Blackmailed Sister

by Hamster

Mallory was what one may consider a perpetual outsider. Mallory was never hung out with the popular kids, didn’t waste her time trying to fit in, she dyed a purple streak into her black hair, and frequently wore mostly black, she was fond of horror movies and horror novels and the 16-year-old had never had a boyfriend. Her lack of boyfriend was not due to her looks, she was quite hot, but she actually liked girls. Her lesbian desires were a thing she kept secret. Her little sister Brittany was different, the blonde ninth grader was the on the cheerleading team, she was blonde, popular and was dating a senior. Britney was widely regarded as having the hottest body in school even at just 14. She easily had the best breasts, and one of the best butts in the history of ass. Well that’s what one boy wrote in the boy’s bathroom. The profound truth of this statement was such that the school janitor could not bring himself to paint over this marker- scribed piece of gospel. So for the entirety of the semester it was known through out the halls as accepted fact….Brittany Johnson’s ass was epic.

This fact was not lost on her sister Mallory. Mallory wasn’t just a lesbian, she was also massively perverted. It started with looking for naked pictures of girls online. Then she started reading erotic fiction online, next she started looking for videos. In the space of four months her tastes grew increasingly kinky. Soon the idea of incest turned her on. Especially involving herself and her sister. She desperately wanted that hot body. She was discussing it in chat with a friend of hers one day, that’s when he plans began to form.

MALL_LISCIOUS: Damm I want to squeeze those tits so bad….
MISS_B_HAVEN: Too bad you aren’t one of her teachers.
MALL_LISCIOUS: What do you mean by that?
MISS_B_HAVEN: I mean that your sister gave one of her teachers a blowjob so that she could get an A in his class.
MALL_LISCIOUS: I knew it!!! She sucks at math and as far as history goes, she thinks Hiroshima is a kind of motorcycle. Which one of them was it.
MISS_B_HAVEN:: Neither, it was actually her English teacher, Mr. Loomis. He posted the hidden video he took on a porn site, I’ll send you the link.

English! How come she needs to suck off the teacher to pass English? Doesn’t she speak it?

MALL_LISCIOUS: Thanks, that’s awesome. I’m going to put this to really good use.
MISS_B_HAVEN: What do you mean by that?
MALL_LISCIOUS: Ha, ha, you’ll see.

Mallory could not believe her luck. The gods had dropped a major gift in her lap. Her mind immediately went to work on how to use this against her sister. She took the link, downloaded the video to her hard drive and then burned two copies. Mallory smiled as she leaned back in her chair. This was going to be all kinds of fun.

The next day Mallory’s mom was working late, so she had the perfect opportunity to set up her ambush. She had the video ready to play on the computer and was waiting for Brittany when she got home. Brittany had showered after cheerleading practice and switched into some tiny jean shorts and a pink t-shirt. Mallory licked her lips. Brittany had some great legs.

“Hey.” Brittany said absently as she strolled inside and dropped her bag by the couch.

“Hey, sis.” Mallory replied with a big smile.

Brittany turned to head up the stairs but Mallory grabbed her wrist to stop her from leaving.

“What’s your problem?” Demanded Brittany.

“Nothing , there’s just something on the computer you really should see.” Said Mallory. Mallory lead her sister to the computer. “Take a seat.”

Mallory started to play the video and the color began to drain from Brittany’s face while a cold shiver went up her spine. There she was on her knees using her teacher’s cock as a lollipop. Soon her fear was replaced by rage.


“Yep, too bad for you. My favorite part of that video is when he shoots his jizz on your face and you lick your lips like it’s iced cream. That’s gonna be insanely popular on youtube. When everyone sees this, you’re going to lose your boyfriend and everyone’s gonna know what a slut you are, plus I’m pretty sure your surprisingly good grades are going to come into question. Don’t be shocked or anything when mom sends you to to military school.” Mallory said.

And they fear rushed right back.

“Oh god, no Mal, please! You can’t tell anyone!” pleaded Brittany.

“That depends on you.” Said Malloy.

“What do you mean?” Brittany asked.

“You give me what I want and you get to keep your secrets.” Said

“What do you want?” Asked Brittany nervously.

Mallory put her hand on her sister’s shoulders then slid them down over Brittany’s tits and gave them a nice hard squeeze.

“I want your hot bod.”

Brittany jumped to her feet and backed away from her sister as though she were a snake.

“Oh my god everyone’s right you ARE a sicko lesbo pervert. What are you going to do if I tell mom that you tried to blackmail me into sex?” Demanded Brittany.

“Who do you think she’ll believe? I have video evidence.” Mallory said smugly.

“But…it’s so gross and wrong.” Brittany said as she sniffled. A tear rolled down her cheek.

“So is giving head to your fucking teacher because you can’t pass English.” Mallory said with disgust.

Brittany was trying desperately to find some way out of this situation but she couldn’t. Brittany lowered her head in defeat.

“OK, OK I’ll do whatever you want.” Brittany said.

“Exactly what I wanted to hear. Now come here.” Mallory ordered.

Brittany walked over to he sister and stood in front of her. Mallory put her hands on Brittany tit’s and squeezed them. She rubbed them and worked them between her fingers like stress relievers. Brittany closed her eyes and bit her lip. She gave a very quiet squeak of discomfort that only fueled the fire of Mallory’s lust. Mallory grabbed the back o her sister’s head and kissed her. She pushed her tongue in Brittany’s mouth and was pleased when her sister returned the kiss. With her free hand Mallory squeezed Brittany’s ass. Their tongues swirled together while Mallory felt up her sister. After a couple minutes Mallory pushed her away gently.

“Take your shirt off.” Said Mallory. Brittany glared at her but pulled her t-shirt up and off. “Ditch the bra too.”

Brittany unfastened her pink bra and exposed her beautiful, well- rounded breasts.

“Happy?” Asked Brittany.

“Yes, very.” Mallory replied.

She started to play with her little sister’s tits again. This time she played with the exposed, stiff nipples. Mallory went on to suck on them like candy. Instinctively, Brittany moaned and stroked
MALLory’s hair as her sister gave her boobs a suck job. Mallory’s hand went to Brittany’s belt. She unbuckled it then pulled the belt off completely. Mallory then unbuttoned Brittany’s shorts. Obligingly Brittany kicked her shoes off. Mallory pulled down her sister’s shorts.

“Take off your panties.” Mallory ordered.

Brittany slowly slid her panties down to her ankles and stood in front of sister in all of her glory. Mallory put her hand and on her chin and looked at Brittany’s pussy critically.

Brittany scowled indignantly. “What?”

“You’re kind of hairy down there aren’t you?” Mallory said as she wrinkled her nose.

“What the fuck? You blackmail me into fucking you, then you insult me?” Brittany said.

“Go shave.” Mallory ordered.

“FINE.” Said Brittany.

Brittany stormed up the steps. Mallory lounged on the couch as she waited for her sister. After about five minutes Brittany came back down the stairs with a freshly shaved pussy.

“Better?” Asked Brittany through gritted teeth.

“Much.” Mallory said. She walked over and gently stroked Brittany’s cleanly shaved cunt. “Mmm Gotta love such baby soft pussy.”

Mallory licked her finger and pushed it up inside her sister while she kissed her again. Mallory guided her to the couch and they both laid next to each other, making out while Mallory frantically finger- fucked her younger sister. Brittany began to get into it and was moaning loudly as her orgasm began to build and finally release.

“MMM yeeees.” Cried Brittany.

“I knew you would like that you little slut.” Mallory said. Brittany, who was still panting heavily, shot her a dirty look. “OK Brit get on your hands and knees.”

“I guess ordering me around turns you on?” Brittany demanded as she got on her hand and knees in front of her older sister.

“As a matter of fact yes it does.” Said Mallory. “Take my panties off, and use your teeth.”

Mallory was wearing a plaid, pleated, green skirt which she lifted so that Brittany could have access. Brittany bit down on the waist band of Mallory’s panties and pulled them down and off. Next Mallory laid back on the couch and spread her legs. Tentatively, Brittany lapped at her sister’s pussy with a few gentle strokes of her tongue. This was in now way satisfactory for Mallory. Mallory grabbed her sister’s head and shoved it hard into her pussy.

“Deeper, faster and harder, NOW!” Ordered Mallory.

Brittany began to slap her tongue against the insides of her sister’s sex with much greater urgency.

“Yes, shit ohhh yes, that’s it, that’s good now you’re getting it.” Moaned Mallory. Mallory stroked Brittany’s hair as she enjoyed the oral sex being performed by her blonde sex bomb sister. “Yes, that’s good sooo gooooood yesssss!!!”

Mallory held Brittany’s head firmly in place as she came, juicing right in her sister’s mouth. Finally after her heaving orgasmic spasms died down, Mallory released Brittany andshe broke of.

“So is that it, did you get all that you wanted?” Asked Brittany.

“Are you kidding me? I’m going to fuck your brains out every chance that I get. So get used to it, and besides you liked it.” Said

Brittany’s entire body blushed. She did enjoy it. She ewnjoyed it a whole lot, in fact. But she didn’t want her sister to have the satisfaction of knowing that.

“Fuck you.” Brittany replied.

“You bet.” Mallory said.