Fantasy Afternoon

by Jen L. Lee 2011

This one is a sequel to my previous story, "Shared Pleasures". I got some lovely notes on it and the sexy lady who inspired the first provided me with inspiration for yet another. Enjoy, dearest! ~~Hugz from Jen

Alicia was enjoying the new life she had started after divorcing Ron. Every moment of it was filled with hedonistic pleasures, she was determined to live life to its fullest, sexiest potential. The relationship she now shared with her best friend Glory brought her a smile every day and passion almost every night. If Glory wasn't around to make her cum and wet her sheets, her daughter Alison was now more than willing to satisfy her perverted Mommy. Aly was swiftly learning all of her mother's hot-spots and was even finding a few that Glory was unaware of. Alicia had no doubt that in time; Aly would be as perverted as she herself was. The 16-year old teen was the nastiest little slut she had ever known and Alicia was incredibly proud of her and happier still that it had been she who had helped bring that out in the girl.

She loved lapping her daughter's pussy and hearing Allison beg and moan and squeal for her to stop. Of course, being the unprincipled whore that she was, Alicia had no intention of stopping. The 42-year old Mommy just went on the attack until Aly came as hard as she could. She would then let up for a little while before tumbling all over the sweet teen and starting things off again. She adored her gorgeous blonde Glory and Becca was a teenaged wildcat, but there was an undeniably kinky thrill that came with making love to her own, sexy, auburn-haired daughter.

Today she and Glory were taking the girls out and they were going to kick things up a notch. Her friend Polly had called her, informing her of a lingerie fashion show that was by invitation only. The attractive black woman was planning to attend with her daughter and she had been offered four extra tickets by the woman putting on the show. She asked Alicia if she and the others would like to attend.

"It's a school day," Alicia said to her friend with a wistful sigh. "I know that I'd love to come and I'm sure that Glory ..."

"Let them skip school today, it will be totally worth it," Polly insisted. Her tone indicated to Alicia a hint of naughty pleasures yet to be found. "You'll be seeing some of the sexiest lingerie that's on the market and the models are all sexy little bitches, believe me!"

Alicia did believe Polly, her gorgeous friend had never steered her wrong. Sexy lingerie, sexy models, a chance to spend the day with her daughter, Glory and Becca ... it was too much of a temptation to pass up.

"Okay sweetie," Alicia cooed over the phone. "I accept your very generous offer, what do I owe you for all this generosity?"

Polly's voice came over the phone in a husky, whiskey-soaked tone. "In a week or two, I'd love it if you and Alison could join my daughter and me ... for dinner," Polly requested. Polly's tone left Alicia with no doubts that dessert would be far more important than the main course. She readily agreed to those conditions.

Alicia hung up the phone, trembling with delight. She immediately called Glory, who sounded a bit out of it. Saying as much, she laughed when Glory told her the reason.

"We bought Becca a new strap-on yesterday," Glory said, slowly waking from a sex-induced stupor. "Of course, the slutty little whore insisted that we try it out over and over and over again! I've only been up for 30 minutes, I can barely walk and I haven't had my coffee yet. What are you calling about, sweetheart?"

Alicia related Polly's invitation to her lover, who immediately came awake. "Oh fuck, the four of us surrounded by lingerie-clad girls, we'll be horny for days!" She squealed over the phone. "Of course we want to go, you just give me all the information and Becca and I will be there with bells on!"

Alicia gave her girlfriend all the relevant data and then got off the phone, just in time to see her sexy daughter descend the stairs in a lacy black bra, thong and bedroom slippers. It was almost a chore to get Aly to wear clothes around the house as of late.

"Come back to bed, Mommy-lover," Alison said, licking her lips. "My first few classes today are canceled; they're on a field trip. We can spend another few hours in bed with me eating your pussy I'm soooo horny!" Alison practically wailed.

"Good God, I've created a sex fiend," Alicia said quietly, although she knew Aly would hear her. "Why didn't you go on the trip?"

Alison giggled. "To a farm? Shyeahhh, right!" Alicia giggled. Her little girl was most assuredly a child of the city. She stood there, shifting her weight around on one foot, looking sexy and edible. It only took minutes for Alicia to submit to her desires, take Alison upstairs and let her ride their favorite strap-on. The girl didn't make any of her afternoon classes either.

Indulging herself with Aly there were scant words that could describe the feelings, sensations and emotions that went through her body when she and her daughter made love or had sex. There were differences, of course.

Making love with Aly that was so wonderful, like their souls had joined together and their bodies blended. It was hard to tell where one began and the other left off. Their kisses were soft, tender and lingering. Caresses were slow and gentle, little gasps emerged as they touched each other with affection. In times like this, Alicia felt closer to her daughter than ever before.

Fucking Alison was a totally different game. Alison was much like her mother, a lesbian nymphomaniac. She loved to be lewd in the bedroom, she would nip and bite, she left little scratches all over your body and when she used a dildo, Alicia felt as if her daughter might have been a man in a former life. She also loved it nasty; Alicia would rim her daughter's ass and then fuck her there with the toy. All the while, Alison would be spewing forth profanities that would have got her sent home from school "or kept after by a few of my teachers", Alison had told her mother with the naughtiest little wink.

Living her life by her own rules had liberated Alicia. She still wasn't ready to move in with Glory, but her love for her best friend had grown even more, if that were possible. Becca and Aly had just made it a happy foursome. The thought of seeing all those hot girls in pretty lingerie had her pussy almost molten-hot with lust and she hoped everyone would be exhausted the morning after.

Although it was only a few days until the lingerie show, to Alicia and Aly, it seemed like forever. When the big day came, the girls did themselves proud. Aly put on the tightest black leather pants she owned, a blouse her mother would never have let her wear last year and sexy and feminine lingerie underneath. She topped that all off with 4-inch black stiletto heels and she wore her auburn hair wild and tousled, giving her a very erotic look.

Alicia had continued getting her body in shape, so she wore a decadent brown suede mini, a low-cut blouse and thigh-high, brown suede "fuck me" boots. Underneath, all of her lingerie was sheer and revealing and she knew both Glory and Becca would find it delicious. Her skin was lightly perfumed and she knew that when mixed with the aroma of sex, it would be delicious. The mother-daughter pair got in Alicia's Jaguar and went to pick up Glory and Becca.

Their outfits almost matched, although in reverse. Glory was in a black mini with a sheer white blouse and heels, black stockings on her sexy legs. Becca's top was black silk and clung to her tits, her mini, stockings and heels were white. Alicia already felt her libido racing and they hadn't even made it to the show yet.

They arrived about 15 minutes before the show and were introduced by Polly to her daughter, Renee. From the way that Polly and Renee were holding hands, Alicia would have bet that they shared the same kind of relationship she shared with Aly and Glory shared with Becca. In a short while, she would find out for herself.

The show began and every model was a yummy piece of eye-candy, as far as the women were concerned. Not one of the women was over 21 and all of them wore the lingerie nicely. Alicia noticed Polly and Renee eying it all closely and taking notes, likely making decisions as to what to buy for their store. Alicia's reactions to each item were making it hard for her to be comfortable she would have loved to buy each and every piece!

Towards the end of the show, a woman not much younger than Alicia herself came out to thank everyone for attending. She introduced herself as Cindy and told everyone this was her latest line and she was thrilled everyone had been so receptive. A tall, leggy redhead, Cindy could still have modeled herself, Alicia thought. As Cindy finished her speech, a few more models came out and showed off the remaining pieces. It was the final two models that attracted Alicia's attention the most.

They were two saucy redheads that were identical twins, dressed in opposite colors. One wore a black corset, black fishnet stockings and high stiletto heels with a black top hat. Her twin wore a while corset, white patterned stockings, stiletto heels and a white cap. The girls kept moving close together, tantalizing Alicia and her companions with how hot they looked together. Alicia found herself fantasizing about the twins and wondering if they "played" as some sisters and twins often did? She knew her cunt was wet and was thankful that Glory and the others would take care of that soon enough. Everyone applauded as the show ended and Polly took them over to meet Cindy and thank her.

Cindy was beautiful close up, her green eyes were dazzling and you could see she wore her own product nicely. Glory was quite flirtatious with Cindy, she was almost girly in her actions and it amused Alicia to no end. Alicia commented on the twins and how lovely they had been.

"Yes, they are lovely, aren't they?" Cindy smiled. Then, a gentle sigh escaped her lips. "I suppose I shouldn't have let them be in the show they're only 14. But they're both such shameless little bitches and they asked me so sweetly, I just couldn't say no."

Alicia would have thought the twins were a bit older, but it didn't matter. It was Cindy's next comment that caught her off-guard. "What's a mother to do when her girls want to be models so very much and they both look like that?"

Polly nodded and had the most evil of smiles on her face. In an instant, Alicia knew her friend had been privy to Cindy's little secret.

"We're going out for drinks with Cindy and some of the girls," Polly smiled. "We're going to ... talk business at the store after," She grinned at Alicia.

"Would you be able to take Hannah and Hayley home with you, I could pick them up later," Cindy asked. Glory and Alicia shared a quick look, but there was nothing they could do. Cindy had been gracious with the extra tickets and Alicia knew they were on the spot. Their little sex-fest could wait a few hours, surely. She nodded to Cindy and the woman went to go fetch her daughters. Glory shrugged at her lover and Alicia could see the girls were miffed, but there was nothing to be done about it.

The girls came out a few minutes later and if Alicia thought the sisters were pretty on-stage, off stage, they radiated a youthful, fresh and sensual beauty. Both had soft, gentle voices and seemed very grateful to Alicia for her assistance. They chatted amiably with Alison and Becca and it all sounded so innocent. Alicia chuckled to herself, thinking if the twins knew how atypical the 16-year old teens were, they would have been stunned. For the entire car ride home, Glory kept looking over at Alicia, but there wasn't much Alicia could have done. Their evening would be a bit shorter, but Alicia silently promised her girlfriend and their daughters that she'd make up for it later.

When they got inside Alicia's home, Hannah and Hayley whipped off their coats. They were still wearing the lingerie they had worn in the fashion show. Before anyone could say anything to the twins, Hayley spoke up. "Mom and Aunt Polly told us that we should enjoy ourselves with all of you," She smiled. Hannah spoke next "Mom also told us that she'd be here in a few hours."

The foursome was stunned and if there had been any doubt to just how the girls were to enjoy themselves, those doubts were ended when sexy little Hayley walked over to Glory and planted a sensual, tongue-tangling kiss upon the older blonde. Hannah was in between Alison and Becca and acting like a total little slut, sharing hot, wet kisses with the other teens.

"Aunt Polly?" Alicia questioned.

"Uh-huh," Hayley giggled as she moved away from Glory. "Our uncle was married to Aunt Polly for years, until he decided he wanted a younger woman." She sighed. "What an ass. If he had been smarter and stayed with Aunt Polly, he could have had us, Renee, Polly and Mom and any other little bitch that caught his eye. Why can't men learn to communicate better?" Hayley commented, sounding wise beyond her years.

Alicia decided to make everyone comfortable. Hayley now sat with her, so close that Alicia could count the freckles on her adorable button nose. Glory sat on the other side of her while Hayley's twin was still insinuated between Aly and Becca. Everyone began kissing and caressing, there were soft little sighs of pleasure bouncing off the walls.

"I love older women," Hayley said as Glory's hand slid up and down her fishnet stocking-clad leg. "They know what they're doing, they've usually lost all of their hang-ups and they aren't afraid to let go and they keep on going and have the naughtiest ideas," She grinned as Alicia's adept fingers freed her breasts from the corset. The 14-year old giggled at first at Alicia's touch, but the laughter soon turned to soft, quiet moans which were only silenced when Glory began kissing her.

Alicia glanced over to see the adorable little Hannah being licked and sucked by her own daughter while Hannah's obviously-skilled tongue was dancing across Becca's quim. Moments like these may have seemed so evil and wrong to a lot of people, but for Alicia and her surrogate family, these were the times they lived for. Being on the edge, enjoying liaisons with beautiful women and sexy girls, how could life ever get better than this?

"Fuck, what a great little tongue this naughty slut has!" Becca squealed as Hannah lapped her eagerly. "Mom, wait until she gets her mouth on you she's almost as good as Aly or Aunt Alicia!"

"She must be good then," Glory grinned, moving from beside Hayley and pulling Alison away from Hannah. "Go and taste her twin baby, let Hayley suck your mom's pussy. If I know my baby, Alicia's climbing the walls right about now let's really kick this little pussy party into high gear!"

Becca knew that her mother always had the best, naughtiest ideas, so she almost ran to join with Alicia and Hayley. She spread the redheaded teen's legs wide apart, tore the thong to one side and began to gobble the younger girl's cunt. The sisters had one noticeable difference Hayley had a red landing patch, her sibling was shaved or waxed bare. There was a slight, perfumed aroma rising from Hayley's soaked pussy, Becca dove in and began to lick the hot teen. That spurred Hayley forward, she had been helping Alicia to get naked and was now working her fingers and tongue into the sexy mom's juicy pussy.

"Oh baby, she's a fucking nasty little bitch!" Alicia groaned, making eye contact with Glory. The two friends had shared several adventures over the years but this one, sharing their daughters with two more young girls, this was almost the highest plateau they had ever achieved. She loved watching Glory and Aly blow Hannah's fucking mind, her body was cumming already as her brain raced through all of the various combinations they would be able to perform tonight. Not only could they have different threesomes, there would be the chance for 3 pairings as well. The evening had shifted into high gear the minute everyone walked through Alicia's front door.

"I think we should all go upstairs to the bedroom, we don't want to stain the furniture," Alicia giggled. She led the way but kept looking back at her lovers and the newcomers following behind. Hannah and Hayley didn't walk like typical 14-year olds, they had the naughtiest little wiggle, someone had taught these girls to be provocative. Knowing that made them even sexier to Alicia.

Alicia splayed herself on the bed and before she even had a chance to say a word, Hayley was between her legs and Hannah was sucking her tits. She screamed out loudly as the girls and Glory watched her debauchery. Glory was the next to jump in, putting herself between Hayley's legs and eating her furiously while Alison did likewise to the girl's twin. As for Becca, she flitted about the bed doing anything and everything that came to mind.

"Jesus fucking Christ, this is all so incredibly hot!" Becca groaned as she tongued her mother's cunt. "I bet it can't get better than this, six nasty, hot women sharing one bed, fucking each other and acting like total sluts. I don't see how it could get any better than this!"

"Oh, I can think of one way," Came a voice from the door. The sextet looked over to see Cindy standing there, wearing a sexy Basque, butterfly-patterned black stockings and high boots. She had a look that Alicia would have described as decadent on her gorgeous face.

"I hope you don't mind that I let myself in, the door was open and I could hear all the moaning," Cindy grinned. "I hoped no, I knew my girls would be able to pull this off, I was sure all of you would be fucking like bunnies when I came to pick up the girls."

"Oh God, another one," Glory breathed. "You're so fucking sexy Cindy, get naked and join us. I want to see you and your daughters making it, you've done that before, haven't you?"

"Oh yes, several times," Cindy grinned as she approached the bed. Alicia was glad she'd bought a new bed months ago, the biggest they had. It would have to bear the weight of several horny ladies writhing in sexual ecstasy.

"Mommy's be fucking with us for a while," Hayley grinned as her mother buried her face between her twin's legs. "She's an awful, perverted Mommy who does all sorts of things to us we love every one of them, don't we Hannah?" She giggled.

"Uh-huh," Hannah sighed as her mother licked her deeply. "Mom and Aunt Polly said they thought you were `our kind of people'. This is so nice we have some new friends who won't judge us," She smiled.

Alicia was almost stupefied at the openness of the two redheaded teens and their sensual mother. The three of them were now tangled up, Cindy between Hannah's legs as her other daughter licked her. She, like Hannah, was bald down below.

Alicia could no longer do the math of how many sexual combinations could be achieved, only that there were more than her wildest dreams. The feeling of soft lips on her neck made her shiver, she turned to see her daughter nuzzling her there while Becca's long, red nails were raking over her thighs. Glory was already lapping her daughter's cunt, their affection for each other only surpassed by their incestuous passion. It was thrilling and Alicia didn't think it would ever lose its lustre. There was a flurry of movement and now it was Cindy between her legs and DAMN! the new lover was easily as good as Glory when it came to loving a woman. She winked at Glory when she moved between Cindy's long legs and a happy smile crossed her face when she saw the four teens romping together, legs and arms tangled erotically. Alicia knew this would be a night to remember it already had been!