Candy Striped, Part 1

by Eva

(the usual: fantasy fiction for mature adults only)

Bubblegum pink, baby blue, lime green, banana yellow and a purple that seemed to glow. The diagonal thin stripes on the young girl's knickers were mesmerising.

Corinne Naylor couldn't tear her gaze from them as she sipped her coffee. A dishwater coffee with a nasty aftertaste, but she told herself if you will drink such slop in a shopping mall food court what can you expect?

And a plastic cup too, just to make her feel even more dissatisfied.

But then there were the candy stripe knickers peeking out from the top of the ten year old's shorts, so Corinne stayed and sipped the coffee and allowed herself a repeated glance at the girl's bare back above the waist band of her denim shorts – and of course those wonderful candy stripes. So perfect the way they curved with her little rear, the hollow of her back.

Tasty enough to eat, she smiled to herself.

Across the table from Corinne was her husband Lenny, who was sipping his coffee and going on about buying a new camera. He had his back to candy girl (as Corinne began to name her in her mind) so was oblivious to the presence of three girls on the table behind them. Two teenagers in black padded jackets – a dirty-blonde girl and an almost magenta-haired girl with flashy gold earrings – both who seemed to be accompanying the brunette candy girl.

Whoever the girl was she was the prettier of the three, at least she looked it in profile when she turned her head from time to time. She had the look of being the dirty blonde's younger sister, but nicer and softer looking. Corinne wondered if the older sister, 15 she estimated, had similar knickers. But even if she did they couldn't be as sweet as the younger one's panties.

Lenny had decided he would go and check out the cameras at the other end of the mall. Check out being a euphemism to buy. Corinne smiled and said she would go and put her new dress in the car and then come back and window shop some more.

"I'll be an hour at least," said Lenny. "It isn't easy choosing from so many models," he said. A euphemism for trying every damn camera in the shop and discussing it with the salesperson unlucky enough to get his attention. Bore, thought Corinne, but she assured her husband not to worry. She would wait.

So here they were, both of them at 39, with no kids and 16 years of an ordinary, one- holiday-and-six-fucks-a-year marriage behind them. None of those girls behind him would have been born when I said "I do," thought Corinne, a tad bitterly at what her life had become. And that futile attempt at an affair with Don from the office, she reflected, was before candy girl here was born.

Lenny was getting up, leaving his half-drained cup. Something else for Corinne to tidy up after him. Behind him, the girls got up as one. Candy girl's knickers disappeared from view as her shorts got back their rightful place on her skinny waist.

No, there was still a little hint of them, Corinne could see. She stared at the backside of the girl, ignoring what her husband was saying. Something about not spending too much on any clothes as he was about to slide away to spend five hundred or more on a new camera. Pig, thought Corinne. The narrow waistband of the knickers was claiming all her attention, and the swell of the young girl's bum.

The three girls were chattering and one of them, magenta-hair, caught her eyes for a moment. Then they were up and gone but the look from magenta-hair bothered her for some reason. Then pig Lenny was heading off too. Corinne sighed, cleared their table and went off to put her new dress in the boot of the car.

The car was in the far corner of the mall car park and Corinne picked her way through the cars, still thinking about candy girl. At her car she opened the boot and carefully laid the dress in, and never saw the three girls loom behind her.

"Bitch," said the older two in the black jackets as she and her friend, magenta-hair, took hold of Corinne's arms. One on each side, like they knew what to do. "You were staring at my little sister Beth, weren't you?"

"You a pervert or something?" Asked magenta-hair, glaring at Corinne.

"No I am not! Get off me!" Corinne struggled but the grip on each arm was strong.

Beth – candy girl – was stood a yard or two away, watching. She was giggling.

"Listen, perv," said dirty-blonde. "Tell us what you were looking at back in there."

"I wasn't looking at anything, for God's sake!" Corinne redoubled her efforts to get free but the two teens were hanging on to her. "I was having a drink with my husband. He'll be here in a moment!"

"Nah he won't," said magenta-hair. "I saw him going that way." She nodded towards the far end of the long mall building. A five minute walk away.

"You shouldn't do this," Corrine snapped, still trying to free herself. "We are probably on closed circuit television right now, so there will be trouble..."

"Don't be fucking stupid," said magenta-hair. "Those things are dummies. No one gives a fuck here."

"I give a..." the woman stopped herself through modesty. "I haven't got any money, if that's what you want."

"Not money," said dirty-blonde.

"'Sright," agreed Beth. "Wanna know why you were looking at me bum."

"I wasn't! I am a married woman," Corinne protested, still trying to get free. She hoped her husband had abandoned his selfish plan to test every camera known to man and would come back and save her from these crazy girls. "I was not doing anything!"

"Oh you were, you perv," said magenta-hair, pushing her face into Corinne's. Chewing gum on the teen's breath.

"An' you married women make the biggest pervs," snorted Beth's big sister. A car two lanes away moved off, but it didn't see the group. Or if it did it hurried on and ignored the spectacle.

"An' the biggest cunts," giggled Beth, not looking nearly so innocent now.

"Fucking hairy I reckon," said dirty-blonde. She almost spat it out.

"I'm not hairy–" began Corinne and wished she hadn't.

"Ooh, a shaver," laughed dirty-blonde. "Bet your you're all bristly and your old cunt lips dangle."

"Let's see what you bought, whore," said magenta-hair, changing the subject. Still holding Corinne with one hand tight she reached into the car boot and pulled out the clothes shop bag. Unceremoniously she tipped it up and blue satin-look dress fell on to the car park tarmac at their feet.

"My dress!" Protested Corinne, shock in he voice.

"Yeah, cheap tat," said Magenta-hair. She shook the bag again and a smaller bag fell out. "See what's in that, Beth."

Beth did as she was told and laughed as she opened it. "Look," she grinned. "Whore knickers." She held up a pair of red lace panties. Ones with a small black bow at the front.

"Oh wow, our little perv gets off on sexy underwear." Dirty-blonde said "sexeeee" for sneering effect.

"No," said Corinne and blushed. But yet... It was her little pleasure, masturbating in tight new knickers in the quiet of the bathroom. It was about all she had now Lenny preferred reading camera test magazines at bedtime. "Look," said Corinne desperately. "I don't know what you want but this is wro–"

"Shut the fuck up," hissed dirty-blonde. "We'll tell you when you can speak, slut."

Corinne's face burned bright red. She didn't object.

A voice, a man's voice, cut in. "Hey, you okay you lot?" A young man, car keys in hand, staring at them from a few cars away. A young woman with him, equally concerned.

The girls turned to stare back at the man and Corinne broke free of their grip at last, but she didn't run. She felt warm in her face and looked at the man, sensing his alarm, as if he was seeing a fight about to happen.

"You okay," he repeated, looking at Corinne directly.

Corinne bent down and picked up her dress, shook it. This was her chance. She took a deep breath. "It's fine thank you. We are playing a game, that's all. Just some fun, my girls and me."

"Well if you're sure..." said the young male guardedly. His girlfriend, a girl of about twenty four with short black hair, had her mobile phone obviously in her hand. Ready to use it.

"I am sure, but thanks again for asking," smiled Corinne, every fibre in her screaming what are you doing, woman? Tell him, go with him! Run!

Corinne didn't do anything but smile. She carefully put the dress back in the bag and heard the man say, "Okay Liz, let's go." Liz put away her mobile, the couple climbed in a car and drove off, slowly and looking back. None of the girls at Corinne's car moved as Corinne dropped the bag in the boot, pausing to wave to the departing car.

"Why do you do that, cunt?" Dirty-blonde was looking at Corinne, forehead furrowed. "You coulda run, bitch."

Corinne had no idea why. "Could have, but you would have chased me," she said, knowing it was a poor excuse.

Magenta-hair laughed. "Fuckin' perv here."

"Yeah," said young Beth. She lifted the red pants again and grinned. "You like knickers, cunt?" she asked.

"Well... I-I think they're nice," Corinne said, blushing. She hadn't been abused like this since she was at school and three big girls cornered her one playtime to demand money. Either that or eat them out.

Eleven year old Corinne hadn't got any money that day. And one of the girls was in her period, the cow.

Removing those thick, green standard school knickers, smelling the piss and young teen juices on them, a trace of shit or recent fart perhaps. And the period stains, making the green crotch brown too. Bitches! Making her do it several times that term and taunting her as Corinne Piss, not Corinne Pitt as she was.

"Oh I know," chortled the little one. "You saw my stripy knicks din't you? Where we were sat." Without hesitation she turned and bent so her short jacket rode up, her little shorts were tugged down by the move. She was showing her bare back and her candy stripe panties once more. "It's these innit?' she said laughing over her shoulder.

God, thought Corinne, she knows. How could she be so smart? How could I be so stupid?

"Please, I have to go," said Corinne, trying to claw back what little hope she had left to save her pride. They weren't holding her, so surely she could run or scream or... But she simply stood still, head bowed, looking at Beth's candy stripes. Dear God, was the child pulling her shorts down that little more?

"No, said dirty-blonde, "you have to do what we want. Get in your car, slut."

Corinne did what she was told, opened the car, got in the back seat as told, the teenagers in their black padded jackets and black trousers either side of her, trapping her. Beth had straightened up and skipped into the front of the car, between the two seats, kneeling up as she looked at the trapped woman and laughing. "Kes, can we make her do things?" Fings, she said, her cute round face in a big grin.

Dirty-blonde was Kes and she smirked. "Oh yeah sis, we will."

"Fuck, yeah, we can make her taste your knickers," suggested magenta-hair. "Gerrem off Beth and give them 'ere."

Panic welled in Corinne, surely not here? Someone would see them, maybe Lenny would come back. There was moment of relief when Beth frowned. "No," she pouted.

The relief faded. "They're my knicks so I gotta do it," said the child, already tugging her shorts down.

"B-beth, Kes, please... this is silly, dangerous," whispered Corinne, breathless already at what was happening. "You wont want to do anyth–"

Kes's hand came up and clamped over Corinne's mouth, silencing her.

"We wanna, bitch," she said face close to Corinne's ears, the girl's tongue suddenly flicking at the woman's silver dangling earring.

Corinne blinked, not knocking the hand away. She did nothing when magenta-hair put a hand on her breasts and laughed as she started to pull at them, saying the whore'd got hard nips here like some on-heat cow. The woman's attention was on little Beth, shorts now off, all the candy stripes on show. Perhaps a wee bit too tight, the merest hint of a tiny camel foot.

Behind the hand holding her silent, Corinne whimpered at the view, helpless as the magenta-haired hands worked on her breasts with their hard nipples poking her shirt front obscenely, Kes's other hand working between the woman's legs. God, thought Corinne, why am I opening my legs for this? Thank heavens I have trousers on.

Like that made any difference to Kes as she tugged the zip down and skillfully flipped the button open. Corinne to her shame even sucked her belly in to make it easier for the dirty-blonde. There was only one thing going to happen here and Corinne knew it. They all knew it.

Beth was shucking off those candy stripe panties and giggling, her little hairless slit coming into view. "You like it, bitch, me cunny?" She chortled, hips pushed forward in a brazen gesture. All Corinne could do was whimper and moan as hands worked her tits and those painfully hard nipples, the hand between her legs was in the waistband of her own lemon yellow panties, Kes saying something about hey she is fucking-well shaved down here the wet bitch.

Wet? Oh fuck yes, groaned Corinne as those little candy panties were being rubbed on Beth's slit, worked into those small folds, all those lovely colours getting dragged across that delightful young pussy. Then the panties were offered, the child reaching into the back as Kes relented her grasp on the woman's hot face, telling Corinne she better get her fucking fat mouth open wide. Or else.

The candy stripe panties went in the woman's mouth so easily, just as if they were made to fit, the taste of the child's little pussy on them. Corinne emitted a low cry in her throat as magenta-hair squeezed her pained tits harder and Kes's tongue went in her ear and her hand was right in her sopping wet hole – brutally in – her other hand dragging Corinne's hair back and even Beth was toying with that bare little slit in front of her. Fingering herself.

Of course it couldn't last. Not long enough if truth be said. Corinne came inside a moment with a muffled scream, squirting in her own already soaking panties and all the girls laughed at the poor bitch with the candy stripes packed between her teeth.

End of Part 1