Mom's Secret Play Room, Part 3

by Jamicaman516

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Two months after second story:

So far in my life, I was as happy as any kid on the planet earth. The past two months were filled with the normal school work, movies, shopping, and the normal stuff a mom and daughter do together. Now added to that was mind numbing sex, juice toys, cuddling, and many more just loving caring things we did one another.

The week after my mom became my mistress was a week of adjustment for both of us. The day after my second entry, we sat down together and formed a deal in regards to our new lives as mistress and sex slave. It was agreed we would not be one of those couples who were S&M 24/7, instead it would be every two or three days we would go into mom's playroom and exercise our love for one another. Usually for 2 to 3 hour sessions of sex, pain, and punishment occurred when we were in mistress/slave mode.

At all other times we acted in public like a loving mother daughter pair, we even acted that way when we went to get outfitted in mom's favorite sex store, for my new collar, horse tail anal plug, and other gear and clothing for our new sex lives.

At home we acted like two newlyweds; we bathed together, slept together, confided in one another, and made sweet love to one another. This love making had no S&M in it, just pure love and devotion. My mom told me the story of how she became a BDSM kind of girl, and her various lovers one evening after we had had dinner and where on the couch in a cuddle I had asked her about her past lovers. After she told me, and I pouted thinking of how so many others had been able to make and receive passionate love from mom, but not me. My mom laughed at me when explained this to her, saying that I was been thick headed and telling me she hadn't had a lover in several years.

I asked why and she responded with "Well honey, when I had you I know that my life had changed forever. I was single mom, I was only 20 at the time and the moment I saw you my heart filled with love, joy and pride in the fact that you where mine and no one else's. Also I was busy for several years raising you and with my business, and the joy you gave me, left me with no need for a lover. I did have a few one night stands when you would stay over at a friend's home, or my relatives but those occurred only once in a blue moon. Mostly I just masturbated when I felt any sexual urges and ironic as it is I had been imagining you as my lover for the last 2 or so years."

I was put back at this revelation; I felt both pride and love in the fact that I had filled my mom with emotions and later desires that kept from anyone else for the most part for my entire life. I turned my head and kissed my mom on her lips with a soft passionate tone. She returned my kiss with equal passion and softness. After a few seconds we broke off, smiling at each other, thinking of how lucky we each were. We cuddled closer and I sighed in contentment, I knew I one of the luckiest girls on the planet. Here I was in a nice large home, in a fuzz warm robe, with a full stomach, I was in perfect health, and I was cuddling with the most attractive woman on the planet.

I don't think I told you about how she looks or how I look for that matter. Well I am 5 foot 4 inches, 13 years old, about 120 pounds of mostly muscle and a healthy amount of body fat. I recently grew into a B cup breasts, I have a voice that is a high soprano that is often in laughing or giggling, I have nice straight brunette hair that goes to mid back or so, I have a face and body free of zit's or freckles. I have gray eyes, like a storm cloud, I have a small nose, rosy cheeks and small but well defined ears. I have the hip sway that draws attention to my small waist, and then my cute full ass, and a long thin arms and long well muscled legs that complete the picture. I have the gift of good body genes, and have the hour glass figure many woman wish they had.

My mom is a young 33 single woman; she has green eyes, a medium sized nose, and small ears like mine. Her hair is a strawberry blond that is about shoulder length. She has some freckles on her face, but that's all the blemishes she has. Her voice is a lower alto then mine, and has the same body figure as me; her hip sway brings the eye first to her thin waist, then to her stellar breasts, a good D cup and then brings the eye back down her round full ass. Her arms are muscled but not too much, just enough to give a good spanking or whipping. Her legs are also muscled but more so then usual.

I sighed again thinking of how good her spanking can be, she well have me gagged, hands and ankles cuffed, and totally nude. She will then slowly rub my butt, and thighs and then softly spank one cheek, and then rub some more. Then spank harder and rub for less time than before and continue this pattern till she's wailing on both cheeks with either her bare hand or a whip. She keeps this up till I'm soaked and on the edge of release, then she will slip a strap on dildo on and fuck me nice and hard, still gagged and cuffed in either my pussy or ass till I orgasm at least twice.

I draw away from mom, on the couch, with my pussy becoming wet. I ask her in my submissive/slave voice I only use when I'm in the mood for some rough sex.

"Mistress, your slave is having naughty thoughts about you again, I think I need some punishment." I announce.

Mom looked at me again, and broke a small smile on her face.

"Well then slave, go bring me your gag, a strap on, a blindfold, and a whip" she says in her mistress voice.

I rush off to gather the items she wants and am back in the living room in under 3 minutes. I put the things on the high backed chair, where she indicates with a hand motion she wants them. I then kneel at her feet with a look of lust on my face, every motion of my body betraying how hot, horny and slutty I felt right then and there. Mom looked down at me with a similar feature on her face, and then said "slave take off your robe, now!"

I undid the rope around my waist and got up, opened the robe and let it fall the ground, I then kneeled at my mother's side naked as the day I was born. She cupped my check with her hand and said "well just look at a slut my daughter is. She doesn't even have the public decency to put a bra or panties on under her robe. Well I guess I will have to punish such a slut. Go grab the items off the chair and give them to me."

I did as she commanded and she then slid the black thick blindfold over my eyes. I couldn't see though the thick silky material. She then put the ball gag in mouth, making moan in anticipation. She gave me a sharp smack on my butt, and told me to stop moaning. Of course she really didn't mean it and the smack she gave me made me moan again.

"Get on all fours" She commanded again.

I did so and was told to instead get on her lap. I was dripping with arousal and knew how this would end, with me getting fucked hard rough and not in control just the way I liked it. However instead of the norm of rubbing and a gradual crescendo into the spanking tonight my mom went right into it.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack!

She rained blows onto my ass, which felt like it was on fire and had to been a cherry red color. I moaned in totally high moment of adrenaline, hormones and hornyness, as my ass was palmed ever and ever again. It lasted at least ten minutes and left me dripping in saliva from my mouth in one puddle, and dripping pussy secretions into another puddle. I was aching all over my ass and pussy from the punishment and need to go ever the edge.

Mom then told me to get on the floor on my back legs spread. I did so in a flash and then she started to pussy whip me, it hurt so bad, but felt so good at the same moment. Each hit sent equal arcs of pain and pleasure from my pussy to my brain. I moaned in pain and enjoyment, as my mom went to town on my pussy. This session lasted 5 minutes or so, and left me dripping in continued arousal.

My mom then said in a sneer voice she only used in mistress mode "Ready my little bitch! I got a nice present for you, Slave!" She then rammed the strap on dildo straight into my ass, no lube or anything. Then again I was dripping so much it probably wasn't needed. She started to piston in and out, using those muscled legs and arms to keep me still and to force her girl dick in and out of my bowels. I screamed as she entered and raped me, I was screaming in lust and arousal as my mom had her way with me and made me feel lick the bitch and slave I sometimes needed to be.

The strap on she was using was the largest one we had in the house, it was a monster 14 inches long and a good 2 inches across. Mom hadn't used it on me before and I had grabbed hoping it fill my pussy to the max, not my poor little asshole. Mom stopped for moment, and flipped me and grabbed my hair in a vice grip. She then jerked my head back and rode into my ass, like nothing I had experienced before. I moaned and screamed and gurgled in my own drool as I was used over and over again for at least an hour. I came once, then twice and then on and on again, as my ass muscles tried to grasp and restrain the foreign invader into my bowels.

That didn't stop mom, as she used me to exercise her beautiful dominate will on her poor, slutty slave daughter. As she rode my ass, she kept up a constant stream of bitch talk that just added to my excitement.

She things like this "Yeah bitch, take my nice girl cock into your slut hole. You like it don't you slave, you love having your mistress make you feel special and wanted. Well guess what, I don't want you, you're like a common whore to me, I use and fuck you and then throw you away like the slutty trash you are. I really am disgusted in the slutty daughter I raised, I merrily have to kiss her and hug her and her wants to be ass fucked like the bitch she is. Then again your real mom was a slut to, l ought to find her and bang her to, and then have her bang you."

After she stopped, and I was on the floor panting, drooling and utterly spent and satisfied, she unclipped herself form the dildo, and slowly slid it out of my ass. It left me open and gaping, but I was so sleepy and content that I didn't care. Mom toke the gag out of my mouth and kissed me slowly and sweetly.

I mumbled to her "thanks mom that was the best yet."

I then slid into sleep as my mind slipped beneath the waves of consciences. Mom held me to her heart and carried me into her bed upstairs and tucked me in and cuddled with my limp form. She fell asleep as well as she thought about how much she loved and how undeserving she felt to have such a wonderful daughter, lover and slave.

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