The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 3

by Eva

Fantasy fiction for mature adults only. You really ought to read the first two parts of this story before this.


I was halfway down the stairs but I stood quite still and gripped the polished wooden bannister, eyes closed and swaying slightly. I was breathless and ready to climax again.

I felt like no one could have felt before. Twice that day I had been brought to an incredible orgasm by my youngest daughter Louisa May, and now I was on the brink again. I stood there clutching my dressing gown round me tightly, anxious to move but knowing that at any moment I would be consumed by a fierce and knee-buckling orgasm. Whatever it was inside my pussy – whatever the thing that my lovely, sexy little girl had inserted in me as I slept after our face down sex session – had been vibrating and trembling with every movement of my hips as I left my bedroom and made my way downstairs.

The only thing was, the sensations seemed to be growing as I moved. There was no way I was "getting used to it" and the more I moved the greater the feelings became.

When I got up a few minutes before I had thought about getting dressed. But even wearing pants over the large piece of silver duct tape plastered over my crotch seemed pointless – and anyway part of me was hoping my ten-year old daughter would want to do something nice when I got downstairs. I hoped I might get to shuck off my gown quickly and allow her to do with me as she wished. But now I wondered if I could get there soon. I didn't dare take another step, and eased myself to a sitting position on the stairs.

If I came now, I was less likely to fall. I made a low moaning sound because even that movement was sending the most delicious waves or arousal through me. That, coupled with the delight of Louisa May using me, was tipping me over the edge.

I know, I know. You'll be saying why the hell didn't this woman simply peel the duct tape off and either see what was in her or take it out? But I didn't want to take anything out that my daughter had put in me and a little voice in my head told me the tape was there for a reason. I wasn't meant to take out this thing inside me.

I rested my head on my trembling arm and wondered what the hell was I going to do. I could hardly stay here all night; Kimmie might be home soon and she would want to know why her mother was sat on the stairs. Indeed, if she looked up from the hall she would no doubt see the silver tape covering my sex. As she had already seen me lying on the bed with my legs apart and twat on full show she might conclude I had turned a little crazy today.

Yep, crazy for my daughter's hand and lips – desperate for the child who had exerted the most incredible power over me. But I knew I wasn't alone. Whatever the strange power Louisa May had over me she also had over others too. I should have been jealous but part of me didn't care; providing she made me cum again I could tolerate being in a queue of people wanting her. Well, somewhere near the front, at least.

I knew I had to move and I made an effort to slide down the stairs on my bottom, hoping that each jolt wouldn't open the floodgates of my impending orgasm. It wasn't a question of if but when; I just wanted to get to the foot of the stairs before I screamed in delight at this overwhelming sensation of arousal. I jolted down one stair and I almost came as the thing in me trembled so delightfully. "Oh fuck," I moaned. Seven more steps to go and I wasn't sure I could make it without cumming and falling or, like this, sliding down on my back. Undignified, but I didn't care.

"Hi Mummy," said a cheerful voice from the bottom of the stairs. I opened my eyes dreamily and there was little Louisa May standing looking up at me. She was grinning as if she knew.

"Lulu," I whispered. "My... my, uh.... my cunt's on fire here."

"I know." The girl giggled. "It's this." She held up what looked like a small TV remote for me to see.

"No, pet," I gasped as fresh waves went through me. "You don't understand, it's the thing in me–"

"Things," the ten year old chuckled. "I know, I put them in you."

I nodded, eyes hooded at a fresh surge of sensation – and all I was doing was breathing. "Hon... please, what is it? I mean, what are they?" I saw my daughter twiddle something on the remote, and I teetered closer to another big O.

"Ben-Wa ball thingies," said Louisa May, looking up at me. "'Cept these have some sort of radio thing in them. See?" The remote was twiddled again and I gave a loud cry. I was about to cum as the vibrations in me purred anew. "The remote makes them vibrate, so it's not jus' you movin' around, though they said they sort of build up the feelin' inside you. See?"

I did indeed see. And feel. I swallowed hard and felt my lower belly glow as it was washed with warm, delicious honey. "Where... where did you get them?" I was amazed I managed to say even that.

"Oh some online sex place. With your credit card," chortled my daughter. "There're fun aren't they?"

"Fun... yes." Another cry from me and I held the bannister tighter. "Only... the tape." I parted my legs a little for her to see, scared that even that would set the whole thing off one last time.

"That's to stop you takin' them out until I want you to." The child looked pleased with herself. "That was my idea to tape you up like a parcel."

Of course it was. Who else would want their mum to climax as much as I had? I did wonder how much this Ben-Wa radio thingy had cost me, but right now I could barely think of anything but what was going to happen between my legs. And would I have to suffer this all the time at home? A radio device inserted in me, taped in place, instead of what I wanted: my girl's hand in me.

God, my little one was controlling me as if I was some dog, trained to obey orders. I felt a fresh surge of delight at the thought. But i couldn't hold on long. I had to cum and fall soon.

I was saved by the bell. Literally. Just as I thought I would have to give in and cum there and then on the stairs, the doorbell rang. Giving a little sigh, Louisa May shut the thing off. The delicious and arousing trembling sensation in my twat disappeared almost at once. I blinked, took a deep breath and felt my legs start to recover.

"You better get that," said my daughter. She didn't look entirely pleased at letting me off the electronic hook.

Gratefully yet regretfully – I was not sure which was winning – I got to my feet shakily and although the things in my cunt still moved (I presume there was some thick oil in them slowly moving around to give me a sensation) the feeling while pleasant wasn't anywhere near as orgasmic as a moment ago. Shakily I made my way down the stairs as the doorbell rang again, more insistent this time. Well, it wasn't Kimmie that was for sure.

I opened the door and a woman almost sprang through into the hall, followed by a tearful and red faced younger female in a wedding dress. I didn't recognise the older woman – or the younger one for that matter – for a long moment. The older woman, dressed in a peach-coloured suit with a frilly blue blouse and a flower at her lapel, looked furious and glared hard at me. "I want to know precisely," said my neighbour Mrs Leonard, barely containing her fury, "just what the hell is going on with you and my daughter Katherine."

The woman gestured at the tearful teenager in the wedding gown standing behind her, and I remembered today was the day the girl next door was getting married. But they looked a long way from church and even further away from a honeymoon destination.


I watched them, lost and fascinated, unable to quite comprehend what was happening. But then i had my mind on something else. And someone else, if I dared look at my little girl.

I had felt Louisa May's power, but I hadn't seen it in operation. Not that I knew of anyway, other than surrendering myself to her expert touch and kisses. I had thought, foolishly, that my daughter had (as I didn't remotely believe in any sort of magical spell) some kind of incredible hypnotic power. But as I watched her she simply sat in the living room and talked and smiled and fluttered her big eyelashes.

I admit it was mesmerising in its own way. I sat on the edge of a big chair in the living room, open mouthed (feeling, I have to admit, a gentle tremor from my turned-off Ben-Wa balls, made nicer by occasionally crossing and uncrossing my legs and wriggling a little from time to time) and watched my daughter calm the angry woman and the tearful bride.

Perhaps calm isn't the right word. But Louisa May effortlessly deflected any bad feelings by simply smiling and listening to this irate woman and her sniveling and tearful daughter. Yet when my daughter spoke, they stopped and listened. Louisa May had them twisted round her little finger without having to do anything you'd notice.

It had taken a few minutes to get the older woman and her daughter to stop screaming and bawling, though Katherine's was more sobbing that her life was over. Apparently the mother and daughter had set off for church as planned; the bridegroom (some man called Dave, I gathered) was waiting at the altar. The girl and the woman never made it; Katherine had in the car confessed she couldn't marry a man after knowing Louisa May. That's right, the little girl who lived next door counted more than a man.

I guess that was my view too, now. Louisa May had seduced the bride-to-be as she had seduced me and God knows how many other women but this one had turned down a marriage to get closer to my child. I stared at her, wondering if she had cum like I had. Ina way I hoped not; i really wanted to be unique.

Who, Katherine's mother had initially demanded, had put Louisa May up to this? Unable to get a coherent answer and unable to persuade her distraught daughter to go to the church and marry this Dave, the mother had told the car driver to turn round and bring them to my house.

Now Louisa May was charming the angry woman into submission. There was no other word for it. At the same time, Louisa May was flashing smiles and looks at the helpless bride, and in so doing consoling her. And the incredible thing was, not only was I there to witness all this but I couldn't recall any one thing that was said by my girl that made the situation better. It was just a ten year old little girl with a sweet smile and pretty face talking to two upset females. Innocent, almost.

I never heard (or could recall) a single word from my daughter I could pin down and reason that was what she said to make it better. But whatever she said and however she said it, it worked. After ten minutes the pair were visibly less angry or tearful, and after another fifteen minutes the two women were hanging on my daughter's every word. They were unable to take their eyes off her. They even smiled back when she smiled at them.

I had a vision of this Dave and all the other wedding guests being turfed out of the church as the vicar or rector or verger or whoever got tired of waiting, and wanted to lock up for the day. Well, there'd be no wedding now: it was getting towards evening and much too late for anything like that even if these two females left now. And they looked nowhere near ready to leave yet.

I stared at them (moving my legs a little and wriggling a bit to make my balls – there's a phrase I never thought I'd say – vibrate in me) and took in the change that went through the mother and daughter. I also took opportunity to examine them.

Mrs Leonard – Betty, I knew her name was – must have been about 50. She wasn't unattractive for her age, just a little plump, slightly heavy-breasted and a complete contrast to her stick thin daughter in the white wedding gown. Or the girl would have been considered stick thin if it wasn't for the rather obvious little bulge at her belly that the Empress-style gown failed to hide. Katherine was clearly a few months pregnant and hence the reason for the 19 year old girl to get married with some haste. Now the mother and daughter from next door sat shoulder to shoulder, all thoughts of marriage a long way from their mind, staring at little Louisa May as if desperate for something from the girl in front of them.

With a chill I realised what that something was. I had established in my mind early on that Louisa May had had some sort of sex with Katherine: I should hardly be surprised if she hadn't. Nor would I have been entirely surprised to discover that my girl and not this Dave male was the 'father' of the child growing in Katherine. Anything was surely possible now.

But I also felt dismayed. Another woman in Lulu's life, another notch on the bedpost as it were. Where would she fit me into this busy schedule of making women climax?

The mother had at first been angry at me, thinking I was somehow in control of my child. The thought made me smile, or maybe my balls were making me feel good, but there was no way I had control of my daughter's power. I was helpless, and the feeling was wonderful.

I suddenly realised that Louisa May was talking to me. "So you wanna see them do it?"

I gulped. "Sorry, darling... do what?"

"Have sex," said Louisa May, rolling her lovely blue eyes as if to say: "Huh! Mothers!"

"I don't know," I said. I shot a look at the two females on the sofa and they were looking at me completely calmly. I expected to see them looking daggers at me but if anything there was a slight pleading expression in their eyes. 'Don't make us wait,' they seemed to be saying.

"Well, how about I turn your Ben-Wa thingy on," said my daughter, waving the remote control. "An' not turn it off till we've done."

"Oh God," I moaned, my cheeks feeling hot. "Couldn't we just... you know. You and me."

"Mum! I'm not having sex with you in front of these people." Louisa May said it like that would be an incredible social gaffe. The height of bad manners in front of guests to have my daughter fucking me.

"Of course not," I said, and blushed. I looked at the bride and mother and explained, badly: "It's just that I love my lovely little Louisa May wanting sex with me, and this thing," I gestured at my taped up cunt, now visible as I had carelessly (or deliberately) let my dressing gown slide open so my duct taped crotch was on show, "gets in the way. Except it's lovely, and Lulu bought it just for me to enjoy, and earlier I had panties over my head and..." I ran out of coherent things to say and they stared at me as if I was slightly mad.

The Ben-Wa thingy kicked in with a small buzz and my mouth and eyes flew wide open. "Oh fuck," I whimpered.

"Okie Dokie," grinned Louisa May and put the remote down on the coffee table by her. "Time for you two there to have sex."

"Now?" Asked Betty Leonard, slightly but not totally surprised.

"Now," confirmed my daughter. "I want you to undress your preggy bitch of a daughter an' get going."

I thought Katherine would object to the name she had been given, but preggy bitch was clearly fine by her. She dropped her bouquet, stood, and allowed her mother to reach up and unzip the back of the wedding gown. She might have had vague thoughts earlier about Dave doing such a thing by now, but her mother's hands were what Louisa May wanted on the bitch so the bride-to-be submitted.

The dress came off and the lacy white strapless bra, a matching white thong and white hold up stockings came into view. The discarded wedding dress – no doubt expensive – was casually kicked aside and the mother unhooked her daughter's bra open and tugged the thong down. The teen's swollen belly stood out all too clearly.

"Leave the preggy bitch's stockin's on," ordered Louisa May, and then she pointed at Katherine. "An' now you undress the old cow."

I shot a look at my daughter; I had never heard her call anyone such a name, but Betty didn't register it. The newly named Old Cow was standing, arms away from her body so her virtually naked daughter could undress her. The suit fell away, the blouse was open and off and the pale pink underwear (bought new for the occasion I had no doubt) came off too. Even the middle-aged woman's tights were dragged off. The two women stood, waiting for the next order; swollen belly and small tits on the left, flabby belly and droopy tits on the right. And they both needed shaved, I noticed. I felt a little superior at that: I'd already shaved for my girl and they hadn't. Not yet.

"Want you two to kiss like you really love havin' lezzie sex," said Louisa May casually, and sat back. "An' make sure you both cum," she added.

I made a small moaning noise; not just because I was going to see the mother have sex with her daughter – pretty much my ambition now in life – but because the balls in my cunt sparked with a well timed surge. I sat bolt upright, feeling myself heating up and aware my sexy little ten year old girl was watching these two just like me.

But I also felt a pang of anxiety. I was being made to watch a mother and daughter have sex, and I knew it was to remind me that I wasn't right now having mother-and-daughter sex myself. I would cum, but not at my girl's hand. Betty the Old Cow was being had by Katherine the Preggy Bitch, and I wasn't anything but a voyeur. I admit I looked at my girl, hoping she might relent and feel pity for me, come over to me and rip off the duct tape (God, that would hurt, I knew) and tear the balls out before she plunged her hand in me.

Some hope, I knew. the balls were the only way I would cum right now, and the only way Lulu's hand was making me feel good was on the dials of that remote.

In front of me, the lucky mother and daughter were already kissing – open mouths and tongues thrusting already – and hands roaming each other. between kisses, Preggy Bitch was telling Old Cow that she wanted to be fucked by a mature woman with a strap on, bent over so it could sink all the way in. Old Cow was saying she had yearned to finger her daughter and rim her gorgeous bumhole since the girl was a toddler. In fact, confessed Mummy dearest, when Katherine was little the mother would sneak into her child's bedroom when the child was asleep and gently lick her tight little back hole.

"Oh," gasped Preggy Bitch as Old Cow's fingers found her wet slit, "I used to dream someone was licking my arse. I was so happy in those dreams, and then the next day I would frig myself stupid."

"Jesus, I used to jill myself to sleep thinking of you in your cute little dresses and pretty knickers, bending over to show me that gorgeous tight little rose of a hole. Oh... Why did I wait so long to tell you," sighed the mother as she plunged her fingers deeper into her daughter.

"Mum, I'm so sorry about letting a man in me. I promise never again." Katherine was almost crying either with sorrow or joy she'd got what she wanted.

"No, never again," sighed Betty. "And when your little girl is born we can make love to her, too. We can begin to make the little baby into a lesbian. Just for us."

"Oh yes! Yes!" Shrieked the pregnant teen and plunged her tongue into her mother's mouth with real abandon. "Fuck me mother," gasped Katherine. "Make me your fuck bitch now. Make me serve you. Tie me up and make me service your holes."

"Fuck me, yes... you will make me cum. And I promise I'll tie you up when we have sex, and maybe the little girl too. I want her to be called Sappho, to remind us of her purpose here with us!"

I couldn't believe I was hearing this torrent of perversion, but equally I couldn't help feeling incredibly envious. It was like a dam breaking; all the years these two sluts had held back their feelings but now they were in full flow. I just ached to be like that now with Louisa May. I so wanted to throw myself at my own daughter and scream I wanted to serve her in every way.

"I own you... no, I share you with Louisa May," gasped the mother, clearly close to a climax. "Me, your mother and lover and little Sappho's sex-crazed grandmother," cried Betty as she grabbed her daughter's hair, wrenched her head back and buried her face in the teenager's neck, kissing that pale throat frantically as she noisily fingered her child. I was sure if she could she would have bitten Preggy Bitch's throat in her lust.

The pregnant teen girl forced her head away from the grip, her once carefully-coiffured hair now a tangled mess, and began to lustily suck at her mother's large, hard nipples. Fuck, I so wanted Lulu to do that to me. Meanwhile Old Cow began shrieking hard as she came. Lucky Cow, I thought.

At that point, my Ben-Wa thingy finally made me cum and I shrieked as well, clutching the arms of the chair, feeling an orgasm almost as good as the ones Lulu gave me. I wanted my little girl more and more as this tidal wave of pure pleasure coursed through me. I turned my head to look at my wonderful daughter, casually watching these two have sex, sharing an orgasm as only mother and daughter truly can.

But it wasn't Lulu I saw so much as the two girls in the doorway to the room. My twelve year old daughter Kimmie was silently standing, hands on hips and staring at this perverted show, hearing the naked statements of lesbian love and the screams of satisfaction, smelling the heady aroma of women cumming. And worst of all Kimmie's friend Josie was there too, and she looked even more astonished as she stared at us all.

Continued in Part 4