They spoon fed us horse cum

by Dark Lezz

Keywords tod(g), beast(M), bd, cons, d/s, fem/dom, inc

Choco was an Arabian stallion with the clearest brown eyes, and the gentlest of dispositions (unless there was a mare at hand who needed fucking). Choco's owner, Cynthia Waters and her two girls--Clara and Lydia--rode Choco almost every day, Cynthia balancing her daughters in her lap on the large beast one at a time, as the other little girl watched them pace briskly around the ring. Cynthia's sister Alexa often joined them. The two older women were both in their thirties and in constant demand at the clubs. Lately the little sisters had been having the two girls undress at these riding parties. They told the girls they wanted them to be open to the out of doors. And they were delicious little girls, they were lovely when they were nude, their little slits showing and their little light brown nipples like a smudge on their smooth ivory chests. Sometimes, when requested, they would look down at their anatomy, and smile, and pull apart their lips for mama and Aunt Alexa to admire.

One day Cynthia and Alexa led the girls to the barn, where they found Choco had been tightly tethered with several ropes so he was positioned there in the center of the space. The children were ordered to get undressed. There was an imperious tone in mama's voice Clara and Lydia had never heard.

"Hurry up!," Alexa also cried. "You and Choco are going to perform for us, children!"

Their mother stood up before the naked children.

"Put your hands behind you. Look at the floor. Understand?" Mother pointed sharply to the floor.

The children quickly obeyed.

Alexa handcuffed their hands behind them.

"Now say, 'I want to lick a horse's cock.' Say it!!"

The two children said, "I-I want to lick a horse's c-cock."

"A fucking horse dick."

"A fucking horse dick," repeated the children, eyes fastened to the ground.

"Now come here."

Alexa and Cynthia started manipulating Choco's sheath, until slowly his glorious horse-cock started to appear. Clara and Lydia were thunderstruck. The cock just kept growing. They had no idea what the dick did, or was or what it was for. They were only four. Their mother brought them to it and the devilish Alexa pushed them down onto it.

Soon loud licking sounds filled the room.

"That's it. Lean in and lick it. I want to HEAR the licking. I want to see your tongues on it. Good! Lick the tip too. Suck on the tip even though you can only nurse on that fucker."

As her children licked horse-cock, Cynthia began to lick her children's pussies, first one, then the other. They mewed deep in their throats with sudden pleasure as mama lapped away, and the depraved Alexa nodded and looked on approvingly.

The naked little girls dragged their tongues loudly over the beast's penis. For ten minutes they licked and kissed that monster cock.

Then they were made to kneel under it as Alexa massaged the joint more vigorously and skillfully.

"Look at the tip!," Cynthia yelled. "Open your fucking mouths you cocksuckers! Drink, drink, he's gonna cum!"

Thanks to Alexa's experience with bestiality and coaxing sperm out of an animal when needed, Choco shivered and started to blow gobs of thick horse spunk onto Cynthia's surprised children just at that moment. As they squealed and tried to turn away in desperation and bewilderment, despite their handcuffs, Cynthia leapt at them and kept their mouths and faces in the direct stream of the horse's penis, maneuvering the flow of sperm across their tongues so they had to get the taste of it. The innocent bitch's faces were already bathed in beast jizz, but Alexa and Cynthia grabbed the frightened children and started scooping up handfuls of horse seed pooling in their laps and pouring it down the children's throats till they gagged. As Lydia and Clara almost puked, the older women kept telling them how much they loved them, that that was why they did this to them and why they would be doing it again.

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