Morning routine for Jill

by Dark Lezz

Keywords tod(g), beast(M), cons, inc, mast

Alexa smiled as she looked down on her three-year old daughter, Jill, who was busy playing on the sofa. She was sucking on her sippy-cup, and touching her privates furiously with her other hand. Next to her, lying on the stretched fabric of the couch, was Jill's special IPhone, which, like all youngsters she was glued to. Alexa smiled at the scene. The "phone" was locked on beast porn sites 24/7--it was all Jill had to look at. Women sucking horse-cock, men fucking bitches while women assisted, young girls, their heads bobbing up and down on the pricks of Great Danes, or boys fisting mares. Every now and then little Jill would squeal in what was really her version of an orgasm. The abuse--the images--and the things her mama made her do--had so fixated the three-year old that she masturbated all day long. And then there was the nudity. Her brothers, and her mother were always naked. No one wore clothes and everyone coupled with each other. Her mother could not keep her hands off her sons, demanding their sperm whenever they were nearby. And little Jill heard Alexa whipping them, also. They would come out of their bedrooms in tears, their backs covered with deep red stripes.

"Here, Jill," Alexa said to Jill "let me get a fresh sippy for you."

Jill had drained it.

Alexa went up to the kitchen, and poured a fresh sippy cup for her youngest. It was nice, nutritious and milky. She gave it back to Jill who sucked on it hungrily. They lived on a farm and Alexa loved horses. Jill drank nothing but horse sperm.

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