School of Hard Knocks

by Girlypanties

Daisy was my favourite pupil. She was the picture of perfection and knew it. I was lucky enough on a number of occasions during class to catch a glimpse of her knickers under her desk. They were usually pink and always cotton. Daisy was 11 years old and had brown hair that she liked to wear in pigtails. I fantasised so many times about her... and this is my favourite fantasy...

I had kept her back for detention and the school was empty apart from us both and the caretaker. I had a perfect view of her knickers under the desk as she worked and was getting so horny. I got up and approached her from over her shoulder to inspect her work. As I leant down to her she turned her face and our cheeks touched. I couldn't resist her pretty face so with my right hand pulled her face towards mine and kissed her lips. She pulled back at first but as I slid my tongue into her soft mouth she reciprocated. Here I was kissing my 11 year old pupil and loving it! My hand slid down to her exposed thigh and gently stroked her soft skin... moving up and pushing her skirt up as I do it. At last my hand reaches her cotton knickers and she gives out a little yelp but is unsure what to do so let's me continue. I am on the brink and have to be quick in case the caretaker comes in. I had always wanted to see her bend over that desk so tell her to stand up and lean over her desk at once. She obeys and lifts up her pretty skirt to show her panty covered bottom. Daisy had the most perfect rear you could ever imagine. I buried my face in her knickers and squeezed her bum as I sniffed her cotton knickers. All the while bringing myself off frantically. I yank down her knickers and lick her sweet arse from behind. Here she was, bent over her school desk with her skirt hitched up over her waist and pink cotton knickers down just below her bum cheeks with my face licking her sweet bum hole and spanking her cheeks. If only I'd had a strap-on handy! With that thought it's all too much and I orgasm right there with my face rammed between her smooth bald bum cheeks. No sooner had I looked up but the caretaker comes charging in!! What on earth must he thought?! I was caught and nothing I could say would change anything. He told me to leave immediately which in shock I did even though Daisy was still bent over her desk! As I left the room and glanced back I could see him already banging into her arse from behind as her pigtails bounced up and down as she yelped in pleasure. I smiled to myself knowing all would be fine for everyone... Even the lucky caretaker got to take an adorable 11 year old from behind in the classroom... in her bum! A good day all round!