Donna's Friendly Family, Part 1

by Donna

When I was a child I spent a lot of time with my cousin, Ira, who was almost the same age as I was. We were born within a month of each other. Our mothers, who were sisters, got together about once a week for coffee or shopping. Sometimes one of them would go out alone, leaving one or the other of us at the other one's house to play.

One summer day my cousin and I were playing on the back porch, and I was sitting with my legs open, wearing only a short sun suit, which gaped open at the legs. I guess I wasn't wearing panties because my cousin began to stare at my little cunny and I became aware that he might be seeing more than just my little thighs. I think he was about to reach up and touch me when suddenly his mother came out on the porch and sharply told him to go into the house, obviously disapproving of his behavior.

Then she came and sat next to me on the couch, putting her arm around me and hugging me to her breast in a motherly way. She apologized for her son's behavior, and asked whether he had hurt me. I told her he hadn't even touched me, but she insisted on checking to be sure that he hadn't harmed me in any way.

She had me stand up and pull off my sun suit to reveal my bare body, back and front. Then she gently moved her hands over me, stroking my little ass cheeks and running her finger over the little pee-pee slit in front. She seemed to be very intense in her examination, and I even thought she was breathing a little hard. Frankly, I enjoyed her feeling me up like that and was sorry when she told me to put my sun suit back on and sent me into the house to resume my playing with Ira.

Another time during a party at Ira's house, he and I were upstairs when everyone else was in the basement. Ira knelt down and looked up under my dress, and I was hoping he would touch me the way his mother had, but someone came up the stairs before he could touch me, and we pretended to be playing "hide the button," a game we played often.

I had another cousin named Barbara, and she lived in the country. Her family had a small farm, and I would be allowed to visit every summer for a week or two. Barbara and I were also about the same age, but being a farm girl she was much more knowledgeable about sex than I was.

When we were about ten years old we went into the barn one day to cool off, and while we were there Barbara said she was too hot and began to take off the coveralls she always wore. I was surprised that she wore nothing underneath but a thin T-shirt. Her bottom was bare! I could see her little pee-pee slit just as plain as day. When she noticed me staring at it she began to run her fingers over it, asking me if I ever played with myself there. I hated to admit it, but the truth was that ever since Ira’s mother has stroked me there I had occasionally run my fingers over my slit and felt the nice sensation caused by this contact.

Barbara asked me if she could see my “pussy” as she called it, so I cooperated by pushing the shorts and panties I was wearing down over my knees. My cousin knelt in front of me and put her face between my legs, running her hands up between my thighs and eventually her fingers along the soft, peach-like fuzz that was beginning to cover my pubic mound.

When she inserted a finger between the lips of my vagina, I gasped, partly in shock, but mostly in pleasure. Then she bent down and actually licked my pussy, and I found it to be the most enjoyable sensation I had ever had. She buried her face between my thighs and when she finished licking me her face was wet from something that must have come from between my legs, but I knew it wasn’t urine because I had not peed.

She smiled and then she kissed me on the lips, giving me a taste of my own pussy. From that time on I began to relish the taste of my own pussy juice, and eventually I would learn to like the taste of cousin Barbara’s too. But that happened another day—or night!

Barbara and I shared a bedroom with her two sisters who were younger than we were, so we couldn’t pursue our new pleasures in the same room—or so I thought!

But one night, after my younger cousins were asleep, she told me to get out of bed and follow her. We went down the hall to her mother’s sewing room, and after closing the door she turned on a little sewing machine light.

By the dim light we both took off our nightgowns, and began to explore each other's body, our fingers racing delicately over each other's soft skin, down over our little budding breasts and around our buttocks, which were just beginning to get their womanly shape.

When Barbara once more knelt and brushed my pussy with her tongue, I jumped with pleasure. She eased me down on a chair, and with my legs spread open, she pressed her face into my crotch and began licking fervently at my cunny, lapping her tongue all the way from the top of my slit down into my pussy, and around even into my little puckered ass hole. I practically slid off the chair when she did that, but she caught me by holding my ass cheeks in her hands and pushing me onto her face.

My body was wracked with what I later learned was an orgasm, and I found myself in a heavenly state of bliss as my cousin continued to lick and lap at my cunny and ass hole.

Then it was her turn. She sat on the chair and instructed me to kneel before her. There was just enough light from the sewing machine lamp for me to see my cousin's sweet pussy. She spread her legs apart and motioned me to crawl between them, my face grazing her soft thighs as I looked at the furry mound of her pubic hair, thicker than mine, and darker. Then she parted the lips of her vagina with her fingers and I was drawn in, mesmerized by the sight and smell of my cousin's delicious looking pussy.

When my lips connected with the lips of her vagina and my tongue tasted her pussy juice, I was hooked, and began lapping and licking just as eagerly as Barbara had done to me. I ran my tongue up and down her slit like she had done to me, and when she leaned back and raised her legs and put them on my shoulders I was confronted with her pink little anus. After licking at the puckered hole for a few minutes, I became curious and ran my finger into the tight ring, drawing from my cousin an impassioned moan. I kept my finger in her ass hole while I ran my thumb under her and into her vagina.

Barbara's ass wriggled frantically under my ministrations, and finally she gave a big gasp and pushed me away. I wasn't really satisfied with my tasting of her delicacies, but I loved it when she kissed me, and our tongues intertwined, sharing the taste of each other's pussies and ass holes.

We snuck back to our bedroom and into bed, knowing that this would not be our last such encounter, and looking forward to further explorations in the wonderful world of sex.

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Love, Donna