Wet Pampers

by H. Grant

When little Emily stood up in her playpen, it was cause for celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Turner had been teaching baby Emily to walk one step at a time. At almost two years old, Emily was a late bloomer. She was still in diapers and wasn't much of a talker yet. She knew a few words, but mostly it was just baby babble.

Emily had strawberry red hair and the softest little hands. She had baby fat on her little arms and legs and the sexiest baby drool seeped out of her mouth beneath her pacifier. Her soft baby tummy was cute and sexy and she had on an adorable diaper with Cinderella and magic wands on it. Her precious little pamper bunched up between her chubby little legs and looked to be a size too small. Indeed, baby Emily was growing up rapidly. If only her vocabulary and walking ability could keep up.

Mrs. Turner walked over to Emily's playpen. It was filled with stuffed animals and bright colored baby rattles and toys. She lovingly scooped up the adorable toddler and placed a firm hand under her baby bottom. Emily's diaper felt dry. She gave her a big kiss and placed her on the living room floor. Emily didn't try to walk. She insisted on crawling around on all fours - her precious baby pamper sticking out behind her. She was indeed dry and smelled fresh of baby powder from her last changing.

"Does my sweet baby girl want some milk?" Asked Mrs. Turner in a loving voice.

Little Emily clasped her hands together and leaned back on her baby rump. Her hiney squished against her diaper as she leaned back on her soft butt. She smiled and giggled as her mother retrieved her baby bottle from the fridge and filled it with fresh milk. Mrs. Turner was not a breast feeder and preferred it this way. She walked over to little Emily and placed the baby bottle in her tiny hands making sure that the young toddler had a firm grasp.

Emily sucked at the nipple on the bottle and slurped away at her milk. She kept an eye on her loving mommy and observed her mother smiling down at her. It gave little Emily a warm glow when her mother seemed proud of her.

After finishing half the bottle of milk, Emily wanted to watch cartoons. Mrs. Turner doted on her only child and wanted her to have everything she wanted. She spoiled little Emily rotten and it showed.

The doting mother switched on the tube and sat down behind little Emily on the sofa. The Wiggles show was on and it was one of the few programs that actually encouraged little Emily to stand up and attempt to move around a little bit. Baby Emily was still a bit too young for this kind of programing, but she tried anyway.

When it came time to dance and do the wiggles, baby Emily tried to stand up. Her mommy stood up with her and grasped her two wrists in order to help her up. Working together, baby Emily was able to wiggle her little arms and legs to the music. She liked to wiggle her baby tushy as well.

Mrs. Turner looked down with pride at her baby girl and observed her disposable pamper wiggle back and forth to the Wiggle's music. She laughed and smiled down at her only daughter.

"If we keep this up you're going to make potty in your diaper again Emily."

Little Emily giggled and continued wiggling her precious baby bottom to the music. She loved this program and it showed in her enthusiasm.

Sure enough, after a little while, Emily had to make "wee wees." She didn't know how to express this, so she just did it in her sexy little diapee.

Baby Emily began to fidget and squat. Her mommy thought she was still dancing to The Wiggles show. Little Emily wasn't dancing anymore. She was making pee pee in her diaper!


Right inside her cute little pamper! Her chubby little legs and cunny became damp with baby girl wee wee. It was so precious, sexy, and adorable. And it smelled good too.

Slowly, a little puddle of yellow "baby girl pee pee" began to form in the front of her sexy lil' pamper. It felt all damp and soggy to little Emily. She fidgeted and squirmed as more squirts and drops squeezed out of her precious baby cunny and splashed all inside her disposable diaper - forming an adorable yellow patch all inside the front of Cinderella. Soon, even her mommy could smell her "wee wee accident!"

"Uh oh! Did baby Emily do something in her diaper?" She asked her only daughter rhetorically.

Little Emily felt ashamed of herself and her rosy cheeks turned crimson with shame and embarrasment. She knew she had just made a "tinkle" inside her diapee. Now her mommy knew about it. Soon her diaper would be taken off and she would be naked in front of her mommy again. Little Emily felt ashamed when her diaper was taken off. She hated being naked in front of someone - even her loving mommy.

Soon, baby Emily began to pout and whimper. She had made pee pees inside her pamper! Her chubby little legs felt all wet, soggy, and squishy. She also felt kind of sore between her cunny lips. She fidgeted some more and crossed her precious little legs. She felt so ashamed of herself.

Her mommy scooped her up and placed a loving hand under her diaper. Mrs. Turner felt the warm dampness inside the crotch of Emily's Disney pamper. Indeed, Emily had made potty tinkle and had been a bad girl. The adorable little toddler needed to be changed. The whole room was starting to smell like fresh pee pee.

Mrs. Turner carried baby Emily into her bedroom and placed her on the soft changing table matress. A hang glider with little plastic blocks and party animals hung above the changing table designed to distract little Emily while her diaper tapes were unfastened and her precious little pamper opened up for her mommy's view.

RRRIPPP....RRRIIPP...her diaper tapes were unfastened and the pamper fell open.

Mrs. Turner gazed down at Emily's pee pee stains. Her diaper was soggy and wet and the whole front end was covered in "potty piddle." Baby Emily's chubby little pussy was covered with childish wee wee! It smelled so sexy and adorable. Her baby pamper was now fully opened in the front and her tiny little pisser was fully exposed to her mommy.

Mrs. Turner smiled down at her precious daughter and withdrew some baby wipes from beneath the changing matress. The changing table she had purchased was quite eliquent and came complete with a set of drawers and a diaper pale. Many of Emily's pampers had been thrown inside that diaper pale - both wet and messy ones alike.

Mrs. Turner held Emily's baby angles together and hoisted her little baby bottom up in the air. Her pee stained vagina came into clear view and Mrs. Turner began wiping away at the foul smelling wee wee mess.

Emily's chubby little pisser felt all strange and tingly whenever her mommy wiped at her cute little vaginal folds. For some strange reason in her infant little mind, it felt kind of good - yet shameful at the same time. Her little baby cheeks were pink and crimson with embarrassment as her soft little cunny was smeared and wiped with baby wet wipes.

"There now...you're all clean and better sweetheart." Her mommy soothed.

With loving tenderness, Mrs. Turner leaned down and planted a small wet kiss on baby Emily's girlie vagina. The little toddler giggled and squirmed when she felt her mommy's lips on her "secret place."

Mrs. Turner lifted her head and stared briefly at the red-headed little tyke for a moment. Suddenly, she became very aroused at the site and smell of her little baby girl. She couldn't help herself. There was something sexually appealing to kissing her little girl "down there."

Mrs. Turner didn't know exactly what it was, but her musky cunt was becoming damp with moisture. Her motherly pussy juices began to flow freely and her nylon panties became soaked with wet pussy goo. She wanted to do more with baby Emily!

Mrs. Turner thought for a moment. Her husband wouldn't be home for another hour or two. Perhaps she could get away with a quick little fling. She was no longer thinking with her heart or head, only with the brain between her legs - which yearned for little Emily and her special pee pee hole!

Slowly, Mrs. Turner lowered her face toward baby Emily's sweet smelling crotch. Soon, a slimy tongue darted out of her womanly mouth and began lapping vigorously at little Emily's totty hole. Her baby trickle smelled so sweet and sexy having been swabbed recently with soft baby wipes.

Emily's mommy held her down on the changing table with one hand on her little chest and the other holding her legs in the air again. Emily's puffy little folds were coated with wet wipe residue and sticky saliva now. Her mommy was abusing her, and her little baby pisser felt all tingly and sensitive. She wanted her mommy to keep doing this. It made her feel...good...

LICK....SLURP....LICK...SLITHER...SLURP! Her mommy's tongue darted up, down, and all around - caressing all the baby fat and precious little baby folds within little Emily's special private world.

Emily's little pee pee hole felt so warm, soft, and sticky!

Mrs. Turner creamed her panties over and over again. Her little baby daughter tasted so adorable, cute, and sexy!

Finally, it was time to dry little Emily off and put on the baby powder. It wouldn't be long before Emily did something else in her diaper. Mrs. Turner wasn't sure how to feel about "that." All she knew was that her daughter made her horny as hell in her nylon pantyhose. Just the site of baby Emily in a brand new disposable diaper made her cream her panties now. She never knew she could be attracted to toddlers.

And this was only the beginning! Perhaps she could start a little baby-sitting service in the privacy of her lovely home. After all, why stick to just her daughter's private pee pee area? Why not explore ALL the flavors under the rainbow. Who knows, maybe even little boys too!


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