Brithana Seana and Kella, Part 2

by Dark Lezz

Keywords F, g, beast(M), cons, d/s, femdom, inc

The dog, Trevor, lazily watched the two girls playing on the grey mat in the kitchen--the mats were used for sex. Several of the pads were scattered around the otherwise thickly-carpeted home so that Trevor's sperm and human cunt-juice and piss could be easily cleaned up. As for the plush carpet, Brithana, their Celtic acolyte mother, who worshipped beasts, had wanted to save the girl's knees, since they were expected to be down on all-fours in case Trevor wanted to lick their pussies. Forbidden to wear anything but dog collars, the young children's cunt-scent and their nakedness often made them the easy subject of the animal's instinctive attention. They had been told to instantly submit to the intimidating animal's non-stop desires. Brithana liked to hear her daughter's moans of pleasure coming from various rooms in the house. Kella was seven, and the bitch's cries of joy were higher. Seana's voice was just slightly lower. She was nine. The mother had taught the little girls to cry filthy things like "Oh my fucking cunt, by God's balls I'm cumming!" or "Cock-sucking Jesus that's s-so fucking f-fine--lick me you big-dicked sperm-bag!"

Recently Brithana took Kella and pointed at a mat in the kitchen.

"Spread you legs."

The child did as she was ordered.

Brithana worked her fingers into her daughter's cunt and began to manipulate her clit and get the useless little bitch juiced for cumming.

"Unnnhhh...unnnhhh...", moaned Kella.

Her sister kneeled at her mother's side, to watch.

"Receive", said Brithana, and fed Seana Kella's juice off her fingers. Seana liked girl-juice. It was slick and still warm.

Brith kept working the girl's pussy.

"Do you have souls?"

"No mother. They was sold to Trevor's giant prick."

"Girls, do you like eating Trevor's semen?"


Let's make his penis grow then and we'll all eat his jism."

Suddenly little Kella came. She started thrashing and screaming like one possessed.

"Ahhh...ahh...EEEE ...ohhh FUCK!..Omg fuck my pussy I'm cummingg fuck my pussy I'm cumming

Seana brught Trevor over--their bored God--and he was laid on his side

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