Frankie and Janey and the Magic Elixir

by Honey West

NOTE - This is FANTASY and in no way do I endorse the using of any kind of 'elixir' in real life.

Frankie and I had been lovers for at least six months before things drastically changed in our lives. We met at work. I was a receptionist for a pharmaceutical company and she was a chemist whose excuses for coming to the front office were getting slimmer and slimmer since she was really coming to flirt with me. I finally told her that she should just come out and ask me for a date and see what happens. She did and I accepted.

I am a fairly attractive girl at 19 with a slim figure (though not much in the boobs department) and a bit reserved in my ways. I was never what you would call wild in my youth and still consider an old black-and-white movie and popcorn an exciting evening. Frankie, on the other hand, was stunning at 33. Downright beautiful, (stacked!), with a humorous outgoing personality that made you smile from across the room. I had dated boys/men as a teen but was pretty sure I was gay before I graduated. Frankie had known all her life.

The first time we went out was simply romantic, with dinner and talking and a long walk. It ended with her actually kissing me goodnight at my apartment door. The second date, well, we didn’t make it outside of her apartment the entire weekend. We seemed made for each other and enjoyed the fact that we could talk to each other as friends as well as lovers. Still, when it, one day, came to the subject of hidden fantasies, she shied away from the topic, saying they were usually supposed to stay hidden. I let it go but was still curious. I even tried to sneak into her home computer to see what web sites she might frequent but her security was too good. I knew there was something tho, and told myself that if I found out I would keep an open mind.

It seemed a perfect relationship. We would spend the weekends together and the workweek in our own apartments. We were getting around to talking about moving in together when Frankie received the news. Her sister, a widow, had been killed in a car accident. They had lived states apart and were moderately close. She left for the funeral and was gone a little longer than I had expected so I worried. You can imagine the shock I had when I met her at the airport and under her arm was a three year old boy! This was capped by the six year old girl who stuck her head out shyly from behind Frankie. “Meet my inheritance”, she deadpanned. I was introduced to Edward, who was asleep, and Christina, who was shy. I was speechless, but quickly resolved to make these poor kids feel at ease with their new life. Our new life.

Clearly either of our apartments were too small for a ‘family’ of four so we opted for new digs. The apartment we liked was great but wouldn’t be available for two months. The kids were to sleep with Frankie in her king-size bed until they could get their own rooms. Having just lost their last parent and thrust into a new environment, Frankie and I decided not to complicate their lives more by ‘coming out’ to them. I was, therefore, ‘Aunt’ Janey, best friend and soon-to-be-roommate.

The kids seem to adjust fast, considering, and I had to laugh at Frankie attempts at being ‘Mom’. Eddie was what I assumed to be an average 3-year-old, laughing and crying and bouncing around. He liked to run around in his white BVDs or his Scooby-Doo pajamas. Christina, or Christy as she liked to be called, was just lovely. She had a face at six that told you she was going to be a heartbreaker when she grew up. I’d noticed Frankie almost seemed spellbound by her at times and I understood, the child was that striking looking.

We tried to maintain a modicum of normalcy in this situation but to be honest I missed tasting Frankie’s pussy. I missed spending time in her bed straddling her and rubbing my moist cunt on her nipples. I missed licking her backside til she squealed. I definitely missed her suckling my ever-sensitive tits. Alas, she seemed nervous about leaving the kids with a babysitter just yet and I settled for sneaking a feel in her panties when I could or a heavy petting session on the couch as the kids slept down the hall.

It was during one of these sessions when we were driving each other wild, I with my hand in her slacks, fingering her pussy and asshole, she with hands in my shirt, rolling my stiff buttons between her fingers, that she suddenly looked at me. “you know what really turns me on?” , she whispered, with a slight look of fear at revealing it. “No,” I panted excitedly, “Please, tell me!” She could see in my eyes that I was ready for this…anything. Then Eddie could be heard in the hallway crying that he’d had a nightmare.

Damn! Bad timing. Frankie jumped up, adjusted herself and went to soothe Edward. After a while, she came into the living room with Eddie just about asleep in her arms. She kissed me and lovingly suggested I should go home. “I promise”, she said, “Tomorrow night”.

Well, the next day crept slowly and Frankie walked through the office once (ever gorgeous in her lab smock) and gave me a quick wink.

That night seemed about the same as usual. The kids had a blanket spread out on the living room floor and were watching the Cartoon Channel (god, it’d been a while since we’ve seen one of our favorite x-rated movies). They were drinking hot cocoa that Frankie had made for them. We adults were sitting on the couch being rather quiet. I’d assumed that I would have to wait till later in the evening when the kids went to bed to talk to Frankie, but she surprised me by pulling out a photo album that was next to the couch. She tapped it with a sly smile and I felt that whatever caution she’d harbored was now gone. I saw that the young ones had stretched out on their stomachs to watch TV and little Eddie was napping. Frankie handed me the album and whispered, “Mind you, I’ve never actually done anything except collect these”.

When I opened the book I felt a flush cover me. The first page was a beautifully drawn picture of a young girl, about six or seven, nude! She seemed to be posing for the artist in an unashamed manner and her bare slit was slightly open. I gasped and looked at Frankie, who now looked scared at my reaction. I turned the page and saw more drawings, lithos and sketches with the same theme: one had two young boys touching each others penises; another line drawing had a mother and daughter pose, both nude, the little girl sitting on her mother’s lap suckling her breast while the woman’s hand provocatively settled under her little bum. I turned the page and saw a Japanese anime shot of a woman being licked by a young boy while a girl watches. I felt my mouth get dry and my heartbeat seemed apparent. I kept looking at the drawings wondering what to say to Frankie when I realized that my pussy was wet. I turned see Frankie watching me with nervous anticipation. So this was her hidden fantasy. She suddenly looked like she might be ready to cry and I wasn’t sure what my face was telling her. I knew I loved her, though, and I whispered quietly “My pussy is wet.” She suddenly expelled her breath and said, “Really!?” Sssh, I said, and leaned forward to check the kids. They were both asleep! I took advantage of this fact to lean over and kiss Frankie passionately. Her hand unsnapped my pants and slid down to my soaked slit. Her other arm went around me and I leaned back as she diddled my nipple and continued to work magic on my cunt. Soon the only sounds in the room were Kim Possible and my squishing pussy. I looked at the book while Frankie pleasured me and when I saw the cartoon of two mature women disrobing a young girl I felt it coming. I grabbed a throw pillow and covered my mouth as her fingers brought me to a mind-blowing orgasm. I tried to come out of it quickly to make sure I hadn’t awaken the kids but they were still sleeping. Suddenly, I saw Christy in a new way as she lay on her belly and her little backside sloped gracefully from her back. I felt the urge to kiss her cheeks. I grabbed Frankie by the hand and led her quickly into the bedroom where I pushed her onto the mattress, tore her pants and panties off (and mine), and, lifting her leg up, mashed our pussies together. As our thrusts came into rhythm, our love boxes turned into liquid velvet and I came again when I saw the contorted face that Frankie makes when she’s about to cum good. Afterwards I fell forward on her, grinding as if my body was trying to soak up the juices between us. She runs her hand thru my hair tells me that she loves me and was so scared of what I might think of her. I could only think of an old Playboy article (of all things!) on the subject of fantasies. They had quoted Dave Mason with “when it comes down to just two, she ain’t no crazier than you.” She giggled at this.

Just then Frankie jumped up to see what time it was. “We have to get back”, she said pulling her pants back on. We came into the living room and I realized we had left the photo album on the couch. Omigod, what if one of the youngsters would have awoken and found that! “Not likely,” Frankie smiled as she settled back on the couch, “my elixir is good for at least a half hour.” You’re What?? I was in shock. Frankie confessed to giving them a new mild sedative her lab had been developing. It was in the chocolate. “our tests show that they will sleep for at least a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. No side effects at all. We’ve been double-checking this thing for a year now. I’ve had the body weights and dosages triple checked.” She beamed at me proudly. I was livid! How dare you do this to these kids! I went off. And Frankie didn’t see it! She had been worried about how I would feel about her fantasies and yet didn’t think I would be upset about drugging the youngsters!? Frankie countered that she was in complete faith with something she had helped developed and would never have used anything she had doubts about.

Our shouting stopped when we saw that Christy had rolled over and, stretching lazily, asked “Are you two fighting?” Eddie was also stirring and yawning. “No, honey, I was just leaving”. And I left.

I was upset for days. I was upset because those pictures turned me on. I was upset because Frankie did what she did. I was upset because Christy’s backside looked delicious. I was really upset because I realized I could have kissed Christy’s backside had I known she wouldn’t wake up for a while. And I was upset that that thought mostly seemed to be on my mind.

Flowers appeared on my desk after lunch with the note: Please forgive me? Damn. I hate being in love. She peered through the door with puppy eyes and I melted.

As we kissed later she told me she would not use the elixir again if it upset me so much but that later, when it comes out on the market, I was going to feel foolish. At that moment I felt the words come out of my mouth: “just one more time”. Frankie’s eyes widen. She then knew what I wanted.

It had been a week since Frankie had used the elixir. She said she would not allow it to used on a regular basis anyway. We had the usual dinner that night. The kids ran about for a bit and then we ordered bath-time. Christy was already bathing herself and had a sense of privacy for her age. Frankie always bathed Eddie and now I smiled at how she must enjoy it. Later that evening the kids, in their pajamas, settled in front of the TV. I kept looking at Christy and her little moppet body and marveled at how she could be a model someday. Even a child model. Frankie asked who wants hot chocolate and as the children cheered I felt giddy butterflies in my stomach. I sat on the couch as the kids drink their cocoa and Frankie joined me with The Album under her arm. We quietly turned pages to new images that my lover had acquired from the internet. “Only drawings”, she whispered, “that’s legal.” I started to get warm as we perused the book. There were images of children together, some of adults and children, boys and boys; girls and girls; men and girls; men and boys; women and boys; women and girls; all possibilities, all having fun. “There are violent ones out there, but I don’t like those” Indeed, her selection of images encapsulated warm and loving relations. Frankie’s face and body was close to mine as we peered at the drawings and I could detect the scent of aroused pussy. Her finger began discretely rubbing my nipple thru my top and I felt it extending, straining through the fabric. We sipped some wine and smiled page after page and then she whispered “I think it’s time”. We looked and both kids seemed to be asleep. My heart started thumping. Frankie stood over little Christy and looked down at her sleeping face. The plan was to move them as if they were going to put them to bed. If they stirred that was their alibi. She knelt and picked Christy up in her arms and, holding her gently, kissed her lightly on the lips. She then set the child down, went to the kitchen and came back. “They should be asleep for 45 minutes. I’ve set the timer for 25.”

We then stood there for a moment, not sure who would make the first move. Here was Frankie with a lifetime fantasy coming true, mine was pretty new but it seemed just as strong. She motioned me to her and we kissed, nervously at first as if we were new to each other, then passionately. I was feeling her breasts under her shirt and began stripping her boldly. The more clothes we took off each the more risky it seemed and it only made me hornier. When we got down to panties, Frankie said wait and grabbed the clothes from the floor, running to the bedroom. She came back with bathrobes and tossed them on the couch. “You ready?” she asked, her chest flushed and heaving. I nodded and we knelt to the floor. We looked at both children and I guess we were daring the other one to move first. For me, it wasn’t just a matter of whether to or not but also, who first? Frankie settled it by taking little Eddie and shifting his body around to face us. I could hear her gulp as she began to lower his pajama bottoms. She had washed him numerous times but this was way different. I leaned in as she exposed his little nubby penis which seemed to contract when their breaths hit it. It was a darling little thing to me, like a short button mushroom with little robins eggs underneath. Frankie stared at it with her mouth agape and with a soft moan leaned down and took it in her mouth. I watched, fascinated, as she seemed to swallow his whole groin. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue under his balls and I saw that he had a little 1 and a half to two inch erection. I wanted to see what it felt like in my mouth but Frankie claimed it again. She began to moan and her fingers were in her panties. I realized this was a moment for her and I wasn’t doing my part. As she was on her knees I scooted behind her and drew her panties down, exposing her wrinkled brown hole to me. As her fingers worked furiously in her pussy I ran my tongue across her asshole several times before settling on it with a slight sucking motion, then, finally, pushing my tongue in and out for all it was worth. She arched her ass into the air allowing me more access and I could feel her sphincter muscle grip me as she orgasmed with a boy-dick in her mouth. When she sat up she became woozy and fell back into my arms, chuckling. “Wow” was all she could say. I looked at Eddie and his little dingle hard as a rock. Frankie said she took care not to suck too hard, just feasted on the little sausage. I laid on my stomach and nuzzled up to his willie and popped it in my mouth. It felt wonderful and I wanted to fall asleep lapping it. “Time”, Frankie reminded me. Damn. We moved to Christy and this time I got to lower her pants. She was laying on hey belly as the pajamas came to her knees. I wanted to see her pussy but I was also very anally oriented and this was just fine for me. Her little bottom was plump and inviting. I pulled her cheeks apart to unveil a beautiful little pinkish hole. It puckered as if inviting me and I lowered my nose to it. Frankie, sitting to the side of me and watching intently, eased her hand behind me and began caressing my asshole with her finger. Christy had the aroma of a child and I just kept breathing in her fragrance. When Frankie pushed her finger into my hole I pushed my tongue into the child’s. “careful”, my partner warned. I nodded. It could be possible to prod the body into awakening too soon by stimulation. I regretfully backed off and, with a goodbye kiss to her rim, I gently turned her over. We both gasped at the sight of the little smooth-skinned slit. My nose dived for it and the rest of my head had to follow. “Ooh, me too”, Frankie whined, but her finger kept pistoning in my butt. I pulled her puffy lips apart for all to see and was entranced by the clean pinkness of it all. I gave a little lick and Christy stirred. I froze and at that moment the kitchen timer went off. Damn Damn Damn Damn, Frankie muttered as she ran to turn it off. I was still watching Christy to see if she would stir more. To my relief, she laid still. Frankie dropped to her knees and inhaled Christy’s pussy and sadly looked at me. I know, I know, I said and I took a tissue and wiped any undue moisture from the child’s bottom and pulled up her pajamas. Frankie did the same for Eddie, giving his teeny pecker one big kiss before dressing him.

When the kids awoke stretching and yawning, Frankie and I were dressed and sitting on the sofa, drinking wine and laughing at real photo albums. Eddie sat up and looked a little confused, not sure about the little erection he was probably still sporting. Christy lazily looked around and asked if they could have ice cream. We figured sure, they deserved it.

Frankie and I made a pact not to do the Elixir again as we figured maybe we got that fantasy realized. But we still enjoy our collection and masturbate each other on occasion while describing these fantasies. The kids are doing fine and the only question is when to tell them about ‘Aunt’ Janey.