Forced to Try

by Kids Loving Kids

For my Lil' Love, Lily

"Eeeew," my best friend Liz said, "you actually lick Rose's pussy?"

"Well, sure. She likes it, it's fun, and I love the way she tastes.

You said yourself you like licking Mandy, so what's the difference?"

"She's your SISTER! And besides that, she's not even a year old yet!

She still wears diapers... I mean, what if ... what if she peed?"

My friends Gwen and Kate gave Briana a look that said it all.

"Grow up" I said "it's not that bad when she does. And she can't help it."

"When did you first do it?" my friend Gwen asked.

"Right after she was born of course. Mom had her here in the house instead of the hospital so we both could."

"I wish I could've been there to see it," said Kate.

"We have it all on tape, we can watch it sometime if you want to."

"That would be so cool!" Kate answered excitedly, but Gwen had an even better idea.

"I'd rather watch you do it right now!"

My friends all looked at me as if I'd been given the dare of the century. Of course, to me it was no big deal.

"Sure. I'll go get her," I said, and went to my mom's bedroom where Rose still slept in a crib in the corner. She had her eyes closed now, but she didn't seem to be asleep, she was moving around some. I brought her back into my room, and laid her down in the middle of the room, where my friends and I formed a circle around the 6-month old infant.

"What if your mom comes in?" Briana asked.

"It's OK, she likes it when I show Rose attention and love. Sometimes she joins in too."

"Gross." Briana said. "She's old." I was wondering if inviting her to my 6th birthday party sleepover was a good idea after all. At this rate, I didn't even know if I could trust her not to tell people, but it was too late to go back now.

"She's not THAT old, Briana." Said Gwen. "She's still a teenager you know. Some people don't even start having sex until they're teens." My mom had gotten pregnant with me when she was only 12 years old. She actually seduced her younger brother Mike thinking he was too young to get her pregnant at only 11, but she was wrong. The inside joke was still that Rose would always be her favorite mistake.

"I couldn't imagine not having sex again till then," said Kate. "I don't even like going a day without it."

I began to take off little baby Rose's diaper, which would leave her totally naked on the hardwood floor. "Some people just don't think it's right for some reason. They think you're supposed to wait until you're 18."

Gwen said, "And yet, they don't stop fucking when they turn 30... if you can fuck after 18, why not before?"

Kate nodded her agreement, her eyes never leaving little naked Rose.

I decided to make a show for my friends. I knew none of them had ever seen such a perfect tiny little cuntlet like my sister had. I knelt at her head and used one hand to spread her tiny little pussy lips apart lewdly. "Doesn't she look delicious?" I asked my friends.

They all nodded, and I saw Kate's hand trail inside her panties and I could tell she was slowly and gently rubbing her own pussy in excitement.

I bent my head down and gave Rose a slow long lick that made her tiny cunt glisten and shine wetly. I sucked her tiny little clit into my mouth and nursed on it like a nipple a bit, before driving my tongue deeply into her baby-hole. I made a few thrusts like I was fucking her with my tongue, and then spit directly on her cunny to make it all wet and slippery. I rubbed my spit in with one hand, and even scooped some thick saliva up and gently pushed it inside her tiny body. Then I went back to sucking and kissing her most delicious body. It made her toes curl, just like my mom's do when I eat her out, and she smiled and cooed in delight.

"Wow, she really does like it," Gwen said, and I nodded.

Gwen and Kate both got naked, and both were stroking themselves. Kate was still moving slowly as she could, but now with increased pressure, and she was starting to moan. Gwen had a different method, she was hard and rough with her body, pinching her nipples and pulling on her pussy lips, stretching them. She pinched her clit between her finger and thumb and pushed hard on it, and rolled it between her fingers. I thought I saw some thick white moisture beginning to ooze from between her legs.

Briana seemed more interested in my other friends than the naughty act I was performing on my baby sister. I was determined to get her more involved.

"Briana, do you wanna try it? It's real easy, and fun. You can see she really likes it, and she tastes amazing too."

"Nah, I'm having fun watching." She said. She wasn't liking it. She'd been brought up different than the rest of us and couldn't allow herself to enjoy it.

"Could I lick her Jen?' Gwen said. "I wanna lick her too!" cried Kate.

"OK you two. Gwen, you asked first, so you can have first crack at her. Kate, why don't you give her a kiss?"

"Can I?" She asked astonished. The idea of kissing the infant seemed more foreign to her than licking her pretty little twat.

"Sure. She's not great at it yet, but she's getting better, and it's almost as much fun as eating her out. Then you two can switch off when you're ready."

They began doing as I'd suggested, and both began moaning loudly. They took turns kissing, licking, and sucking every inch of my newborn sister's body, and looked like they were in heaven.

Meanwhile, I started talking dirty to Briana, trying to get her as hot as the rest of us were. "Look at those two, the way they're devouring Rose's body with their tongues. Have you ever seen anything so hot and sexy before? Wouldn't you like to taste her, just a little? She's going to be a little baby-slut. Mom says when she has her clients over, they'll all want to not only fuck me but they'll all want to play with her too. I can't wait til she has her first taste of hot sperm I want to see her covered in thick gooey globs of it all over... mmmm, wouldn't that be fun to lick up? When it happens, I'll make sure we get it on tape so you can see. I'll want to watch it all the time anyway..."

She was politely ignoring me. Here I was, her best friend, offering her the opportunity to lick and kiss and caress and just... enjoy my little baby sister, and she didn't want any of it. Partly, I felt bad because she wasn't able to enjoy it, and partly, I knew that if she really didn't like it, she might not keep it quiet forever. A plan began to develop in my mind.

Meanwhile, my other friends were doing all kinds of things. They had sucked Rose's nipples, they'd both run their fingers through her tiny baby-slit, and they'd both drank lots and lots of her little baby-juices. Now, Kate and Gwen were on opposite sides of Rose, each with one of her tiny hands in theirs, guiding it towards their own cunts. This was hot little baby Rose was about to fist fuck both of my first grade friends!

Her tiny hands were able to easily slide in and out of my friends' well-worn pussies. They'd both been sexually active before, and both took their own virginity with household objects Kate with the handle of a hairbrush, and Gwen with a big fat pen with a cartoon cat on the end.

As Kate and Gwen both neared their climaxes, I was surprised to see them dismount my sister. Gwen squatted over Rose's face and pinched her nose closed so her mouth would open to breathe. Instead of air, she got a mouthful of 6-year-old cunt. Kate faced the other way, back to back with Gwen, and her pussy rubbed across baby Rose's tummy. Kate we all knew was a squirter, even at 6. Sure enough, she ended up gushing and shooting her clear cum all over the baby's chest and belly.

I whispered to Kate and Gwen when they had finished cumming, and told them of my wicked plan. They nodded emphatically and giggled a little.

I took Rose up in my arms as Kate and Gwen teased Briana with their fragrant flowing cunnies, waving them in her face. "You don't wanna lick Rose, but you still wanna play with us, right?" Gwen sounded like a true nympho.

The girls pinned Briana down by kneeling on her, each trapping an arm under them. Their pussies were both right in her face. They was all she could see and all she could smell. Soon, they was all she could taste. Finally she was having some fun.

That's when I took her ankles and spread her legs apart. She probably thought I was about to go down on her as she went down on my friends. It would have been fun, and I was tempted, but this time, it was Rose's turn. I placed the baby between Briana's legs and guided her mouth to Briana's clitoris. She probably thought it was a strange nipple of sorts, and she began to latch on and try to milk my friend's juices.

Despite herself, she began making mewling noises when that began, and I knew I had her. We all kept this up a little while, but eventually, it was time for the final stage of the plan. Keeping her arms pinned down beneath their legs, they reached down and picked up Rose, placing Rose's pussy right on Briana's face. She squirmed and fought. She didn't want this at all. She tried to get up, but couldn't. As Gwen held the baby in place, rubbing it's soaking wet cunny over Briana's lips, Kate pinched her nose and made her open her mouth if she wanted to breathe.

Briana fought as long as she could, but then I made it even harder. I started licking her pussy roughly, like she craved. I jammed my tongue up inside her deeply, and fingered her vulva as I did. She cried out in heat, but made no sound because of Rose's pussy there. Finally, she had been forced to eat my baby sister out. After just a few seconds, she resigned herself to her fate, and gradually, we could all tell she was getting really into it.

Soon, she was eating pussy with gusto. She was licking hard and fast, she was sucking not only the baby's clitoris into her mouth, but I think she was trying to suck her tiny cunny inside out. She began thrashing in ecstasy and I was starting to get flooded with Briana's thick gooey cum, and that sent me over the top. Soon, we were all cumming at once.

It must've been about that time that my eighteen year old mom came in to see me licking out Briana as Briana tried to get as many fingers as possible up Kate and Gwen's six year old cunnies as they kissed each other deeply and to top it all off, Briana was now thoroughly enjoying the 6-month old pussy she'd been forced to taste.

The sleepover was going to get really interesting I thought, knowing that mom could never pass up an opportunity such as this. Even better, King, our great dane was with her...