Little girls mom and their dog - a retelling

by Dark Lezz

Keywords tod(g), beast(M), cons, inc, mast, oral, toys

Erin and Ericka--beautiful and three and four years old--were naked, as was their mother Jane. Jane held the twins by the hand, and led them to the living room, where the family dog, Kane, was dowsing in the sun. Jane shuttered the blinds and told the girls to sit together on the floor cross-legged. The little ones looked up at Mommie expectantly, then at each other.

"A present for my babies!", Jane cried, and brought out two identical packages, about nine inches long.

"Oh thank you Mommie! Thank you! You are the bestest Mommie ever!!," the innocent little girls chorused. Everything about the children was lovely.. Jane herself had huge, swinging breasts and a huge muff as well, covered in curling brown hair.

"What are they Mommie?", asked Erin.

"They're vibrators, children. They will make you feel delicious. I'll show you! Lean back and keep your legs spread open wide. Wider! There! Good."

Jane plugged in each device. Kneeling between her little girls, she switched on the devices and said,

"Now, sweeties, Mommie wants you be happy and have fun. This is our playtime, and Kane's too, the doggie!"

Jane began to touch her children in their secret parts. Their pink private parts. Soon the toddlers were gasping from the dense, new vibrations they were feeling. Mama loved to watch her childrens' faces change from this new experience with the devilish machines. Jane expertly worked both vibrators to stimulate her girls until they were crying out in desperation, unable to understand or control the feelings spasming up from deep inside their childish loins. She kept lifting the vibrator heads to keep the girls from getting overstimulated. Ericka suddenly shrieked and shrieked and shrieked and wet herself.

"Good Ericka, Good! Keep pissing! Empty yourself!! You too Erin. Both of you girls--cum as much as you can. It's what your Mommie wants!"

"Oh it's so good, Mommie," little Erin cooed, touching her Mama's hand lovingly. Then she moaned for a full minute, staring in her Mama's eyes, her own eyes glazed, and started pissing and shaking uncontrollably. Erin's pretty piss flowed like a lake out of her. Jane tasted her daughter's hot piss.

"So GOOD, little Erin--you came so hard for Mommie!"

Jane decided to rest the girls for awhile. As a mother their sexual education was so important. She did not want her daughters to be shy about anything. Which is why--over a year ago--she had bought the dog. Now the girls and she were going to give that beast--and his cock--a workout. Weimerainers have huge dicks and put out a quart of jism. Because they're short-hairs you can see their engorged penises hanging out easily. And they are very energetic--as Jane well knew--when you're knotted to them.

"We want to play more, Mommie," a little voice beside her in the living room said.

Once again, Jane had the girls sit cross-legged, knees touching, in the center or the living room. They switched their vibrators on and were soon moaning as they watched their nude mama bring over Kane, who was alert. Jane bent over him and groped his sheath, skimming up its length. Then Jane began to pump the beast.

"I'm getting the fucker's cock out girls! Is it coming out? Is it???," cried Jane.

"Oh yes Mama, his weenie is poking out, omg!"

"Vibrate yourselves, girls--use your new presents!"

Jane kept up a persistent jerking on the animal's dong as the room filled with moans from little Erin and Ericka. Soon the animal's cock was fully out--a nine splendid inches and as thick as a wrist.

"You both are going to eat some animal semen, girls, understand?"

"Y--y-es, Mama."

"He will start squirting soon!"

"Oh, ohhhh, I'm cummming again mama," cried Erin. The little girl was literally shaking from the sexual spasming .

"Here! Here Erin!" yelled Jane. "He's squirting. Drink! Eat doggie sperm!"

Erin leaned forward and opened her her mouth wide..

"Unnhhh...unnnhhh...feed me Mommie. Give me his juice!"

Jane directed squirts of spunk from the dog's swinging balls into her youngest daughter's mouth. Erin drank it down hungrily. Then Jane sprayed Erin's face, and giggled as the sperm ran down her golden cheeks.

Erin reached out and touched Kane's huge spurting prick with her free hand.

"Lick up the slime off his prick," Jane ordered.

"Ericka, lean forward. You need jizz too."

"Feed me! Feed me!,", wailed little Ericka.

Jane made sure little Ericka was bathed in beast semen also and that both girls swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the stuff. Then she had them lean in under the animal to lick his balls. Everyone's faces and hair and breasts were sticky, slick with beast semen. Jane went down on her knees, head bobbing, to finish sucking off the animal while the girls vibrated their mom's hairy pussy from a doggy-style position. The girls never forgot the sound of their mother's screams that night. She was like an animal.

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