Private Lessons

by lilbumblebree

It was another warm summer day as I drove toward the Academy. I loved days like this. The sun was glaring, bright and warm, and with school just having ended for the summer break a week ago, attendance and enrollment were both way up. That meant every class at the Starbright Physical Excellence and Expression Academy--my brainchild and my pride and joy--was chock full now. As I turned the corner, I saw scores of little leotard-adorned girls, hopping out of cars with their little gym bags, standing around outside talking, playing hand games or giggling at silly jokes. They were probably waiting for the current classes to end, so they could get in their spots inside.

I shut the car off, and as soon as I got out, I saw a tiny crowd of girls rushing toward me. "Miss Stephanie!!!" they cooed, arms outstretched, wrapping gangly limbs around my waist. I smiled, and held them tight. I wasn't a teacher exclusively here, but I ran the place, and made sure things went smooth, so the kids knew me well.

"Good afternoon, girls," I said to them. "Are you all ready for your lessons?"

"Yes!" they piped up! Beautiful little girls, all of them. Bright, wide eyes, big pretty smiles, tight little bodies, with just the barest hint of tummy, their leotards clinging to their little frames. It was just enough to make my pussy start to throb.

"Go on inside, girls, I'll be in there in a bit," I told them, and off they scattered. One stayed behind to give me one last hug, and her cherubic little face nuzzled against my groin for just a second, but it got me excited. I gave a sigh as I watched her run into the building, and was thinking playfully of how bad it was of me to wish I could get her face between my legs again with less of a fabric barrier when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"M--Ms. Prentice??" I braced myself, and turned to see a dark haired woman, her hands on the shoulders of a girl. I was infinitely more interested in the girl, although her mother was quite attractive as well. But the girl had olive colored skin, not very dark but much darker than the woman I presumed to be her mother. She had long, dark wavy hair, and big, doelike brown eyes, and it was quite apparent that the girl was mixed. She was also wearing quite the sour expression. The woman held her hand out, and I shook it and gave her my "Wheaties" smile. That was what people liked to see.

"My name is Angela Burress. This is my daughter Kimball,she's 14. I am so glad that Kimball got in this year," she gushed to me. "I mean, to think that she'll be training under an Olympics calibur athelete--"

"Why, thank you, Ms. Burress---"

"I mean, I know you haven't competed in years but it's absolutely incredible! I mean, how many other people will get to say that?" I had to fight hard not to let my smile fade. I hated when people brought up my past.

I was Stephanie Prentice, one of the Team USA members in the 1982 Olympics. Some called me a child prodigy, others the future of the sport; I just called myself good. I was 16 when I made the team, and six when I began my training, which was daily and dominated my whole life. All I knew was gymnastics.

The day I competed, my routine was flawless, but I screwed up my landing, and in doing so, screwed up my knee. And my career. I could never compete again. I was a wreck about it for a while. How do you teach yourself not to do the thing you feel born to do? How do you get that out of your heart? I went through a small bout with painkillers, and four years after the accident, I took some money and started a gymnastics and ballet school. I just wanted to be in that atmosphere again. The drive, the intensity, the competition. I was living vicariously through these girls. Every time I saw one of them do a handspring or walk the balance beam for the first time, I felt that old thrill again inside of me. Today, the school is more successful than I had ever dreamed it would be, and I felt like a winner again most days--until I had conversations with people like Ms. Burress, who couldn't possibly know how much it hurt not to be able to compete, or the pain your heart carried when you were reminded of it.

"Kimball is new to all of this,and a little rough around the edges, but she's getting better, right Kimmy?" Kimball gave a lax nod, with a slight roll of the eyes.

"Well, it's good to have skill, but I try not to focus on that to a fault. I like to think that just being here and trying for some girls is good enough. It keeps them busy, gives them drive, keeps them out of trouble---"

"Oh! Trouble is something we know plenty about, huh Kimball?" Ms. Burress said in a snippy little tone. I got the impression that Kimball was being sent here so she wouldn't be hanging out elsewhere during the summer. I didn't like the idea of my school being used as a babysitting service, especially when I thought of all the other girls who would have killed for Kimball's spot. But that wasn't her fault.

I turned my attention to her. "Well, Kimball, would you like to go inside and take a look around?" I asked. She nodded. "Sure," she said in a lackluster tone, breezing past me. I watched her walk in, then turned to Ms. Burress and said, "So...what kind of trouble landed her here?"

"I--well, you know, I--it's a bit private," she told me, starting to nervously run her hands through her hair.

"Well, you brought it up, so it can't be too personal, with all due respect. Besides...if Kimball's on drugs or something---"

"Oh, God, no!"

"---then i should know....."

"No. Nothing like that." She sighed. "I wish it were that."

She wished her kid was on drugs? What the hell was this little girl doing?

"She....Look. I caught her playing some with one of her girlfriends. A sexual one," she told me in a quiet voice. I wanted to laugh.

"You mean, like Spin the Bottle?" I asked with a straight face.

"Worse. They were....She was on top of her friend, and...they were rubbing their....their privates together. Moaning two...." Ms. Burress stopped herself. I was glad she did, or I would have needed to change my panties. I was getting even wetter now, imagining the pretty little Kimball rolling around her bed and writhing against her friend.

"It's hard to discuss. I feel like I failed as a parent."

"No, Ms. Buress," I said, trying to console her. "These things are natural---"

"Absolutely NOT." she replied, with a frown. "No....kissing boys is natural at this age. Holding hands with BOYS, getting urges about BOYS. Not this."

I severely disagreed, but I stayed mum. "Well, I'm sure staying here every day will help her get focused on other things," I told Ms. Burress. She nodded, and put on her big bright smile again.

"Thank you, very much. I have to go now, but I'd love to talk later!" she said, getting back into her car. I waved at her, and walked into the building as she drove away. As soon as I walked in, I heard one of my instructors bark, "Get DOWN from there!!!"

I stuck my head in the door, and found a class full of girls decked out in their little ballet leotards giggling at the instructor as she struggled to pry a little girl off the bars used to help the girls train. She was perched on top like a bird, and grinning as she held on for dear life. I decided to intervene, and stepped into the room, blowing my whistle. The class fell silent, and the little girl's head whipped toward me.

"I'l take her, Julie, don't worry," I told my instructor. I gave the little girl a stern look as I took hold of her, and she offered no resistance as I pulled her from her perch. "I don't appreciate you interupting this class," I told her. "You'll be coming with me for the day, so I can go over the rules here with you and make sure you obey every last one. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," the little girl said, her eyes wide as she peered up at me. She knew I was the top dog here, or at least got that impression, so she was being good...for now. She was adorable. Strawberry blonde hair, pulled up in a ball at the top of her head and secured with pretty pink ribbon, big green-grey eyes, so clear they looked like glass. I took her by her hand and led her out of the room. "Now, what's your name?" I asked as we walked down the hallway together.

"Danielle," she replied. "But my Daddy calls me Ellie."

"Ah. Well then, Ellie, how old are you?"

"I'm seven," she told me. She tugged indelicately at her leotard in the back, which was riding up on her. "This hurts," she told me. I led her to the bathroom, to help her fix it--and get a quick look at her cunt. I couldn't help it.

I helped her slip out of it, and I dragged my hand over her little lips, casually enough for her not to notice. "Ah, I see, "I said as I glanced at the cameltoe the stockings were giving her, making her tiny pussy lips very visible. "You've got these all bunched up." I tugged and twisted, and soon she was much better. I ran my hand up the backs of her legs, over her rounded little buttocks, but not long enough to be obvious in my intent. "There---no more wrinkles," I confirmed.

"I don't want to put that back on," she whined softly, and I chuckled. "Well, you have to. We can't let you do ballet naked!" I replied playfully.

"I want a tutu!"

"Well, we really only rear those during the big shows. But maybe I can find you one to wear at home," I told her. She lit up, and happily put the leotard back on.

We headed back to the hallway, and I hadn't made it far before I heard the piano of the all boys ballet class. I peeked in there, Ellie peeking in right along with me. I loved to see the boys in their leotards and stockings, rehearsing their steps. They had such a grace to them.....One boy in particular caught my eye. He was much smaller than the others, his body having not yet developed the more defined and lean look of the other boys his age. He had a blond bowl cut,hair the color of straw, and stormy blue eyes.He was focused intently on his moves. He moved especially well, and I loved his shape in the leotard. He could have easily been mistaken for a girl, if not for the slight bulge in his leotard. I watched him a bit longer, and when the music ended and the boys stopped their dance, the only thing that kept me from staring was Ellie's enthused little claps and her voice calling out, "Yay!!!!!" The boys gave her a chuckle, and so did I. I noticed that while the other boys seemed to have friends they hung out with as they prepared to head home, the one, smaller boy did not.

I walked up to David, the instructor. "What's his name?" I asked, pointing to him. David glanced over. "Oh, that's Tyler. He's pretty quiet. "

"He looks a bit young to be in he advanced?"

"No, he's 11. Just small for his age, I guess," David replied. I nodded, and took another look at the beguiling boy before I left, Ellie still skipping beside me.

"What's your name?" she asked me.

"I'm Ms. Stephanie," I told her.

"Well Ms. Stephanie, I gotta go pee." I looked down at her in disbelief.

"We were just in the bathroom! Why didn't you go then?" I asked. She grined, showing me a gap where a tooth had fallen out.

"I didn't hafta go then. But I do now," she replied. I said nothing, just headed back to the bathroom.

We went in again, and I had just begun to take Ellie's leotard off again when I heard a gasp coming from the stall. I put a finger to my lips, and Ellie nodded, staying quiet as I crept around the bend, peering into the stall.

Through the crack in the stall door I saw Kimball, kneeling on the ground, her face buried in the lap of another girl about her age. The other girl had an absolutely blissful look on her face, her chest heaving as she wrapped her stocking clad legs around Kimball's shoulders. She had tugged down her leotard and was furiously tugging at her pale pink nipples, squeezing her budding breasts as she moaned softly. Kimball's tongue darted out of her mouth again and again, as she lapped at the other girl's cunt through the stockings.

"Kimmy, I'm gonna....I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna cum!" she whispered to Kimball, just before she started writhing against her face, her brow furrowed in delicious pleasure.. Kimball was already a pro at pussy licking, holding the girl's cunt to her mouth and refusing to stop licking her. She must have liked pussy an awful lot....

Any other adult would have stopped them as soon as they found them. But I let the girl enjoy her orgasm, wishing desperately that I could have one of my own. My clit was swollen, begging to be touched. I couldn't bear it anymore. I went back to Ellie, and headed towards my office with her.

"But I still gotta pee!" she protested.

"We'll come back in a sec," I told her. But for now, I had a wonderful idea that I didn't want to lose my nerve about.

Once in the office, I shut the door, and sat in my cushy chair in front of the computer. Ellie looked around. "I wanna sit too," she said, noting that there were no other chairs.

"Well, come here and you can sit in my lap," I told her. She climbed up onto my lap, and turned,. planting her tushie almost directly against the delta of my sex through my pants. I relaxed a little, and positioned myself so that my cunt was brushing one of her pretty little buttocks. She was wriggling something furious, because she had to pee so bad. I was pretending to be reading documents, and fighting the urge to shove my fingers in her little cunt or simply put her on the desk in front of me and lick her. Watching Kimball lick that girl had made me so wet, and I was so desperate to cum....I'd never really had contact with a little girl before, although I had thought of it plenty of times, and came thinking of it even more. Fuck it, I thought to myself. I need to cum....

I help Ellie's soft, tiny frame to me, and started to very lightly grind my cunt against her ass. My hand somehow snaked down between her chubby little legs and my fingers rested on her hot cunt, and I started to rub her a little. She gave a soft gasp, but I noticed in my lust fueled delirium that she had spread her legs farther for me, she wanted me to touch her like this. I readily obeyed, rubbing her little cunt through the layers of leotard and nylon. My hips began to move that much faster, and hers started to jerk as well, as I rubbed her.

I kissed her tiny ear, and my breath began to get heavy as I worked myself against her. I unsnapped her leotard and shoved my hand down the front of her stockings, making contact at last with her puffy little pussy. Just touching her bald cunt was enough to make we want to cum. I was riding her little ass even harder now, and she was bucking her hips up towards my hand, as she jammed her ass against my cunt over and over.

"Ms...Stephanie!" she cried out, and I felt her start to tremble, and she made the most delicious whimpering sound. I knew she was cumming, maybe even having her very first orgasm, right here with me, while I was humping her tight little ass....The very thought sent me over the edge, and I cried out, "Fuck...!" as I came hard, my panties soaking wet.

I looked up, and saw us in the mirror mounted on my wall. Ellie's hair was a bit mussed from all the humping and grinding she'd done, but I could fix it easily. My own long red hair was a bit mussed as well, with all the energetic thrusting of my own I had been doing.Her legs were spread wide, and I could plainly see her cunt in the mirror, and my hand over it. I had finally crossed the line with one of my students. But my God, it had felt so good. And the sight of her cunt was threatening to make me want to hump her little ass again....

I fixed Ellie's clothes, and her hair, after a quick cleanup. She seemed a little drowsy, but not scared. After I fixed up her clothes, she simply said, "I still gotta go!" and smiled at me playfully. I laughed softly. "Ok, kiddo," I told her. "Just let me finish typing this letter..."

I punched out a few words on my keyboard. The screen read, "Private Lessons". I had three students in particular I wanted to get these letters home with.....