by Joanne

I am 25 years old with a 10-year-old daughter. I was always a tom boy as a girl. I had no interest in boys at all. I played football with them and I was happy with the team, but only thought of them as mates. Do the math I was fifteen when a fell pregnant with Cloe. It was the team coach that did the deed. I always had to wait until the boys had taken their shower before I could take mine. I was under a powerful shower. I didn't hear anyone coming. Suddenly hands were all over me. It was the team coach. He was naked and erect and wasted no time with foreplay. He just pushed me against the wall and fucked me. All I remember is the pain and the blood. No one beleived me. Nobody beleived that I wasn't fucking the whole team all along. My dad beat me up and threw me out.

Life has been difficult but I have had to manage. It got easier when Chloe when to school and made friends. I was finally able to do a regular job and get some of the nicer things together and smarten up the apartment.

Chloe would often stay over with one or other of her friends. She had one friend in particuler, Zoe. Zoe was also 10 yrs old. I would never allow Chloe to invite anyone home to the apartment, I was afriad that it wasn't as smart as their homes would surely be.

It was Zoe's mother, Helen, that approached me. She had been talking with Chloe and knew some of my history. She had started out the same way herself and was very understanding and assured me that Zoe would not see anything at my place that she had not seen before. Reluctantly I agreed to have Zoe over for the weekend. Chloe was delighted.

When the week end arrived the girls were exited and giggling as we drove home. Once we arrived the girls ran off together and I hardly saw them. Everything seemed straight forward, nothing to report until the morning of the first day.

I had slept in as I usually did on a Saturday. I got up and went into the bathroom. I was enjoying a long hot shower. I became aware of someone else in the room but thoght nothing of it. Suddenly a young leg came over the side of the bath and then the whole of a very naked Zoe stood in fron to me. Unlike me and Chloe she was blond. She smiled broadly, "I always shower with my mom," she said.

She was stunning. She has long blond hair that was getting wet and hanging down over her shoulders. She had no tits at all and no body hair. She was slim and elegant. I didn't say anything, but my nipples gave me away. They were stood out like organ stops. She game close and took one nipple into her mouth, the feeling was electric. She slipped her hand onto me weeping pussy. With expert fingres she brought me to a screaming and suddering orgasm. She then soaped herself all over, and once she had rinsed herself off, she was gone.

I washed myself, still very randy and stunned by what had just happened.I dried myself off and went to my room. I could hear the girls giggling. I peered around the door to Chloe's room, expecting laughter. I felt ashamed.

What I saw shocked me to the core and excited me more that ever before. My daughter was lay on her back with her legs spread wide while Zoe was licking at her pussy and both girls were clearly enjoying themselves.

Cloe waved me over. They stopped what they were doing and pulled me down onto the bed. As I lay there Zoe dived into my pussy with her face, she was also an expert with her tongus and fingers. Chloe straggled her mom and placed her eager little pussy onto my face. I licked her until she came all over me.

There was a lot of sleepovers after that.