Dirty Old Dykes, Part 6 – Tongue Fight

by Dykefan

Anne mulled the strap-on scenario for a second and then spoke, “Kate would you like to take a strap on tonight? It may be a bit sore sweetie but it will feel good as well.”

Kate bit her lip and then nodded saying quietly, “ I want to feel one in me.”

Marla almost came then and there but held off as she scuffled around for her dildos. Jen spoke up, “we’ll lap her first of course ladies, so she is good and wet and I want to taste her again anyway.”

Anne leaned over the 12 year old and kissed her passionately, then kissed her belly and placed her hands on the girls knickers waistband. They slowly slid off as Marla shook in excitement and arousal as the brown pubic tufts and tight slit came into view. Anne grinned, “I feel like a chef revealing her main dish.” The older women laughed and gazed at the preteen pussy, light swirls of brown hair and drops of saliva here and there from the spitting.

Anne lifted the youngster on to her lap, the brunette beauty legs spread out. Then she put her hands around the girls waist and spread her young slit gaping open. She kissed the girl’s ear and asked her what she wanted, the girl looked unsure, “tell us you want us to lick your young cunt babba.” Kate hesitated but quietly complied.

Marla knelt on her knees in front of the splayed girl and edged her long tongue to the girl’s love hole. In it went as the girl sighed deeply and Marla started to delve deeply into the pussy hole and then suck on her outer lips sending the girl wild with ecstasy. Anne prompted the girl, “you like that don’t you baby huh? You like being tongue fucked by a dirty old woman, you like being held down and having your pussy eaten aye sugar?” The girl just groaned in approval as Jen took photos of her pussy being devoured whilst Anne held it open.

Marla was an expert, she flicked in and out and suckled her whole pussy into her mouth. Then she slowly lapped back and forth moving down the pussy and underneath flicking at the young arsehole. Kate came with a cry as the towering dyke flicked at her clit and blew hot air on her pussy mound.

Anne lent back and cuddle the child to her kissing her neck lovingly, “well you seemed to enjoy that young woman.” The girl just panted and smiled and nuzzled into the bull dyke. Marla laid back on the bus floor and wiped her mouth grinning, “that was the best tasting, juiciest, wet, little pussy I have ever tasted and I’ve went down on some young tarts.”

Anne then declared, “ no rest for the young, you’re still full of beans and a fresh hole.” She lifted the girl on to her belly on the couch out flat and clambered over her to kiss the girl from behind. Then came back down to her cute butt and spread her ass cheeks.

“Ok baby I am going to like your anus like I did before only less rough.”

The big woman slowly knelt down over the little hole and gave it a little kiss that tickled. Kate looked back over her shoulder a little nervously after the last time when Anne was a little rough. Anne lightly flicked back and forth over the anus and randomly kissed each ass cheek. Then Jen nuzzled in to her partner and also flicked at the cute little bottom. The two women’s tongue’s fought each other playfully as they moved around the youngster’s crack. Then Anne decided to take a chance and delve the tongue into the hole. Jen kissed the ass cheeks lovingly and soothed the girl in the meantime. Marla moved around in front of Kate and shot over her shoulder at the action encouraging, “oh lady you’ve got a big fat bull dyke shoving her tongue in your arsehole you naughty schoolgirl, the little tart she’s loving it!”

The girl came again from a g spot orgasm and almost passed out on the couch. “well she can have a rest now and then I want to see her lick Jen’s pussy and take a strap on from me and Marla.” Anne cooed.