How briths two little daughters were used by a python

by Dark Lezz

Keywords F, g, beast(M), anal, d/s, femdom, reluc, inc

Brithana tried to quiet her sniffling daughters as she smoothed aloe and cinnamon oil into their skin to make it nice and smooth and scented to receive the snake. The delicious creature, Neiko, was slithering across Brithana's huge mammaries, then dipped down to her monstrous, hairy blonde bush, causing Brrithana, who was thirty-five, to gasp with pleasure at the snake's flexing and coiling. Brithana loved to mate with this snake--and the larger one in her bed, Gyo. Neiko was chosen because he was smaller and could fit inside the children's holes more easily. But the children were afraid of him. Now Brith had the girls raise their arms and smoothed the sweet oil into their armpits--then bend over so she could lubricate their asses. "Spread your cheeks!" she commanded, and the children, still blubbering, bent over and she (Brithana) caressed their backsides and dripped oil into their cracks. She inserted a finger into the assholes of her only children.

"Now Seana and Kalle, I'm going to stick Neiko up into you."

"No, mommie, no. Please. It hurts when Neiko twists."

"Neiko is a God. You have to give him his tribute. You're enslaved. We all are."

Brith poked the small snake's head slowly and carefully deep inside Seana's tight twelve-year old ass. It was fun to see her face change as she felt the obscene creature violate her and start pumping and working around up in the bitch's butt.

"Oh fuck!," cried Seana. "O my fucking God! He's moving and twisting! Take him out! Unnnhh...unnnhhh."

Brithana chuckled, then, as Kalle pulled her anus wide open, she ked Keiko's tail up into her seven year old rectum. Kalle, too, had big, stonished eyes as the animal raped her little tight ass.

The witch made them both carefully sit facing each other, adjusting the angry snake like a rope between them, the animal's head and tail in each of the two little ones. Then Brith made her daughters kiss and make out as she (Brith) rubbed expertly between their legs, enflaming their pussies and clits. Soon the girls threw their heads back, sobbing and orgasming both at these violations.

As the snake worked around in the girls, Brithana now retrieved a vibrator and gave herself her own pleasure. As the snake twisted, the girls kept stimulating their own pussies and each other, each sister reaching across to get her sibling aroused and screaming with sex-joy. Suddenly, from the snake and all tis action, both girls pissed.

"Keiko wants this, girls, he wants to give you what no human man ever can--because matrimony for you is dead and there is no fucking God in Heaven."

"Oh yes, mama, we want to cum, Jesus fucking Christ we do, WE WANT ANIMALS!"

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