Taking Laura Home

by hornykate

Laura popped her head round the kitchen door, "Ready when you are Mrs D." Laura was my daughter's friend. She lived a few miles away so when the nights drew in I was in the habit of taking her home. I looked forward to it. She was easy company, easy to make laugh and was funny herself in a quirky way. She was a pretty little thing, dark hair cut short, nice smile. Typical girl-next-door sort. She played hockey after school so she wasn't as lanky and awkward as some twelve year olds. In fact she was quite womanly.

Recently however, I'd become slightly unsettled by her behaviour. As I was driving, everytime I changed gear (we have a manual gear shift) her leg would be where my gear stick was and I found myself on several occasions rubbing against her knee. I ended up making a joke about it.

"I'm gonna chop that leg off", that kind of thing. But she kept doing it. It soon became apparent it was no accident. I wondered what her game was. Did she have a crush? Possible. I was not unattractive. Petite, in decent shape still. But it seemed so silly. She was twelve. At one point I grabbed hold of her knee and kept my hand there so as to keep it away from the gear stick. We were playing a game. The next day however, the game took a different turn as she came to see my daughter in a short skirt. And you know what? I found myself unable to think of anything other than taking Laura home. But the reality of it left me slightly shaken.

On the way home we went through the usual thing but at one point I put my hand on her knee and the feeling of her naked skin was like a little electric shock. And it made me start questioning my own motives. She was twelve. Maybe she WAS flirting. I was 30-something. What was my excuse?

After that I'd invent a migraine, so for a week it was hubby who took her home. Then Laura came to me in the kitchen and confided that, though she liked Mr D, she found it hard to talk to him. Not surprising. Unless she knew the intricacies of motor mechanics, or liked 18 year old models with big tits, she was always going to be struggling. So I agreed to take her home that night. And I noticed she was wearing jeans. Phew! But when the time came for going home she was wearing a short black skirt.

"Didn't you have jeans on earlier?" I asked.

"Er...I spilt some coke on them."

"And you just happened to have a skirt with you?" I smiled.

"Mmhmm." she said and nodded. I see, I thought. Devious is as devious does.

In the car it was back to the old tricks. I was feeling a little bolder. I took the first opportunity to grab her naked leg and I kept my hand there.

"You're impossible." I said. We pulled up for a red light.

"Laura, are you teasing me?" Silence.

"You seem to be playing a game but I'm not sure of the rules." That was quite a sentence for a twelve year old to assimilate.

"It's not a game Mrs D. I like you."

"I like you too dear but you're making my head swim." The lights changed so we pulled off. I'd had to remove my hand from her leg to change gear. Should I put it back? She'd repositioned herself and her body language now suggested the game was over. I put my hand back on her knee and she seemed to become less rigid.



"Open your legs." She did and my hand slid between her thighs to within an inch of her sex.

"My idea of a game might be different to yours baby." Then she really did make my head swim.

"I don't think it is." My hand had been still but now I began gently stroking her along her thigh, getting close to but never touching her sex.

"My idea of a game will be a lot more grown up."

"I know." She said, more quietly.

We were on a lengthy stretch of road. I took a deep breath.

"My idea of a game would involve something like this." and I covered her cunt with my hand, and slowly started rubbing her there, feeling the smoothness of her sex through her knickers.

"Is this the sort of game you were thinking of Laura?"

"Yes," she said and she scooted forward slighty in her seat.



"Would you take your knickers off?"

"Yes." I removed my hand as she did, and I put my hand back and slid my finger into her cunt.

"You are a little tease Laura. Would you like to play more games?".


"Has anyone ever kissed you here?" I asked with a flourish in my fingers, "because I want to kiss you there. Would you like that?"

"Yes!" and I think that's when she came. We were nearly there and I felt an irrational panic. I pulled my dress up to my waist.



"Touch me." and I put her hand between my legs.

"Touch me please, put your fingers inside me." and she slid two fingers into my soaking cunt. I had to pull her hand away as we stopped outside her house. Before she got out she leaned over to me, a hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "I liked that game Mrs D. Can we play it again?"

"We'll see Laura. It depends if you wear your little skirt again."

"With or without knickers?" she asked, "no, wait. I'll surprise you!" and she kissed me on my lips and was gone.