Two lesbian sisters persuade a dog to yield

by Dark Lezz

Keywords teens, ff/beast(M), d/s, inc, lac, preg

The thatch of black hair on Alison's muff was not to be believed. She had never shaved it in her whole life. Now, nearly ready to deliver her baby girl, her estrogen levels were so high she was about to go insane with the need to cum--and to get really perverted in the process. She stripped off her clothes, her huge belly spilling out, snatch covering her pussy, and knocked at her fifteen year old sister Judith's door. When Judith opened the door--shocked to see her sister nude--Alison grabbed her wrist and demanded to know what she was doing.

"I--I was watching some p-porn."

"Jesus fucking Christ what kind."

Judith stood up straight.

"Okay it was animal porn--dogs mating, well, men--men and women--fucking them. Using dogs and--and horses--for pleasure!"

"Show me."

"No. It's wrong. I shouldn't have seen that at my age. My friends said it's okay, but--but..."

"Is Buddy in here?," Alison asked, almost desperately. "Do you have a dog in here?"

"No, no...he's out in the yard."

"Get him Judith. You can see I'm, I'm so pregnant. I have to--to have some perverted relief. Here, suck my breast."

Alison kneeled and little Judith put her lips to Alison's huge engorged nipple and sucked. Milk flowed out. Alison fingered herself desperately and soon screamed from orgasm as Judith was made to keep sucking and sucking and sucking.

"Drink my milk...yes...that's it....oh m-my fucking God!"

Judith stood up and wiped her white-stained lips and pointed at the bed. Alison sat on it so that Judith could eat her out, licking past her huge snatch to the fiery red clit. Judith sucked and sucked. Then little Judith climbed up and pushed her incestuous sister down and got her face full of white milk again. Then the fifteen year old demanded her own orgasm by straddling Alison's face and mouth. Judith pissed in her mouth and laughed and said she had to go get Buddy and his cock. She pulled on her bathrobe and disappeared. Alison adjusted the volume of the TV so that the sounds of beast-sex filled the room. Thank God no one was at home till morning.

Soon Judith re-appeared with the doggie. The weimerainer was sleek and grey.

"Come here Buddy," said Alison.

"That's a good dog," said Judith, petting his back.

"You're going to fuck us," said Alison. "Aren't you doggie? You are gonna stick your dick in both our twats."

Judith giggled.

"He seems fucking shy," added the young girl. "I hadn't expected that."

Alison moved on the dog, trying to collar him with her arms, but he ducked and bounced away. Alison's huge belly made it hard for her to move. She lunged at him, but, again, the dog slipped past her. Judith came from behind and tried to grab Buddy by the neck. His short hair made it hard. Both young women cornered the dog between the bureau and the bed, but the animal kept resisting. But he was now pinned and Judith grabbed at his sheath and started stroking it.

"Don't fucking just stroke it. Really collar it and jerk it, Judith. Get his prick out so I can suck it!!"

Judith did as she was ordered. Soon the dog's member emerged and the pregnant woman crawled underneath the animal and started to lick and suck on the animals red penis as it emerged.

"Uhhh....uhhhnngh...oh cock!", mumbled Alison.

Judith plunged her fingers into Alison's cunt and moved them furiously to give her sister pleasure. Driven wild by the fingering, Alison sucked like a maniac on the dog-cock. Soon the animal was squirting sperm. Judith reached up and squeezed the pregnant whore's tits and milk flowed out. She scooped the drivel to her mouth and ate.

Buddy was ready for Alison. Alison got to a doggy-style position and waited for her new husband to take her. The dog jumped on top of her, slid off, then jumped again. Judith grabbed his dick and guided it into her sister and when the animal sensed the wonderful warmth he humped forward hard. The dog was desperate to mate with his new bitch now. His hindquarters pierced Alison like a hammer, and the mother to be's eyes widened like she had never ever fucked. They bulged out of their sockets in astonishment.

Oh...oh...ohh...oh my cocksucking God," cried the slut. "It's so big and thick!"

"Oh my God Alison," cried Judith as she held her sister's shoulders. "Take that dog dick!!"

Alison was blissfully knotted to the animal. The fucking went on for a good forty-five minutes before she and beast could uncouple.

They rested him for an hour. Then Judith laid Buddy on his side and started an insistent sucking. Her own cunt was dripping for doggie-dick. As she drank mother's milk, the animal knotted her also, filling her cavity with rivers of dog-slime. flowed down her well-shaved inner thighs. Alison smeared the sperm on her sister's small breasts. Then the sisters ate each other out. Then the sisters slept with the K-9 in the bed. And in the middle of the night, they....

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