Auntie Lou and Hanna, Part 2

by Hanna Laya

While Auntie toyed with my cunny I kept trying to open my legs even further so she could get to me easier. Every time her hand would ease away my little bum would come up off her lap trying not to loose contact with those loving fingers. Auntie yelled to Uncle Max to fix dinner and she picked me up and put me down on the floor in front of her.

She got up and looked at me,I think I was ready to cry because she reassured me that she just wanted to give me her big chair and she wanted to sit on the floor so she could see my cunny better. I tried to get up in her chair but it was too high, Auntie help me up putting her hand between my legs and as it shook my little slit she lifted me onto the chair her fingertip ending up in my baby hole.

Soon Uncle came into the den with some veggies on a tray with dip, Auntie gave me a baby carrot with dip on it and I proceeded to lick the dip off the carrot just like Auntie told me too. Uncle Max just stood there watching as Auntie took my carrot and put a really big glob of dip on it and I went to town on it. While I licked my carrot Auntie started rubbing my legs and as she rubbed I started to spread them, she rubbed I spread further.

Auntie took a very small,skinny carrot and looked at Uncle and then started to rub it up and down my slit, I looked down and started to laugh and told Auntie she was very silly. She didn't stop though, I was sucking on my carrot now and sucking really hard on it. I couldn't seem to sit still on the chair, I asked Auntie if she could make the tickle stop she just smiled big and rubbed the carrot a little harder. My bottom kept bouncing up off the chair trying to get her to touch the little nipple where the tickle seemed to be coming from it made Auntie very happy I could tell because she looked at Uncle then at me and had the biggest smile I had ever seen her have. She lowered her head to my cunny and moved the skin up like she had done when I sucked her special nipple and out poked what little nipple I had and she started to lick at it. Then she took my nipple and my whole cunny in her mouth and started to suck on it hard. I was bucking like a wild pony and as I did she started to slide the carrot in my baby hole. She sucked wantonly and had gotten almost the whole carrot in my hole, I was so preoccupied I don't know if it even hurt. She kept sucking and started pumping the carrot in and out of my hole all of a sudden my body got very stiff my eyes opened wide and I started to shake just like Auntie's hands. Even though my eyes were open I couldn't really see but I heard Auntie tell Uncle Max OK cum and I felt something very warm and wet hit my cunny. Auntie said to Uncle," now clean my sweet little girl up", with that Uncle licked up the wet stuff and then ate the carrot Auntie had left sticking out of my little cunny hole. Off to dinner Auntie announced...

Uncle had set the big dinner table for us and Auntie had me sit on her lap I straddled her leg and started swinging my legs back and forth making my little nipple rub on her leg. Now that I found out it was there I liked how it could make me feel, so as I ate I kept rubbing myself on Auntie's leg. Uncle Max fed Auntie Lou, I guess because of her hands so she had her hands free and decided to start playing with me again. Uncle had made me a hotdog and french fries for dinner and I had eaten half the dog and most of the fries. Auntie took what was left of my hotdog and put it in her mouth and started to suck on it then she pulled it out and put it down between her legs and into her big hairy hole and just left it there. She was rolling my special nipple in between her thumb and finger and with the other hand she put part of her finger in my hole and just let it shake naturally. In just a few minutes my body went rigid again and I started to pant and I thought I had peed on Aunties lap because her lap and I were all wet. Auntie told me only very,very special girls can do that she told me that it was cum and not pee and only happened when I felt really good. Auntie has said I have always been special she had never in her life seen such a little girl cum and not just get a little wet but full blown squirting, dripping, wonderful wetness.

We were still in the dining room and Auntie had taken some of my french fries and put them in her hole with the hotdog and at the same time took one and put it in mine. She told Uncle to finish feeding her then he could eat with the dog. Titan,their dog was just a puppy but already very big, he had short hair and a very big feet. When Auntie was done eating Uncle went and got Titan, he came running into the room and went right between Aunties legs and started to eat the hotdog and fries that she had put there.

When Uncle came back he had more hotdogs,carrots,and other veggies on a plate he also had some canned dogfood . Uncle picked me up off Auntie Lou's chair and put me down on the floor. On the floor was a plastic tablecloth and she lay down and told me to do the same. As I lay down Auntie spread her legs and told me Uncle and Titan had to eat now and that Uncle was going to put there dinner in and on her and me. I looked at her strangely and she told me again how special I was and that it would feel better then she made me feel feeding them. She told me Uncle would be putting there dinner in and on her pussy and breasts and on my cunny and what would be breasts someday, so I lay there with her and watched Uncle fill her up with different foods from the plate. When he was done filling her up he opened the can of dogfood and started to spread it on her breasts,pussy and also on the same places on me. Auntie looked at Uncle and said,"OK max get down and eat,like the good dog you want to be". Auntie always made me laugh, but Uncle quickly got to the floor and lowered his head but did not move yet, Titan was right infront of her pussy and looked at Uncle and growled. I got a little scared but Auntie held my hand and took Titan's face and pushed it towards my dog food covered cunny, he got the hint and lay down and started to lick at his dinner. I didn't know what to do with myself it felt so good so I moved my hand down my body and got some of the dog food and spread it lower down to my hole and my special nipple. Titan licked at me as if he hadn't eaten in weeks as he kept up his tempo with his tongue I started to hump his face riding his nose until I started to squirt all over his face. He just wouldn't stop licking me, meanwhile Uncle was eating his dinner out of Auntie Lou her telling him all along what a good dog he was and that he needed to eat faster or she was going to give it all to Titan.

I was still laying there with Titan trying to get every last bit of cum and dogfood. I had my puffy little lips pulled apart so Titan could get good access to my clit (as Auntie told me it was called). He just wouldn't stop until Auntie Lou told him to stop and with that Titan and Uncle max switched places. Auntie Lou was petting Titans belly while he licked from her hairy vee to her big brown nipples. As she pet him I noticed a red thing sticking out from under his tummy and the more Auntie pet him the bigger it got. Auntie started to touch it now and when she did Titan started to buck like I was doing before and was doing again to Uncles face. Auntie looked over at me and smiled and started to squeeze the red thing hard,but Titan seemed to like what she was doing. Soon I started to pee, no cum well I think both into Uncles mouth I was grabbing his hair so he couldn't get away and he started to gag. That made Auntie really happy because she rolled over and started to kiss me all over. Titan was still bucking and now was behind Auntie Lou but she didn't stop kissing me. All of a sudden Titan jumped up on her back and she took a deep breath...

Have to stop now, my chair is wet and My clit is the size of My thumb...;-D