Babysitting Delight

by justme

I never babysat much when I was younger, but a friend recently asked me to babysit her toddler while she was on a date. The little girl, Lexi, is four years old with shoulder-length brown hair and a super cute smile. I was asked to come to the house around five pm. My friend, Jesse, said she would be home sometime around ten or eleven. I didn't really know what four-year-olds like to do, but I had ideas about how to pass the time. I arrived promptly at five and gave Lexi a big grin. She gave me a shy smile and kissed her mother before Jesse left. Jesse had instructed me to make Lexi a meal of mac and cheese, watch movies with her, read to her, possibly play outside, give her a bath, and put her to bed promptly at eight-thirty. She pushed sixty dollars into my hand before she left, and I smiled and thanked her.

The first few hours went by pretty quickly. We went out into the backyard and picked some flowers. We played with chalk on the sidewalk. Lexi had on a cute little jumper that kept riding up to show her plump thighs and the curve of her tiny little butt cheeks. When I went in to make dinner I noticed her perfect pouty lips as she sipped on her juice. I made her mac and cheese and we ate together in the kitchen. Afterward she wanted to watch 101 Dalmatians, so we laid down on the sofa together to watch the movie. She snuggled in close to me; her hair smelled of sunshine and a hint of dirt and sweat. She had kicked off her shoes, and her little toenails were painted an adorable shade of lilac purple.

After the movie, she began to yawn and I suggested bath time. I really wanted to get her naked and touch that little body. I ran her a warm bath with bubbles and when she wiggled out of her clothes I nearly fainted. I stared at her little tits and that hairless cunt between her legs. Her skin was smooth, firm, and tan. I forced myself to look away and helped her ease into the tub. After a few minutes of playing with her toys and blowing bubbles, I asked her to stand so I could wash her. I was breathing a little faster than normal as I soaped up a washcloth. I ran it all over her body. I asked her to face me as I slowly worked the washcloth between her legs, right over her pussy lips. I pretended that I was merely focused on getting her clean, but I knew I was spending way too much time down there. I ached to touch her cunt with my bare fingers. Instead I asked her to turn around and I began washing her bottom. I dragged the washcloth between her crack and washed her anus.

"I'm getting you super clean," I said, my voice croaking.

"Mmm hmmm," she nodded, her voice so cute and high like a little girl's.

I let the washcloth drop into the tub and I ran my bare hands over her body. I gave her butt a tiny squeeze, laughing a little to loud to make it all seem normal. I made myself stand up and reach for a towel. I wrapped her up in a plush pink one and carried her off to her room to get into her pajamas. Before I let her get dressed, I had an idea.

"Your skin is kind of dry, Lexi. I think you need some lotion. Do you know where Mommy keeps the lotion?" She pointed to her big white dresser, and I found a bottle of Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works. I instructed her gently to lay down on the bed and I began rubbing the lotion into her skin. It felt so good to be touching her. My pussy began to throb and my heart beat faster in my chest. I wanted to do dirty things to her. I wanted my mouth on her body; I wanted her little toddler mouth on mine. I began to rub up her thighs and slowly, very very slowly, I touched her pussy. I rubbed her little lips. I spread her legs apart and asked her if she liked it when I touched her there. She gave me a shy nod. I told her to roll over onto her stomach. She slowly rolled over. Since she could no longer see me I took the liberty of unfastening my jeans and stripping down to my thong. I knew I was going to cum, somehow.

I put more lotion on her bottom and began rubbing around her anus. She never said a word.

"This is how people touch themselves when they want to feel good, Lexi. Have you ever touched yourself on your privates?"

She shook her head and I began stroking her pussy from behind. I was moaning a little. I wanted her to enjoy it too. I asked her to roll over onto her back and spread her legs wide. I smiled down at her.

"I'm going to show you how grown ups touch themselves, okay?" She smiled and nodded. I rubbed her clitty with my index finger. I was soaking wet by now and desperately wanting some release. I knew I'd have to wait a little longer. I gently inserted the tip of my index finger into her tiny four-year-old hole. I moaned as I moved my finger in and out. She felt a little wet.

"Is your pee-pee feeling good?"

She gave a little giggle and smiled. I straddled her left leg as I finger fucked her. I moved my swollen clit against her knee. Oh it felt so good!! After a few minutes of finger-banking the innocent little toddler, I lowered my mouth to her mound and slowly began licking her clit. I could not believe I was performing oral sex on a four-year-old, but she seemed to be enjoying it. I felt her hips slowly begin to thrust up toward my mouth. I licked the folds of her pussy and began pushing my tongue in and out of her vagina. She tasted so wonderful. I didn't know if toddlers could cum, but I wanted her juice on my tongue so badly. I continued eating her cunt. I stuck my hand into my thong and began rubbing my own throbbing pussy. I was soaked and wanted to cum, but I wanted her to help me do it.

I finally pulled myself away from her vagina and asked her to help me with something. She just smiled and nodded. I ripped off my thong and positioned my pussy right on top of her mouth.

"I want you to lick my pee-pee like I licked yours, okay Lexi?"

She stuck her tongue out and I began humping it. It felt amazing against my clit. I rode her face for several minutes, my orgasm building. I wanted more. I reached for her hand and showed her how to push two fingers up inside my hole. She worked my cunny with her fingers while her tongue danced over my engorged clit. I began to moan loudly and hump her face faster. I looked behind me briefly for one more glance at her tiny pussy. I reached back and fondled her before letting my orgasm take over. I creamed all over her mouth, forcing her tongue deep into my vagina. I rode it so hard, I thought I was going to make her cry. She seemed quite excited and enthralled by all my moaning, though. Afterward, I wordlessly cleaned us both up and put her to bed like normal. Before she fell asleep, I fondled her through her panties for a few minutes before finally masturbating myself as I lay in the bed next to her, her thigh draped over mine.

I can't wait to babysit again.