I Showered With Sam Naked

by Koibito

This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own iCarly or any of its characters. No profit has been made. This story depicts young girls in sexual situations if this offends you don't read and further.

Carly Shay's second day in middle school was the day she had to shower after P.E. She was very anxious about having to be naked in front of her friends and classmates. No one had ever seen her eleven year old body without her clothes before. Carly was simply beautiful. She had beautiful long dark hair. Carly's body had just started to change. Her nipples were announcing themselves to the world by poking out against her light blouses and t shirts. Carly's chest was still very, well, flat except for two very puffy nipples that are impossible to hide. Especially, since Spencer didn't pay attention to minor details like training bras and such. Her bottom was just perfect, not yet woman's and not yet a child's.

"Carls!," Sam called searching for her friend.

"Over here in the showers." Carly almost whispering as she cringed as she had thought everyone had gone. She quickly tried to cover herself with her towel, but she dropped it in her haste. Just as she bent over to pick up the towel she heard behind her.

"Hey, Carls, are we playing pick up the bar soap in the shower like in juvie?" Sam laughed.

"No, no!" Carly almost screamed.

"Geez, chill girl, it ain't like I'm gonna rape you." But then," I just might." Sam thought, as she stared at Carly's beautiful little bottom, as she licked her lips. Sam could feel herself heating up; a wetness was growing from deep inside.

"I thought everybody had left." Carly said shyly as she quickly stood up and covered her nakedness with her now soaking wet thin gym towel.

Carly couldn't help to sneak a peak of Sam's nakedness. Sam was a year younger than Carly. Just 10 years old, Sam's nearly a head shorter and Carly, but Carly couldn't help to sneak a peak of Sam's nakedness. Sam was a year younger than Carly. Just 10 years old, Sam's nearly a head shorter and Carly, but despite the difference in age and height, Sam has boobs little tiny ones just a little more than a mouth full and her tiny bottom was just a little more rounder and curvier. Both Carly and Sam had clean hairless little girl pussies with nary a hair.

"Yeah, Coach Shimbouski, wanted to have a small chat about the body block I laid on Fredward." Sam laughed as she turned on the hot water.

Carly nearly jumped out skin thinking Sam had caught her staring.

"Yeah, that was pretty funny, how Freddie went flying through the air, but you should be a little nicer to him, he's our friend after all." Carly said as she escaped to shower that was the farthest away from Sam.

"Hey, Carls, what'cha doin' way down there? I can barely see ya?

"That's the point" Carly thought to herself

"Come on Carly, I won't bite ya!" "Well maybe just a little!" "Just kidding, just kidding." "Come on I'm getting lonely all by myself" Sam shouted in a pouting but playful tone.

"OK, OK!" Carly shouted back as she started moving toward Sam.

Sam nearly gasped aloud when she saw Carly body through the steam. Carly shone as the hot water and soap glistened off her smooth skin. Sam watched in awe, as Carly moved toward Sam. Sam knew Carly would see her desire if she didn't do something quick. But just then Carly slipped and fell to shower floor.

EEeyaahhh!!, Carly screamed as she fell. Immediately, Carly grabbed for left ankle as pain shot through her leg.

"Carls are you OK?" Sam shouted as she rushed to her friend.

"Yeah, I twisted it a little, I should be OK in a bit" Carly groaned.

Instinctively, Sam began to gently massage Carly ankle.

"Oooh that feels good, Sam." Carly moaned.

Sam was kneeling directly in front Carly. When Carly spoke, Sam looked up to look Carly in the face, but stopped on the way up when she noticed something very interesting. Unconsciously, Sam hands began traveling up Carly's leg as Sam's face closed in on her target of interest.

Carly just laid back and accepted Sam's ministrations on her aching ankle. As the pain began to turn to pleasure, Carly relax and began to feel something she had only vaguely felt when she washed her special place in the bath or when she rubbed Mr. Fuzzlestein her favorite teddy against her panties under the covers at night.

An overpowering hunger grew inside of Sam as her face got closer to Carly's completely hairless sex. Carly's pink little cunny looked so soft and kissable. So Sam did just that, she touched and kissed Carly's pussy.

Carly's eyes shot open.

"Um, Sam, Uh what's going on down there?" Carly asked with great concern but at the same time she was a little frightened of Sam.

Sam was so consumed with lust she did not hear Carly's query and began eat the object of her affection with a singularity of purpose.

"Sam! Ahh! No! Sam don't." Carly pleaded, but despite her resistance a desperate needy pleasure kept building inside her young cunny.

Again there was no response from Sam. Sam only response was she began to rub her tiny pussy on Carly's right leg as she continued lick, kiss, suck, and finger Carly's pussy.

"Sam m m, st oo op, please something is gonna ha app pen Aaaahhhhhh!" Carly's pussy began to flow with her young innocent juices for the first time. Carly's juice flow made Sam go into overdrive and her own juices began on Carly leg.

"O O Oh kay then." Carly relented and pleasure that had been building exploded into a billion sparkles that tightened and tingled every muscle and fiber of Carly's being. Even Carly's hair seemed to have the orgasm of the millennia.

"Oh MY GOD CARLEEEE!!!" Sam screamed as fucked Carly's soft smooth leg. Sam tiny body bucked and writhed. Her orgasm shook her to the core of her soul.

To Carly and Sam their orgasms seemed to go on for eternity. Finally, both collapsed into each other arms and after they caught their breathe they began kiss softly, sweetly, and earnestly. These were the kisses of young, but true love.