A mother her girls and their dog

by Dark Lezz

Keywords tod(g), tod(b), beast(F), ws, inc, oral, toys

Madelon's tongue lapped at her three year old daughter's pussy. She had gently pulled apart little Erica's lips, spit on her slit and was pulling out and devouring the young girl's flowing, golden juice. The mother was ravenous to explore this forbidden love with her beautifulchildren. She raised her dripping face for a moment and smiled--a few feet away, her naked twins, Jonathan and Lydia--were touching each other and giggling, as Lydia pulled on her brother's small, lubricated weenie. Madelon crawled over like a dog on all fours and began sucking on her son's beautiful prick as he held her head. He bucked his cock up involuntarily into her eager mouth.

"Suck on it Mommy!", he cried. "Suck my weenie!"

Madelon's head was bobbing up and down. She was sure this was as degraded as a mother could get. Little Lydia and Erica sat next to one another, watching their mother and brother. The two girls reached down and fingered themselves furiously, moaning loudly.

Finally Madelon pulled off the boy's dick, her face covered in spit, and announced,

"I got some pre-cum outta him! OMG!, stand up Jonathan. You gave some pre-cum."

The little boy stood up proudly, his penis still erect and pointing. All three were so happy for him! Madelon touched him, feeling his genitals, then deep-kissed her only son. The boy scampered off to bed.

Madelon decided to expose the two girls to something really sick. She ran off to the kitchen, returning with Bo, a female lab, and a large dish of butter. Madelon perched in a chair, opening her legs obscenely.

""Look at my twat," she told her daughters.

Madelon smeared butter all over her hairy snatch--a huge muff that had never been shaved. She worked the butter up into her backside and over her slit-lips. Then she told one of the girls to guide the dog near her pussy. Immediately Bo's tongue snaked out and the aroused dog started licking Madelon's pussy, taking long, fruitful licks, gradually getting out of control. Bo kept laving her broad pink tongue into the mother's tangle of thick blonde pubic hair.

"Oh fuck--Oh fuck!!, cried Madelon suddenly, "Quick, more butter Lydia,' sobbed Mommy with unimaginable pleasure. "Smear more on me!"

""Good, Mommy. You're cumming from a dog!" said little Erica.

"Erica, stick your--stick your fingers in my f-f-fuck hole while she licks. Oh f-fucking Christ that's good!"

Madelon gave a scream, and started bucking--looking at her own two children as if she had never known them, she was so flooded with pleasure. She just held the dog's head to that slit of hers that everything that was good--all pleasures--came from. The dog kept licking. So the dog and incest were part of the girl-love her daughters needed!

So after her cumming on the beast, Madelon told Erica and Lydia to lie down and spread their legs. They were happy. She painted their genitals with butter, and as the dog licked it off, they felt intense pressure. The first time they would have a beast. The littlest one convulsed and wet the floor. And all three women lapped it up. Like animals.

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