Brithana and her snake

by Dark Lezz

Keywords F, beast(M), g, cons

Brithana had deliberately taken her daughters to the pet store in the city, where they bought a handsome male Burmese python. It was not the largest available. The mother wanted a snake of somewhat smaller size. The girls, Kella and Seana, were not happy with the purchase of this strange pet. Ever since Brithana, their mother, had gone through the terrible divorce, her ties to the pure Celtic religion--which worshipped animals and animal powers--seemed to intensify. Kella and her sister had been forced to couple with their dog for example. They really barely understood about intercourse and "semen," but they were obliged to do whatever their mother told them to do. They whispered at night to each other--after they were made to perform revolting acts--that their mother was becoming a witch. That they were afraid of her.

At home, all three of them stripped and got into bed. Brithana's breasts were huge. Her blonde bush was immense. Kella was told to lie on her back and open her legs. And Seana was told to lie on her tummy and spread her legs also. Brith lit candles and doused the lights, then began chanting. The girls heard their mother get the snake out, heard her kissing and licking it, calling it "Great Cock." It was hard to see in the darkened room. Kella felt her mother take Great Cock's head and place it at her pussy lips and begin patiently pushing the snake into her. Kella had been dog-raped already and could receive a penis. Finally she felt the snake introduced deep into her hole. "Receive him, worthless whore," Brithana whispered into Kella's ear. Moments later Seana started to sob as the snake's tail was worked deep up into her young asshole. Both children were sobbing at the perverted animal rape. They could feel the living animal twisting frantically and with strength inside them, pushing and violating them from the inside. A vibrator came on for Brith and she slowly worked her cunt to jelly, screaming and cursing God as her children mourned.

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