Kimmy's Family - Part 5

by Gladys Stoatpamphlet

DISCLAIMER: This is a perverted story and is a complete work of imagination. This means it should never be confused with reality. If you have a problem distinguishing reality from fantasy you should seek psychological counsel.

If you are offended or disturbed by graphic depictions of sex with young girls, under aged lesbian sex, incest, bestiality (maybe, haven't actually decided on that yet) or any of the other taboo breaking activities that I'm going to play with here then you should close the file, shut down the browser and step away from the computer/hardcopy. DON'T READ WHAT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE.

NOTE TO MY READERS: Yes, I flatter myself that I have readers. };-> I'm so sorry that it took me so long to produce this chapter of "Kimmy's Family". Suffice to say that I have not been immune to the disruptions of the current U.S. Economy and have been rather occupied keeping employed and staying solvent. Also, I've drifted a bit into the lands of IRC these days. Perhaps I'm enjoying that too much and am wasting my energies in interactive fantasy, but at it's best it can be a little like Leslita Live and that is a difficult thing to resist. If this sounds like fun to you, email me and I'll direct you where to go.

Also, this story is just a bit of a departure for me because there is a man in it. I don't normally do that but the flow of the story required it.

- GS

"You've got to be kidding me," Kimmy said to her little sister Julie.

"What?" Julie replied. "My outfit still isn't half as bad as yours." She found it impossible to hide her jealousy. "Even with the dog collar."

"Julie, you're topless," Kimmy pointed out. The two of them had spent almost ten minutes making themselves look naughty. Julie had taken one look at Kimmy in her new bikini and thrown her own bathing suit in the trash. Then she had gotten a pair of scissors and used them to trim down a pair of denim cut-offs into a thong. The fabric left covering her preteen pussy was barely more than the seam itself. Julie had picked out one of her tightest pair of denim shorts to massacre and the blue denim strip was actually digging in to her labia. She had pinched her outer pussy lips and pulled them open so that the fabric was between them, only covering her inner labia and clit. Had she been older than nine her pussy would have been more developed and the bottom of the thong would have been hidden, sandwiched between her plump lips. As it was she looked incredibly erotic with her bulging preteen mound squeezing out around the denim. And, as Kimmy had pointed out, she was topless and wearing a dog collar and leash. Her pink nipples stood out firmly on her almost flat chest, only the slightest of swellings to indicate where her breasts would one day grow. The collar she wore was made of brown leather and had been made to be worn by a dog. Julie thought it looked much better on her. The thin steel chain leash attached to it was hanging down her back at the moment, lost in the ink-black waterfall of her hair which hung past the middle of her back. She had been trying to look like a perverted fantasy. Kimmy thought she had succeeded.

"So what?" Julie asked. "It's not like I have a top to worry about. Your the titty queen. Who's going to care about my little bumps? And I don't think you can call what you're wearing a 'top' Kimmy. It's like you're wearing shoe laces."

Kimmy looked at herself in the mirror and almost groaned in embarrassment. She was trying to let go of her anxieties but was finding it harder then she thought. When she was in the grip of her lust it was easy, it all just melted out of her then. But now it was like she was playing dress-up with her sister and her self-conscious nature had risen up again. Looking at herself in the mirror she had to admit Julie was right. This was worse than being naked. Her "bikini" was like a body thong. Three thin strands of material came together at the back of her neck. Two of them stretched down over her shoulders and went vertically over her young tits. Kim was only twelve years old, but she was blooming early and her chest was blessed with succulent mouth-watering young breasts that were the size of oranges. She had been wearing a training bra for over a year and had gone through several sizes already. By contrast, the bikini left almost her entire chest exposed. The strips of material were barely wide enough to cover her nipples. Also, the fabric of the suit was very thin and white in color. It was practically transparent. Her plump berry-like nipples were only concealed in the most technical sense of the word. The rest of her young bosom was entirely exposed. She knew there was no way she could reasonably swim in this thing. One good shoulder shake and her boobs would pop out, it would never withstand jumping into water.

The two strips of material continued down from her breasts and plunged to her crotch where they met and came together to form a single strip of material almost as big as the two strands put together. Meaning it was almost wide enough to cover her pussy. Her outer labia hung on the edges of the suit, threatening to spill out every time she moved. The point where the strips came together to form the bikini "bottom" was about an inch above the top of her pussy. It was very tight, her young clit in its hood made a noticeable bump and she had a pronounced camel toe. Her few wispy black pubic hairs were visible through the fabric, a few of them peeking out over the top of the 'v' where the strips came together. As it continued on past the bottom of her pussy the suit became a single string. A shoelace, just like Julie said. That was all that covered her bottom, just a shoelace pulled in between her cheeks. From there it shot straight up to the back of her neck where it met with the strands of material that formed her top. That was all there was to it. Getting into it had been like stepping into a slingshot.

Kimmy turned sideways to look at her profile in the mirror. She arched her back a bit, thrusting out her chest. The string down her back only made contact with her skin at her neck and the base of her spine. She thought she looked like some perverted archery fantasy. It's a bowstring, she thought, Julie could use me to fire an arrow at someone in this outfit. Two other thoughts immediately blossomed in her mind to meet that one. Cupid's arrow, said the one thought. Shoot Daddy, said the other. She felt tingles inside.

"You look amaaaaaazing," Julie moaned. Kimmy had to admit that she did look desirable in this slingshot. Her dark wavy hair, only slightly lighter than her little sister's, cascaded down her back and caressed her skin with its silken touch ever time she moved. It felt very nice actually. Julie walked around behind her and got on her knees. She grabbed Kimmy's bottom and without a trace of modesty pulled her cheeks apart. "Fucking hell Kimmy, that string doesn't even cover your asshole. I can totally see it."

"Julie!" Kimmy half gasped. "It's not a problem so long as your not pulling my butt open like that!"

Her little sister smirked at her impishly in the mirror. "Oh, so I guess it's going to be a problem a lot then." Then, still grinning, she leaned in. Kimmy lost sight of her sister's face as she pressed it between her cheeks, then gasped as she felt her wet little tongue lick across her asshole. Kimmy moaned and thrust her bottom back at her little sister. She felt Julie licking the string over her little dark hole, then hook the string to the side and trace wet circles all over her big sister's rose.

"Tha ... That's so nice," Kimmy sighed in ecstasy. "Soooooo niceeeeeee." Julie giggled. She pulled her mouth away for a second to say something clever, but Kimmy didn't give her the chance. Grabbing Julie's head she shoved her back into her ass. "I didn't say stop!" she hissed through clenched teeth. Julie just giggled more and pushed her tongue past her big sister's sphincter, plunging it deep up Kimmy's ass. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh," Kimmy moaned in bliss. She looked in the mirror at the incredibly wanton sight the two of them made; herself, a twelve year old girl in an obscene bikini having her asshole French kissed by her nine year old little sister. And it felt so good! Wonderful.

"Stop!" she gasped. She pulled Julie's head back by her hair and stood there trembling. She had almost cum again. She didn't know the word for a girl who got an orgasm from getting her asshole played with, but whatever the word was she knew it described her.

"Why'd you make me stop?" Julie asked confused. "I could have made you cum again."

"Julie," Kimmy sighed. "I don't want to get my suit all wet. How would that look? I mean the suit's bad enough but can you imagine what it would look like if the crotch was wet?"

"Uh, Kimmy. I don't have to imagine it. It's totally wet now."

"What?!?" Sure enough, one glance in the mirror confirmed it. The front of her sling bikini bottom was soaked. Her pussy had just leaked juice the whole time Julie's tongue was on her. Now the fabric was entirely transparent. Her pussy was clearly visible through the fabric. "Oh my God," she moaned.

"It's so unfair," Julie pouted. She looked down at her virtually flat chest and chopped up denim thong and said, "I look like a dog next to you. Mommy won't even notice me with you standing there."

"That's not true," Kimmy said to her.

"Yes it is. You look fucking amazing. You're like a young porn star or something. I just look like a kid in a stupid get-up. Nobody will even care what I'm wearing when you're there." Julie sounded distraught.

"Julie, that's just not true. You look very sexy. Besides, I already know Mom wants to have sex with you."

"Hah! She won't when she sees you," Julie said glumly. "It'll just be 'Julie who?' once you walk in looking like that."

Kimmy saw the dejected look on her little sister's face and said, "Mom told me she's going to make you live through everything you've been masturbating too. You haven't found her porn Julie, she's been leaving it out for you. Mom knows you're going through her drawers. You've been finding the movies she wants you to find."

Julie looked very skeptical. "No way Kimmy. Nobody would want me to find those videos. They're totally perverted. If Mom knew what I was watching she'd freak out."

"Yeah, well she does know, and I don't think she's planning on freaking out any time soon. Julie, the videos you've been watching all probably have stuff that Mom intends to do to you. I told you, she said I should use you like a sex toy. What do you think she's got planned for you anyways?"

"Wait a sec," Julie said. "What plan? I thought we were going to go downstairs and just totally show-off. See what they say. Like if they don't object we can get all crazy at home. What's this plan?"

Kimmy turned and faced her little sister. Julie's eyes immediately dropped down to her boobs, and strangely Kimmy was happy with this reaction. She reached down and pulled the suits straps to the side, letting her young swollen tits spill free. Julie moaned in lust and stepped closer licking her lips but Kimmy stopped her by grabbing her shoulders. "Julie," Kimmy said. She had to say it again before the little girl looked up. Her eyes were hooded with lust. "I'm not just showing off. I'm supposed to go downstairs and get Daddy to fuck me."

Julie blinked. "What?"

"That's the plan. Mom promised Daddy not to molest us unless he did it first. Once I fuck Daddy she can do what she wants to do. That's the plan."

It took Julie a second to absorb this, her eyes slowly growing wider as she realized what her big sister was talking about. "What? Fuck Daddy? Who ... Whose plan is this?"

"Mom's," Kimmy said simply.

"Mom's going to let you fuck Daddy?!?" Julie almost shouted.

"Keep your voice down," Kimmy hissed at her. "Yeah, that's the plan. Once Daddy crosses the line then Mom can too. We can all have sex. The whole family. Believe me Julie, I know she has plans for you."

Julie was staring at her big sister in awe. "Are you really going to do it? That's incest Kimmy. That's really perverted. Would you really do that?"

"Would you?" Kimmy shot back.

"Fuck yeah! I'd do it in a heart beat. Mom's incest videos are the ones that get me hottest. But you've never been into it. At least, I didn't think you were."

Kimmy's eyes said it all but she explained anyways. "I love him. And I want him. And if Daddy wants me and Mom is okay with it then I'm going to do it."

"You're serious," Julie gasped. Her eyes were like saucers. "Oh. My. God. Omigod omigod, Kimmy! And if you really do it ...?"

Kimmy shrugged. "Then Mom will probably molest you every day for the rest of your life until you go away to college."

An emotion filled Julie's face, an emotion Kimmy could not name. It was much like lust or need but also filled with a desperate hope. Some deviant emotion that Kimmy knew she didn't understand. "I want that," Julie said softly, almost too softly to hear. Then in a firm voice she said, "You gotta do this Kimmy. You've got to."

"Yeah, I know. That's why Mom bought me the suit."

Julie's eyes travelled all over Kimmy's body as Kimmy put the top straps back in place over her nipples. "Well, if that suit doesn't do it then nothing will."

"It's up to him really," Kimmy said as she looked back into the mirror. "It all depends on whether or not Daddy will cross the line."

"Cross it for him," Julie said hotly. "Grab his dick. Pull down his pants and suck his cock. Sneak up on him when he's taking a nap. Shit Kimmy, if he wakes up with his dick in your mouth I don't think he'll push you away."

Kimmy's eyes fluttered and her nipples became erect as Julie's words formed pictures in her mind. She struggled for balance in her mind. "No," she said heavily. "I want him to choose. I'm his if he wants me, but if he doesn't want me then I won't push it."

"What are you, blind? Want you? I don't think there's a boy or man on Earth who would look at you and not want you in that get up. Hell, I bet half the women on the planet would get wet looking at you. I know I do. I'll bet Mom does for sure."

"You really have a thing for Mom don't you?" Kimmy asked.

Julie shrugged. "Yeah." She looked suddenly shy. "The first time I ever came I was masturbating and thinking about Mom. She's just sooooo sexy. She's the ultimate woman." Looking up she quickly added, "I mean you and her."

Kimmy smiled. "It's okay Julie. I know what you mean. I call her the Sex Goddess."

"Really? Wow, yeah that's Mom alright. Total fucking sex goddess." Julie's eyes shone with her revealed deviant hunger. "I want to eat her pussy so bad Kimmy. I want her to treat me the way you do now. God, if I could have you and Mom together I'd just explode."

"What about Daddy?"

"Yeah, that would be hot too. But I usually think about girls. I don't know, maybe I'm a lesbian or something."

"But you'd have sex with him?"

"Kimmy, if you told me to I'd have sex with a dog. I mean, not like Daddy's a dog or anything. He's a real hunk. And I think it would be great to have my first real man be Daddy. But when I get really hot it's always because of a sexy girl." She shrugged helplessly and said. "I mean, I'm probably queer, you know?"

Kimmy stared at Julie with new understanding. She was impressed at how comfortable her little sister seemed with herself. It stood out in stark contrast to her own nature, which was constantly in struggle. She found that the idea that her little sister might be a lesbian did not bother her at all. In fact, it seemed somehow right. A dark voice in the back of her mind whispered that it would make it easier to keep Julie where she belonged. But then she thought, what if Daddy wanted to fuck Julie too? For some reason Kimmy didn't get jealous at all about that. Somehow it was proper and fitting that Daddy could fuck both of them. Strangely, the idea that Julie might not want to fuck Daddy stirred a curious anger inside her, like she was offended that anyone could even think about saying no to her beloved father. Then something rose up inside her and she knew exactly what to say. She reached out and grabbed Julie by her left nipple, pinching it hard. "I don't care if you're queer, straight or whatever, just so long as you do what you're told. Got it?"

Julie gasped and lowered her eyes submissively. "Yes Kimmy," she gasped.

Kimmy yanked her little sister closer by her nipple, making Julie squeal with pain. With her right hand she grabbed Julie by the neck and hissed in her face, "If Daddy wants to fuck you you spread your legs and smile, you got that? You smile and tell him how much you love it. You ever say no to him, or I even get the idea that you weren't totally willing I'll beat your ass. Clear?"

"Yes Kimmy," Julie choked out past the hand wrapped around her neck.

"You ever say no to Daddy and I'll never touch you again. I'm serious. You be a good little slut for Daddy and I'll make sure you get all the pussy you want. You ever turn him down and you'll have to go without, or get it somewhere else. Got that?!?"

The threat of being cut off came through loud and clear and Julie's eyes were wide with alarm. "I won't (ack!) I promise. I'll never say no. I'm a good slut, you'll see!" she choked out. Julie gaped at Kimmy with her mouth wide open, trying to breathe past her big sister's grip on her neck.

Casually Kimmy leaned in and spat in her sister's mouth. Her little sister made her feel so powerful, like she could do anything she wanted to her. Sure enough Julie simply gulped down her sister's spit and opened her mouth wide again as if asking for more. Lust burned in Kimmy's mind like a black flame. She let go of Julie's neck and nipple and instead used both hands to grab Julie by the hair. "Down," was all she said as she pushed her little sister to the floor. "Keep your mouth shut. Just smell it," she said as she pulled Julies face into her crotch.

Julie took a deep lung-filling breath, inhaling the scent of Kimmy's aroused pussy. She couldn't prevent the small sigh of happiness that came out of her as she basked in her sister's heavenly aroma. Kimmy pulled her tight and threw one leg over Julie's shoulder. She pulled her so tight against her young slit that Julie could barely breathe and her nose got wet from the sodden thong of Kimmy's suit. "How's that?" Kimmy asked.

"I love it," Julie said. Her voice muffled by her sister's ass. "Can't I lick it? Please?"

Kimmy let go of Julie's hair and pushed her away. "Nope. Not until I get Daddy. I'm putting you on the same restriction Mom's on."

"But that's not fair!" Julie wailed.

"Don't be such a baby. Besides, this will help motivate you."

"Motivate me? To do what? You know I'll do anything you want me to."

"Yeah? Well, maybe I just like torturing you." Kimmy grinned like a fiend. She really was getting off on abusing her little sister like this. But she couldn't help it. Julie just looked so good on her knees.

Kimmy turned and looked at herself in the mirror one last time. She could see the lips of her pussy through the wet fabric of her sling bikini. Nothing subtle about this, she thought to herself. If this doesn't do it nothing will. "Okay," she said at last. "Let's go."

"Hey, you wanna hold my leash?" Julie asked eagerly. She slipped the chain around from where it hung down her back and offered it to her sister.

"Sure," Kimmy chuckled. "We can tell them we're playing a game."

"Yeah," Julie giggled. "It's the 'Make Your Little Sister a Bitch' game."

Kimmy couldn't help but laugh. "No goofy. We'll say we're playing a game where you're my new dog and I'm taking you for a walk. So remember to bark, dogs don't talk."

"Bitch, dog, what's the difference," Julie shrugged. "And you just happened to put on a sling shot to walk me in?"

Kimmy took a deep breath to settle her nerves. "I'll say I just wanted to show Daddy the new suit Mom got for me. You know, to get his opinion." She reached down and adjusted the wet crotch of her suit, trying to make it cover as much of her pussy as it could.

"Whatever," Julie said with her eyes fixed where Kimmy's hands were. "I doubt he'll even ask. Probably be too busy cumming in his pants."

"I hope not," Kimmy said. Images of her father's spurting cock flicked through her mind like a fever dream. The idea that that could happen without her was intolerable. "Come on," she said in a determined voice. "Let's go."

Kimmy swung open the door of their room and with her little sister's leash in hand stepped out into the hallway. Her sense of exposure suddenly doubled and she could feel the hot flush beginning in her cheeks. I can't believe I'm actually doing this, she thought. But resolutely she turned and walked down the hallway. Her pussy felt swollen, hot and needy. She could feel it squish under the tight fabric of the thong suit as she walked. She was almost surprised she couldn't hear it. Julie kept giggling, occasionally going "arf arf" like a doggy. It helped. It helped her take her mind off her pebble hard nipples and the way they pushed against the frail fabric of her suit, or the feel of the string between her butt cheeks that made her asshole tingle. As she went down the stairs she realized that the whole purpose of this suit was to arouse. It had nothing to do with covering her at all. It was all about drawing attention to her sexy bits. If she had been naked it wouldn't have been half as bad.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she could hear her parent's voices. They were coming from the kitchen. Her heart thumped in her chest as she followed the sound to its source. Julie's giggles trailed off. Even her little whore of a sister was suddenly nervous.

She could hear her father's voice. "No, I'm happy with the school district in general, but I think their athletic program could be better. Julie really seems to be getting into gymnastics. She likes it much more than Kimmy did. Remember how Kimmy was when ... well, never mind about that. Julie though, it's almost easy for her. I just don't think they have the equipment to realize her potential." They heard their mother's voice say something but could not quite make it out. Daddy must be facing towards the door, Kimmy realized. "Sure," she heard her father say. "But swimming is different. All Kimmy really needs is the right size pool and a good coach. Nothing to complain about there. The pool is Olympic size and Ms Daw is excellent. Kimmy swims like a fish. But gymnastics requires more facilities and I just think she'll get bored in her current program."

Kimmy came to the kitchen doorway and gathered her nerve. Her pussy was practically pulsing in need and her heart fluttered nervously. With a deep breath she stepped into the doorway, her sister's leash held firmly in hand.

She could hear what her mother was saying now. "Oh, that reminds me. Kimmy got a new bathing suit today. It's not really a swim team sort of suit. More of a sexy suit. I thought she might want something to show off in."

Her father had been looking down at a magazine when she walked in the door. He looked up at her entrance and caught his breath. He was in his late thirties, with a head of dark hair just like his daughters. He was wearing his reading glasses, which framed his face and gave him an intelligent look. Kimmy always thought her Daddy looked like a young college professor. Sometimes he acted like one too, encouraging, incisive, quick witted. But now he sat there with a stunned expression and said nothing. He was speechless.

Beth turned, curious at the lack of response from her husband, and saw her girls standing in the doorway, Kimmy in her obscene thong swimsuit and Julie on a leash in a denim thong. "Oh my god," she said softly. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt that came down to the top of her bare thighs, something she often wore over her other clothes when she cooked.

Everyone was staring at Kimmy. Even Julie, behind her, was staring at her back waiting to see what the next part of the plan was. Her mother was looking at her with a wicked gleam, a lioness seeing a fluffy young gazelle, too small to escape her hunger. But her father's gaze was like a furnace of lust. His eyes travelled over her from her naked toes to the hair on her head and everywhere in between, his fixed attention like a caress. As his eyes travelled up her legs she felt a rising heat and almost moaned as they came to rest on the sodden patch of her thong bottom. He was looking at her pussy! Her father was looking at her soaking horny pussy! She let her legs part a little further. He stared as her plump camel toe wiggled under the damp transparency of her suit, then his eyes slid up her belly like a warm hand until they paused at her young tits. Her nipples were aching in need and hard as rocks, making two pointy bumps at the top of her apple breasts. Her father swallowed heavily then let his gaze move up to Kimmy's face where he trapped her under the spotlight of his attention. Looking in his eyes she felt completely exposed. She knew he could see right through her, knew exactly what she was up to, would not be deceived by any story about playing a game or other such nonsense. He saw a girl who had just come to get fucked. A wanton little slut who had just walked into the kitchen to seduce her father. For a second she thought he was going to yell at her. Shout and tell her to go put some clothes on. But he didn't. He saw the naked yearning on her face, the nervousness and the need. He saw her succulent twelve year-old body dressed in an obscene bikini and the childlike determination on her face. Slowly he smiled, his expression changing. Then she saw him as her mother's mate, the lion to her lioness. His voice when he spoke was the bedroom voice of a lover, it gave her goosebumps. "My goodness," he said.

"You two," their mother said in a thick voice, "look positively adorable. Don't they look adorable John?"

"Stunning," her Daddy said softly, his gaze flickering over to Julie and tracing the line of her leash to Kimmy's bold fist. Kimmy suddenly realized her father was virtually speechless. He didn't know what to say. Pride swelled up in her. Kimmy and her friends talked about ways to look like models, to make a splash, daydreams of showing up at some venue like a school dance and looking so good everybody would fall silent in awe. Well she had just done it. And not to some group of gawping teens either, but to her worldly and intelligent father. The knowledge of the power she had over his attention seeped through her like a drug. She arched her back a little more and turned to smile at Julie, using the opportunity to flex her body, her turn becoming a pose. She heard her mother moan softly, but the silence from her father was warm sunlight on her skin.

Beth, who was not entirely surprised since she had set the whole thing up, managed to say, "So are you two playing a game then?"

Julie piped up. "Uh huh. We're playing pets. Uhhm, you know, 'cause we don't have any. I mean, we don't have a dog or anything and ... uh, I mean I thought I could be like the puppy and ... well ..." Julie stumbled to a stop. Kimmy was relieved to hear her sister sounding nervous. Had her little sister been more cool under pressure than her it would have been totally embarrassing.

"Oh how fun," Beth offered helpfully. "You know I always wanted a doggy of my own too." Something about the way she said it left the statement heavy with meaning. "And I suppose since you liked Kimmy's suit so much you wanted to try to wear something like it?"

"Uh huh," Julie said, playing along.

Kimmy turned back to face her parents. "We couldn't find a top though." Her father's eyes flickered back up to her face from where they had been lingering on her curves. It was hard not to smile. "I told her you guys wouldn't mind if she went around like this, so long as it's just us."

"Oh of course not. We don't mind at all, do we John?" Beth said. Kimmy's father didn't say a word. Stepping forward into the silence Beth said, "Gee, I wonder if I could play too. Kimmy, can I take you puppy for a walk?"

"Huh?" Kimmy said in surprise.

Beth deftly stepped up to her two girls and slipped the leash out of Kimmy's surprised hand. "Just a little walk. Just around the back yard a bit. You can stay here and chat with your father. I know you two don't get to hang out as much now as you used to, I'm sure you have plenty to talk about." Beth looked over to John for his approval. "You don't mind do you darling?"

John gave his wife an appraising look. There was some communication going on between her parents. Something Kimmy could sense but not quite understand. "I suppose that would be fine," he said at last.

"Oh good. We'll be right back." Beth gave Julie's leash a sharp little jerk and said, "Heel girl," and dragged her surprised daughter from the room.

Kimmy was now alone with her father. Suddenly she felt nervous again. Her sexy confidence was threatening to abandon her without her little sister and Mom around. Then her Daddy spoke up again. "You really look amazing in that suit Kimmy. I'm very impressed."

"Thank you Daddy," she said with her eyes on the floor.

"Stand straight Kimmy. You should be proud of the way you look."

She straitened her posture, which pushed her chest out again, and brought her chin up but she still couldn't make eye contact. Not now that she was alone with him.

"Very nice," he said. "Now stand a little wider. Open your legs to shoulder's width. Yes, that's right. Now tilt your head back and run your fingers through your hair."

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she followed his instructions. But as she followed them she felt her sexy personality coming back. She was posing for her Daddy in a lascivious thong swimsuit. She had masturbated thinking about scenes like this one. Now that it was actually happening she was turning on big time. She put a slow wiggle into her hips as she ran her fingers through her hair. When he had her turn so that he could look at her from behind she found her voice again. "I'm glad you like my suit Daddy," she said through thickened lips. She tossed her hair over her shoulder so he could see her whole back and stood up on tip toe. Then, remembering what she had done with her mother out on the porch, Kimmy slid her legs further apart and bent at the waist to put her palms flat on the floor. There was nothing but a string over her asshole and just a thin strand of fabric covering her soaking pussy. As she finally got the nerve to look at her Daddy's face, now upside down and looking between her legs, she saw a small trickle of juice slowly tracing its way down from the very top of her left inner thigh. Omigod I'm leaking, she thought. Her father's eyes were locked on the little droplets. Then he looked at her and she saw the burning desire in him. Glancing down she saw the huge lump in his pants.

"Stand up," he said. His voice was soft and dry. Almost hoarse. It was a bedroom voice and she had never heard him talk like that ever in her life. It made her shiver. Slowly she straightened up, as slowly and as sensuously as she knew how. There was a word echoing in her thoughts tied to the vision of her father's cock swollen in his pants. "Mine", she whispered to herself. Once she was upright she brought her legs together and did a quick little twirl, her hair flying about her. "Do that again," her father said. Kimmy spun again. A wicked idea popped into her head then. She spun through three more turns then "lost" her balance. Her acting was not nearly as bad as she thought as she pretended to stumble and go careening at her father. She caught herself just as she landed in his lap.

His strong hands caught her easily, minimizing the impact. But still she ended up sitting on his lap. Her little bottom was right on top of her father's swollen cock. It was like sitting on a wooden rail. Leaning back she plastered herself against him. He let go of her hip and shoulder where he had caught her, but as his hands came around to her front they hesitated. He did not know where to put his hands. This would have thrilled Kimmy if she had been paying attention, but her mind had melted into animal lust at the sensation of her Daddy's hard cock under her bottom. She started grinding down onto his cock driven by pure instinct. A grunting little whine came out of the back of her throat as she dry humped him, only there was nothing really dry about it. She had already gotten the front of his pants wet.

The hesitation left John's hands as they came down to cup Kimmy's bouncy tits. Her lust engorged nipple at once sang in delight and raged against the offense of the small strip of fabric that covered them. Kimmy's hands came up and yanked the top straps aside, out from under her Daddy's hands and allowing her nipples to press into the so very warm palms of his hands skin to skin. She sighed in bliss and pressed back into him. Her arms went up over her head and around his neck, pulling him to her. She moaned loudly when he kissed her neck. "Oooooohhhhhhhh, Daddy," she gasped.

"My my my, who is this horny little girl?" he mumbled into her ear.

She looked up into his face, her need and desire naked for him to see. She hadn't stopped humping against the lump under her bottom and she had no intention of stopping at all. She couldn't think of an answer to his question. She couldn't think. The only thing she could say was, "I love you Daddy."

"Mmmmmmm," he purred into her ear making her shiver. "I love you too Kimmy. My sweet little girl." His fingers closed around her nipples and pinched them as he pulled them forwards. "But this is more then love baby girl. This is a hot girl with needs. Where have you been hiding these needs baby girl? It must have been dark indeed to keep me from seeing them."

Kimmy sped up her humping. She was practically bouncing on his hard-on hidden inside his pants as he pinched her nipples. "Daddy!" she grunted. "Daddy, please."

"Please? Please what? What do you mean Kimmy?"

"Oooooohhhhh, Daddy! I need you Daddy. Need you sooooo bad!" She felt like she was going to cry.

"Need? Need what? What do you need Kimmy?"

The frustration of her lust made her angry and she slapped his hands aside as she jumped up and spun around. She climbed back into his lap, facing him this time. She straddled his cock, now obscenely outlined by the wet stain of her juices, and sat her plump buzzing pussy right on top of it. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her tits. She pulled his head roughly to her nipples. "Suck," she hissed through her teeth. He did.

It never occurred to Kimmy that she was treating her father the same way she treated her little sister, that she was aggressive and forceful and sexually demanding. All she knew was that she needed him desperately. Needed the aching emptiness inside her body filled. And he was going to do it. Strong hands reached around Kimmy to grab her bouncy bottom. Her Daddy latched on to a nipple and sucked hard as he bounced her on his lap. His hard cock was a bar of firm heat between her legs and she was now slamming her little pussy down on it like a crazed rabbit. When her father's hand slid down to probe at her bottom hole with a finger while he gave her nipple an extra hard suck she came.

She couldn't help it. She made a sound like a wounded animal and whipped her head back in sheer pleasure. Her orgasm rolled through her like a summer storm, fast and sudden. She felt the splash of her pussy as she soaked her Daddy's pants and sighed in bliss as all the nervousness and hesitation drained out of her. At last, she thought dreamily, at last.

Suddenly her father grabber her bottom and stood up. She clung to him like a koala bear on a branch as he walked out of the kitchen and down the hall. They were heading towards her parent's bedroom. Before they got there they ran into her Mom and little sister at the back door.

"Oh my," Beth said. "What have we here?"

Kimmy looked at her mother. For the first time she realized that her mom might not be wearing anything under her big tee shirt. She was still holding Julie by her leash and Julie looked a bit flushed and was breathing heavy. Her eyes darted down to where her little sister's cunt was split by the denim thong and she thought it looked a little red. Julies eyes were hooded and she looked almost like she was on drugs. But that didn't prevent her from letting her eyes wander all over her big sister and father. She broke into a grin when she saw the large wet spot on her father's pants.

"I think it's time," Kimmy's Daddy said.

"Time for what?" Beth asked with exaggerated innocence.

"Don't be coy with me now Beth. You win. Okay? You get to have your way." He turned and pushed Kimmy slightly away from him so she was not clinging to his chest, so Beth could look at her better. "I'm going to take Kimmy to our room and that will be the end of this silly charade. So, if you really want what you've been begging for all this time then now is the time to act."

"I want it," Beth answered in a low hiss.

"Then come with me," he said and walked off to the bedroom. Kimmy, still clinging to her father, looked over his shoulder and watched her mother follow them, bringing Julie with her on her leash. Beth smiled in victory and gave Kimmy a big thumbs up behind her Daddy's back. Then Beth reached down and stripped her tee shirt off as she walked. Kimmy had been right, her mom was naked underneath. Julie's eyes snapped to her naked mother and Kimmy could tell the little slut was drinking in the sight of her with deviant hunger. Watching the two of them follow her down the hall as she was carried by her Daddy made her pussy tingle again.

Kimmy's father carried her into his room and gently laid her down on the bed. Standing up he said, "Last chance Kimmy. If you want to back out do it now."

Her eyes were riveted on the large wet tent his pants had become. Her mind was in tatters she couldn't think, and her heart was in her throat. She wanted to explain to him that she was never backing out, not ever, but the words wouldn't come. There were only two words left in her head. She shrugged out of her obscene bikini and kicked it down and off her legs. Then Kimmy lay back, spread her legs, and spoke. "In me."

John looked down at his little girl's open pussy and his cock throbbed in his pants. "Understand Kimmy, you get it all. Not just a little bit, not just one time, you'll be in the deep end of the pool now."

Anger flashed across Kimmy's features. What was he waiting for?! With a snarl she lunged forward and began to pull at his pants. Firm gentle hands closed on her wrists and pulled them away without effort. He chuckled. "Heh, okay baby, I'm sorry. I had to be sure. I suppose I'll have to take that for a yes." Then he turned his head slightly to the side and said, "Where's my whore?"

Beth dropped to her knees in front of him. "Here, Sir," was all she said.

"Release me. Prepare me."

Beth's hands deftly removed John's pants and let his cock spring free. Kimmy and Julie both gasped at the sight of it. It was thicker than she had expected, longer too, and the head of it was flared like a mushroom. A clear drop of liquid was seeping out of the tip. His balls were drawn up, fascinating to Kimmy. Some detached part of her mind noticed that her father's pubes were trimmed quite neatly, but most of her was caught up in the warm flush she felt spread across her body at the sight of it, a warm flush that concentrated in her young pussy. She watched as her mother stripped away his pants and pressed her face into his balls, inhaling his scent. Kimmy leaned in, wanting to be closer, wanting to be part of what was happening, wanting to taste it. But her mother gently stopped her by placing a restraining hand on her young tit. Kimmy's nipples were swollen and hard and Beth gently pinched the nipple in her hand as she opened her mouth and dragged her tongue along the hard shaft of John's cock. Kimmy moaned at the stimulation of her nipple and watched in a rapture of lust as her mother slobbered over her daddy's cock, drooled over it, before covering the tip with her mouth and letting it slide into her throat.

Beth took her husband deep in front of their daughters. Her nipples could have scratched glass and her cunt was streaming. Less than a foot to her left she held her older daughter's growing young tit in her hand and kept stealing glances of her lovely tween cunt. Kimmy's cunt was spread wide waiting to be fucked for the first time. And it was a cunt. A gorgeous cunt. Dripping and hot it made Beth's mouth water. She deep throated her husband and soaked his cock in her spit, prepared it to penetrate her daughter.

"Give it," Kimmy whined. Beth let her husband's cock slip free and with strings of spit hanging from her lips to his swollen shaft smiled at her little girl. Putting her other hand on her child's other tit the deviant mother gave her a little push. Kimmy fell back on her elbows, then gasped as her mother's head dropped between her legs.

"Oooooohhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa," Kimmy moaned as her mother's mouth covered her dripping little pussy. "Ooooohhhhh Mommieeeeeeeeee," she whined. Her hips began to thrust up in response and she fell on her back and simply basked in the sweet love her mother was giving her.

"That's enough," John said. "She hardly needs to be any wetter. Besides, I think you'll like the way she tastes afterwards even better." Beth reluctantly stopped and drew back. "Now insert my cock in your child like you've always wanted to," he ordered.

"Wait," Beth said. "Somethings not quite right." She turned her head to look at Julie who was staring at what was happening with awe. "Mmmm, how silly of me," she said as she leaned back and lunged for the little girl. Grabbing her wrist she pulled her down to her. Julie gave a little squawk as her mother spun her around and yanked her off her feet, dragging her to the floor. Roughly Beth pinned her nine year old daughter to the floor and straddled her pretty young face. "This is where you live from now on you little cunt," she hissed as she sat, planting her dripping shaved pussy against Julie's mouth. "I don't care what anyone says, you belong to me now. Got that you little whore!" Beth opened her mouth and let a large drop of spit fall right between Julie's eyes, then started to vigorously hump her child's face. "Yeaaaaaaaah," she sighed. "This is how it should be. You're Mommy's little bitch now Julie." With that she grabbed John's cock and pulled him forward until the swollen tip bumped into Kimmy's lust filled labia.

Kimmy moaned and spread her legs farther. She spread them as far as they would go, doing a complete split while trying to push her pussy into her Daddy's swollen cock. She could feel the tip of it against her swollen lips and it felt hot as an oven. She couldn't take her eyes off that swollen tip. "In me," she hissed. "In me."

Her father leaned in a bit and pushed the tip of his cock into her twelve year old pussy. It took her breath away. She wasn't worried about pain, she had broken her hymen in gymnastics while doing an exercise where they had to land in a split. It had been a humiliating ordeal because everyone had seen the blood on her leotard at the end of practice. She wasn't the only girl it happened to, but that had been enough for Kimmy and she changed over to swimming, which she liked better anyways. So she wasn't worried about breaking her hymen again. On the other hand, Kimmy had never inserted anything bigger than a single finger in her pussy. Her Daddy's cock was much much thicker than that. The plump tip of his cock stretched her open and nerves she had never touched before lit up and began sending signals of pleasure across her belly and down her legs. If there was discomfort from the stretching she didn't notice it. Her mind was already in an erotic overload.

John pulled back, letting the tip pop out again. "No," Kimmy whimpered. "In me." He pushed back. Again the flared tip pushed into her, stretching her small young cunt open. Kimmy shivered all over and her head fell back on the bed. She swooned in pleasure and looked up. She looked at her Daddy's handsome face, which was a mask of pleasure and lust, down his chest and stomach to where his cock jutted forth from his body. Right to where it was inserted in hers. The enormity of what she was doing struck her, she was actually fucking her father. Right next to her father's hips was her mother's face, contorted in lust as she gazed at the penetration of her one daughter while riding the face of the other. Their eyes met. Beth smiled, and every anxiety Kimmy had ever felt about sex fell away.

Kimmy looked up at her father. "Daddy," she whispered, her voice thick with love and pleasure. His eyes snapped to her face. "Fuck me, Daddy." Kimmy humped up at him trying to take his cock deeper. "Fuck me. Fuck your little girl! I want you to Daddy, I want it."

"Yes!" her mother hissed in deviant triumph. Julie's whole face was now sopping wet with Mommy cream. "Beg for it you little bitch!. Beg your Daddy for cock. Beg for it! Beg like I beg every night."

John smiled down at Kimmy, and pushed. In a slow relentless smooth push he slid his cock into her young cunt. Kimmy moaned and fell back on the bed. She had never felt so open and so full in her entire life. A thousand points of ecstasy lit up inside her pussy and she could feel herself begin to twitch in the onset of another orgasm. "Do it Daddy, do it! Fuck me! Make me your little slut. Make me like Mommy. I need it Daddy, I need you so much." Kimmy was just babbling now. "Fuck Meeeeeeee!!!!" she wailed.

John's cock pulled back until only the tip was still in place then drove forward like a piston. It drove the air from her lungs and she felt the spongy tip of her Daddy's cock bump into her cervix. Quickly he pulled back and thrust in again, and again, and again, stroking into her smooth and deep. That was it for Kimmy. Her insides turned to melted butter and her pussy clamped down hard on her Daddy's cock as she came. Juice squirted out of her pussy and splashed against his crotch and thighs. "Oh fuck, I am not going to last," John moaned.

"Oh you're not?" her mother's voice said from between her legs. Kimmy could feel her mom's breath against her inner thighs. "You're not going to keep your cool while fucking our child? While plowing into Kimmy? Our daughter? Into her wet little daddy fucking pussy? Oh good! Cum John. Cum in her. Give her what she wants. Spill your hot cream into her soft little cunt! Do it!"

"I ... I shouldn't ... not inside," he choked out.

Kimmy's legs snapped shut around his hips and locked in place. She pulled him as deep as she could and gasped out, "In me. In me!"

Beth slid back and grabbed the cheeks of her husband's ass. She pushed, driving him balls deep into Kimmy's spasming body. "You heard her. In her! Squirt your hot daddy cum into her lovely hole John."

"Aaaaarrrgggggggghhhhh," John cried out as his cock spasmed and sprayed. Kimmy wailed and whimpered at the sensation of her Daddy's cock juice splashing inside her. She came in a body clenching seizure with her legs locked around him, holding him in as deep as she could, her mind melting in shadowy rainbows behind her eyelids. Beth shoved her face into her husband's butt cheeks and drove her tongue into his asshole, something that made his toes curl and scalp tingle while his cum boiled out of his balls. He fell on top of Kimmy and she wrapped him in her arms. His weight on top of her, pinning her to the bed, was the most welcoming sensation she had ever felt or imagined. She breathed in his scent, basked in his warmth, welcomed his seed into her womb, and slid easily into unconsciousness. The last thing she felt was her Daddy kissing her face. The last thought dissolving in her brain was "home".

It felt like hours had gone by when she woke up, but somehow she knew it hadn't been. They had rolled over and now her father was under her. He was sleeping with her on top of him, her legs straddling his hips, his cock still inside her even though it had gone soft. She could feel it acting like a cork holding his hot cum inside her. But what was sending chills through her body were the two incredibly soft mouths that were tracing kisses down across her back and shoulders, across her buttocks, down the back of her thighs and calves. A small pair of hands gently grabbed her bottom and spread it open, a small face pressed into the hot, humid crack. A soft wet tongue fluttered and danced across her sensitive asshole making the breath catch in her throat. The kisses falling on her shoulders moved to her face and she lifted up to meet them. Her mother's mouth covered hers and their tongues slid together in a wet embrace. Kimmy gave herself to it fully, without hesitation or inhibition. Her left arm wrapped around her mom's neck as they made out while her right slid down, sliding fingers through Julie's hair and pressing her head tight into her ass where it belonged.

"Baby," her mom gasped coming up for air. Strings of saliva connected their lips. "Oh my baby."

"Love you Mommy," Kimmy sighed.

"Oh baby I love you so much," Beth whispered. "You're soooo sexy Kimmy." Beth's hands ran down Kimmy's back caressing her, stroking her. She tried to lick the wetness off Kimmy's lips but Kimmy sucked her tongue into her mouth and pulled her into another hungry kiss. She wanted to push her bottom back, to push Julie's tongue deeper, but she didn't want to risk moving and having her Daddy's cock slip out. Her mother probed her mouth aggressively and Kimmy returned her passion, tongues wrestling for ownership of each other's mouths. Beth broke off and hissed into her daughter's ear, "Oh baby, what a good little daddy fucker you turned out to be. I'm so proud. Are you going to want more do you think?"

"Yesssss," Kimmy hissed. "I'm going to want it lots Mommy." She didn't usually call her mother mommy but it just seemed appropriate now.

"Lot's of daddy cock for your hot little cunt baby?" Beth asked in a teasing sultry voice.

Kimmy purred from the sensations her little sister was creating in her bottom, from her mother's wicked words. "Yeah Mommy, lots and lots. All the time. In me, in me."

"Mmmmm," Beth moaned as she kissed Kimmy's neck, ran kisses down over her shoulders and her nails down the delicious sweep of Kimmy's back, looking down to see Julie's pretty eyes sparkle at her as she ate out her big sister's asshole. "It's in you now still isn't it baby? Daddy's cock is still in your pretty little pussy."

"Uh huh," Kimmy sighed.

"But it will have to come out at some point baby. Your daddy won't wake up for a little bit yet. You made him cum really hard Kimmy. Fucking his little princess was a very special moment for your daddy. He'll be out for a little while."

"How long?" Kimmy asked.

"Maybe an hour, maybe less. Hard to say really. But when he wakes up he's going to fuck you again. Longer this time. Until there's nothing left in you. Pound your little cunt into soup. Make you his bitch. Like me."

"I wanna be like you," Kimmy said softly into her mother's ribs. She speckled them with kisses, each one moving closer to her mother's tits. "Sexy like you, hot like you. Daddy's bitch. Like you."

Beth arched her back and pulled up so that Kimmy could get to her breasts. Immediately Kimmy covered her mom's left tit with her mouth and sucked. It made tingles sweep across her body to nurse on her mother's tit. Beth liked it even more, moaning from the loving suction of her twelve year old daughter's mouth. It was more than she had hoped for. "Oh god baby, that's so nice. Fuck! I love your sweet little mouth on my titties baby."

Kimmy giggled. Her mouth came free with a pop. "Mmm, they're yummy Mommy," she said as she slid over to suck the right one.

Beth cradled Kimmy's head as she sucked her tit, her pussy boiling with need. "Oh baby, Mommy really needs something now. Needs it bad baby."

Thoughts of licking her mother's pussy flashed through Kimmy's mind. Memories of her squirting orgasm on the front steps, of the taste of the droplets she got rose up to the front of her thoughts. She let go of the tit in her mouth and grinned up at her mom impishly. "What do you need Mommy?" Kimmy tried to look innocent, but she felt like a pervert. And she loved it.

Beth, who reveled in perversion, looked into her pretty daughter's face and said, "I need to suck your daddy's cum out of your sweet little pussy baby. I've been dreaming about doing that since you were five."

"Really?" Kimmy asked.

"Sweetheart, your father used to have to tie me to the bed to keep me from going down the hall and sucking your little candy puss." Beth's voice was hoarse with lust. "I've waited so long baby, been such a good Mommy all this time. Please let me have it now."

Once, words like this would have upset Kimmy. Would have made her anxious and uncomfortable. But now, with her father's spent cock clasped firmly in her greedy hole, Kimmy was free, and in her mother's voice she heard an echo of her own hidden passion that she had denied so long. Kimmy rose up a bit and brought her face up to Beth's. For a second, while wet slurping sounds came from behind her, her eyelids fluttered in bliss. When she regained the power to speak she said, "You can have my pussy Mommy. You can have it anytime. I promise, I'll never say no to you. I'm sorry you had to wait so long." Mischief sparkled in her eyes as she said, "And maybe I can lick yours too."

"Mmmmm, baby, you know I'd love that." Beth's breathing deepened as she pulled her daughter tight. "Do you really mean that baby? That you'll never say no, that I can have your little cunt anytime I want? Because I'm going to want it all the time honey. Mommy's going to suck your precious little juicy hole every day baby." Her hand slid down Kimmy's back to grasp Julie by her hair. With a look of pure wickedness on her face she said, "That is, if I can pull your little sister out of the way long enough to get any. Look at the little queer. She can't get enough of your ass baby."

"She's the best little sister ever," Kimmy moaned.

"And she's only going to get better," Beth hissed. "You hear that you piece of meat little lezzy slut?" she asked her youngest child. "You're going to be the best little sister in the whole world. An ass lapping, cunt sucking, little piss pot baby bitch! Stick you tongue out! That's it, as far as it will go. Keep it stiff. Let Mommy use your pretty face to ream your sister's asshole you precious little whore." Beth held Julie's head tightly and yanked her back and forth, ramming her face into Kimmy's bouncy ass cheeks. Julie's extended tongue popped in and out of Kimmy's asshole as her mother used her like a human dildo.

Kimmy gargled in bliss. A few days ago she would have never thought that having her sister's tongue in her ass would be one of her favorite things in life. Even the wicked language her mother was using made her pussy boil and her clit tingle. "Mommy," she gasped. "Mommy ... You're gonna make me cum like that."

"Oh no, not yet you don't," Beth said as she pulled Julie's head away. The look on Julie's face was priceless. "Next time you cum you cum for Mommy." Beth pulled Julie to her and kissed her deeply. Her and Julie shared the taste of Kimmy's asshole while their tongues dueled. Then she pulled back and said, "And guess what you're going to do you little fuck rat?"

Julie was panting from exertion and excitement. "Tell me," she asked eagerly.

"You, my little toy, are going to suck your father's soft slimy cock." Julie's face lit up in glee. Beth continued, "I want you to suck it clean and then keep sucking it until he wakes up. Your father is a good man and deserves to wake up with his cock in your pretty mouth." Beth smiled at her own perversity. "I suspect you'll like it as much as he will."

"Hey," said Kimmy. "I haven't sucked Daddy yet."

"Oh Kimmy, don't be greedy. You'll get plenty of chances to suck your father's cock. Have no fear of that. But I think it's time Julie had a taste of a man's cock." She looked at both her daughters. "You better be able to share girls. There's only one of him and three of us."

"I want pussy," Julie growled.

Beth beamed at her little girl. "Well that's very admirable baby, but you better get used to doing what you're told. This family needs a committed fuck toy and you are it." Beth rose up on her knees and grabbed Julie's hair. "Still, I do love you enthusiasm." With a quick yank she pulled Julie's head to the mattress and quickly straddled her face. "Open baby girl, open your pretty mouth for Mommy's wet pussy." Julie opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Beth dropped down, moaning as her younger daughter's tongue slid into her cunt. Beth rocked back and forth on her child's mouth and reached up to pinch both her nipples hard. "Oooooohhhhh, fuck. Oh god I'm going to love this." Beth scooted forward a bit and reached back to spread her bottom cheeks. "Don't forget Mommy's bottom you dirty little bitch. I expect my asshole spit washed."

Kimmy watched her mother's face as Beth's features expressed her bliss. "She's good isn't she Mommy? Julie likes to lick bottoms." She quickly decided to try her own hand and dirty talk with her mother, obviously it was something her mom liked. "Is that because she's a dirty little ass bitch Mommy? Is that why she likes to suck your asshole?"

Beth moaned in heat. Her eyes sought out Kimmy's and the burning lust in her gaze took Kimmy's breath away. "Yeessssssssss," Beth hissed. Suddenly she jumped off Julie's face and dove down to kiss her little girl. Beth's tongue slid into Julie's mouth and she gurgled in passion. Then she broke away and reached down to drag Julie across the bed. "Get up here! Get your filthy sucking mouth up here you dirty cunt!" Julie whimpered as her mother pushed her around. Beth pushed Julie's head to John's stomach. She pushed her daughter's head down to his belly until she was resting the side of her face. "Now you just wait right here and when Kimmy lifts up you stuff all of your daddy's cock into your pretty mouth, okay baby?" She gave Julie a motherly peck on the cheek, patted her hair as if she were a puppy, then scooted around behind Kimmy. Beth pushed her husband's legs apart and laid down on her back, sliding up until the top of her head was almost touching Kimmy's bottom. "Okay sweetheart, now I want you to lift up and come right back here." Beth reached up to place her hands on Kimmy's hips. "Lift up and sit that precious little girly pussy of yours right on Mommy's mouth." The perverted mother was panting in excitement and licking her lips in anticipation. "Give it to me Kimmy baby, give Mommy your sloppy cunt."

Kimmy looked over her shoulder and felt a flush spread across her cheeks and neck. "Oooohhhh, this is soooo perverted," she moaned.

"Yeah, it's awesome," Julie said. The nine year old slut slid forward and tried to slip her tongue in between Kimmy and her daddy. Her little wriggling tongue excited Kimmy's clit and lapped at the mound of her pussy as she tried to insinuate herself into the tight space. "Mmmmm," she purred. "Hey, can I eat Daddy's cum out of you next time?"

Kimmy gasped in pleasure. "S-s-sure. Aahhhh! Next (ugh) time."

Beth slid her hands to her older daughter's butt and pulled Kimmy's cheeks wide open. She stared at Kimmy's tight little anus in lust. "Give it," she hissed. "Give me that pussy Kimmy. Mommy needs it. Mommy needs it so bad baby."

"Stop," Kimmy said as she pushed Julie's head back. "I can't move when you do that." Then she stilled the quivers that were twitching through her body, took a deep breath, and in one quick motion lifted up and sat back. Beth guided her, pulling Kimmy's wet crotch back to her face, mouth open wide to receive her. Kimmy's little pussy barely dripped as her daddy's cock slipped out of it. Her young slit closed up tight to hold its treasure, but it didn't remain that way long as her mother's lips and tongue expertly separated her labia and slid inside to collect her husband's cum. Kimmy moaned as her daddy's cock slipped loose, and again louder as her mother slid her tongue in to replace it. The sight of Daddy's cock flopping wet and sticky onto his belly lit a hunger in her, a hunger that burned stronger in jealous need as she watched Julie slurp it up. The sight of her little sister sucking gooey cock meat burned itself into her brain, then her mother's mouth swept all her thoughts away.

"Ma-ma-mommmm-eeeeeeeeee," she squeaked as Beth feasted on her oozing adolescent cunt. Beth was in pussy heaven, cuntlapper paradise. She HAD it! Kimmy's pussy! At long last it was hers and she would never go without again. Better yet it was simply swimming with John's cum. She slurped with glee. Hot gobs of warm sperm slid into her mouth riding on a tiny river of girl cum and were swallowed up hungrily. She swished the mixture around her mouth making sure that it filled every space, letting it ooze between her teeth and gums so it would stay. Beth's tongue plunged deep and scooped cream from Kimmy's young hole. It was snug and tight and wet and juicy and only twelve years old. It twitched responsively at every touch and was nestled between the legs of her very own daughter. Kimmy's clit was swollen, peeking out from under its hood. Beth covered it with her upper lip and pinned it against Kimmy's pubic bone causing it to swell even more before she took light feathery swipes against its tip with her nimble tongue. Kimmy twitched and shook like a leaf in a storm. Beth looked up at her from between her legs, looked up at her daughter's tummy and growing titties, at her red flushed neck and open panting mouth. She wrapped her arms around Kimmy's hips and held her tightly in place. She was never letting go.

"Ooooohhhhhhh, Fuck!" Kimmy yelled. Her mother was driving her completely insane. She looked down, her eyes drawn to the wet slurping sound of her little sister as she gobbled Daddy's cock. Julie bobbed and slurped, doing her best to emulate the pretty ladies she had seen in her mother's porn collection, the women she idolized. Somehow, either by instinct or from some image that had slipped into her subconscious, she got the idea that she should really display her submissiveness when sucking cock. She never stopped her oral loving as she slid her hands behind her back, clasping them together like a slave. She pushed her face into her father's crotch and stuffed her mouth full with his cock, inhaling the scent of his pussy wet balls. And it responded. John's cock twitched in her mouth. She sucked and it began to swell. Kimmy watched all of this then looked down a little further, right into her mother's eyes which looked up at her from between her legs. Everything her mommy was doing to her pussy with her mouth was reflected in her eyes. Her lust, her pleasure, her hunger for her child, Kimmy could see it all in Beth's eyes and it pushed her right over the edge. Clutching at her mother's hair Kimmy shrieked as she came. Her thighs shook with tremors as if electrical pulses were going through them, her nipples ached in the cool air, and her mind exploded in white light. She felt her pussy spasms, felt her insides melt away. Grunting and moaning she collapsed on top of her dad and little sister.

Julie sighed in bliss as she found herself pinned under her big sister's tits with her mouth stuffed with daddy cock. Her little hips twitched like a horny puppy, but she didn't reach down to play with her pussy. She kept her hands clasped behind her back and kept sucking. Daddy's cock was swelling rapidly now and she was worried that soon it wouldn't even fit in her mouth.

Kimmy lay with her face pressed to her father's chest. In a daze of pleasure she softly kissed his chest and ribs. John, slowly waking under the assault of Julie's mouth on his cock, wrapped his arms around Kimmy. She purred as he stroked her hair, then suddenly gasped as she felt her mother's tongue spear into her asshole.

Beth could have shouted her victory to the world if her mouth wasn't otherwise busy. After gulping down Kimmy's orgasm she had pushed herself out from under Kimmy's collapsed body. She rolled over and stared at Kimmy's bottom for only a moment before deciding that she simply had to have that too. She took a second to enjoy the sight of Kimmy's bottom and the sound of Julie slurping away underneath her sister before spreading her older daughter's bottom cheeks and diving in. She jammed her tongue as deep as it would go on the first contact. Not sure how Kimmy would respond, Beth was delighted when her little girl arched her back and pushed back, eager for more.

"Are you having fun Kimmy?" John asked the writhing girl on his chest.

"Ooohhh, god. Daddy! Oh! Ma ... mommy is licking my bottom Daddy."

John chuckled as he stroked her hair. "Yes, your mother loves to do that. Especially to girls. She's wanted to eat you for a long time now baby. Do you like it?"

"Love it, love it," Kimmy mumbled deliriously.

"Mmmm, how nice," John sighed. "Aahhh, I must say, Julie has got quite a sucking little mouth. Lift up a bit sweetheart." Kimmy pushed up onto her hands and knees. That actually worked much better because then she could push back onto her mom's tongue. Whatever else Kimmy had discovered about herself one thing was clear, a tongue in her ass was a wonderful thing. John pulled his legs out from under the girls and turned sideways. Julie's mouth never came off his cock. She just grabbed his hips and followed along, sucking and slurping and bobbing her head the way she had seen in the movies. John ran his finger's through his youngest daughter's hair and gathered it into his fist. "That's a good girl Julie. That's my little cocksucker. Ah, I must admit your mother was right about you all along. You're just an eager little slut aren't you baby girl?" Julie's eyes sparkled as she looked up at her daddy and sucked and licked at the plump tip of his swollen cock. She nodded with his cock in her mouth. "Yes, yes you are. I think you'll like being the family whore honey. I think you'll like it a lot."

"Aaaaahhhhhh," Kimmy sighed as she watched Julie suck and wriggled under her mom's flickering rim job. John looked over at her and his eyes were immediately drawn to her young hanging titties. For a girl her age they were quite large, hanging down like ripe fruit. John slid about, holding Julie down on his cock he slid under Kimmy and sucked her right tit into his mouth. She swooned in delight.

The family stayed that way for a few minutes, simply enjoying each other. When Julie eventually came up for air she held her daddy's throbbing cock in her little fist and stroked it up and down. Kimmy was mesmerized by the sight and cooed, "Ooooohhh, Julie. Can I have it?"

Beth looked over the cheeks of Kimmy's ass and reluctantly pulled her tongue from her daughter's anus. She gave it a kiss, like a promise to return, then said, "Maybe you should hop on top this time Kimmy." She gave her a gentle push. "Go on baby, give your Daddy a ride."

Kimmy didn't have to be told twice. She scrambled down her dad's body and spun around, throwing her leg over his waist. Julie held their daddy's cock stiff in her fist as Kimmy lifted up and placed its tip at the opening of her young dripping pussy. Beth crawled forward to kiss her husband deeply. The girls watched as their parents kissed, then Beth turned to say, "Now fuck him Kimmy. Slide down on your Daddy's cock and fuck him all you want. Show him you're his woman now. Show him what you need."

Kimmy would have kissed her mother at that moment if she could have reached her without taking her pussy away from her daddy's hard-on. With a little sigh she slid her pussy lips up and down across the mushroom tip of her daddy's cock. Julie held it in her fist and moved it a bit to help. She parted Kimmy's labia with her Daddy's cock tip. Droplets of sweet girl cream rolled down John's shaft as Kimmy's cunt opened over her father. She stopped when it was just the tip held between her lower lips, just savoring the moment and letting her inner hunger build. Very slowly she began to push down. Inch by slow inch she settled into place, impaling herself on daddy-cock. It was incredible. Like a hard shaft of pulsating heat inside her. And she loved the control she had in this position. Her mother was right, she could really ride him this way.

Beth moved down to kneel next to Kimmy. She wrapped one arm around her daughter's waist and cupped one of her growing tits with the other, gently rolling the nipple around with her thumb. She kissed Kimmy on the neck passionately. Kimmy swooned in delight as her mother pushed down on her hips, shoving her down on her daddy's cock. It felt huge inside her and she moaned in bliss. Kimmy began to bounce up and down as her mother began to whisper obscenities to her. "Oh that's my little girl. See baby, I told you you would be a sweet little daddy-fucker. Doesn't your father's cock feel good inside you honey? Mmmm, I know it does. I love to fuck it too. Now your daddy has two cunts to fuck at home." Beth let go of Kimmy's tit and reached down to rub her daughter's clit in circles as her hips pumped up and down. "Ohhh my sweet baby, I want your daddy to drain his balls up your little twat every day Kimmy. You're daddy's little slut now. And I'll clean you up every time baby. I love your pussy baby. Mommy will suck your little cunt any time you want Kimmy. Any time, any where. I love to drink hot daddy cum out of my big girl. My little incest slut daughter." The hand Beth had on Kimmy's hips moved in to the cheeks of Kimmy's bouncing ass. Girl cream was simply pouring out of Kimmy's little pussy as she bounced. Beth wasn't even sure Kimmy could hear her, but she went on anyways, simply enjoying saying all the thinks to Kimmy she had wanted to say for years. She reached under and felt John's balls, coated in a glaze of Kimmy's pussy juice. Beth rolled her fingers around in the tasty slime then brought her hand back to Kimmy's bottom. With a quick thrust she shoved her finger deep up her daughter's tight asshole.

"Aaaaaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeee," Kimmy wailed out at the unexpected intrusion. But as surprised as she was at it happening she was even more surprised that she loved it as much as she did. She turned quickly and sought out her mother's lips. They kissed. Deeply. Their mouths came together and their tongues thrust into each other's mouth. Kimmy was delirious in pleasure, riding a building wave of bliss. Suddenly a small mouth closed over her bouncing tit and sucked hard. Kimmy came apart. Her mind dissolved into a pink wash of sensation as she came. Some corner of her mind registered that her whole family was fucking her at the same time. She shrieked into her mom's mouth as she came, her pussy clenching and squeezing her daddy's cock. If he hadn't come already he would have erupted then. Kimmy sagged in ecstasy, supported by her mother and sister. At one point Julie let go of her tit and tried to get in on the kiss. Beth welcomed her other daughter in and Kimmy, in a daze of pleasure, had her very first three way kiss under her mother's guidance. Their tongues met in an incestuous lesbian dance while Kimmy's daddy continued to pump in and out of her young pussy. Another orgasm built inside her and exploded like a wash of tingling pleasure across her entire body. That was it for Kimmy, she toppled to the side nearly unconscious. With a sucking sound her daddy's cock slid out of her young pussy to slap wetly against his belly. Kimmy hit the mattress in a semi-conscious daze of pleasure.

Julie and Beth pounced on John's cock like hungry wolves. Julie was quicker and sucked the fat tip of his cock into her little mouth. Beth, practically giggling in perverted glee, licked Kimmy's juices from her husband's balls then trailed her tongue along the underside of his shaft, then over her little daughter's lips and face. She did that several times before grabbing Julie's hair in her fist and wrapping her other hand around John's cock. With both hands she fucked her daughter's mouth with her husband's cock. Beth pushed Julie down until she gagged, then yanked the little girl's head back and slapped her across the face.

"Fucking little whore," she hissed. Julie gasped from the rough treatment and Beth spit into her open mouth. "This is what you wanted isn't it?" she asked as she pushed her nine year old child's head back down and once again stuffed her mouth with incestuous daddy cock. "You want to be a little bitchtoy, is that it? Want to be the family whore? Answer me you little cunt rat!" Beth yelled while making sure Julie's mouth was way to full for her to answer at all. She managed to get more cock down her throat this time before she gagged. Clearly Julie was trying to take as much as she could but she was just too little. Once again Beth pulled her off John's rigid cock and slapped Julie's panting face. Julie squealed in shock and pain, but also in lust and need.

"Tell me to stop and I'll stop," Beth said.

"No," Julie panted out.

"No?" her mother asked.

"Don't stop Mommy. Don't ever stop," Julie said. Beth looked into her eyes and saw the little pervert she always knew her youngest daughter was.

"Tell me your mouth is a cunt," Beth whispered. She was actually very impressed. Julie still had her hands behind her back.

Lust glazed eyes focussed on Beth's face and in them she saw the sexual madness that she knew so well. It was like looking at a young version of herself. "My mouth is a cunt," Julie snarled. "Use me Mommy, use me any way you want."

"Tell her," John ordered.

"Mommy's mouth is a cunt too baby." Beth leaned close and licked Julie's face. "You're just like me baby, just like me and I know what you need. I promise baby, you'll be the family whore for the rest of your life."

Julie lunged forward and kissed her mother hard. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths and Julie thought her little heart would burst from being so happy and horny all at once.

The fat tip of John's cock nudged their lips as they kissed. "Bitches suck," was all he said. It was all he had to say. Two hungry mouths went to work on his cock sucking and licking for all they were worth. Again Julie got the fat tip of her father's cock in her mouth and sucked hard, bobbing back and forth on it rapidly. Beth slid under him and used her tongue to draw a line from his balls to Julie's lips, tickling the sensitive underside of his shaft.

"Do it baby," Beth said to her husband. "Fill her pretty mouth with your sweet cum. She needs it. Needs to be her Daddy's little cock sucker." Julie heard this and sucked faster. She could only get the first three or four inches in her mouth without gagging, but she bobbed and sucked on it so fast her hair swung back and forth.

"Ooooohhhh, god. I'm gonna cum," John moaned.

"Yes lover! Cum in my little lezzy pet's mouth! Let your child drink your seed!"

"Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhh," John groaned. He grabbed Julie by her hair and jammed his cock deep into her mouth and exploded. His cum splashed off the back of her throat and filled her mouth. It spilled past her lips and rained down onto her tiny chest bumps. Spurt after hot spurt splashed into her mouth and she was helpless to do anything but accept it.

Finally John was spent. He let go of Julie and fell back on the bed totally drained. He pulled Kimmy's limp body to him as he drifted away. Julie was still on her knees, her lips and chin and chest covered in her father's sperm. Her lips were swollen from the use they had just been put to and the flavor of her Daddy's cum was heavy on her tongue. Her mother leaned in and brushed the hair from her face. "How was that?" Beth asked her.

Julie swirled her tongue around in the sticky mess in her mouth then gulped it down. She felt slightly stunned and deeply satisfied. "Best day of my life," she said after swallowing her father's cum.

Beth smiled and pulled her tight, sealing their lips together. Her tongue pushed past Julie's lips and explored her child's mouth. She delighted in the taste of her husband's cum on her youngest daughter's tongue. She felt the spots of wetness on Julie's virtually flat chest where she was pressed into her breasts. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," she purred. "You were so good baby. Such a good girl for me. I'm so proud of you."

"Love you Mommy," Julie panted between the kisses. The two of them kissed and kissed and whispered promises and confessions to each other while Kimmy and her Daddy slept on in satisfied bliss. Beth took Julie by the hand and led her to the bathroom where she said they would truly consummate their love, where she would make Julie her pet forever. Julie followed wide-eyed and eager, more than ready to begin the next stage of her life. Back in the bed, Kimmy pressed her bottom back against her father's soft wet cock. In his sleep John put his arm around her and clutched her young breast in his hand. They spooned together in satisfaction and love. And in her sleep Kimmy forgot all about any anxiety she had ever possessed about sex. In her dreams she erased them all.

:: End part 5