Just a Quick One

by Destiny Lover

You know the way guys demand 'a quick one' sometimes? My bloody husband used just that phrase pretty often. Usually when we were going out for the evening and I had just changed into my sexiest skirt or little black dress, just when I was looking forward to seeing my mates and I had my mind on the night ahead. 'You fancy a quick one darling?' And he would grab me thinking it was funny when I protested, when I said he would smudge my make-up. Charming that woman are concerned with such little matters; I could see him thinking it. As if he had anything profound going through his thick head, ever.

So he would fuck me and I would have to rush to touch up my make-up and sort myself out while the fat prick had another beer and complained that I was always late getting ready. We are divorced. Thank god.

So when I starting dating girls, just a few weeks after we split, one thing I loved was that nothing was ever rushed. My first female lover Ruth and I would never start having sex until we had plenty of time and were both really up for it. Often we would make an appointment almost; Tuesday night, 7 - 11pm we would have sex. And I loved that. And we made sure that we had both got what we wanted, discussing how we felt in bed afterwards in a way that had never been possible with a man. 'Was that good for you April baby? Did you like it when I stuck my finger up your ass just when you were cumming?' She would stroke my hair and kiss me and we would talk and talk and discuss what would make it even better next time.

Then we split up; she got a job in Bristol and things sort of petered out as we visited each other less and less often. But I was in the right place. It was woman for me and love and kindness and no more being bullied or rushed or any of the shit that guys give you. I had discovered gentleness and was not going to let it go.

After Ruth I started to do more stuff by myself. It wasn't just sexually that my eyes had been opened. I started a History evening class, a self-defence class for woman (sadly no cute girls at either) and took up jogging. I wanted to get fit and feel strong. I decided to learn how to swim properly. A boy had nearly drowned me in the sea off Brighton when I was a kid, messing about too roughly and it had put me off swimming until now. The most I could usually manage was 10 minutes breast stroke. So one evening equipped with a sexy new bikini I jumped in my car and set off for a new swimming pool that had opened a few miles away and was supposed to be one of the best public baths in east London.

I noticed the girl in the changing rooms. There were lots of other woman and girls around and of course I had my eyes open, but she caught my attention particularly. I was not disturbed by her age. Like I said the changes that had taken place in my life already meant that when something new came along I embraced it. 'So' I thought happily 'I fancy kids now!'

She was about 10 years old, had short black hair with a boyish fringe, flat chested and the cutest little hairless pussy. But it was her bum that I had noticed first as she stood on one leg to pull off her last item of clothing, a little white ankle sock. It was an arse to die for, small and firm ending in a sharp uu at the top of her legs. She must have been on holiday recently as she was a beautiful light copper colour except for a little strip of white in a loop around her nipples and an equally narrow white strip that highlighted her cunt and the crease between her buttocks.

It seemed that she was alone, just old enough to be allowed out to do something healthy on an early summer evening. She was ahead of me in getting ready for the pool and was pulling on a childish blue and white polka dot one piece. So I rushed to catch up, adjusting my breasts into my bikini top as I stuffed my clothes into my locker. Whether she was alone or not I was going to talk to her.

As we walked in the direction of the pool I brushed her slender shoulder accidentally on purpose and apologized. She looked up. Wow. Her eyes were as lovely as her bum; soft, shy, brown pools floating in a sea of white and long dark lashes. 'Is this the way to the pool baby? I've not been her before' It was a silly question but she seemed to take it at face value and managed a little smile, 'Yes but we gotta wash our feet first' I liked the 'We'.

So we did the necessary in the shallow foot bath that smelt overpoweringly of chlorine and I watched her lovely slender body as she whooshed water over each foot in turn. I could not take my eyes off her and did not try to disguise what I was thinking. Woman as well as men must have looked at her lustfully a million times but perhaps not so blatantly or in quite these semi-nude circumstances. She twisted her fragile body away from my gaze a little but still looked me up and down herself, lingering on my breasts. I asked her name 'Lilly…Lil' she called back over the noise roaring from the main pool 'I'm April… see you after?' I knew this was reckless and invited her to run away or report me as suspicious but I wanted her so much I took the chance. It would have been worse if she was up for something and I did not make a move. 'I'm doing 35 minutes. See you if you like…' She gave me a charming flattered smile and tiptoed out into the pool area while I watched her sexy little bottom.

I followed like a lesbian bitch on heat and just caught sight of her arse as she dived in the deep end. There were water slides and tubes, and whatnots everywhere, people coming and going from the steam baths and whirlpool areas. Things had changed since I was last at a public pool. Thank you public expenditure. It was impossible to keep my eyes on Lil from the shallow end so I kept my eyes on the clock instead. 35 minutes. She was probably in training and had done 30 minutes her last session. I thought I might never see her again with my eyes blurry and stinging and people splashing around me but I did after about ten when we happened to pass, she powering through another length and me treading water in the middle of a width, already becoming exhausted.

It was the longest 35 minutes of my life but, true to her word and training schedule she was out on the dot. I caught sight of her walking down the poolside and followed her into the changing rooms, she smiled broadly, relaxed by her exercise. 'Hiya, good swim?' her black hair was messy and punkish as she removed her swimming goggles. 'Best ever!' I said as happily as I could, 'You?' 'Yeah, good, you gonna shower?' I obeyed, starting to fear I could not keep her pace in anything.

I picked a shower opposite hers so I could watch her. Girls that age don't have much to wash but there was one magical moment when she was facing away, looking down to wash her bald cunt with her right hand and glanced over her left shoulder at me while she cleaned it, smiling at me flirtatiously. I didn't want the little waif vanishing now but she was ahead of me again, stepping out of the shower and giving me another look before I had finished washing my own cunt, slimy from excitement. The look was good though, straight from my eyes down to pubes. I was glad she had looked there; suddenly I remembered being fascinated by woman's pubes a year or two before I had any hair on my pussy.

I asked her if she was in training when we had started changing. Completely naked and unashamed she held up her swimming suit at arms length, like a fascist salute, and showed me some badges her mum must have sown on it. 'Best in my school!' She was such a happy relaxed little girl now and I didn't want to spoil that, but if there was any chance I was going to have her.

I managed to get most of my body dry before putting my clothes on. I had to leave with her. A plan had started to form in my mind.

She was first through the swing doors and out into the car park. 'Can I give you a lift?' I asked, dangling my car keys on the end of my index finger and trying to sound as calm as possible, praying that she did not live a short walk away or that she had cycled. 'Oh, that's alright I live miles away in Ilford. I'll have to get the bus.' That was perfect. She had clearly been drawn to this pool because it was new and not because she lived near. 'Ilford? That's where I'm going!' I lied, rather convincingly. She only hesitated for a second. I am a respectable looking young woman after all; fortunately the stuff children are taught at school was forgotten for the sake of saving time and bus fare.

As she sat next to me in the car I looked at her skinny brown legs, as slim as my arm. Her navy-blue skirt was probably part of her school uniform and combined with the white belly shirt she looked good enough to go to eat: I was aching to bend over and kiss her midriff. I racked my brain to remember the way to Ilford and the best route for my purpose. A route that took us down a particular road through Epping Forest…

Trying to get her chatting and relaxed wasn't easy as I was focused on finding the right road and the right lane off it. She was 9 years old as it turned out and that turned me on even more. The younger the greater the taboo I was about to break and the greater the taboo the better. I wanted to be really dirty. I felt really dirty, really wet and hot. Lilly seemed happy enough, her elbow jutting out the open window, feeling cool and important I imagined being driven by an attractive woman in a big flash new car. The only discouraging thing was that she said she was pleased to get a lift as she was in a hurry to get home for a friend who was coming round.

I found the road and slipped down the lane. I knew it from years before when a married guy I had an affair with used to bring me here. The 4x4 crashed through some low branches and bumped along the uneven path. 'Where are we GOING?' Cried little Lil. I pulled up the handbrake, switched off the engine and turned to her. She didn't look so much frightened as astonished.

'Lil honey, listen carefully. Tell me to back this thing out and take you straight home and I will do so immediately. But I find you so sexy I want to have you here and now. I know you are just a kid and this goes against everything you have been told is ok but I think you would enjoy it too. So we can either back out and I will take you home or we can get in the back of the car for a quick one… I want to lick your little pussy so much. No one will bother us here.'

She blushed and looked around her while I held my breath. 'You promise you won't tell anyone?' she asked innocently. Phew. 'I promise baby' I leant forward and kissed her and felt her sweet tongue meet mine as I slid it deeply between her lovely pink lips. I drew back to look at her cute face for a moment and usher her into the back where we would have more space. 'Come on babe. I'll be very gentle with you'. She shook her head and for an awful moment I thought she had changed her mind. 'No. Don't be gentle… Miss' she simpered, clearly with a fantasy of her own she was playing out. 'Gimmy some money.' I didn't understand. 'Gimmy some cash then you will own me and can do whatever you like with me. Whatever you want to pay me'. I was not going to waste time looking through my purse so I gave her the couple of quid that was lying on the dashboard. I got the idea at least. She wanted to be treated like a whore. I really creamed my knickers now. I wondered where she had got this idea from, but it did not matter.

Her knees were knocking together with excitement as we got in the back and I pulled off my shirt and bra. 'Suck my beasts…you slut' It was like I had been hetro, then lez and now I had discovered a new gender to have sex with. Girl-children. She had closed her eyes and looked as contented as a baby, suckling on one beast and then the other, licking and biting them. Her eyes opened and met mine for a moment, needing approval. I wanted to tell her that she was a good baby and stroke her hair but I needed to play her game as well as getting what I wanted so instead I said, 'You filthy little slut, keep sucking until I tell you to stop.' That seemed to do the trick and she started sucking deeply, breathing heavily through her cute nose, taking as much breast as her tiny mouth could manage, twirling her tongue around my nipples, going from breast to breast.

Usually I close my eyes when my tits are sucked but not this time. I wished I had a camera to record this beautiful picture, her little face lost in an ecstasy of submission her dimpled chin hungrily munching up and down as she sucked, her brow furrowed in concentration. My clit was throbbing hard. I could count my racing pulse by focussing on it and I knew where she had to suck next.

I had to pries her mouth away from my breasts and push her shoulders back to get her to sit up and give us room to undress. 'Strip. Whore' We could not get out clothes off fast enough. Again I delighted in the child's copper body that I had lusted after in the changing room. She was both pure and throbbing with sexual need. Just the sight of her neck, shoulders, tiny child's nipples and belly button where enough to drive me wild. The evening sunlight made green as it passed through the overhanging trees made her even lovelier than she had been under the florescent light of the pool. I wanted to see her cunt properly before she sucked mine. 'Open your legs you little bitch. Wider.' I sat back for a moment and just looked, not touching her to make her feel more like an object, just a thing I was about to have. She was just a child, a child, I was about to do whatever I liked with, the filthier the better.

I looked down at the bald slit of her cunt. Such a simple fold topped with a tiny bud. There is nothing complex about a little girl's pussy, almost nothing to describe, it's the simplest, loveliest thing in the universe. I was enjoying her discomfort as I looked at her. A small pool of wetness had formed on the seat under her and I reached out to wipe it up with my middle finger. 'What's this? You filthy whore, dripping your cunt on my new car seat.' Perhaps I was playing my part in her fantasy too well because for a moment she looked upset. 'Clean it off my finger' I put my longest digit to her lips and she lent forward to suck it. The way she moved her lips up and down, sucking hungrily made it clear she was thinking about having a cock in her mouth. She kept her eyes on mine and I sensed a touch of mockery. I would teach the little bitch who was fucking who.

I pointed to her juices on the seat and ordered, 'Lick your cunt drool up bitch' perhaps she didn't expect that because she looked awkward again which pleased me. If she wanted to play the whore she may as well do so convincingly. Lilly got uncomfortably to her knees in the small space between the front and back seats and licked her own wetness away, her pink tongue emerging shyly from her pretty lips. 'Stay there' I wanted her on her knees for this. I shuffled over and spread my legs high over the top of the front seats.

'Lick my pussy, every drop' She kept her soft brown eyes on mine now as she licked, tentatively at first with the tip of her tongue and then lapping it thirstily like a dog back from the park on a hot day. There was something brazen and bestial about this that was a fantastic turn on. God, so there was something to be said for rough, spontaneous sex after all! I had just been doing it with the wrong people. My juices were covering her cheeks and chin, dripping off her nose; I was so wet I might almost drown her. She went cleverly to my clit and back down to tongue fuck me. I was gasping and thrashing about now, shouting at her 'Suck it, suck it you little bitch!' Thank heaven for the internet, this girl was good, or perhaps she was just a natural or had been taught by someone; I did not care I just wanted to cum.

But first I ordered her, 'Lick my asshole slut' and she became frantic, her tiny hands pushing up and pulling apart my buttocks as she craned her neck down to lick my secret hole, running her tongue around it and pushing in with all the force she could manage, wriggling it about inside my tight passage. She let out little squeals of delight as she pushed her tongue in and out buggering me desperately. All I could see was her forehead as she slurped and licked and probed; a beautiful child/slut licking my anus in the back of my car and doing whatever I told her to. This was sheer filthy bliss.

I came almost the moment she returned to my cunt, sucking my pussy lips and lightly flicking my clit with the tip of her tongue. I had managed to resist frigging myself, I wanted to leave it to her and it was worth it when I came; it was like a series of earthquakes ripping through me over and over, I must have hurt the baby pulling at her hair like a mad woman, until I collapsed and lay back on the length of the seat for a minute to get my breath back ignoring the child on the floor.

When I had finally recovered sufficiently I propped myself up on my right elbow and experienced that falling sensation that tells me I am in love. Her big brown eyes were gazing at me hopefully and patiently, her face red and lips still wet; her hair sticking up all over the place. A perfect little pixie modestly waiting for her orders, biting her bottom lip.

I shuffled over to the outside of the seat so that she could lie on my left and I could use my right hand… banging the vacant space I said 'Here' and she immediately scrambled up and crawled along the seat to lie next to me with such a puppy dog expression on her lovely oval face that I found it difficult, again, not to mother the child. But at the same time a feeling of great power overcame me. Men, I guess, must feel like this when they are about to fuck a fragile submissive girl. I wanted to hurt her; I wanted to give her pleasure too but that was all wrapped up in my mind with wanting to hurt her.

I put my right hand around her jaw and opened her mouth, pulling it open as if she were going to resist. Then I stuck my tongue down her throat, really down the throat while I took a bunch of her hair in my left hand and held her head fast so she could not have turned away. I kissed her for a long time, exchanging saliva, tasting my cunt on her mouth and felt her rubbing her legs together urgently, needing me to go down there.

I pulled away. 'We better get going. You are going to be late home'. Lil's bottom lip started trembling in a way that was almost comical and tears started pouring from her eyes. 'No please, please, please' she managed to get out through her sobs 'It's not fair. Please play with my pussy too.' She started hiccupping now, becoming almost hysterical, wiping her tears away as more flooded from her eyes and ran in rivulet's down to her sweet little ears. 'What?' I adopted puzzled expression, 'why should a client worry if her whore enjoys herself? I paid you to satisfy me and you did. End of story'.

Until this moment I honestly did not know I was capable of being so cruel. I am usually gentle and kind, especially to children. She bit her tiny fingers and sobbed and I loved her agony because I knew I could end it in a moment and because it was proof that she wanted me to do to her what I most wanted to do myself.

I stroked her hair. 'Okay. Don't cry any more. I will make you cum but I have to punish you first. You are a dirty arse licking little tart after all.' Her misery vanished as quickly as it had begun. She stopped crying and her hiccupping disappeared. Children! 'Yes Miss. Anything.'

I reached into my handbag which was lying improperly on the handbrake between the front seats and pulled out my hair brush. I had actually bought it with my cunt in mind as well as my hair as it had a long dildo shaped handle, but as luck would have it it was also a perfect paddle. I told her to get on all fours with her head and elbows down on the seat and to push her bum up for me. She did so without question willing to accept anything as long as I was going to make her cum.

The first couple of slaps were quite light, the third a little bit harder and I paused to examine her perfect small cheeks. Two faint ovals and one a little darker. Then I hit her hard and she gasped and flinched. From somewhere I had 'six of the best' in my mind but did not stop at six but kept spanking away in a steady rhythm enjoying the way her body convulsed with each stroke as if she were being fucked. She kept her little bottom pointing up for more punishment as the dark red oval marks from the paddle merged into one. I looked at the side of Lil's face as she cupped her head in her hands, wincing at each stroke, in pain and loving it.

After I don't know how many paddlings she started to cry again and mutter 'Please Miss, please Miss, please Miss' in time to the beating. But it was a different sort of crying now, now longer desperate frustration and misery but those of a child who knew she deserved a beating and that suffering would set her free. 'You will never behave like a little slut again will you Lilly?' I asked kindly, reaching between my legs to scoop up a pool of my own wetness. 'No Miss, I promise'. The little girl was a liar as well as a whore! I covered the brush handle with my cunt's wet and reached between my legs again for more. I had to suppress a laugh as I told her 'You will stay pure until you are married now won't you? Don't let anyone touch you?' I smeared the second dose of my juices between her buttocks. 'Oh…. Yes Miss, thank you Miss'. 'If you have sex with stupid little boys this is the sort of thing they will do' and I slid the brush handle up her arse. 'You see baby? They are so ignorant they sometimes get the wrong hole' She gasped and moaned, her knees shook. 'I see…I promise…mmm'

She yelped like a puppy as I pulled her sore red buttocks wide apart with my left hand and used my right to bugger her with the dildo/brush. I was fascinated to see her little ring disappear inside her as I thrust into her and pucker up as I withdrew it. We did not speak for a while. She moaned softly as I watched the black handle enter her more deeply with each thrust until I got it in up to the hilt. Juices from my cunt were dripping down my legs and I needed her cute mouth there again.

I pulled the brush out and watched as her anus slowly close. For a moment I thought how exciting it would be to watch a cock opening it again…I wanted to lick it as she had my asshole but had to remain the mistress, in control. 'Lie on your back now' She had trouble lying flat as her arse was so sore but finally managed it, as it she were lowering herself into a hot bath. I handed her the hair brush. 'Clean the handle with your mouth. I can't put it into my bag like that'. She was a picture of obedience, this little child, as she gazed into my eyes and sucked the instrument of her torture clean.

But then she started doing the fellatio thing again, giving the brush cheeky little licks, as if teasing a penis under the head… I took the brush off her, chucked it into my bag and said simply '69 now'

I grabbed her under the knees, yanked her body down the seat about a foot and climbed on top of her, lowering my cunt into her mouth as I examined hers for a second. Her mouth went straight to my pussy and started licking my full dripping wet lips while I cupped my hands under her thighs and genially eased her pussy open a little running a finger down the slit. I was not sure how wet she would be, after all she was just a child, but her little hairless fold was delightfully soggy and I almost fainted with pleasure at the taste. How lovely to lick this delicate little flower, to kiss it softly! I sucked on her tiny clit and her head fell back on to the seat as she muttered 'Oh God!' With the flat of my tongue I showered her cunt in licks and kisses before bathing it all in my mouth; yes, she was so small I was able to take her whole pussy from clit to perineum in my mouth at the same time. My tongue darted everywhere and whirled round in circles, not thinking about her pleasure so much as my own need to explore. To lick a perfectly smooth child was so different to licking a woman, even a woman who had just been waxed, the lips and clit were small and while they swelled a little under my tongue remained childishly tiny.

I had to give up the pretence of being a bitch now. I could not sustain it in the face of such a sweet, innocent little pussy that needed my love and attention. Lilly was moaning softly and I could feel her breath on my wet buttocks. 'Is that good baby?' She lifted her head and kissed my asshole, 'Oh' yes Miss yes, I love it so much' I worked my tongue into her pussy then flicked her clit and sucked it lightly, she gasped and shuddered and said she loved me… I told her I loved her twice as much and she reached up and lapped at my cunt again.

It took a while to bring her to orgasm, working mainly on her clit, brushing it with a feather light touch while her breathing deepened and quickened. For my own pleasure I needed to tongue fuck her a little now and then but I knew that to get my baby to cum I needed to give most of my attention to her little bud. I was happy it to took so long and I was prepared to go on all night if I needed to but her excitement increased in a steady projectory to it's explosive end. Only as she started to come did I start to fuck her, not genially but sliding two fingers hard up her cunt and fucking her fast so that the palm of my hand slapped against her bare pubic bone with every thrust, flicking her clit with my tongue at the same time. As she gasped and cried and dug her fingers into my buttocks I saw my bloody fingers emerge; thin pale pink blood, diluted by her juices. Her hymen had broken. She was no longer a virgin.

We lay kissing afterwards, each telling the other how beautiful she was. She told me about the short novel she had found under her mothers bed a few months before and managed to read, puzzling over the longer words; it was by an American prostitute and was packed with descriptions of rough sex. She had started masturbating for the first time while reading it. Then when I had cleaned her up as well as I could with wet wipes and tissues I drove her back to her mum's. Her friend would be angry she was late she said but it didn't matter. She added her number to my mobile phone as I drove and later, when I searched for it I found she had added her name as 'Lilly vergin - NOT!' How sweet to have had a little girl who was too young even to spell virgin!

I thought about what had happened on the way home and realized two things. Firstly that I was envious of Lil. I wanted to be abused in the way I had abused her. Secondly that I should not limit myself any more. From now on I was going to be open to woman and men and girls and even boys. As it had turned out it had not been a quick one, but from now on I would be open to that too.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: As it happens April lives just down the road from Alice and Gwyn, who, as readers of 'Sophie breaks a leg' will know, live right next door to the eponymous heroine of that story. It is not impossible that the characters from the two stories will meet.

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