Remembering Mom

by Karyn O

When my daughter turned 13 last week, it brought back a lot of memories of what happened when I was 13. Even though it was 20 years ago, I remember what I saw and felt as if it just happened.

One Friday night I went to bed early with a headache. I woke up around 11 because I needed to use the bathroom and what I saw changed me forever.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom and saw my mom and aunt, my mom's sister, on the couch in the living room. My dad and uncle usually went out on Friday night and sometimes my aunt came over to our house. I couldn't believe it, my mom and aunt were kissing each other.

I probably should have gone back to my room but something about them making out made me want to watch. My mom moved her hand to my aunt's chest and started feeling her breasts.

I started to get that feeling in my pussy that I got when I thought about some of the boys in my class while rubbing myself. I had heard about girls fooling around together but never really thought about it much but now I was wondering what it would be like to be kissed by a girl not only that but what would it be like to have mom kissing me. I know my aunt Lydia seemed to be enjoying it.

Mom opened the buttons on Lydia's shirt and soon I could see her bare boobs since she wasn't wearing a bra. I watched as mom started kissing her boobs and then licking and sucking on her nipples. I saw Lydia reach down and pull down her shorts and panties and then take them off. Mom moved her hand between Lydia's legs and started to feel her pussy.

At this point I put my hand into my pajamas and have to admit I was thinking what it would be like if that was mom's hand touching me. Mom was alternating between sticking her finger in Lydia's pussy and rubbing her clit. After doing that awhile, mom started getting up and I almost ran back to my room thinking she might me but mom got on the floor and knelt between my aunt's legs.

I could only see the back of mom's head but knew what she was doing. For the first time ever I was seeing a pussy being licked and it was my mom and my aunt. Soon Lydia started lifting her hips and then moaned loudly a few times and I could tell she came.

Mom then got up and she took off her clothes and sat on couch. I had seen my mom naked many times but this was the first time I looked her and had sexual thoughts. She was leaning back with her legs spread and touching her pussy.

I stopped rubbing myself because I really had to pee but I didn't want to stop watching. Besides, they would probably hear me going into the bathroom and I didn't want that.

Lydia then got on the floor and started licking mom's pussy. My urge to pee was really strong but I stood there until I saw my mom cumming. After she was finished, I quietly walked over to the bathroom and went. Without even thinking, I flushed the toilet when I was finished and of course they heard that. When I got out of the bathroom, my mom yelled hi to me. When I looked out into the living room, my mom and aunt were both dressed and sitting a few feet apart on the couch.

After saying goodnight I went back into my room and thought about what I saw. Soon I pulled down my pj's and was thinking about my mom licking me while I rubbed. I know I shouldn't have been doing it, but I was really wondering if she would do something with me. I thought about the incest aspect of it but since she was already having sex with her sister that must not bother her. I came that night fantasizing about my mom playing with me.

The next weekend I had a volleyball tournament a few hours away from home so mom and I were staying in a motel on Friday and Saturday night. We usually shared a king sized bed and all week I couldn't help but think about sleeping beside my mom. We had done that many times before but this time was different.

Like other times, we changed in front of each other when getting ready for bed. I tried not to be obvious but I kept sneaking peeks as mom took off all of her clothes and put her nightshirt on. I changed into my usual pj's and we got into bed. When mom kissed me goodnight I immediately thought about her kissing aunt Lydia.

I was trying to fall asleep but between replaying the images of the previous Friday in my mind and lying next to my mom I couldn't. Mom seemed to be sleeping so I slipped my hand inside my pajama bottoms. At first I was just touching a little but the more I thought about my mom and Lydia the more I rubbed. I was just starting to get into a good rhythm when I felt mom roll on to her back. I lay still hoping I didn't wake her and then I heard mom say "you don't have to stop".

Even though she said that I laid there like I was asleep. Mom then said it was okay, that what I was doing is perfectly normal. I was still excited since I was close to cumming before but was a little scared to do it beside my mom. Mom reached over to me and touched my arm. She then moved her hand down my arm and hit my pj's since my hand was still in them. Just having her touch me like that got to me but when she put her hand on top of mine I thought I would cum right there. She pressed her hand into mine which was on my pussy and I eventually started rubbing myself.

Mom kept her hand on my arm while I was rubbing and then I felt her move her legs. I can't even describe how exciting it was laying there beside my mom knowing she was masturbating also. Soon I heard mom starting to breathe heavily and when she left out a moan I started cumming also.

After we were both done mom said goodnight and turned over to fall asleep. I laid there thinking about how exciting it was masturbating beside my mom and wondered if it would happen again.

I didn't have to wonder too long about it. The next night we got undressed and got into bed. Mom gave me a kiss and said goodnight but unlike other times she stayed lying on her back. About a minute or so later I felt her move her legs and one of them touched mine.

Mom then asked if I was going to join her. I said I didn't know and she said I could if I wanted. Of course I wanted to and I put my hand into my pj's and started feeling myself. I was rubbing my pussy when I felt mom's hand touch my hip. She gave my pj bottoms a little tug and said I would probably be more comfortable with them off.

I usually masturbated with my pj's on since there was plenty of room but being caught up in the feeling I stopped rubbing and took them off. After I lay back down I started rubbing myself thinking about mom and I lying beside each other, rubbing ourselves with only our tops on.

Mom then said this is how she and Lydia started. I just laid there without saying anything and then mom asked if I told anybody about what I saw. I told her no and she said it should be our secret just like what we were doing now. I agreed and then we went back to rubbing.

Our bare legs were rubbing against each other which added to my excitement but when I felt mom's hand on my leg I almost screamed. She must have sensed my surprised and asked if I wanted her to rub my leg and of course I said yes.

Between me rubbing my clit and mom rubbing my thigh I was getting close to cumming. What pushed me over the edge was when mom moved her hand to my inner thigh and her fingers were only inches from my pussy.

After I came I laid there while mom started rubbing herself again. She was doing it about a minute or so when she asked if I could rub her leg. I leaned on my side and used my left hand to massage her thigh. After only a few moments mom put her free hand on mine and pushed it to her inner thigh.

I was kneading her inner leg and could tell mom was getting close when she reached down and moved my hand again. I couldn't believe it; she put my hand right on her pussy. I could actually feel her wetness. I just kept my hand there and then mom said I should move my fingers. I didn't put a finger in her hole but was touching around it when she came.

We never talked about what happened and nothing else happened for the next few weeks although I thought about it a lot. Everything seemed normal between mom and me, maybe we were even closer.

I had another out of town tourney and we were sleeping in the same bed as usual. We were getting changed and as I was putting on my pj bottoms mom said I didn't have to put them on if I didn't want to. I knew then that what I had been thinking about was going to happen again.

We got into bed wearing just our tops and both lay on our backs. After a minute or so Mom turned on her side and then she put her hand on my hip. She started feeling my stomach and I my leg and I just laid there. She asked me if it felt good and when I told her yes, she asked if she should keep going and I said if she wanted to.

She kept rubbing my stomach and leg getting closer to my pussy each time. When she finally touched it I thought I was going to cum and then she started to rub my clit. I was just starting to cum when she leaned over and started kissing my neck. I moaned so loudly when I came that the people in the next room may have heard me.

When I was done mom lay on her back and started rubbing herself. After I calmed down she asked if I would rub her leg like last time so I turned over and started massaging her inner thigh but she took my hand and put it on her pussy like before.

While she was rubbing her clit I felt around her hole. She whispered that I should put a finger in and almost as soon as I did she had her orgasm.

I remember that the next day I could hardly concentrate on the games because I was thinking about what mom and I did the night before and what we may be doing that night. I was hoping she would touch me again like she did and maybe even do more.

We got into the room about 8 and mom said we should probably just change for sleep and watch TV. Like the night before, I didn't bother with the bottoms and just wore my pj top. There was nothing good on TV so mom said we should probably just get to sleep and turned off the TV.

I was hoping she really didn't mean sleep and when I felt her turn on her side to face me I knew she didn't. Mom put her hand on my stomach again and started rubbing. I was expecting her to move down to my pussy but instead she put her hand up under my shirt. My boobs were small then but my nipples were very sensitive and became hard almost as soon as she touched them.

While she was feeling my breasts, mom leaned over and started kissing my neck like the previous night only this time she went right up my neck to my lips. I had tongue kissed a boy at a party once but it felt nothing like when mom put her tongue in my mouth. Her kisses were so soft and exciting.

While we were kissing, mom opened the buttons on my pj top. Soon she put her hand down between my legs and started rubbing me. She went back to kissing my neck and then went down my chest. I was laying there in heaven; my mom was kissing and sucking my boobs while she played with my pussy.

I could feel my orgasm approaching but mom stopped rubbing me. I told her not to stop but she started kissing down my stomach. The anticipation of what she was going to do to me was overwhelming and it seemed like it took forever but when her mouth touch my pussy it was worth the wait.

She didn't have to lick me long and soon I was cumming from her tongue. After I was done mom took off her sleep shirt and lay back down beside. I knew what she wanted and I wanted to do to her what she did to me.

I started kissing her and playing with her boobs. I then reached down to her pussy and moved down to suck on her nipples. They were much bigger than mine and felt like big pencil erasers in my mouth.

I was nervous about taking the next step and I think mom may have sense it. She said I didn't have to do anything else if I didn't want to but I told her I did. I kissed my way down until my mouth was on mom's pussy.

At first I just kissed and licked a little but then mom told me what I should do. I took her clit between my lips and started licking it real fast. Mom put her hands on the back of my head and soon she was cumming.

Over the next year or so I got pretty good at licking mom. Just about every time we had to go out of town we ended up fooling around. Once and awhile when Dad was away, we would go into my mom's bed. Mom always initiated our activity; usually by saying she needed some relaxation time.

Mom and I regularly had relaxation time whenever we could but sadly we lost Mom in a car accident when I was 16. I think about her often and am thankful for the things she taught me about life and also about love. Hopefully I will be able to pass at least some of that along to my daughter.