by Kn3koal

Last week I was asked to babysit my niece's 1-year-old daughter while she was out of town. The first night home alone I got to thinking about my 5-year-old daughter I had recently been sexual with and became extremely horny. I lay down on the guest bed because I needed to masturbate. As I was rubbing myself through my panties thinking about my 5 year old's pussy, I heard the baby crying from the next room.

I got up and ran to the next room where the crib was, picked up my great-niece and checked her diaper. She had peed quite a bit and the smell of her pee in her diaper sent quivers through my pussy. I thought back to licking my 5 year old's panties while staring at this beautiful smooth infant slit. "My God I can't be having thoughts about infants!" I assured myself I would stop this crazy lust here and now.

The feeling in my pussy was too overwhelming. My heart was beating fast and surely nobody would know if I did anything to my sweet little great-niece lying in front of me on the changing table. I closed my eyes and lowered my head between her 1-year-old legs and kissed her smooth hairless baby slit. I couldn't believe I did that.

I kissed her infant cunt again and again until finally I whispered out loud "I love infant pussy." The fact that I acknowledged out loud what I was doing had my panties soaking wet with arousal. I placed my entire mouth on her little undeveloped pussy and sucked her whole little 1-year-old cunt in my mouth. It taste so good, so soft and so smooth. I finger fucked myself through my panties as I sucked her infant crotch. I licked, kissed, and sucked her pussy everyday for the entire week my niece was gone.

I can't believe I was turning into a pedophile, but honestly I loved every minute of it! I love love love absolutely love sucking and licking infant pussy and my 5 year old's pussy! Well, have to go masturbate yet again thinking about it! I can't wait until I babysit again! xoxoxo

32-year-old mom who has developed fantasies about my little girl and as of late, infants as well. Would like to hear comments from other moms who fantasize about the same thing.