The Abbey

by GoodLittleKaren

The building was very old. It was set back, far away from any towns. Originally constructed in the mid 1600’s it was occupied first by an order of nuns. It was deliberately secluded to avoid any and all temptations. Around the year 1710, it was abandoned due to the decreasing funding of the church. In 1715 it was rediscovered and used as an asylum. The massive stone walls surrounding it made it somewhat ideal, as well as the small “cells”...rooms used by the nuns. There were about 20 of these. A serious revolution in 1720 brought it once more into closing.

The estate sat unoccupied for nearly a decade, until it was rediscovered and purchased by a Duchess. The huge grounds were meticulously manicured and groomed. The rooms were cleaned and refitted with nice, soft beds....replacing the cots the nuns and mental patients had used. It was during this time that the church was struggling. The organized religion, as it were was still being rejected by most of the population. The church was having a much harder time getting novices. The Duchess was a heavy lesbian and struck a deal with the church. Her intention was to prepare girls for their “life of service to God”. The population was increasing rapidly and the people, being poor, often had to give up their children or they would starve. When the word got around of the Duchess’s estate and her kindness more and more young girls and infants were brought there. The Duchess employed many of her handmaidens to staff the dwelling. She had personally selected each one, based on their special talents. Some would have language skills, others would instruct the sciences and arts. There were three, or four that would be used as broodmares. These would be women that had been conditioned to lactate and their primary task would be to nurse. The children, all girls, would live at the estate until the age of 9, at which time they would be distributed to several convents throughout the country. Only a very few would be kept on as addition staff. Because of the limited rooms available, the staff would share each “cell” with as many as three “devotees”, as they would be known as. Only the Duchess would have her own chambers, though rarely would she sleep alone.

It was a glorious spring when the carriage stopped before the huge, wooden doors. Because of a plague spreading across the land most infants would not survive. On this day, only two newborns were delivered. As was her custom, the Duchess would personally greet each new arrival. She would delight in the wonder and shine in the babies eyes. These two girls were twins and their mother had died giving birth. The father had two sons and could not afford to care for two more children. The infants were handed over to two young maidens, girls no older than 12 years old.

“Take them to my chambers!” the Duchess instructed, as she paid a few pieces of silver to the delivery person. The heavy doors shut behind them as she followed the girls to her chambers. “Place them on the bed!” the Duchess commanded. The infants were placed side by side on the big bed. The Duchess snapped her fingers and the maidens obediently removed her house coat, leaving her standing totally naked. Reaching down, the Duchess unfolded the blankets each baby was wrapped in. There, before her lie two pink, little cherubs. They had light, silky blonde hair and huge, curious blue eyes. In unison each infant, as babies tend to do lifted their tiny legs and gripped their toes, thus revealing the soft creases.

The Duchess sighed in approval. She knelt beside the bed and began to administer kisses to each of the little treasures before her. Her tongue slipped lower and she licked each from their tiny, pink anuses to the top of the tight slit. Her long, thick, black hair fell over the chubby little legs as her face glided down and up. The babies cooed softly as the Duchess, very carefully spread their tiny vaginas with her fingers and licked, softly within. Her breasts hung down and her nipples brushed the blanket, sending shivers through her body as she tasted first one, then the other. She glanced up at the two maidens and said “See to me!” The maidens had seen this ritual many times and instantly slipped out of their cotton gowns. As the Duchess parted her own legs, one maiden layed down between her knees and began to service her Mistress’s moist folds. The second maiden straddled the first and parting the Duchess’s cheeks, began to lick and suckle her Mistress’s anus.

The Duchess moaned softly, “Ahhhhh yes!!!” and continued her oral assault on the infants before her. She pressed her tongue into each precious, little pussy...licking the membrane within. Her body trembled as her maidens expertly performed their duties. Her hips rocked to the movement of their mouths. They followed her as she moved up, offering her breasts to the swaddling infants. Two tiny, fat hands held each of her breasts as their mouths sought the nipples. The Duchess could feel her nipples growing firmer as the infants instinctively suckled. Toothless gums clamped hungrily at her tits. The Duchess’s legs went weak and her body dropped onto the face of her maiden. The second maiden, seemingly, refused to stop her duty of licking into and suckling her Mistress’s rectum.

With the mouths of the infants clamped to her tits, she reached back and grabbed the head of the maiden eating her asshole, holding it even more firmly between her cheeks. The moans and muffled grunting of the maidens filled the room as the Duchess felt the sensation filling her. She ground her hips on the mouth of the maiden, who had obediently sought her clitoris. The almost electric sensation filled her entire body as she allowed herself release. The Duchess had an incredible ability to squirt. At one point, during the training of a novice, she had actually ejaculated nearly four inches onto the young girl’s face.

Now, her body began to shake. Her anus gripped the tongue of the maiden and she let go. She could feel burst after burst filling her maiden’s mouth as the girl hungrily swallowed. Her legs could no longer support her. The brilliant flash of light filled her mind as her orgasm filled her body. She had a very hard time getting the infants to release her tits as she fell beside them, panting and gasping. Her body spasmed and she opened her eyes. Her voice shook as she commanded “Summon the nurses!”

The maidens donned their gowns and bowed. The Duchess gently brought one infant between her legs. The half-starved baby’s mouth locked on her sopping wetness. She tenderly brought its sister up and laid her, face down over her. She could feel the baby girl’s mouth seeking a breast as she pressed her face into the tiny chubbiness. When the nurses were brought in, she reluctantly let them take the infants. The Duchess laid there, observing as the nurses removed their gowns and layed on the big bed, each offering a full breast to the baby girls. She watched with joy as the twins ate.

As her own hand pressed between her legs she thought happily...”I may just keep these two!”

Life on the estate continued long after the Duchess died. Being quite old, she passed peacefully in her sleep. Her tradition, as it were went on in secret seclusion for centuries. The eldest female would assume the role of Duchess. Keeping it going would become quite a challenge, for money became scarcer and scarcer.

Now, the year was 1983. A woman sat in a café in the United States and happened upon an advertisement to lease an estate far away. She had just been awarded the full inheritance of a wealthy, elderly gentleman whom she had administered to in his final years. Begrudgingly she had allowed herself to cater to his nasty whims. She detested the wrinkled, almost lifeless penis of the old man as he took her every opening. Many were the nights she dreamed of getting away. Now, she stood before the huge, wooden doors as they swung open. Before her, in a clean white, cotton gown stood a girl, perhaps 13 years old. As she was lead to a large chamber, she saw several more girls. Their ages ranged from about 6 to perhaps 10. All were wearing the same, plain gowns. On the large bed lay a woman. Kathryn held the elderly woman’s hand in hers and listened to her last words.

“You must become the Duchess now dear!” the old woman said. With that, she closed her eyes and breathed no more. A lavish funeral was held in the large crypt below the estate. Kathryn gazed at the ancient dates and names of Duchesses that had gone before. Forsaking all men, she assumed her position with joy. Like those before her, she lovingly prepared females for a life of service to nuns.

The End!