Mommy's Naughty Little Slut

by Jen L. Lee 2011

Hi readers, it's me, Jen! Wow, did you love my first story - I hope you like this one just as much! I tried to make it ultra-pervy just for you!

Jeannie Robbins had the same opinion most 15-year olds have of their parents that yes, she knew they had sex obviously if they had 3 kids, Jeannie, her older sister, 17-year old Charlotte and her brother Tim but it was likely quiet, routine, by-the-numbers sex. Right?

Jeannie's parents had very special plans on Saturday evening as they did most weekends. Her Mom was running late from work and called to ask her daughter if she could put away the remaining laundry. As Jeannie adored her Mom and was always willing to help out, she said "sure". She didn't have plans with any of her friends and although gorgeous, with a yummy little body and gorgeous, still-blossoming tits, boys didn't notice her. She didn't care, she still thought most of the guys in school were dicks.

Jeannie had always been a sexually precocious child, she had figured out sex by the age of 11 and had been dying to try it since she was 13. Her mother kept a watchful eye on her and boys, but she needn't have bothered. She was starting to think she liked girls better and it didn't help when her mother would tease her, pinch her nipples and say "You're getting the family tits, baby!" Margot had a gorgeous set and Jeannie was constantly admiring her mother's boobs. Funny thing was, the other day the leggy teen had been out by their pool, catching some rays after a long swim. She was wearing a bikini Daddy said was too tiny (although Mommy had bought it for her) and she could have sworn Mommy was checking her out. Could Mommy be interested in Jeannie's nubile little body?

While she was putting away the remaining laundry, Jeannie had a strange compulsion to snoop in her mom's underwear drawer. She was surprised to see how many sexy, lacy, silky pieces of lingerie Margot owned and she wondered how much sex her Mommy actually got. Daddy was away on business on awful lot. She looked around in Margot's closet too, seeing all the sexy clothes she had and her spiky high heels. She knew that Mommy liked heels, the spikier and higher the better. At 5'9" tall, in heels she towered over her 5'5" daughter, although Jeannie had grown two inches since her last birthday. She wondered how she would look in sexy shoes and lingerie and figured she was a sexy little thing, she bet she could rock the look.

The more she looked through her mother's sexy wardrobe, the more naughty ideas Jeannie got. She'd had a paper route since she was 8 and had over 5 thousand dollars in cash in her back account, plus birthday money. Why not buy some nice stuff for herself? She continued rifling through Margot's drawers and came to some naughtier apparel. Now she was getting to see peek-a-boo bras, crotchless panties, a leather bustier wasn't this the kind of lingerie a slut would wear? She didn't care really, if her Mommy was a slut, wasn't it all in good fun anyway? Sex was supposed to be fun, right? Jeannie giggled and thought she would have to re-evaluate her opinion of her mother. She moved a few things around and got another shock. In the bottom drawer was a pile of magazines, a few of them very artsy, some of them were straight-out porn and there was not a man to be seen in any of the pictures. Every magazine was an all-girl magazine, some were solo pictures of girls and many of them featured girls having sex with other girls. Jeannie's head was spinning Mommy was into lez porn? She was into girls? Jeannie was still holding a wispy black lace bra as her body began to become excited. Lurid, lewd, naughty thoughts came into the young girl's mind. She knew such thoughts were wrong, but she imagined her tall, elegant mother wearing stockings and heels and all sorts of sexy lingerie. She was turned on by that thought in a way she would never have expected.

Jeannie's thoughts went back to where they had ventured often lately. She wondered what it would be like to have sex with another girl or perhaps another woman? Someone like her mother perhaps. These were progressive times, several of her girlfriends had experimented, she even had a few girlfriends who admitted to being bi or outright gay. Until the past few months, Jeannie hadn't given it much thought, even though one friend had made an overt pass at her. But what would it be like to try these new experiences? Yes, just what would it be like to have sex with her own mother?

Gazing into the beautiful photos and the gauzy pieces of silk in her mother's lingerie drawer, Jeannie knew she was being ridiculous. She didn't measure up to these sexy beauties, she could wear then she stopped herself. The hell she didn't, the hell she couldn't! She had a nice body, some attractive packaging would be just the thing. She had developing curves and mesmerizing green eyes. Any girl any woman would be lucky to be to Jeannie's partner. She giggled, good grief, where were was all this confidence coming from?

Stroking her mother's sexy, lacy undergarments, Jeannie felt her cunt dampen. She rubbed it through her tiny thong and was glad no one was home to hear her moans. Oh, this all felt so good, the young girl experienced the first real climax of her young life. By the time the horny teenager finished, her inner thighs were sticky with pussy juice and her fingers were almost wrinkled from playing with herself so much.

All that Jeannie could think of now was having her mother between her legs, their bodies entwined. Her own budding tits against Margot's bigger tits, both of them sharing a passion that was forbidden and illicit. She wanted to taste her mother's cunt and see Margot's beautiful face as she experienced an orgasm on her daughter's tongue and probing fingers. Society might say it was wrong, but had become Jeannie's foremost desire. By the time her parents got home from their night out, Jeannie was wearing a robe over her bikini and looked sweet and demure once again. Only she was privy to the lewd thoughts racing through her head.

The following Saturday, Jeannie left the house early, going to the store she was sure carried the lingerie her mother had purchased. Sure enough, the window display featured scantily-clad mannequins wearing all sorts of sexy things. Jeannie entered the store and a pretty salesgirl showed her around. If Jeannie hadn't been so intent on having her mother be her first girl-on-girl experience, she might have allowed the sultry young woman to seduce her. Oh well, there was always another day. My Goodness, her attitude was changing! Jeannie set about building a lingerie wardrobe that complimented her mother's. Teddies, camisoles, sheer bras and tiny little thongs all piled up on the counter. She splurged on quite a few pairs of silk stockings and garter belts, knowing they'd look great on her long, slender legs.

"Planning to wear these for anyone special?" The girl grinned at her as she rang up the purchases.

"Uh-huh," Jeannie told her and saw a dejected look cross the girl's gorgeous features. "But don't worry, you have such sexy things, I'm sure I'll be back." She had a huge grin on her face as Jeannie left the store.

She saw that she'd run up quite a tab, but wasn't done yet. She went to a nice shoe boutique and bought herself quite a few pairs of heels and stiletto shoes. There was a pair of "fuck me" boots she knew she shouldn't buy, but they were just too good to pass up. Jeannie sighed as she saw a good chunk of her savings was now gone, but if she reached her objective, it would all be worth it.

No one but her mother was around when Jeannie returned home. Her sister was at her part-time job and her father was coaching baseball. Perfect. Jeannie ran upstairs and changed into the snuggest black T-shirt she owned and giggled when she thought of what her mother would find underneath. A sheer black bra, the garterbelt and black silk stockings and then she wiggled into her new, naughty leather mini. She donned sexy stiletto heels that left no doubt as to her intentions. Jeannie felt very feminine and sexy as she entered the family room where Margot was watching an old episode of "Desperate Housewives". Absorbed in the show, Margot didn't notice Jeannie right away, so the young girl piped up. "Hi Mom! Guess it's just us girls, huh?"

"Hmm? I guess it is. My goodness Jeannie don't you look grown up in your new clothes?! That's a very daring outfit," Her mother admired. Jeannie was thrilled that Margot had noticed.

"Is it? I'm not a kid anymore and I do like being a girl, so I thought I'd buy some new clothes so that I could dress like one. I was thinking of calling some friends and going out tonight, maybe go dancing at an all-ages club. I love to dance."

"So do I, but you know your father," Margot's voice trailed off. Dancing was not among her husband's talents.

Jeannie sat down beside her mom and snuggled close. "Men!" She grunted in a slightly testy tone.

"Oh, they have their uses, I suppose,"Margot grinned. "You smell nice too darling, is that a new perfume?"

"Mmm, yes it is Mommy, thank you for noticing," Jeannie replied. She snuggled in closer with her mother to watch TV, although she did have an ulterior motive. Her mom still felt warm and comfortable, but this time there was an undercurrent of sensuality.

The show ended and an idea crossed Jeannie's mind. "Hey Mommy, why don't we dance a little bit? It's been so long since I went dancing and since you said Daddy doesn't like to dance, why don't the two of us have a go?"

Jeannie got up and put on a CD and then took her mother's hand to help her stand up. The two women, one mature, sensual and alluring, one young, nubile and scrumptious, held each other close as they swayed in time to the music. Jannie put an extra little wiggle into her hips and pressed as close to Margot as she could get. Her nipples were stiff under the tight T and she could feel how aroused she was becoming, but she continued to play it cool. She moved a bit more sensually now, rubbing herself softly against her mother. Margot just let Jeannie do whatever it was she wanted to do, letting her baby girl snuggle close. It felt very nice to hold Jeannie in her arms.

"My little girl has become a very sexy young woman," Margot complimented her daughter. "You move very well and that outfit is well, let's just say if I were your boyfriend, I wouldn't let you out of my sight."

Jeannie giggled, a boyfriend was the last thing on her mind. "You like the outfit, Mommy?" She asked. Margot nodded. "Would you like to see a bit more of my outfit?" Margot didn't speak, but merely nodded again as her daughter moved away from her, the music still playing in the background.

Jeannie removed her T-shirt and then her mini and stood there before Margot in just her lingerie and heels. Margot's eyes widened at the sight of her beautiful young daughter and just how sexy she was. She was almost salivating at Jeannie's near-nudity.

"I bought more lingerie Mommy a lot of it is like yours."

"Like mine?"

"When I was putting away the laundry Mommy, I looked in your lingerie drawer. You have a lot of sexy things ... I wanted some like that too, so I went shopping and bought some for myself. I I found the magazines too, Mommy!" Jeannie confessed, unsure as to what her mother's reaction would be.

"Oh Jeannie, I can explain those, I ..." Margot began but her daughter cut her off.

"I thought they were very sexy Mommy and I got all sorts of ideas. Would you like me to show you the rest of my new outfits, Mommy?"

"Oh God, do you know what you're doing to Mommy, sweetheart?" Margot sighed as her sexy nymphet daughter boldly displayed her body. Jeannie just nodded silently, a coy smile on her face as she left the room.

"Wait until she gets a load of me," Jeannie thought to herself as she came back into the room. Now she was wearing a tiny white lace teddy that had a matching thong and white stiletto heels. The look of desire in Margot's eyes told the full story. Margot went to embrace her daughter, but Jeannie wasn't done teasing. She left the room and a confused Margot, returning with a sheer black negligee and black bedroom slippers. The outfit was gauzy and had a nice slit on one side showing Jeannie's slender, lovely legs. Margot was almost panting with desire, but her nasty little girl wasn't done yet. She scampered off and returned wearing a black bustier and leopard-print thong with heels that had the same pattern. When Margot neared her daughter, this time Jeannie didn't move away. Margot pulled her daughter close for a passionate kiss, the first kiss from another woman that Jeannie had ever experienced. It was everything she had ever hoped it would be, full of sensuality, naughtiness and passion. Jeannie had played with herself and known sexual arousal, but it was nothing compared to this. Margot's hands fondled her daughter's pert tits through the material and she nuzzled Jeannie's neck as she continued fondling the younger girl's nubile body.

"Were these the kind of ideas you were getting, baby girl?" Margot purred as she pulled away from her daughter.

"Oh, yes," Jeannie said, panting a bit. "Making love with you has been all I could think of since then ... I don't care if it's wrong, when I realized you were into girls, oh Mommy, I wanted you so, so much!"

"Then you'll have me baby girl, but we'll have to be careful. Your Daddy would kill us if he ever found out. He still doesn't know about me and Charlotte."

"You and Charlotte?"

"Who do you think got me interested in girls, baby? Hmm guess you didn't find all the pictures. Your sister is a lesbian baby ... sometimes she isn't at work, we just tell Daddy that. Sometimes she's with her girlfriend, Mrs. Harris."

"Mrs. Harris, my math teacher? Wow! She's ..."

"Gorgeous and 5 years younger than me, baby." Margot giggled. "Guess my baby girls like the MILF type," She chuckled. "That's okay because Mommy is turned on by sexy young things like you two, so it all works out.

Jeannie's fingers had been idly stroking her own pussy. Margot pulled them away and licked them. "Yummy ... but no more of that. You need to cum or want some fun, you come to Mommy. I tell you what ... why don't I go and change and I'll try to fulfill some of your fantasies," Margot purred. The elegant brunette left the room and her daughter nearly collapsed with excitement. She had expected some token resistance and found none. Making love ... and fucking ... her naughty Mommy was going to be the penultimate in sexual decadence.

It seemed like hours but was only minutes when Margot returned. "What do you think, baby?" Margot's voice came from behind Jeannie. She spun around and saw her mother, now looking both sensual and wild, a sheer, cream-colored negligee cover her curvy body.

"I think I can't wait to have sex with you, Mommy!" Jeannie thrilled as the two women neared each other.

"Did you buy all of these things with the intent of seducing me?" Margot purred as she and Jeannie were nearly touching.

"Mmm-hmm ... I wanted you to see me as a sexy young lady and not just as your daughter," Jeannie sighed as Margot placed her hands on Jeannie's shoulders.

"Can't I do both?" Margot smiled and finally kissed Jeannie. This kiss bore no hint of parental affection, it was hungry, needy and 100% kinky. Margot's tongue snaked all around Jeannie's mouth and Jeannie felt her nipples stiffen and her cunt moisten as Margot's hands moved down and squeezed her ass.

"Oh baby, this is hot, so fucking sexy, you're a lezzie slut, just like your sister and me. We're going to have such good times Jeannie, Mommy's going to teach you all sorts of tricks would you like that?"

"Yes Mommy. I bought all of these things for you and I'll wear them for you, only for you. I want to fuck with you Mommy and be your special girl, but I have a confession I'm a virgin!" Jeannie blurted out.

"Oh baby, how very special. Mommy promises to make this good for you. As for being my girl ... well, your sister might want to play with us sometimes, she bought some of my naughtier outfits, but we can keep it in the family. We'll talk about that later. I'm dying to fuck my little angel, so why don't we go into my bedroom and get comfortable?" Margot suggested.

Obediently, Jeannie followed her mother into the bedroom. Margot put on a little show of her own, shimmying out of her lingerie so now she was only wearing a tiny thong and lace stockings with high heels. She lay across the bed and lewdly fingered her pink, shaven cunt and held out a pussy-slicked finger to Jeannie. "Come and taste Mommy, you little slut I know you want to, you're a cunt-crazed lezzie bitch, like Charlotte, like Mommy!"

Jeannie had never seen this side of her mother, the wild sexual side that was now on display. It got her so horny that she had to do something to keep the heat going. She made a little show of licking her mother's fingers that turned Margot on immensely. Jeannie crawled closer to her mother on the bed and Margot pulled her daughter's face to a stiffening nipple.

"That's perfect baby, my little bitch, lick and bite Mommy's nipples. You're wonderful, you're going to be a naughty little fuckmate for Mommy and Charlotte, aren't you? Don't stop Jeannie, you're doing great!" Margot groaned.

The 15-year old could feel her excitement growing with every passing minutes. Jeannie loved turning her mother on and didn't think anything was sexier than the look on her mother's face as she was being pleasured. Being a bit daring, Jeannie licked down her mother's smooth, tanned skin and just above her panty line. Margot's eyes closed as she luxuriated in her youngest daughter's innate talents.

"My sweet, beautiful baby, you're wonderful, Mommy's so turned on come on baby, let Mommy have a taste of your sweet honeypot. Mommy is going to eat you alive, you luscious little thing!" Margot groaned as Jeannie moved upwards again.

Margot too time to undress her daughter and appreciate the lingerie, the bustier was very sexy and she wondered how it would look on Charlotte? Her girls could swap naughty undies now, how fun! She was sure Charlotte would love that and bet Charlotte would love to eat her younger sister. Margot was thrilled and flattered that she had been Jeannie's first choice as a lover. She spread Jeannie's legs apart and kissed her silky-smooth tights. She lowered her face down and found even Jeannie's cunt smelled delicious. "I think my baby is ready for her first sexy lezzie fuck!" Margot purred as Jeannie sighed a soft "Yes".

Her mother's tongue on her pussy thrilled Jeannie to no end, but she had the impatience of youth. She wrapped her legs tightly around her mother's head as she ate her cunt. How many times had Margot eaten cunt? She must have had a lot of practice, maybe with Charlotte. Perhaps her mom was a true lez at heart, because she was wonderful. Jeannie looked down and saw her mom's beautiful face between her legs. The sight of that alone almost made her cum, so she released her mom's head, her face glistening with Jeannie's juices.

"I knew you'd be delicious, Jeannie. The next step for us is a sixty-nine, no baby, leave the stockings and heels on, Mommy loves them! That's it, my naughty love, swing your body around yes, just like the naughty pictures, you've got it!"

The 15-year old knew that she should be nervous about eating pussy for the first time, but she wasn't. All Jeannie could feel was love, lust, desire and a deep yearning to make Margot cum. As her mother's tongue snaked out and licked at her groove, Jeannie let her own lusts and instincts guide her. A guttural groan from Margot let her know she was on the right path. The two women began rocking together, holding on for dear life and mother and daughter indulged their incestuous passion.

They spent what seemed like hours in that position, Jeannie had the time of her life with her mom. She experienced countless orgasms and the thrill of bringing someone else to climax. They cuddled together and talked, both learning new and exciting things about each other.

"Daddy and I don't fuck much anymore baby, but with Charlotte around and now you I really won't miss him!" Margot giggled, flicking Jeannie's stiff nipple with her tongue.

"Mommy, Charlotte's out for a while, Daddy's still coaching, Tim's playing soccer, so we have the whole house to ourselves," Jeannie smiled. "Why don't we have dinner together, just the way we are?" Margot thought that idea sounded very sexy, so she put on a blue lace teddy with new stockings and heels, while Jeannie opted for a sheer white bra and tiny thong and her new "fuck me" boots. All through the meal, Jeannie sat on her mom's lap and they fed each other little bites of food, kissing in between to keep the heat up.

Over the next few weeks, mother and daughter kept the fires burning. Feeling a bit greedy, Jeannie asked her mother to keep it a secret from Charlotte for a while longer and Margot agreed. Margot kind of liked having a 2nd sex slave and one night, feeling totally nervy, she tied her daughter to her bed and took Jeannie's virginity with a strap-on dildo. Jeannie howled and carried on although she really loved each and every second of it. Margot loved her newly-sexual daughter and took full advantage of it. Jeannie's innocent look continues to fool her friend and family, but Margot knows that even if her daughter is just wearing jeans and a T-shirt, underneath it all is the sexiest, trashiest lingerie.

They finally let Charlotte in on their secret and now, more often than not, it's 3 women in a bed. Jeannie was introduced to her math teacher in a whole new way and was thrilled to find out how perverted Mrs. Harris was underneath all her conservative clothes and man, what a hot tongue! As for Jeannie's dad, he was just happy to see how high her math grades had climbed. When he asked her how she'd done it, Jeannie just gave him a demure smile.

The women in the household continue to have their incestuous flings, right under the noses of the men. Once in a while, when no one is paying attention, a knowing hand will pinch a nipple, squeeze a breast or slip down into a warm, wet, welcoming pussy. If one of the women notices, she just winks. Once the men are gone, clothes go flying every which way, sensual oils come out, candles are lit and lingerie is put on. When Daddy wonders why his girls don't seem to go out much Margot just tells him "I think our girls are just too special for the boys around here." Her daughters laugh with her that answer always seems to appease their Daddy, who stills knows nothing of the 3 perverted lesbian sluts living happily under his roof.