Shelly's Discovery

by GoodLittleKaren

Shelly was an only child. Because of her father’s transfer, Shelly’s family was relocated to a very rural part of the state. Shelly was, by no means, your typical 10-year-old girl. She was more tom-boyish than anything. She wore her light-brown hair very short and could have easily passed herself off as a boy. She was very thin and had not begun to develop yet. Although she missed the city life, Shelly became very comfortable with her new country surroundings. Their new home was on a large property with thick woods around it and not another ranch for a mile or so. This environment gave her many opportunities for exploring. Her new school was different also. The classes were a lot smaller in student size and it seemed like every girl there wanted to be Brittany Spears. Even though Shelly thought Brittany was pretty, she had no desire to be like her in any way so this kind of made Shelly separate from the rest of the girls. The only other girl she had even remotely befriended was a girl named Lisa. Lisa was different because she was into the "Goth" look. She had very thick, black hair and brown eyes and kept her skin very pale. Shelly often wondered how her parents could allow her to dress and look that way. Her wonderment was kind of answered the day she accompanied Lisa home after school. Like Shelly, Lisa was an only child. But instead of having two parents, Lisa only had her mother. Lisa’s mother’s name was Tawny. Shelly instantly knew where Lisa got her appearance from. Tawny also had very thick black hair and looked kind of like something from a scary movie. She had a sort of Elvira look about her, often dressed in black and possessed very pale skin as well. Their house looked like something from the Addams Family. From the first meeting, Tawny was very nice to Shelly. They didn’t seem to mind her "boyish" appearance. Tawny explained it away by saying, "We know what its like to be different from everyone else!"

On the day of her first visit, Shelly sat on an old sofa sipping some kind of "rosehip" tea. While Shelly and Tawny talked, Lisa went to feed their dog "Bull". Lisa’s mother insisted that Shelly call her by her first name. This was something Shelly really wasn’t used to, but kind of liked the idea. They talked about everything from school, to the move and even boyfriends. When Shelly told Tawny that she really didn’t have a boyfriend, Tawny smiled and said, "But you are soo pretty, dear!" Lisa came back in the room and sat down also and they talked for a bit longer. Shelly almost jumped out of her skin when this huge, black dog came lumbering into the room. "Don’t be afraid of him, Shelly!" Tawny told her. "This is Bull! He’s a black Mastiff!" Shelly tensed with fright when Bull came over to her and rested his huge head on her lap. Nervously she pet his enormous head and was surprised to find out that Bull was really quite gentle. Bull’s thick tongue licked Shelly’s hand and nuzzled, beckoning her to pet him some more. "He seems to really like you, Shelly!" Lisa said.

The afternoon was getting later and Shelly thanked both Lisa and Tawny and petted Bull one last time before making the walk home. Lisa’s house was only about three quarters of a mile from her house, so the walk wasn’t too bad. Shelly’s mom and dad were a bit taken aback by Lisa’s appearance when she visited Shelly’s house. They even made secret comments about Tawny when she came to pick up Lisa. But they seemed to be okay with Shelly having a new friend, so they didn’t intervene as their friendship developed. School had let out for summer and that gave a lot of time for Lisa and Shelly to play together more. One morning, Shelly awoke and bathed and ate breakfast before heading over to Lisa’s house. It wasn’t uncommon for the kids to just drop by.

Shelly knocked at Lisa’s front door and waited. There was no answer. Shelly went around to the back door and knocked there—again, no reply. Shelly doesn’t know what made her do it, but she turned the door knob and went in. She was just about to announce herself when she heard an odd sound from the bedroom. Curious, she walked towards the source. As Shelly peered into the room, her eyes fell on a sight that took her very breath away. There upon the bed was Tawny, naked. There upon Tawny’s back was Bull, his massive body humping furiously. Before Tawny, on the pillows, was Lisa, also naked with her legs apart wide. Tawny’s face was burrowed tightly between them. Shelly could not help but gasp loudly at the sight. This startled everyone, even Bull who quickly got off of Tawny and growled at Shelly, obviously thinking she was an intruder.

"Oh FUCK, " Tawny screamed, pulling her face from between Lisa’s legs. Shelly’s eyes fell on the reason Tawny yelled. Hanging below Bull’s stomach was something thick and red. "Shelly, what the hell are you doing here?" screamed Tawny. Lisa grabbed a big pillow and tried to cover herself with it. When Bull recognized Shelly, he walked to her and pushed his huge snout up between her legs, nearly lifting her off the floor. Tawny grabbed a robe and quickly put it on and came over to Shelly. She pushed Bull’s nose away and was ushering Shelly out of the room, saying, "You didn’t see any of this, understand?" Shelly heard Lisa’s voice saying, "Mom, wait!" as she got off the bed, leaving the pillow behind. Shelly’s eyes fell on Lisa’s tiny frame. There was no definition to her body. In contrast to Lisa’s very white skin, two very dark little dots marked the places where her boobs would be. In between her thin legs, Shelly could see her crease, and the slightly pink folds receding back into it. Lisa quickly stepped in the way of Tawny trying to lead Shelly out saying, "She knows, Mom!" Shelly began to cry and was offering apologies now. "I’m sorry!" she cried. "I just—" but her words would not come. Tawny relaxed her grip on Shelly’s shoulder now but still sounded angry. "What if she tells someone?" Tawny said, adding, "Do you have any idea what would happen?"

Lisa pushed Tawny’s hand from Shelly’s shoulder saying, "She won’t, will you Shelly?" Tawny was still upset and said, "God damn it. I—we were soo close!" Bull walked from the room now and Shelly could see that whatever was sticking from below him had gone away now. The huge dog came to Shelly’s side and was nudging her hand with his head. Lisa turned Shelly to face her and looked deeply into Shelly’s wide eyes. "You won’t tell anyone, will you Shelly?" she asked. Shelly felt very scared and simply shook her head "no", with tears welling in her eyes. Shelly looked to Tawny standing there. Her robe had fallen open and Shelly caught a glimpse of one of her very tiny breasts. Tawny saw the gaze and shut her robe saying, "How can you be so sure?" Lisa took a hold of Shelly’s hand and started to lead her back into the bedroom now. Lisa looked back to her mother and gave her a sort of "come on" kind of look. Tawny followed the two back into the room watching Lisa have Shelly sit on the edge of the bed. "Because, " Lisa said, "She doesn’t have a boyfriend like we do!" Bull walked in and laid his head on Shelly’s lap. His big brown eyes gazed up at her. "You can’t be serious," Tawny stated, folding her arms across her chest. Lisa petted Bull’s head and said to Shelly, "He REALLY likes you, Shelly!" Shelly looked down at Bull. There seemed to be a kind of imploring look in his big eyes. "Bull could be your ‘secret’ boyfriend, if you let him, Shelly!" Lisa said and patted the bed adding, "Come on up here, Bull!" Bull lumbered up on the bed and Shelly saw Lisa’s hand slip under his stomach. Lisa’s fingers began to softly rub the thickness below Bull’s tummy.

Tawny’s anger subsided a bit, as she watched her daughter’s hand softly stroking Bull’s furry cock. "She won’t do it, Lisa," Tawny stated matter of factly. But Lisa didn’t say anything. She just moved her face under Bull and her fingers eased his sheath softly back, revealing the thick, pointed, red tip. Wordlessly, her lips went over it and followed as her hand slid the sheath further back. Shelly heard Lisa murmur softly, "Ohhmmmmmfffffff," as her mouth began to fill. Lisa removed her lips and Shelly saw Bull’s fullness. "It’s soo warm!" Lisa said quietly to Shelly. Lisa looked at her mother standing there and said, "She WILL do it, won’t you Shelly?" Shelly didn’t know what to say or do. Her young mind was really trying to understand all this. But yet, somehow, Bull’s thing DID look kind of pretty. As she saw Lisa’s hand point it towards her, Shelly murmured, "What—what do I—I mean how?" "It’s like eating a banana, only you don’t bite it!" Lisa said, adding, "See?" and her lips closed over Bull’s thing again. When she removed her mouth, Lisa said, "It’s easy. You try it!" Tawny was absolutely certain the Shelly would not do it, but was surprised as she watched Shelly moving closer. With Lisa pointing it sideways, Shelly opened her lips and let Bull slip over them. "Lisa is right," Shelly thought to herself. "It DOES feel warm!" Shelly heard Bull let out a soft whimper of pleasure. She could feel Lisa’s hand rubbing her back as her lips widened to accept a little more. "Be careful not to touch it with your teeth, Shelly!" she heard Lisa say. Shelly let her mouth close and slide back and forth on Bull’s thing. She could feel it pulsing and throbbing on her tongue. As Tawny watched Shelly’s mouth glide slowly over Bull’s cock, she let her robe fall to the floor and came to the bed. "Suck it gently, Shelly!" she said and caressed Shelly’s hair.

"See, I told you she would!" Shelly heard Lisa saying. Lisa eased Shelly’s mouth off of Bull and put her own lips over it. Bull had grown fuller now. Shelly could not believe she had actually done that, but was fascinated at seeing Lisa’s mouth sucking firmly. When Lisa took her mouth away, she gazed at Shelly saying, "This is how we make him ready for Mommy!" Shelly was totally speechless now. She saw Tawny climb onto the bed and get on her hands and knees. Shelly had only caught quick glimpses of her own mother naked, and yet here was this lady on the bed, all exposed. Shelly could see everything very clearly. Tawny’s folds protruded out from her crease. There was a dark patch of very neatly trimmed hair. Lisa’s voice distracted her gaze. "Mount, Bull!" she said, giving Bull a command. Bull required no further encouragement and he quickly got up over Tawny’s thin frame. Shelly watched wordlessly as she saw Tawny’s hand reach under and guide Bull’s thing into her.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh," Tawny groaned as the thick, red thing disappeared inside her. As he was doing when Shelly first walked in, Bull began to hump quickly on Tawny’s back. Shelly saw his thick forepaws clinging Tawny’s thin waist. "Oh GOD, yesssssssssss," Tawny groaned and Shelly saw her body moving back to Bull’s thrusts. Shelly was mortified at the sight as she heard Tawny’s moans encouraging Bull to "fuck" her. "Ohh yesss, Bull!" Tawny grunted, "Love Mommy, baby. Fuck Mommy with that wonderful COCK! Ohhh," she moaned, "It’s soo BIG!" Shelly was frozen in awe. Lisa’s words went straight into her mind, "Undress, Shelly!" she said and began to tug at Shelly’s clothes. "Mommy is almost there now!"

Shelly fumbled, with Lisa’s help and was soon completely naked…as Lisa was. Shelly flushed with embarrassment as Lisa urged her up in front of Tawny. Lisa placed several pillows behind Shelly and parted her friend’s legs. No one had ever seen Shelly’s soft slit before, and now, she was there before Tawny’s face. Shelly let out a groan of fear as she saw and felt Tawny’s mouth press against her. Tawny’s moans were muffled as Shelly felt her tongue licking, her head bumping from Bull’s thrusting. When Shelly felt Tawny’s mouth go to a place near where her pee comes out, Shelly felt a shiver running through her little body. Shelly’s stomach muscles tightened as she felt Tawny’s mouth licking and sucking one particular spot. Shelly’s body shook with fright as she felt herself being licked by her friend’s mother.

"Noooooo, " she moaned. "Please, I—I—Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—" and then it happened. Shelly could feel something squirting from her. "I’m peeing!" she said in her mind. Shelly’s hands went to Tawny’s head and she tried to push her face away, lifting her hips to assist. This only resulted in pushing Tawny’s mouth more firmly to that "spot". Bull had stopped humping and fell over Tawny’s back, drooling. From between her tiny, widespread legs, Shelly heard Tawny’s muffled, "Goooohmmmfffff!!" and then she became very still. Bull turned himself off Tawny’s back, his cock knotted within her caused her to pull away from Shelly. When Shelly opened her eyes, she could see Tawny’s face was wet. "I’m soo sorry, "Shelly began but Tawny stopped her, saying, "You don’t have to be sorry, Shelly! It was beautiful!" "But I peed," Shelly said. "That wasn’t pee, darling," Tawny said crawling up to kiss Shelly’s mouth. "You had a ‘come’, baby!" Shelly couldn’t understand any of this. When Tawny kissed her mouth, Shelly could taste an odd flavor. Lisa eased up beside her and was touching her tiny chest with her fingers. "Haven’t you ever had a come before, Shelly?" she asked. Shelly just shook her head "no". As she lay back on the pillows trying to comprehend things, she saw Lisa and Tawny kissing.

Shelly saw Tawny’s eyes go very wide and the lady let out a low groan, "Uhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, for Bull was pulling himself out of her. As the big dog laid himself at the foot of the bed, Shelly could hear the sound of him licking himself. Lisa laid herself beside Shelly and said, "Mommy, I need a come too!" and opened her legs. Shelly watched, still at a loss for words, as Tawny crawled down between her daughter’s parted legs. Looking down, Shelly could only see Tawny’s eyes gazing up as her face disappeared. Shelly looked to Lisa, whose eyes were tightly closed, and she was murmuring, "Yes, Mommy. Ohhhh, yesss!" Tawny glanced up to Shelly now. Shelly," she uttered softly "Come down here with me, okay?" Shelly made her way down the bed and moved next to Tawny. Shelly looked at Lisa’s crease as Tawny’s fingers parted it. "Isn’t she pretty, sweetheart?" Tawny said. Shelly didn’t know quite what to say in reply. She watched Tawny’s tongue come out and lick the entire length of Lisa’s crease and then said, "You try it, honey!" to Shelly. Shelly gave a quick glance to Lisa but nervously placed her face closer. With Tawny’s fingers holding Lisa open, Shelly put out her tongue and licked. She took her face away when she heard Lisa moan, "Ohhh, Shelly!!" She could see Tawny’s fingers near the top. They seemed to be moving a small skin back. When Tawny licked the tiny bump within, Shelly saw Lisa lift her hips a little, Tawny took her mouth away and rubbed the bump with her saying, "Right here, honey. Lick Lisa’s pretty clitty!" and pressing her fingers on either side of the bump.

Shelly leaned down and licked the bump, feeling Lisa’s body lifting again. "Just tease it with the tip of your tongue, dear!" She heard Tawny whisper. Shelly tried her best to comply, the tip of her tongue teasing its way around the bump. Lisa was making sounds as if she enjoyed what Shelly was doing, so Shelly kept doing it. Tawny watched as her daughter’s friend licked the tiny nubbin. Bull, who was laying on the bottom of the bed saw Shelly’s tiny bottom and moved to her, pressing his snout closely and began licking. Shelly cried out in surprise as she felt the thick warm tongue licking between her legs. "It’s okay, sweetheart," Tawny said gently easing Shelly’s face back down. "Just let Bull lick you while you lick Lisa, okay?" Shelly felt Bull’s warm tongue cleaning her, eased back down, and continued licking away at Lisa. Bull’s wet tongue was making Shelly feel soo warm inside. Tawny moved back slightly but didn’t remove her fingers. Her free hand went to her own moist pussy and rubbed at her own clit as she watched the two little girls and the dog.

What Bull was doing caused Shelly’s body to fill with the odd sensation of needing to "pee" again. Just as Shelly was about to let go, her mouth filled with wetness from Lisa. Lisa’s hands held Shelly’s face in one place and she was groaning loudly and lifting herself. "Oh—oh—oh—uhhhhhhhhhh," Lisa grunted as she filled her friend’s mouth with little girl cream. Shelly’s tiny butt pushed back on Bull’s snout as she began to squirt in unison with Lisa. Shelly never, ever felt anything like this in her life. She could feel Bull’s tongue licking deeper than Tawny’s did. Tawny looked down to Bull and saw his red tip emerging from the furry sheath. She quickly crawled down and devoured it with her mouth allowing Bull deep in her throat leaving Shelly to please Lisa. Tawny’s fingers teased and pinched her own clit as she gulped at Bull’s glorious cock. It was a moment captured in time as she felt Bull unloading warm bursts down her throat. Tawny knew that the four of them were coming at once and she dumped her own cream all over her fingers.

Elated and quite satisfied, Tawny and the girls lay together breathing heavily with Shelly on one side and Lisa in between. Lisa peered deep into her mother’s eyes and said, "Mommy. When will I be big enough for Bull to mount me?" Tawny kissed her daughter and then Shelly, softly saying, "Soon, babies, very soon!"

The end? Maybe.