Amanda perfectus, Part 1

by Dark Lezz

Keywords teen, inc, nc, femdom, beast(M)

Amanda put her wet foot with its beautifully-manicured nails on the plush carpet outside the shower stall. It was her fourth shower that day. Every time she got in the shower she fought the terrible need to sob. Sometimes she would put her head in her hands and just wail. She couldn't figure out why her sister Tina, or her mother Alexis, didn't wonder about her recent need to stay so clean. Amanda was fifteen. When the divorce settlement came through, her mother became rich overnight--but the residue was her mother's ongoing hatred of men. She wouldn't even allow the postman near the property. She inveighed with the girls against men. But she did--right about that time--install a stallion in the barn and a dog in the house. Her focus became Amanda, perhaps because she was the youngest. And she had the girl "altered" to make her even more desirable as a young woman. But instead of the normal breast implants, an expensive surgeon installed huge ones. Amanda's pussy lips were artificially enlarged with multiple injections, and her beautiful hair was hacked super-short with a scissors to make her into a punk-slut. Then all three women began to let their armpit hair grow out, and the thatch on their pussies. The dog licked them whenever he wished as Alexis looked on approvingly, fingering her clit to a screaming orgasm.

Amanda finished toweling off, and finally forced herself to look in the surrounding full-length mirrors. Her pussy was thick with blonde hair and its lips stood out obscenely, inviting penetration--not by a man but by animals. Alexis made sure of that, when she wasn't licking her to orgasm herself. Then Amanda raised her arms in the mirror and saw curling hair in her armpits. No man would want her, but even a lesbian might wonder why on earth her pussy and armpits looked this way. Then, finally, Amanda forced herself to look at her tits. They were beautifully-shaped but gigantic! They were mammaries, now--udders--she was like a beast (again) just a cow to be milked. She was a freak, just a sex freak. Amanda began to sob. Her breasts were sickening and immense and her nipples had been stippled and colored almost black to make them huge as cookies. Thanks to her mother, her once-beautiful fifteen-year old--normal--body was a sex toy. She could never refuse to be used by anything or anyone in the house, either.

There was a sudden knock and her sister Tina, who was eighteen, entered. Tina, except for her dog collar, was naked. Her pussy and armpits were covered with hair. But Tina hated Amanda because she (Tina) had begged her mother to be altered. She wanted to be a porn star.

"Why are you crying?" demanded Tina.

"I'm not."

"Mom will keep you entertained. It's Thursday. Your night," said Tina cheerfully.

"Well, I'm sure you'll be glad. You'll be the first to piss in my mouth, like last week."

"I like pissing in your mouth. Besides you proly like drinking my piss."

Amanda started carefully doing her make-up. She had to rouge her nipples to make them seem even bigger and put on green lipstick to look even weirder.

"Do you like drinking my good lesbian piss, you whore?"

"I have to drink your piss or I'll be punished."

"Drink some now then. Or II'l fucking whip you."

Tina walked over and deep-kissed her sister and squeezed her huge tit.

"I can't wait to see Mom cornhole you, you fucking tramp, you oversized-pussy slut!"

"Get the fuck out!!" Amanda screamed. "I don' want you, you in my, my h-holes anymore!"

Tina backed away, laughing, then moved to the door.

"You're going to eat something really sweet tonight--I mean drink it. Mom's been busy!"

As Tina shut her sister in, as Amanda prepared to be used, the young girl could barely control her shaking. She began to rock back and forth. OMG, she thought--it's these animals and the, revolting, sickening--things I have to do with them--while they get off on it--.

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