Mommy Games, Part 1

by Dirty Girl Sara

It started when she was a baby. Even when Ashley was only a month old, I would feel my body start to respond as I breastfed my baby. I would feel her sucking my on nipple, relieving that pressure in my breast and I could feel myself becoming wet and that familiar tingle washing over me.

I had always lusted after young girls and though I was only seventeen, I couldn't keep my eyes off of little girls. I babysat and helped with the day reading program as a way to get close to the objects of my desire, loving the way that they looked and smiled and that beautiful innocence that they had at that age. I had seduced young girls before, but never younger than eight, so this was kind of different for me.

I wasn't even home with Ashley yet. I could feel my body being lit on fire by her tiny lips suckling my nipple while her warm body lay across my chest. I smiled down at her, feeling my hips roll back and forth as my pussy started to throb.

I shouldn’t have been surprised though, because I had always been a lesbian. I had my first sexual experience that I can remember when I was five years old. Dad had walked out on us when my younger sister was barely six months old and since then had been just us girls. Mom raised us as a single parent on a small farm that she owned as best as she could.

Being on the farm, I had watched the farm animals having sex all the time and never thought about who was related to who and which animal was how old. I just never even thought about it. We didn't get out much and Mom home schooled us so there was nobody to tell us otherwise.

But at the ripe young age of four, I remember that familiar tingle between my legs and my pee-pee had started to itch watching a pair of dogs having sex in the backyard. Not knowing what I was doing I started rubbing my little cunny through my shorts right then and there.

Mommy had been watching me and walked up to me while my palm was rubbing my crotch. She smiled at me and lightly kissed my cheek while I was grunting, moving my hips. Seeing her smile let me know I wasn't in trouble so I kept rubbing, wanting more but not knowing what.

"That's a good girl," Mommy said soothingly as she watched me. "You found your cunny?"

"My what, Mama?" I asked between grunts. I tried moving my hips, feeling restless, like my skin was crawling. I wanted more, knew that there was more but didn't know how to get it. I groaned in frustration.

"Your cunny, sweetie," Mommy repeated. "Your feel good place."

She kissed me on the forehead and then picked me up and carried me to the back porch and sat me down on the swing before kneeling before me. She slid my shorts down my legs, exposing my bald immature cunny for her to see. I can still remember the cool air hitting my crotch and the thin stream of fluid that ran out of me.

I heard a sharp intake of breath from Mommy and started to get worried that she was mad at me. It felt I had peed my pants but didn't remember urinating. I hoped Mommy wouldn't be made at me.

But when I looked down at her I saw something new in her eyes, something that I didn’t recognize yet. Then she smiled at me and I felt more at ease and tried to return her smile. "That's a good girl baby. Only very good girls get wet cunnies like you did, baby."

"I wanna be a good girl for you, Mommy," I said.

"You are baby," she smiled, then kissed the top of my head. "You are Mommy's good little girl. Now open your legs so Mommy can see your feel good spot. Mommy has to make sure you didn't hurt it when you rubbed it."

Trusting Mommy completely, I spread my legs wide open, like she could. I had never seen it like this before, having never really paid much attention to it. I saw my lips were puffier and redder than normal and it was coated with a clear fluid that looked really slick.

My body trembled in anticipation though I didn't know what was coming. Somewhere deep inside, I wanted to touch myself again and whimpered as I rolled my hips, which made my cunny feel good, but left me wanting more.

I gasped when Mommy opened my cunny lips with her thumbs and I felt the air on my inner labia.

"Such a pretty pussy," Mommy breathed.

"Pussy, Mama?"

"Yes baby, pussy," she smiled up at me. "Your cunny, or pee-pee, or feel good place." Then she smiled again. "Big girls call it a pussy, or a cunt."

"I'm a big girl," I said.

"I know baby," Mommy smiled. "You're Mommy's big girl." She looked down at my cunny again and took a deep breath, smelling me. "I just have to taste it."

Before I knew what was happening Mommy was kissing my cunny. I squealed and threw my legs wider, never having felt that before. I felt her tongue running up and down my slit and into my pee-pee. I had never felt that before but I loved it and wanted more. I pushed my hips down, letting her apply more pressure to my cunny.

I felt her tongue moving up my slit and lick that little button that was at the top. I yelped, feeling like I was going crazy. I clenched my legs around Mommy's head and started beating her back with the heels of my feet, whimpering and crying out while my tiny fists beat the wood of the bench.

Her tongue lashed at the little button and I felt like I was about to explode. Then I felt her start to suck on it with her tongue still rubbing it and my back arched and I lost my breath. My legs stiffened and shot straight out, my ankles still hooked keeping my mommy's head clutched between them.

That was my first orgasm, the first of many. But it wasn't my first sexual experience. I found out much later that when I had been a baby, no older than Ashley, Mommy had put me between her legs and had me suck on her clit like it was a tiny nipple, until she came.

Most people would have been aghast and horrified at the thought, but it made me hotter and more aroused to think of the way that Mommy had used me as her sex toy, playing with me while I was still in diapers and teaching me since childbirth how to love women.

So it should have been no surprise that I would be aroused and ready to fuck when my little Ashley was breast feeding. Ever since my cousin had gotten me pregnant, Mommy and I would have sex, fucking each other to how we were going to start our mommy games with little Ash when she was born.

And so here I was with Ashley's tiny lips latched onto my right nipple and my other hand feeling my wetness between my legs through my panties. I removed my nipple from her mouth which made her cry and removed my panties, leaving me completely naked.

Ashley grunted and sighed in relief when she felt my nipple at her lips again. I sighed also in pleasure as the feeling her lips in my nipple sent ripples right down to my pussy which was already sopping wet.

"Oh, fuck, Ashley, suck on Mommy's tit," I moaned as I started to rub small hard circles around my clit, already feeling myself ready to cum. "That's a good girl, Mommy's good girl. Suck it good."

Almost as if she was reading her mind, Ashley's tiny hands moved to my tit and clutched it tight so she wouldn't lose it. "Fuck that feels so good," I moaned. "Mommy feels so good with your mouth baby. That's a good girl.

"Suck Mommy's hot tits, suck it good, baby," I moaned, into it. My head was thrown back and I was gasping for air as she continued to suck away as my fingers were flying over my hard clit, my whole cunt throbbing.

"Mommy's gonna cum soon, baby. You're making Mommy cum like a good girl. I can't wait until you can suck on my clit, fuck Mommy while I finger you baby.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," I yelped. "Mommy's cumming! Fuck, here I cum!"

My whole body stiffened as I felt a series of three powerful orgasms wash over me. Ashley just kept on sucking while my body spasmed and my cunt squirted girl cum all over the floor in front of the couch.

"Such a good girl," I whispered, kissing her head while my fingers continued to lightly play with my cunt, running up and down my slit.

Ashley fell asleep and my whole body was relaxed, tingling in the afterglow of my orgasm as I laid her down. My heart was filled with warmth and love as I watched my baby girl sleeping peacefully in her crib. I leaned down and kissed her good night before leaving her for her nap.

Still naked I padded to my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror, happy with what I saw. A month after Ashley was born and I was already just as sexy as ever. I barely put on baby fat and I was back to wearing my size six clothes, curvy and womanly, I thought.

My skin was fair, almost glowing, perfect for my oval face which had no signs of acne or blemishes of any type. I was very careful about my skin and had a nightly ritual to make sure it stayed smooth and healthy. My tits at one time had been a firm B cup but now were C pushing D-cups. I thought they were still good looking. They were still sensitive too as I sucked in a breath teasing my dark brown nipples, feeling my areolas tighten up.

Knowing that I would need another cum, I walked to my closet and grabbed my box of toys before climbing onto my big king sized four poster bed. Reaching for the box, I settled in for what I knew was going to be a long fuck session with me and my toys.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I needed to go back home. I was only twenty three and nobody would think a thing about me moving back home with my single forty-year-old mother. Mom would enjoy having me back home and I know she would absolutely love having a newborn baby to train and play with. Just the thought of that sent tingles throughout my body.

I reached into the box and felt for my anal dildo, my sphincter already tightening in anticipating, as I rolled over onto my knees my ass wriggling in the air. I loved anal sex, the feel of a finger or tongue or dildo in it was enough to make me cum, without even having to touch my little cunny.

"Fuck that feels good," I breathed as I pressed the rubber head against my sphincter. I smiled and slowly played with it, pushing just the tip of it in and out, teasing my ass, not pushing it into me yet. I could feel my cunny throbbing and juices leaking out of me.

My body tensed and chills ran through me as I pushed the head of it past my sphincter and moaned as I felt my ass trying to expel the cold rubber toy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I whimpered as I slowly pushed it all the way into me. "Fuck that feels so good," I sighed, feeling my bowels being filled. I fucked my ass a few times, enjoying the pleasure pain as I pushed it deeper and deeper into my bowels.

Then I reached for my vibrator and turned it on high before slipping it into my cunt. "Fucking shit!" I gasped at the pleasure as it sent sock waves throughout my body. My hips gyrated and moved as my cunt sucked the thick vibrator in.

"Oh, fuck," I exclaimed as a tiny orgasm rocked through me when the tip of it hit my cervix. I kept it deep within my pussy, letting that throbbing pressure build.

"Mommy," I whimpered with my eyes closed as my hands worked both toys into cunt and ass, pussy and bowel. "Fuck me please Mommy. I wanna play Mommy games with you."

I could feel my juices leaking out of me as I moved my hips in sync with the toys that were fucking me. "That feels so good Mommy. I like it when Mommy touches me. Please touch your little girl. I wanna cum for Mommy."

I was fully into the fantasy now, fucking myself to what I knew would be a powerful orgasm, my whole body alive, tense and waiting to explode. "Fuck me good Mommy, fuck your little girl. Harder, Mommy! Harder! Please hurt me. Hurt me Mommy! It feels so good when you fuck me. Fuck your little slut, your little fuck toy! Oh, Mommy I'm gonna cum for you. I'm cumming for you!"

My whole body exploded and I squirted girl cum onto the bed as I slammed both toys into me one last time, collapsing onto the bed. Still feeling my cunt throb, I turned over on the bed and pulled the vibrator from my pussy. I gasped when the dildo came out of my ass, leaving my sphincter spasming.

I licked the vibrator clean, my mouth watering at the sweet nectar from my pussy. I was breathing heavily, needing to cum again when I pushed the vibrator into my ass. There was no playing around this time. I pushed it past that muscle hard and fast, filling my bowels with one swift stroke. I hummed deep in my throat like a contented cat, feeling the toy filling me up and vibrating, sending pulses to my cunt.

Reaching over to the box I pulled out a huge dildo, twelve inches long and very thick. I also got a vibrating bullet which I put on my clit, giving me a series of small orgasms, as cunt juice gushed from my fuck hole. God, I need to cum again, I thought impatiently.

"Mmmmmmm, I love it when you play with me like this Mommy," I whimpered, licking the cock. "I love licking Mommy's cock." My lips slurped up the length of the shaft and my tongue toyed with the rubber fuck stick.

"Mmmmm, who needs a boy when my mommy can fuck better with this. Let me get it nice and wet for you, Mommy, before you fuck me. I promise I'll be a big girl and take all of it inside my cunny. I'll be a big girl for you Mommy."

Then I started sucking it, like I used to do for Mommy before she would fuck me. I pushed it into my mouth, my lips sliding up and down the shaft while my tongue licked it on its way in. I felt another small orgasm when I felt it hit the back of my throat. Then I applied gentle pressure to it when I pulled it out, sucking and licking.

Over and over I assaulted the rubber phallus, each time I felt it hit my throat, my cunt pulsed. I loved sucking cock. I loved the way it stretched my lips and fill my throat. It felt so good and so arousing. My whole body was afire until finally I needed it inside me.

I orgasmed as soon as the thick dildo spread my lips and pushed into my hot wet fuck hole. My whole body tenses as I felt the phallus pushing into me, my cunt gripping it, sucking it in.

Moaning, I kept fucking myself, my head rolling form side to side as I hummed deep in my throat while the rubber cock impaled me, slamming into my cunt. Every time it hit my cervix, my body jumped and my cunt squirted girl cum all over the bed. I was lying in a puddle of my own juices, feeling the wetness beneath me as the cock flew in and out of me, my hips rising and falling in sync with it.

"Fuck me Mommy, fuck me Mommy, fuck me good," I moaned, the memory of Mommy fucking me only heightening my near-continuous orgasm.

"Fuck your little girl, Mommy. Treat me like a big girl, I promise I'll do good. Oh, please Mommy, fuck me like your little slut. Please Mommy, let me be your little fuck toy. I promise I'll be a good girl, but please, just fuck me. Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

My body went rigid and I saw white spots as I fought to breath, as my cunt forced the phallus out of me. I exploded, sending a river of girl cum all over me and the bed. My clit pulsed and throbbed as I kept ejaculating, grunting and whimpered with every squirt until finally I fell back to the bed, spent and exhausted.

"Oh, Mommy, you fuck your little lesbian slut sooooooo good," I good as I rolled over onto my side, basking in the slippery feel of my pussy juice, covering me.

The smell made me tingle even more as I lifted the rubber to my mouth and closed my eyes, licking and sucking it clean. I feel asleep, first with visions of my mom cuddling with me when I was five years old after she fucked me. The final mental image before I slipped off to sleep was of my darling infant daughter suckling on my clit.