Good girls always brush out their muffs

by Dark Lezz

Keywords F/fffff, teens, ws, cons, d/s, inc

They were blondes, blue-eyed, tall, and of model-like perfection. Most were from Eastern Europe. If they were not perfect when they arrived, they received, at no cost to them of course, breast enhancement, dental work, liposuction, etc. On the first day they were instructed NEVER to shave their pussies or their armpits. Their mistress was particular about metaphors and about, as she said, "outraging the Deity." She had weird notions about hating God, about mating with animals, about "needing" them and their bodies to avenge something, something in her remote past. The girls, who met that day for the first time, said later that their Mistress was surely insane--but immensely rich. They liked the cocaine, obviously, but had been warned--at least for the moment--about having sexual intercourse with each other. This was not easy. They were all lesbians. Their Mistress was a lesbian. Beauty on this scale soon had every twat dripping. And then there were the dogs, which had the run of the place. And the animal porn on every flat-screen 24/7, the women being fucked shrieking and swearing. Didn't anybody just fuck normally around here?

Kalle and Justine kissed in the hallway, but pulled away when they heard footsteps.

"Jesus, I have to have your pussy," Kalle blurted out. Let's find a way tonight?"

"Yes, yes," whispered Justine. "Your pussy is driving me insane."


The five girls were hardened criminals, collared and in service. Their Mistress was rarely seen during the day, but always served. The girls wore dog collars, and in the complex hierarchy they lived in, were given to be bred by their five husbands--five Great Danes. Just enough coke, and more than enough beast sex, had done its work. Mistress smiled down on them as they ate dog jizz, as they were whipped until they screamed for made-up "mistakes", as their teen bodies were jolted by the dogs in endless couplings. They were bred ten hours a day, covered in dog-slime. Their eyes were permanently glazed over from their acts--they even drank piss and loved it. Directly, from Mistress's body as she squatted over them, or from crystal glasses handed to them across the barstools. And they mated with each other; indeed, they were encouraged to do so. It wasn't just Kalle and Justine, but Clara and Laura and Angela. They were a family now, formally and legally adopted by Mistress.

In the bathroom before the evening's fun, the girls talked like girls as they did lines to get "up" for the sex.

"By God's hairy balls," Laura exclaimed, "look at this fucking snatch!"

"My hair is SOOO fucking long. Mmmm," added Kalle, not to be outdone.

"My armpit hair is Mistress's favorite!"

"God we really are cocksucking, motherfucking, Jesus-balling animals, now. It's so good, and we mate with animals--even horses!!"

"Like when you fuck God, I ate about a quart of horse-cum the other day--I fed the rest to Clara!"

"God yes," said Clara, "I love horse jizz! It's gamey and yellowish and thick."

"And my husband buries his dick in me so good."

"Mine too."

"And then God, I'm whipped! I'm whipped till I cum!"

"I only wish I could bear puppies to my husband, and suckle them at my breast."

"Mistress says God abandoned us, so now we have to have long hair on our pussies and in our armpits--we have to be like animals."

"Yes," said Kalle. "We have to mate with beasts--and we have to have hair on us, like they do. On our sex organs. I know I have to have hair now. It's the only way--and to receive loads of sperm--buckets of animal jizz. Men barely have sperm compared to any dog."

Girls, let's brush our muffs out now, because we have to mate with our husbands soon. I want to be a good wife."

The girls, there in the huge, mirrored bathroom, took expensive brushes and started to brush their hug blonde muffs between their legs. They were only fifteen years old, but had denied themselves any razor for six months and were just now fully ready for breeding. The girls brushed each other--so erotic! Kissing the hair as it puffed up, parting the labia of their friends and sucking lightly on the clits so freely offered--until soon moans filled the room.

"Unnnhhh....unnnhhh," Kalle and Laura cried.

"Oh my God,' I must s-save my c--c-cumming for my h-husband,' they wept.

"Give yourself, give your cries t-to us, give juice! Give juce!" Their were violated with two fingers. Their huge muffs dripped with girl-juice as and Laura yielded to orgasm.

The other girls were dragged to the showers.

"Piss, please, In the name of Holy God fill my mouth with your good yellow piss."

And, one by one, all were satisfied. And their thick blonde-haired pussies fully brushed out--muffs immense, armpits flowing with curling hair. Outside the door large dogs sniffed at them, salivating, their cocks starting to poke from their sheaths.

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