Cam Night

by Debby

It started because I had too much time on my hands. My husband travelled for work and I was usually left at home with nothing to do. I have a boy, Jacob, who is 14 and my daughter, Jessica, is 13. As teens they try to spend as much time away from their mom as they can. I remember that age well. It was the time to just get away from home.

As for me, I am 37, 5'7, roughly 120lbs (I'll never tell exactly). I have been described as 'curvy' and 'voluptuous' though I suppose 'busty' and 'cute' are probably closer to the mark.

It was the summer and just about every night the kids would be off to a friends' house or at a slumber party or a late movie. Which meant I was home alone at night with little to do. Idle hands are the devils' playthings, so they say. I can attest to that.

I began by surfing the web and reading erotic stories. The more I read, the more I was drawn to the less traditional stories. I began to pass up the normal male/female stories and got turned on by bondage stories, roleplay stories, lesbian stories and, to my surprise, stories involving mothers and daughters.

I was no stranger to being with another woman. Off and on through college (and a few years during marriage) I had certain illicit lesbian encounters. So being excited by lesbian stories was natural. But finding myself reaching orgasm after orgasm while reading about women with very young girls, well, that was a pleasant shock.

Each night I was alone I would log on, a glass of Merlot at my side, a towel at the ready, and read stories that got hotter and hotter as they got more taboo and extreme. It was about this time that I followed the advice of one story and logged into a few chat rooms.

The first was "Moms for girls," in a not so subtle title. There was not much chat and I got the normal amount of instant messages from guys pretending to be young girls. I ignored them all until one caught my eye.


"Hi, I'm Angie, 12yo, u?"

Hmmm, I paused.

"Debbie, 37. 12?"

"Yes, though no one believes me ?"

"They think you're a guy."

"LOL, I'm not."

A moment later I had mail. From AngieGurl1998.

A picture with the caption, "me."

It was clearly a webcam capture. And the sight took me a bit by surprise. The girl was reclining in her chair, legs open, hairless puffy lips easy to see, her fingers slightly opening them. I felt a stir.

"Nice picture Angie." I didn't totally think it was her. I'd seen photos shared around and figured it could be anyone.

"Tnx. I like to show off a little sometimes on my cam. Hope it's ok." A cam huh? I thought about asking her for the link, just to see exactly what this 'girl' looked like. Despite my doubting, I wanted her to be real.

Another pause, and another picture.

Same girl, similar pose. Lips open more, a tiny glisten of moisture between them. This girl or not, the picture was arousing. I could just make out her face at the top of the picture. Brunette, eyes looking down at her fingers, biting her lip lightly. Very arousing.

"You are quite sexy Angie."

"tnx. Want to see more?"

Well, I mean. . . "Sure, but I'm not really into collecting pictures." I figured that would finish it, if it were a guy.

"Ok" and then a long pause.

I waited, fending off a few IM's from teen boys pretending to be teen girls.

"Here's the link to my cam"

My heart jumped a beat as I saw the link on my screen. Was this girl real?

I clicked the blue link, took a sip of wine, and opened my robe a little.

After a few seconds loading ads, a cam window opened. And there she was.

Just like in the pictures she sent. Same yellow shirt, same face. She looked at the screen, smiled and went back to typing.

"Can you see me Debbie?"

"Yes Angie, you look gorgeous." She really did. Her thighs looked lovely and I wanted at that moment to slowly lick up them.

"Tnx. There should be an audio link, if you want to do that."

Did I?

I watched as she put her Bluetooth mic to her ear.

"Debbie?" came her sweet voice.

I finally, after a frantic search, found the mic that came free with my computer, hooked it up and paused before speaking.

"I can hear you fine Angie." I could hear her fine and the video of her was much clearer than any other webcam I'd ever seen, much to my delight. "your voice is as lovely as you are." I was almost blushing, I was so excited.

She smiled, over and over she smiled and we made a little small talk before she asked if I liked young girls. I wasn't sure how to answer that. I had made myself cum many times reading stories about girls Angie's age, and younger. I certainly enjoyed that. And looking at her, even as she sat there in her room, was erotic enough for me.

"Yes, I love young girls like you Angie."

She smiled and blew me a little kiss. Such a sweet young thing. I wondered if she knew how sexy she really was.

"I'm glad Debbie," she giggled. "I think older women are sexy," she looked serious for a moment, "they know what to do. Do you?"

"Yes Angie, I know what to do. If I were there, I'd show you." We were getting hot very fast now and I had my robe on the back of my chair. My nipples were hard and I found myself already quite wet and grabbed my towel.

"Mmmm, Debbie, would you show me? I'd love for you to taste me." She leaned back in her chair, opening her legs so I could see her lovely young pussy. She moved her fingers over her puffy lips, sliding a finger between them, letting me see every slow sensual movement of her masturbating.

I was lightly teasing my clit as I watched her rub herself. I could hear her breathing get heavier as she rubbed her pussy. Her eyes were closed as she slid her finger along her lips, over her clit, around her hairless mound.

"God. . .. you are so hot Angie. . .the things I'd do to you. . ." So many things! Over and over again.

"Tell me Debbie, what would you do." She was breathing harder, getting more and more into it. She may have been 12yo but she definitely knew what she liked as she worked her fingers furiously around her pussy. I could see as her fingers spread her wetness, giving her unbelievable pussy a glisten I wanted to taste with my soul.

"Angie," I breathed, "I'd lick slowly up your little thighs," pausing as we both rubbed, "licking slowly, making a trail of wetness to your pussy. Would you like that Angie?"

"Oh yes Debbie, more."

"I'd lick the outside of your lovely young lips," I could hear her gasp a little sigh as she imagined me there, "my tongue sliding over your soft skin, the tip touching your young hard clit."

"Yess yess" she stuttered as her hand rubbed fast.

"I'd spread open your lips, and press my warm tongue into your tight little girl pussy. Tasting your juices, wanting to feel your body press to my mouth."

I had two fingers in my soaked pussy now, barely able to finish the sentences I spoke to this little vixen. Angie's little body, so full of sexual energy, was thrashing about on her chair.

"Push a finger into your pussy Angie. That finger is my tongue, fucking your little pussy."

I watched as she pushed her middle finger into her bare pussy. She moaned loudly, sighing and making guttural noises. She still had her shirt on and I could see her little nipples hard under it.

She was slowly pumping a finger in and out of herself and I tried to match her pace, wanting to make this joy last as long as possible.

"Angie, my tongue is deep in your pussy, tasting your lovely juices. I would rub your clit, wanting you to cum on my tongue. Cum for Debbie. Cum on my tongue while I lick you faster and faster.

That was it for her. With a series of yelps and loud moans and thrashing, Angie came. "Fuck yes Debbie. . .oh god."

Her body convulsed and moved and I could see the muscles in her stomach contracting and tensing as she held her finger inside her, letting her orgasm power through her body.

A moment later I was exploding myself, every muscle seemed to fire at the same time and I had to close my eyes tightly as I came in a series of warm and wet orgasms. I spoke Angie's name several times as I pressed my finger to my clit, holding it as my legs shook.

Both of us with heaving chests, sitting silently, with just our breathing conveying what was really going on.

"Angie. ." I began.

"Debbie. . .that was amazing. Oh my god. Tell me you felt it too."

"Angie, I did. I have a towel here and think I may need another."

"LOL. I'd let my tongue do the work if I could."

My god, this girl was golden!

"If you were here honey, we'd get no sleep at all."

"I'd be ok with that Debbie. As long as we'd do those things you said."

I really did want this girl.

"Angie, you are tremendous."

I watched as she slipped on a pair of shorts and ran a hand towel across her face.

"Debbie, I'm glad you came on tonight."

"Me too Angie."

"I should go, my mom will be home soon, so I gotta be careful."

I hadn't even thought about that! Stupid. She IS 12, I scolded myself.

"Ok Angie, you take care."

She took off her Bluetooth and was about to cut out when I panicked a little. Would I be able to see her again? I wanted to and, dammit, sure as hell needed to cum like that again.

"Angie, can we. . .can we do this again?" I felt like a schoolgirl. Angie looked at the cam, blew a kiss and mouthed "yes" in a way that made me want to kiss her pert lips until we both turned to dust.

With that the connection went off and I sat there in my chair, exhausted, thrilled, exhilarated, and with a tepid glass of Merlot on my table.

I couldn't wait till I saw her again.