Kings balls and my mom

by Dark Lezz

Keywords F, f, beast(M), cons, inc, oral

Sixteen year old Lara, the cheerleader in the family, had come down into the kitchen from her bedroom upstairs, barefoot and wearing only a sheer nightie. She had awakened at a late hour--nearly two in the morning, and wanted some orange juice. As she turned down the flight of stairs she heard a definite moan, and a female voice whispering something like, "that's it, such a good boy."

The TV. Her mom--Helen--must have forgotten to turn it off.

Suddenly Lara froze. Her mom, Helen, was kneeling on the floor about twelve feet away--but had not seen her. Helen, who was 38 and beautiful, sporting huge boobs that had been surgically-enhanced, was kneeling away from Lara's line of sight. Her mother was naked, her pussy showing luminously in the kitchen's bright overheard light. Jesus, and her mom was, was sucking--sucking on the family dog's huge ballsack, cooing and licking and driveling on the beast's wondrous, heavy, plum-sized nuggets. Helen was making a deep sound in the back of her throat, tits swinging and jiggling. Lara gaped at her mom--fascinated by the obscene sight. Her own mother, driven by what unknown desires she could only imagine, was committing actual bestiality! As Lara watched her mother, as she heard her mom, reduced to a dog's bitch now, lapping and licking and mouthing a dog's nut-sack as if it was her husband's, her own small white hands reached involuntarily to her own clit, through her sheer robe. Then Lara saw Helen take a finger and stuff a dog ball in her mouth and suck on it for five delirious minutes--and the other the same way. Mouthing, sucking, pulling with her lips as the indifferent dog stood motionless. Had she trained him?

"Your puppies, your puppies. I want to be bred to you, King. I dream of it day and night. I want to be fucked. Then I want to nurse your litter. God you fucking big-dicked cocksucking beast I want that prick of yours in every fucking hole I have!!"

"Collar me. Own me. Own my own unworthy human female holes. I'll give you all my daughters. You can have me and Lara and little Beth, even her. You can spray sperm in their mouths while I watch, King. Ohhh...ohhh...unnngh...uunnggh...oh my f-fucking, f-fucking oh God I'm cumming while I lick!!"

Lara came at the same moment, sobbing with excitement, as Helen turned and saw her and smiled at her with wild eyes. She looked deep into Lara's eyes, then grabbed the teen's wrist.

"Look at them, Lara...look how big they are, swollen with beast-sperm. NOW LICK! LICK HIS BALLS YOU BITCH. GET ON YOUR KNEES YOU USELESS WHORE!!"

Lara WAS a whore, a dog's cum-slut now. She licked the dog's balls. She couldn't stop. They both did.

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