Mother and Daughter Lust for One Another

by Hamster

Rebecca Tapen had very little time to clean the house so she counted on her daughter's help. And while Angela was very thoughtful and helpful when it came to the rest of the house, her own room could occasionally be found in shambles. It was for this reason that Rebecca had invaded her daughter's room. After taking the dirty cloths out in loads she began to vacuum and dust then to make the bed, which incidentally hadn't been made in ages.

As she cleaned her daughter's room she noticed a tape in her VCR. Curious, Rebecca walked over and slipped the tape out to see what it was. She was shocked.

Back when Rebecca was only 18 she had become a stripper. This was so she could make some money after her parents threw her out. Then after two years of exotic dancing she began to pose for adult magazines. This led to porn film. He daughter had somehow gotten a hold of one of these movies and it was in her VCR! A thorough search of the room then turned up two more tapes, several magazines and a ‘Best-of' DVD! All of these featured Rebecca.

Rebecca sat down on her daughter's bed and stared into space. She was thoroughly shocked. Rebecca had given up that life when her daughter had been born. She ha found a nice respectable job when the local news station had needed a Weather girl with sizzle. Now apparently not only had Angela found out but also she had become obsessed with it. Why was Angela looking at these things? Did she like watching hr mother get fucked? Mostly by other girls? A wicked thought began to creep into her head. The raging pervert that dwelled within Rebecca's heart began to reassert itself. Her daughter it seemed may have been hot for her own mother.

What am I thinking? She's my daughter! My hot daughter with nicely developing tits, a sweet firm ass, and luscious lips. If she wanted to fuck mom, then she was just as big a perv as Rebecca. Rebecca loved her daughter dearly but now the love was sinking into lust. She imagined herself fucking the pretty teen silly. Her pussy was getting dripping wet with the thought. A plan began to formulate in her mind. If her daughter wanted to see her naked, then she was going to give her daughter something to REALLY look at.

----- That Day -----

Angela was Rebecca's 13-year old daughter and she was a hottie. She had red hair and nice curvy bottom, she also had a nice set of boobs, inherited from her mom's genetics. As she entered the house she called for her mom.

"Mom are you here?" She called.

There was no answer. Angela ran up to her room. Since her mom wasn't around she thought it might be a good idea to take a minute to masturbate. She fished under her mattress for one of her mom's old skin mags. She loved looking at her mom naked. She had the hottest mom on the planet according to all her friends and Angela had to agree. She loved looking at the pictures and masturbating. But something was wrong. She couldn't reach a magazine. She lifted the mattress and was horrified to see the mags were gone. She looked around and was surprised to see how clean her room was.

"Uh-oh." She said out loud.

She stormed through the room tearing it apart looking for her porn collection. All she found was a note from her mom.

"So fucking busted." She said.

The note read:

Dear Angela, I found your collection of pornography and I think we need to talk. Please come to my room as soon as you get this note.

"Shi, shit, shit." She said.

Nervously the girl went in into the hall and stalked towards her mom's room. She was grounded. No probably she was on her way to a military school. Or possibly juvenile hall. Was it illegal to watch porno's of your own mom? Angela Walked slowly down the hall looking downcast. She began to knock on her mom's door wondering what sort of horrible punishment she was in for.

"Come in sweetie." Her mom said.

Like a death row prisoner on that nice long walk to the chair, Angela entered. She burst into tears almost instantly.

"Please, mommy I'm so sorry...I...I please don't hate me." She sniffed.

"Shh sweetie, I could never hate you. I love you. That's why you are here right now." Rebecca said. Rebecca walked over to her daughter and hugged her. "Let me ask you something sweetie, did you like looking at those pictures of mommy naked?"

Angela hesitated then nodded.

"And did you like seeing mommy have sex with other women in those movies?" She asked.

Again Angela nodded.

"I have a question then." Rebecca took a deep breath. This was it. The big moment. "Would you like to see mommy naked in person?"

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh. Angela thought. If so then she wanted to see it through. Angela nodded dumbly.

"Is that a yes?" Rebecca asked.

"Y-yes mommy." Angela stammered. "Yes please."

Rebecca smiled. She stood facing her daughter. Rebecca was a former stripper and knew just how to seduce a person completely just by removing her cloths. It just so happened that this time it was her teenaged daughter that she was seducing. Rebecca ran her hands to her body to her large breasts, which she gave a squeeze as she smiled at Angela. She reached down to the bottom of her sweater and pulled it off. Angela stared and her lower lip trembled. Her mom had huge firm breasts that were barely contained be her bra. Rebecca unfastened her bra and let her big boobs pop free. Angela's eyes bugged as her gaze dropped upon the huge ripe melons exposed to her. The young girl licked her lips subconsciously.

Her mother swayed her hips seductively as she removed her belt and then let the skirt fly to the floor. She then slowly slid off her panties. Her pussy was freshly shaved and already moist and juicy. Angela stared openly at her own mother's naked body.

"Do you want to touch mommy's body?" Rebecca asked.

Angela nodded. Damm right I want to touch it, she thought. Angela had masturbated repeatedly to the sight of her mother's naked body millions of times.

Rebecca closed in on her daughter. Rebecca's big tits hung in front of the girl's face invitingly. Angela reached up and squeezed the fleshy orbs lovingly. "Oh wow mom your tits are amazing."

"Well sweetie, fair is fair. I'm all naked and I think you should be too." Rebecca suggested.

"OK mom." Angela said eagerly.

The girl stood and removed her white top, she had a pair of nicely developing young boobs. Rebecca licked her lips in desire as she admired her daughter's body. The girl removed her belt, pants and panties. And Rebecca was definitely pleased.

"Well sweetie are you ready to experience something very fun?" Rebecca asked.

"You bet, mom." Angela said.

Rebecca swept her daughter up in her arms and laid her down on the bed. Hungrily she spread her daughter's legs and dove into the juicy virgin pussy. Angela sighed heavily as her mom's tongue explored the wet lips of her sex. Angela's eyes fluttered and she gasped softly as her mom licked away at her pussy. Angela gasped in pleasure and that served to excite Rebecca even more. She began to drive her tongue deeper into her daughter's pussy. Angela's butt lifted up and down as she squealed in delight. It only took a little while for Rebecca to be rewarded by the sweet nectar of de-virginized dyke.

"Puff, puff Oh mommy. That blew my mind!!!" Angela panted.

"I'm glad you liked it sweetie. Do you want to do that again?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes, mommy please. OK sweetie. But I want something from you."

"I'll do anything you want." Angela said enthusiastically.

"Good sweetie." Rebecca said as leaned down and kissed her daughter. The older woman's tongue explored the girl's mouth and savored the taste of her sweet young tongue. Angela responded instinctively. Rebecca broke the kiss and turned to her daughter. "OK baby get on your knees."

The girl quickly obeyed. Rebecca approached her and licked her lips. She threw a leg over her daughter's shoulder and dropped her wet and hungry cunt onto the pretty young face. Instinctively the girl began to lick at her mom's pussy. Rebecca felt the electricity rise from her pussy and all over her body. She was having her pussy eaten by her own daughter and it was fucking amazing! She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that was consuming her. She grabbed her daughter's hair and shoved the girl's face deep into her pussy. She started rubbing her cunt against the girl's fresh young face as if it were a fuck pad.

"Yes baby, yes! You're doing so good...I'm cuuuuuuming!!!" True to her word the woman came and smeared her daughter's face with sex- cream. Angela giggled as she felt the warm sticky stuff slosh across her face.

Rebecca panted and puffed as she got off her daughter. She knelt in front of her and began to lick the cream off her face.

----- After Angela Returned From School -----

"Mommy I'm home." Angela called out.

"Hi sweetie." Called her mother from upstairs. "Could you come up please?'

Angela climbed upstairs and made her way to her mother's room. Rebecca was waiting upstairs. She had on a leather skirt and red sweater. She had a gift-wrapped box.

"I have a present for you sweetie." Rebecca told her daughter.

"Really?" Her daughter asked bouncing up and down. "What is it?"

Angela hoped it was something cool to facilitate their lovemaking. That or her own cell phone.

"Well sweetie it's something that I know you are going to absolutely love." Said Rebecca. "But if I am going to give it to you then you have to promise me that tonight when I teach you more about sex, you will do everything I say OK?"

"Sure thing momma." Angela said with enthusiasm. She was hoping to try a lot of the things she saw her mom do in those pornos she was in.

"Excellent, well what are you waiting for go ahead and unwrap your present." Rebecca instructed.

Angela rushed over to the box and began to rip the paper away. Once the wrapping lay in shreds Angela took the lid off of the box and lifted up what was inside. She didn't realize what it was at first but then recognized it from some of her mommy's movies. It was a strap-on. One with two heads.

"Omigosh mom, are you going to use this on me???" Angela asked hopefully.

"That's right baby. I thought I'd pop that cherry of yours before some unworthy boy did. Why don't you get naked for mommy." Rebecca said.

Angela happily stripped down for her mom and got into the doggy style position. Rebecca had a strong dominant streak and the sight of her daughter in such a submissive pose almost made her cum right then and there. Little did Angela know that her mom was video taping it for posterity.

The double-headed strap-on had a smaller head and a longer one. She inserted the stubbier one into her own cunt then strapped herself in. She got on her knees behind her daughter on the bed then guided the tip to the ripe virginal pussy.

"This is going to hurt a little at first but it will start to feel good, I promise." Rebecca assured her daughter.

Rebecca began to push the rubber cock into her daughter's pussy slowly. She girl gasped and bit her lip as the intruder made it's way into her. Once it reached the hymen, Rebecca grabbed her daughter's hips firmly then drove in hard.


The girl's scream spurred Rebecca into a lustful frenzy. Angela began to slam into her harder and harder as Angela cried out in pain but then her cries began to change to those of lust and pleasure her mother slam-fucked the virgin clean out of her. Rebecca was sweating and was exhausted as she brought her daughter and her self to a massive orgasm. The two collapsed onto the bed together and lay there panting.

Slowly, Rebecca unstrapped her self and brought the cum-coated dildo to her daughter's mouth. The girl took it in her mouth and began sucking on it like a pacifier as she fell asleep.