'm sorry Sis," Becky replied, gently rubbing her sister's back, "it's just that school is getting really tough at the moment. Exams are hard!" Sarah blew a raspberry.

"So? I'm your sister! I'm more important than exams!" Becky laughed.

"Of course you are, but I do have to do some work! Here, have the last of the ice cream – I do still care about you!" Becky lifted up her spoon with the last of the ice cream and gently led it to Sarah's mouth. The younger girl smiled and accepted the present, and Becky smiled back.

"I haven't fed you like that since you were a baby, Sarah!" Sarah giggled, and curled up in Becky's side, her legs leaning against her big sister's.

Becky was still gently rubbing her sister's back to keep calming her down, but seeing her sister looking so young and vulnerable against her side had stirred something inside her. She leant down and gently kissed the top of her sister's long hair, and slowly her right hand made its way down Sarah's side and onto her thigh. Sarah's breathing changed slightly, and she looked up at her older sister in confusion.

"What was that for, Sis?"

"Because I love you, is why," Becky smiled at her little sister, and continued to gently stroke Sarah's thigh. The two young sisters gazed at each other for a moment or two longer, and then Sarah slowly leaned in and pressed her soft lips against her sister's. The kiss only lasted for a second before they came apart, but when they broke, the look in Sarah's eyes showed that she was at the same time confused and delighted at what she'd felt. Sarah reached up and kissed her sister again, and this time Becky's teenage tongue came out and licked her little sister's lips.

Before they knew what they were doing, both sisters were running their tongues against each other's, Sarah's hands placed on Becky's shoulders and Becky's hands still where she'd left them, one on Sarah's back and the other on her thigh. Her stroking became heavier as they made out, and she pulled her little sister tightly against her chest, her small breasts pressing against Sarah's flat chest. Their faces pulled apart for a second. "Sis, what are we doing?" asked Sarah.

"I thought I was having some quality time with my sister," Becky smiled, "Why, aren't you enjoying yourself?" Sarah didn't answer, but breathlessly pressed herself against her bigger sister again, running her soft tongue all around her big sister's mouth.

Becky's stroking hand slowly slid across her sister's thigh, and crept up inside Sarah's skirt. As she brushed the soft mound that lay there, Sarah let out a gasp and the kiss broke apart. The eleven-year-old's face was more confused than ever at what she was feeling, but Becky could tell that her sister was enjoying herself, and so she pressed her hand against her sister's panties and began to rub her slowly. Sarah's legs spread themselves apart almost without her noticing, and she let out another gasp.

"Oh my God, Sis, what are you doing?"

Becky smiled. "Do you like it?" Sarah nodded, and groaned again.


Becky's stroking became more forceful, and she softly pushed her sister back so that she was lying down on the sofa. She leaned in on top of her sister, and taking one of her small hands she pressed it against her breasts before kissing her sister again. Although she'd never done it before, Sarah instinctively started to stroke and squeeze at her teenage sister's chest, and Becky could feel her own pussy get hot and moist like her sister's was. She decided that she wanted more.

Becky stopped, and sat up. Sarah kept lying down, panting heavily, but looked up at her big sister with disappointment.

"Don't stop, Sis! What's up?" Becky said nothing, but after convincing herself to do it she slowly undid the button at the waistband of her sister's skirt and began to pull it down. Sarah lifted her bum to let it slide off, and she revealed a pair of small, baby pink cotton panties that displayed quite a definite wet patch in the crotch. Becky repositioned herself and crouched down to start to lick her sister's wet panties. This sent Sarah to a new wave of pleasure, and she just paid back, gently stroking her sister's hair as she felt her big sister's tongue probing her pussy through her panties.

After a few seconds, Becky stopped again and slipped her fingers inside the waistband of the panties. Sarah knew what she wanted, and quickly lifted her bum up again to let the panties come off. Becky took a second to look at her sister's pussy – completely bald, slightly puffy still, and very very wet. Becky dived back in and let her tongue do all the work, licking up and down her sister's wet slit and sometimes poking itself inside. She could hear her little sister's breathing get faster and faster, and there was a deeper tone to her sighs now – a little moan of pleasure whenever she breathed out.

Suddenly, Becky had an idea, and for the second time she stopped her work and got up. This time Sarah's face really was strained, and the look in her eyes was almost pleading.

"Please, Sis, don't stop, please..." Becky just smiled, and unbuttoned her jeans. Letting them fall to the floor, she stepped out of them and slid her black panties off with them. She lay down on the living room floor and held out her hand for her sister.

"Come here," she smiled, and Sarah slid off the sofa and took her bigger sister's hand. Becky directed her to lie down on top of her, with her legs spread either side of her sister's head and with her head between her sister's legs. Sarah understood, and pressed her face into her sister's pussy, licking and kissing furiously. Her hips began to thrust into Becky's face, and soon Becky's own hips were pressing themselves into the face of her younger sister and the two young girls licked each other out. Both were moaning into each other's pussies as the rhythm got faster and faster, and Becky felt her little sister's thighs stiffen as she came to her climax. Becky pulled her sister's hips into her face as hard as she could, burying her face in her sister's pussy as she came with a scream. Almost at the same time, Becky's mound exploded and she felt her juice gushing into her sister's young face.

Both girls gave a load scream of pleasure as they came into each other's faces, and then they lay back absolutely shattered. Sarah slid off of her sister's tummy and lay back on the floor. Becky pulled a pillow off the sofa and placed it under Sarah's head before lying down next to her, cuddling up tightly with their cheeks next to each other. They kissed again, and held each other in their arms, breathing heavily, naked from the waist down. Sarah giggled.

"It's a good thing Mum and Dad aren't coming home till tomorrow," she said to her sister. Becky smiled back.

"I know, sweetie. Listen, my bed's a lot more comfy than this floor. Do you want to..."

"To come up?" Sarah cut her bigger sister off mid-sentence. "That'd be great!" She had a massive grin of genuine pleasure and excitement on her face, and Becky couldn't help but kiss her sister deeply again before taking her by the hand and leading her upstairs...


Hey guys, this is my first attempt at story writing on here, let me know what you think :)